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These Psalm studies began on the 13th November 2013 ....

They began with a study entitled "GODS WILL FOR YOUR LIFE."

Psalms 147 -150  being sung as one Psalm..

And so we end these 150 bible studies with Psalm 150 -  I suppose it seemed good to finsih where I began "with the same title"

As it has to be  the will of everything that has breath to Praise the Lord...

And so we come to and end of a long journey and the beginning of a new one.

lets finish.......... lets begin....and begin with the queston "what begins a new song ?"

I was asked to begin these studies a long time ago.

At ths time God did amazing things and God led many people to Himself.

I felt that I must end these studies and end what I had begun.

So I decided to coninue with  these studies and finish what I had begun = so lets finish....

A man was trying to teach his horse to obey and to stop and start on command. The man was a very religious man, so he came up with a couple of religious statements to use in training his horse. He trained the horse to go on the command words, Praise the Lord! He trained the horse to stop on the command word, Hallelujah!

One day he was riding the horse and it took off. He lost control of the horse and he forgot his words. The horse had been trained to only respond to the key words. Up ahead was a cliff, and the horse was headed there full speed. The man tried thinking of every religious word he'd ever heard of. Amen! Jesus saves! Worthy! Holy! Nothing worked.

Just as the horse approached the precipice, the man shouted out, Hallelujah! The horse stopped right there on the edge. The man wiped his head and said, Whew, Praise the Lord!

I keep getting  Isaiah 33:15

[b]I see a man dancing and I am reminded of David dancing before the Ark and so I will take this as direction.

I also see a god with his face like fire [I have no idea what this means but maybe it will be revealed later

I see the word Grace and how Jesus took our place[/b]

I am going to use these  visions /pictures for the building blocks of this study and so lets begin the final study .


It is quite clear that there were many exiles throughout mankind's history - from Adam and Eve to
Israel's exile to babylon,  from John on the isle of Patmos, to King David being exiled by his loyal servants and family, and so it goes on.

It is also clear that people are jubilant and thankful upon being released and so now we begin to rebuild the walls as we work together to restore the fallen walls.

As Nehemiah and all the families [begin to restore the fallen walls and after dedicate them to God]

This Psalm [and the previous being one] begin by encouraging the levites [or the people who had rebuilt the wall or anyone and extends to everyone /past/present or future, to praise the Lord [maybe after an exile]

I want now to remember the days, when the Ark was exiled/taken captive/ by the philistines and taken to another land [color=blue]1 Samuel 5:1[/color] - it can be said that at this time and day [Israel should have been exiled - [color=blue]but the Ark took their place.[/color]

It just happens that Ichabod was born at this time [as a sign] - meaning "where is the Glory ?" or "the Glory has been taken from Israel"  [color=blue]1 Samuel 4:22[/color]

Now we see that dagon, one of the gods of the philistines was satnding before the God of Israel [bieng exiled  exiled in Ashdod ] [here the dagon god fell over and over before the Ark of God] the philistines now sent the Ark to  Gath and onto Ekron [it seems nobody wanted the Glory of God as it sent disaster upon the people] it seems the Ark of God was a curse to the philistines and their god's- as it seemed to mean death to them. [It seems the Ark was moved three times and had no place to rest]

This call is for everything that has breath to praise the Lord - BUT , not all want the Lord and many take Him into exile.

They exile Him now in their lives and He becomes a curse  to them - they seem to be at the edge of the cliff and cannot remmeber the words.

[url=][color=blue][size=12pt]LET EVERYTHING THAT HAS BREATH PRAISE THE LORD -VIDEO[/size][/color][/url]

And so God took the place of Israel - and as later returned [returned to the hearts] at this time/day.

Here David dances before the Lord as he returns the Ark of Glory to Israel [color=blue]2 Samuel 6:14[/color]

So why did God leave Israel ?, because they had already exiled Him from their hearts, they had adulterated with other gods .

Now the Ark of God lies in enemy hands and all gods will bow to God Almighty [we all know the story of dagon falling before the Ark]

So we know that dagon fell before the God Almighty and the philstines broke out in tumors.

Although I  know how to end this study, I really struggled/wrestled/  with the next step - but now I know how to continue.

So we are going to parallel dagon  [the fish god with a red face and the philistimes with ] the egyptian gods. [as the egyptians keep the hebrew people in captivity]

And so we are going to go the the egyptian gods and the hebrew people [ as they are held in captivity and their release - as they stand on the edge of a new song/precipice.

So lets go to a time when the hebrew people were on the edge of a precipice and the only reason they were allowed to leave was because of God's intervention and the plagues brought about by the god's the egyptians worshipped.

So lets begin this next step with Exodus 3:7 The LORD said, "I have indeed seen the misery of my people in Egypt. I have heard them crying out because of their slave drivers, and I am concerned about their suffering.

And lets take it from here

What is God's Will for your life ? you might see it as being under egyptian bondage [as you are under the Government's  rule] whatever Government you are now under-  it may not be God's rule/Will but His Permissive Will -  allowing things to happen to shape and mould - but obviously you may be in a situation when you are in a war torn country -  where just staying alive may seem to be God's Will for you.

So lets go back in time to the hebrew captivity and it seems God's Will for the hebrew people was to work in slavery under oppression and beatings [But God heard some hearts and chose to release this nation.

During this time God/Jesus/ chose to use Moses [purposed and chosen as a baby "being a sign as one who was born with a name being "to draw out"

As Moses was drawn out - so he was now empowered/anointed/given the ability to draw this nation out of their bondage [although Moses did not feel he was able  see : Exodus 4:10

So Moses  found the Will of God for his life,

They hebrew people who followed Moses had no idea what the future might hold - and were released by God.

When trying to find the Will of God for your life - you may often hear "Pray in His Will" - so how do you find His Will ?

Well it seems God's Will found Moses...

All were growing and finding a new road and a new direction.

A few points to consider when reading the above post [being edited]

1. Rather than Moses finding God's Will for His life I have suggested that "God's Will found Moses"

2. We ask was it was God's Will for the hebrew people to be in bondage/slavery/captivity/.

3. We ask "Did God hear all the hearts of His Hebrew people and if so then why did many hearts still long for Egypt" as in Numbers 11:5 - Exodus 16:3 .

Now lets focus on the god's that were used in the nine plagues of egypt to Pharoah to let go. [I say "nine plagues because the final passover was Jesus]

Much like the dagon god of the phlistines, we see the god's of the people working against them [once God appears]

Through the ten plagues we witness Apis, heqet, set, Uatchit, Hathor, Sekhmet, Sunu, Isis, nut, Osiris was their god much like the dagon fertility god of the philstines, and set [God was revealing these god's in singular and in groups as the plagues went on and although these gods were dead and manmade "it was about the spirits/demons/  hiding behind the god's that were worshipped,

Amazingly during the ninth plague the egyptians were in darkness - under the god of "re" however duing this tike the hebrew people saw light.

With the tenth act of God - Jesus passed over, the tenth plague is only a plague to those who have no blood over the lintels and doorsteps of their lives Exodus 12:7 .

It is the unveiling of the god behind the gods, being given permission to unvade and destroy by the people who worship them.

And so going back to the beginning of this study, the god of dagon fell before the Almighty God and the philistine families broke out in tumors. [I'm using this parallel to to demonstrate - how the "god" can come up against us.

Now lets go back to David dancing before the Ark of God... as the hebrew people had crossed over the "sea of reeds" [as Moses was put in a sea/water/  of reeds and crossed/passed  over Exodus 2:3] and Moses was drawn out [as his name implies] "Moses being born at this time as a sign"

So now David dances before God as indeed the people after crossing over "Praised God and danced " in Exodus 15:20  .

So we come to the end of the 150 Psalm studies and come to the edge of the waters, precipice in our lives.

We come to a cross - roads and it is up to us to make a choice.

I am going to end this final study as it began with the words "PRAISE THE LORD"

If you are willing to make this final leap then shout with me now and see just how great God is....

I end this journey and this final study now and join in with me as we shout together "PRAISE THE LORD"

No one knows what the future will hold - but God does and as you stand on the edge of the next step

Know that God has yuor future in His Hands....

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Psalm 149, The Saints of Salvation

 Psalm 149, The Saints of Salvation

 Psalm 149 is a new song -  sung from the heart, it proclaims  a new song - of what God has done NOW.

This new song is not an old song of a jewish nation, chosen but trying to rebuild a wall [long forgotten]

This new song is now - today - where God works in peoples lives and where God creates a new song/motivaton/desire/ in a heart.

This new song is a song about Jesus and what He has done/ now /today/ [written about in the Psalms] an ongoing testimony proclaiming "Make way for the King of Kings" make His path straight/level/make a way for Him today.

Whether you see yourself as born again -  yet seeing salvaton of God through your life"

Or being "a person who is yet to know God/Jesus/ the Holy Spirit working in your life"... but later to acknowledge that it was God/Jesus who saved you.

You testify today and sing a new song of Praise [it may not be because you know or knew Him - but because He knew or knows you.

Your new song - exists because of what He has done . you are like a composer/songwriter/poet/singer/ and you are walking a new path and singing a new song - you are like David at this point, exiled by his own family, yet being retored back to Kingship [saved as a Saint]

You are like "Israel" exiled to babylon, now called to rebild the walls of Jersusalem [singing and dancing - yet hlding your  sword at your side - as in Nehemiah 4:17  .

You may be like the Aostle John exiled to patmos [a prisoner "bound in chains" yet singing a song of revelation.

You may be as Paul [bound and chained] Acts 21:11

You may be as many "that were" you also may be living through a "new composition" that is yet to bring forth Praise.

God is now composing this new song - which will become your testimony in 2017.

As God continues to be alive and working in your life.

This new song or testimony is not about something that happened many years ago - but this new song in your heart today is about a new thing that God has done [this day/week/month/ year]

It is not about a forgotten song that you sang many years ago - but an ongoing composition/song/praise/proverb/ testimony/  about what is doing now /today/.

This new song comes from a heart that is born of God/right before Him/ being restored/saved/again and again/

Sing a new testimony/song/  today...

You may have gone through many seasons of troubles/ [as John did]

Yu may have chosen to walk the path of chains [as Paul did]

You may have paid a price [as King David did]

You may have been through a long tunnel [as in the years of the hebrew exile]

You may not have made the Lords paths straight - but this will be your future testimony /song/proverb/composition/heart response/ because of what Jesus has done.

Your reponse /salvation/testimony/proverb/song/  is due to God's working and your response to it - or your willingness to be bound to give glory to God.

Okay - if you are as Israel and you are wandering through a desert experience.....

You will have a part of you that is left to give Glory to God and this will be the remnant that will be saved. [a part of you that continues and will be very precious in God's eyes [as a diamond is only formed under much pressure].

The dance here is a dance before God/Jesus/ like a dance of King David while  drawing/bringing/anouncing a new home for  the ark .

It is is like the dance that Israel danced as they were released from the bondage of pharoah - or like the new dance while building the new wall.

It is like the refreshing oil running down Aarons beard Psalm 133:2

No song is better - than the heavenly song of deliverance upon a person or persons.

It is a dance of Joy ...

of course - you may well be building the wall now - as the Kingdom is advancing - so you are a building block.

You may be as Adam and Eve - exiled from God - yet restored by Him.

Now you may sing a new song - and begin to rebuild in Praise. [give a new testimony of what God has done]

Never be a reluctant disciple and sing an old song - but let God continue to work and  continue to sing a new song - as this is a two way relationship and though John [the Apostle may have  suffered [as did many] they each chose their new song.

While holding their sword at their side..

I ask  "what is before a new song ?"

Though there is no temptation that is not common to mankind, you may be tested by God - as in Genesis chapter 22 - however, Paul knew of another  war - in : 2 Corinthians 1:8

And so Paul continues 9Indeed, we felt we had received the sentence of death. But this happened that we might not rely on ourselves but on God, who raises the dead.  - [total dependence on God]

Whatever and wherever these things come from Jesus has overcome and your way of escape is through Jesus.

Do not be fooled into believing that you are above such things. [as Adam and Eve were]

It was never about your  ability... [as the spiritual is far greater than the physical world]

When I was Lost -  

I am not going to present a gospel - that you want to hear [as I am not a pied piper] I am reminded of Matthew 11:17.

Here you are following a song of Christ and not likened to a type of  pharisee.

Your song is much deeper than lip movement and basic functions.

So lets continue....

What Praise ! to be exiled and released and be dedicated to rebuilding [an action]

Whether your life is now about rebuilding or restoring [along with God your Paraclete]

Or being a  Nehemiah, dedicating the work of the hands "to God" [now consider that by aligning it alongside - the story of Cain and Abel] - I want you to dig deep on this one.

You may be a person who is likened Adam and Eve,  or you be a Nehemiah or an Israel being released from babylon.

You may be a "Christian" someone who has "Christ -in" being released  into the promised land or - a Paul choosing to follow the path that Christ has prepared  -  you may be a "John" exiled to Patmos and caused to labour as a slave in the mines - both gaining through their journey, revelations - that have helped millions.

Whatever type you are at this point, dedicate your experience/work/life/  to God and let him do it. it's a "let go and let God moment" in your life. see : Deuteronomy 20:5


Lets begin the dedication prayer and write a new song.

"I Praise You Lord and I rejoice, I  dance by making worhip in my heart [by dancing in my heart]

I will carry the two edged sword by my side - while I continue to do the work that You have prepared for me

I dedicate this to You - because You are the One who began this work in me and will complete  this work.

In the work/day/  of Jesus, Amen.

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Psalm 148, The full ascent.

Psalm 148, The full ascent.

I canot help but ask "Should I see God like my earthly father"

I have searched this from the lowest to the highest part of my being and I see a fault in this "likening natural father to heavenly father - as it does not relate in the world and to those brought up in fragmented relationships.

As God is not like and was never likened to our earthly father.

As God is far below to the deepest oceans and far above the greatest King and reaches into the universe and beyond our imagination.

Psalm 148 is not a call to Praise - but simply declaring a Praise already known of.

It is a Praise that is already known of in the heavens "as the Angels Praise God and the lower heavens Praise God and this Psalm is the great and grand Finale.

As all creation Praises the Lord and always has

Whether we belong to the  deepest sea's to the highest of heights and if  we ascend from the first, second and third heaven, all Praise God.

Not only that but I have to ask "are all things made by mankind giving Glory to God ?" well no but some thijngs made by mankind are already !

In this cyber world even the simple PC or pad - tablet or Iphone - are giving Glory to God [depending on who is using the application or inanimate object]

Therefore in this first heaven we are Praising God [giving witness too - because of who we are or because of how we exist within  the  air that we breathe.

In certain cases  the father of the home who was never seen and never known.

So how do we know the Father God through a relationship and through fact and actual experience ....

We can know God /Him/Father/ through the Father breaking through the wall and showing us His Character and the Character of God is known of through the bible/Holy Spirit.

In this Psalm of 148 - we see the author [who is God] and the author writing the Psalm as King David [at the time of the exle -[from babylon] and at this point I see a wall being built]

I see the wall between King Davids dad and God - King David was chosen by God and He saw God as far more than his earthly father Jesse.

This wall was never a wall between Jesse and David but a wall between King David and God the Father.

It was created by sin and King Davids heart = this wall was never a wall between father and son [earthly]

Yet in a strange way they both gave glory to God by simply being who they were. [being used by God whether born of God or not]

King David never saw God as he did his natural father [indeed God chose David from all the son's of Jesse]

In the same way we often sing about the three wise men or the King of bethlehem - written about in the inspired word of scripture - but we see this King a dad and he was herod agrippa the 1st, eaten by worms.

King Agrippa was used for the  Glory of God and in the same way the first heaven - the things that are created by us -give Glory to God - even those things that were never in the original creation give Glory to God - being reformed and recreated and depending on who uses them and why.

Even the mad prophet "Balaam" gave Glory to God in the third oracle - Numbers 24:2

We may well shout "Let everything that has breath praise the LORD. Praise the LORD." Which is taken from Psalm 150 -  "but even those things that do not have breath continue to Praise thw Lord" [or can be used too]

I am coming from the lowest to the highest or from the first heaven to the third - I am speaking from life and from the heavenlies and this is the living word of God - speaking from the natural creation and the heavenly creation / the Spirit and the mouth and the written word or from created things of mankind.

The Father heart of God lived during the times of Sodom and Gomorrah - and through the times of Nineveh - where fathers were not "after God's own heart"

Rise up above your present experience .from the lowest place to the highest place

this is Psalm 148....................... the simplest atomic particle giving witness and glory to God - Praising God .

There is an elevation here between the Praises of natural things and heavenly beings or between an atom and the Praise of a person and between the praise of an earthly dad and  a heavenly Father.

This Psalm rises up, from natural being to heavenly Praise - or from earth to heaven.

All Praise God/give Glory /knowingly or unknowingly/ consciously or simply by being/existing/

Yet the third heaven existed long before we ever lived and long befoee King David lived and continues to Praise God and give Glory to Him.

This is a rising up - of levels or steps, between lives and ages/created beings and non created/heavenly and angelic/nature and the simplist of recreated things.

I want to focus on  King David in his cave experience fleeing from the rebellion of Absalom [his son] exiled from his family and everything he knew - King David fled through the Kidron Valley  during this exile.

King David and his armies now ascend the mount of olives and wept as they went - they were like the "bruised olives on the mount at this point.

And once the  skin of the fruit is broken, the aroma goes forth. [part of the message at Chch today] "must be coincidence"

Did  you know the Kidron Valley is also known as "Valley of Jehoshaphat ?"  you might call this "the valley of descision..

Lets take a look at this valley.... and you might look at the prophetic word about things to come-  in   Joel 3:1-2 . and for the past [and future spiritual  activity look at Jeremiah 31:40

It is when all things come at you at once or as if all enemies come up against you so that you are forced to make a descision and flee .

You see - it is a Synonym and I want you to remember "from all places at once" in your spiritiual warfare [now today]

As when all neighbours /peoples came  up against King Jehoshaphat - he reacted and went to war, as in 2 Chronicles 20:1 and whom shall stand against this great enemy ? see : 2 Chronicles 20:9

Do you know what the armies of Jehoshaphat did ?

They sang  - Praise the Lord,  For His mercy endures forever.  they sang the Psalms....

Do you know the journey of Jesus on His way to the Cross ?- look at Mark 14:26-31 and through this valley  [of descision/ Valley of Jehoshaphat / the kidron valley, Jesus  went to the mount of Olives....

So now we go on in this biblcal study - and remind oursleves of Psalm 148 - to Praise God/submit/give Glory/ as we see Jesus descend into our own lives now "from the highest of heights to the depths of the sea/cave/exile/depression/.

Here we have the interchanging worlds - of the first, the second and third heaven. [outside of time - but in our time]

Yes God knows you - Guardian  - by name as the stars in the heavens [second heaven] - yet there is also One who has passed through these levels/steps.[third heaven]

But remember that all things may come up against you as with The exiled throughout scrpture, as with King Jehoshaphat and  King David - as their is one "who is the prince  of the air". [first heaven]

Remember - Jesus passed through all these . levels - [the fifteen steps of ascension]

So let us remind ourselves as we ascend these steps [as Jehoshaphat did and many others] , as King David did and as Jesus did]

Let us not forget that "we may be called to climb" - see : 1 Peter 4:12 Dear friends, do not be surprised at the fiery ordeal that has come on you to test you, as though something strange were happening to you.

Don't be fooled into believing  - that  "because Jesus suffered and was bruised " - that you somehow have a free ticket,to avoid such things.

 Remember that "these things can come from all places at once " - some to test - some to tempt - some to prove, - some to persecute - some to refine, some to bring you down, some to raise you up, some to level you.

There is a time for every purpose - under heaven the third heaven[ or under God. or as in Ecclesiastes 3:1
whoever we give power to or make "Lord"

A time for every level of the "heavens" to come against us - a time to gather and so on.

Although we may be seated in the third heaven with Christ - we continue to live in the first heaven.

Never leave yourself unguarded - and stay alert - etc.

Okay put it this way - how did you come to God ? did you come to God because He had blessed you so much that you just had to get to know Him ? through riches and blessings maybe !

Or maybe you came to God through  desparation, illness,  poverty, etc...

It was through the valley of descision, the valley of Kidron, the valley of Jehoshaphat.....  that you came to faith in God ...

Now rise up to the mount of Olives.

So I have gone from the the lowest to the highest - but actually this [Psalm goes from the Highest of heights to to lowest of the heavens.

It begins with heaven itself,  the third heaven where Angels have given Praise in eternity - throughout time or since they were created for the purpose of being messengers - "Giving Praise and worship to God [before the Church began] - as we know it. [apart from those who rebelled in an eternal state never coming back ]

The third heaven, being a place where God is - where all things give Glory to God, a constant loud and busy place [speaking in our /all/ language/ or none as no language is needed] with continuous activity - where work never ceases and tiredness is not known of.

An eternal hive of being and Praises to God in the Spiritual / which is natural in heaven.

The third heaven being a place where angelic beings and elders and masses - Praise God continuously/all day/throughout an eternal state.

Quite why this command is given from the earthly perspective can only be because God/ Jesus/ came down to raise up - as from heaven to earth He came as a helples babe, to make us babes in Christ...

But also

We can Praiee the Lord from the heavens, as we read Ephesians 2:6 And God raised us up with Christ and seated us with him in the heavenly realms in Christ Jesus,

Now, look at Psalm 148:5 Let them praise the name of the Lord, For He commanded and they were created.

Of the third heaven - being created with a beginning [as were the Angels]

The command to Praise here - was never a heavenly state [for why would heaven be commanded to do somethinng it does - but rather a command now to be raised up in heavenly places with Christ.

As the stars and the universe witness to God  - being created and named today -as more stars are born and created all the time.

In other words new Christians/stars/  are born every day,

Of course, new stars need to be commanded [given authority] to be - what they were created for.

Meanwhile heaven Praises God as it always has..


 - NIV Praise him you stars and you shining stars - or " KJV Praise ye him, sun and moon: praise him, all ye stars of light."

Well the stars only shine  their light onto the planets and the dots in the sky are stars and planets. [as the planets reflect the light of the stars]

Our own solar system is only seen from other planets because it reflects the light from our sun.

As the moon is only visible because it reflects the suns light. [in the same way we may only be visible as we reflect the light of the Son]

This is the other Light source - that is not visible - but can be seen - even smelt and sensed,

As the stars /planets/ galaxies/ have always given glory to God by being, so the lights in the sky give Praise to God - by simply being what they were created to do.

Either emitting their own light source or reflecting light - but  their is another light that enters the soul/spirit/body/ that proclaims the "third heaven" and the creator.

As we can be "the stars that reflect the Light of this world" and can be/are/  named by God.

As the stary sky seems limitless and incomprehensible - so too - the thrid heaven is even more so.

Yet it shines it's  Light upon the earth through the stars that live on earth.

The first heaven being [from the depths - sea creatures [tended upon by God]

The first heaven also includes the air, Mountains and hills, Tree's, all things we are familiar with.

They should Praise God "In the first heaven"  [even though they may not comprehend this commandment or may be as ones not believing] as they exist and give glory to God because they "are".  Romans 8:22 We know that the whole creation has been groaning as in the pains of childbirth right up to the present time.

In Isaiah 55:12 the metaorical language takes it further [as the hebrew nation" now Israel - is released from Exile [as David now is synonmon] "as the tree's of the fields now clap their hands" in fact the mountains and the hills shall break forth with joy... Psalm 98:8 .

As if the whole of creation bears witness and breaks forth [being restrained and in bondage "as if exiled" as if  the entire creation of God is delivered and released - to be as it once was meant to be.

It is almost as if "the third heaven changes [heaven changing all the time John 14:3 ] as God the Father gets ready a place and is constantly changing it.

The second heaven is altered to "where God is now our Light"  and the whole universe and it's being is altered and changed - Isaiah 60:19 .

All levels now change - to alter the the next - as God changes and recreates the levels... the first, second and third heavens will be altered forever - yet heaven is being changed all the time as God prepares the next step .


Thankyou Lord that You came down into darkness to bring Light .

That You ascended through the levels and through the heavens to leave gifts to Your people  - as in Ephesians 4:8.

Thankyou Lord that the exiled can Praise You.

Although what we know is in constant motion and change - we can depned on Your Character.[that never changes]


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Psalm 147. Who can stand before his cold,

Psalm 147. Who can stand before his cold,

As Israel was exiled - so  King David was exiled and as God gathered together the remnants of Israel in Psalm 147:2 The Lord builds up Jerusalem - so He gathers together the outcasts of Israel.

So God regathered King David's life [as He did Job] and as He does now ./today/.

It is likened to the stars in the second heaven ... as God count the stars [as He does the sparrows or the sand on the shore] In Psalm 147 He counts the number of the stars - He calls them all by name.

It is as if God knew all the stars before they were named by mankind - or even discovered [ in the sae way you are known of by God being a remnant / forgotten one/ the least/ like a grain of sand "not even considered" or like the stars that no one at that time knew the names of /

As if we are the chosen ones made the cornerstone that was thrown away Psalm 118:22 The stone the builders rejected.

Here God prunes down and rebuilds - now with King David he is humbled and lets go to let God .

He finds a whole new group of friends and a new life .

King David is now likened to one like "a grain of sand" or "a star in the sky"   King David is now like the grass on the mountains" [like a new star in the universe]

As God the King scatters the frost like ashes - who can stand before His cold ?

God's word now melts them and humbles them /them / being the remants /what is left/

[Word not scripture but "action" God's acton upon a life or lives... to create a remaining growth. His word Psalm 147:18 is not a past word - but an active word - that causes actual events in peoples lives -  now [or past present and future] an active word.

Word here is not just scriptural [already written] but an active word that creates and destroys. [the destruction being thos who have already destroyed themselves]  why would you cut off a dead branch or deadend a plant and why would you pull up a dead plant ... so that those remaining might flourish and continue growing...

It is like the chaff being blown away be the wind - where only few remain...

King David now leaves behind members of his family and armies and now Praises God Above all.

And so in the dark /coldness/ of the cave - King David continues  to seek God .... [in his exile/coldness/cave/]

In the same way as the branch has no intention of producing fruit or leaves or the dead plant and the grass has no intention of growing or giving Glory to God [so why should God - create a miracle to make it grow without it's consent or intention ?

This is why at the moment of the cave experience - God gives His coldness .

God will not force any one to come to Him and at this moment in time and in theis Psalm we see this coldness - it is the coldness of God to see who will stand.

It seems as though God is far away - but in fact He is near - to see who you and what you worship.

Okay I am not using visons here - but the now word - [although God may decide to change this in a second]

I see a wall and a community depending on one another - I  see a person stuck in a cave and the cave is a psychological battle..

There you go "what did I say  :D

We all have our internal battles and the battles for the mind and the battles for our lives..

At times these battles can seem  greater than the external influences at the present time ..

But they can be fixed and implamted in our past.. now today as we come up against problems and trials - we can respond "using our past experience"

That is great if your past experience is good - but what if you have traumatic experiences that control your future  ?

Now I want to go back to the cave again and the place you are in now - this cave may be the past controlling your future or the cave may be external forces at work - but linked to your actions, whatever the reason for your "cave" now you can be  in your own prison.

I expand now on the sunday sermon this week at my Church[that just happemed to be about prisons of the mind]

And I want you to put yourself in the place of King David now, close your eyes and imagine that you were a King  and now you are hiding in caves of despair [why are you in the cave ?] is it due to yout actions maybe ! maybe you have adulterated as David did]

Mabe it is external forces that have taken you to act the way you have and to lead you into hiding ...

Or maybe it is your memory and the  psychological battles that are going on inside you.

Why do things keep repeating over and over and why can I not rise from these cave ?

Forgiveness was never about forgetting - but about  living with your forgiveness when the memories keep coming back.

You simply learn from the events that took place and you move on.

But future "now events" can trigger your past memories/hurts/traumas/

You now have flashbacks and your memories remind you that maybe you do not have forgiveness for all that happened to you [whether you remember it or not]

Do not feel guilty that you cannot remember and forgive all that happened [as we can hide things from our memories in order to cope]

I want you now to read and speak out Psalm 147  and recite it and memorise it [meditate on it]

Here David is praising God in the cave of despair and I wonder if David now is forgiving all those who had sinned against him.

Family/army/protectors/those closest to his heart/ those who were loyal but have now forsaken him...

In the cave - we now reach out, to someone who was forsaken/forgotten/unloved/rejected/ called Jesus.

It was never easy when we were "in another life" to forgive those who had sinned against us.

Why should you forgive when those who had ruined your life - had not known God and you had never known Him either.[now you seek to do this - but you ask for the memories - that bring you hurt [but you also want to  forget about it and move on] though these memories will always be there

It is almost like you have travelled over a great chasm - and from a cave to Light and day, only to reminded daily of your past [not by God]

In this cave we now begin to rise up [the next step]

I want you to lsiten to this song  which has been resounding through my head all day and this is like David in the cave awaiting renewal and a new day/step/

Lets stepout of the cave we are in - In God's timing.

You live in the cave of the past  and experience [as most people live with goggles and with limited view] you are influenced by your present situaton [but what if your past affects you future ]

Although you will never really remember all the hurt or all the past [you may not want to] therefore you may not have full forgiveness [remember Jesus forgave in your place] as Jesus had and has this authority , as He takes your place.

This is not about a nice feeling or feeling and you may well still harbour hurt or anger [but remember that Jesus knows your past and knows why you respond in the way you do]

You may well want to step out of the cave - but you cannot [unlike those brought up in perfect families]

Wait and let God raise you up.

Listen - if you cannot remember - God will forgive for you. as you only chose to forget because - your memory and heart chooses to forget - although you may spend the rest of your life remembering  -  God forgets.

The wall is a resounding picture here.

Psalm 147:20  Israel was a unique and parculiar people, they were like no one else on the earth.

Ohh Ive just had a chance to look into this Psalm and just realised that it relates to Nehemiah dedicating the wall - that makes sense now with the vision of the wall  and the video.

It also appears to be a present tense in many verses of this Psalm - as Nehemiah 12:27-43 is past tense - so obviously we can also transport this in our present time.

It begins to make sense now as the wall is also a present term as in 1 Peter 2:5

The prisons of the mind - what is that about ?

Well it seems this Psalm was written about the time of the dedication of the walls of Jerusalem [Nehemiah]- just after the exile [prison] in babylon [where we can become locked in our time and experience, believing that this time will never come to an end]

1. I am reminded of the hebrew peoples slavery here in Egypt and their deliverance  and how this Psalm relates to Jacob - where this nation/person/Israel/ had a jealous God and where His ways only applied to them and no one else [a bit like a loving parent laying down rules for their children and only applying to their family]

Of course the hebrew people may have escaped slavery - but some  were still living in Egypt and longed to go back [prison of the mind]

2. So after meditating on this Psalm God thaws the hearts of His children and they are released and begin to rebuild and to dedicate the rebuilding to God [as King David did in his own "prison/cave" as he made God King of his life.

3. It seems unfair that God should deal with us in a different way - to the world - as it would have seemed unfair - that God dealt with King David and kings like him  - in a different way to many kings mentioned in scripture [as it seems they were allowed to do what they wanted]

Thius psalm seems to come from many places at once

Now these are the days of Nehemiah or the "day of" where we are dedicating the rebuilding to God and making Hm King - as we have just escaped from the babylon/cave of David.

You see now why  this Psalm mentions the "gathering of the outcasts of Israel" those likened to the stars in the sky.

As God's hand thaws out the cold hearts - that entered babylon and restores His people [as His judgements are upon His people and only He restores ....  now go back to King David hiding in caves [or you] and see how he is restored from his prison/exile.

We end by shouting out aloud "He has not dealt thus with any nation;
And as for His judgments, they have not known them.

Praise the Lord!"

 And remember 1 Peter 4:12

You see now why this Psalm mentions the things of babylon and the things of Jerusalem - of the waters and the beasts, the strengthened gates  and how God has cscattered the cold/frost like ashes - [they become nothing]

As the waters of babylon flowed - so God's Grace flows like rivers from His Throne. Now God is restored to the throne - as King David makes God King.


I see someone who has trouble breathing - you feel hemmed in from every side, you are gasping for breath.

You are in your own prison today and now.


Lord God thankyou that I am on ly in this place because I am your child, I wait now for your release and I dedicate my life to you today.

Thankyou that you can release me in Your timing - and restore me today.

Break down those walls so that I might break free from my prison and rebuild the wals with me - where all depend on each .

Now in the days of Nehemiah - restore my temple.

I make You Lord of my life - in Jesus name Amen

Thankyou for revealing this Psalm to me Lord - even though I had not had a chance to read it properly - I thankyou that You can reveal things now - before I even have a chance to understand with my intellect or mind - because You are before me.

I see now why you had to take King David to a place where he was broken through Your Grace and how he was restored [like the walls]

ThankYou for this voyage of discovery... and that You iluminate my path - before I see where I am going

Goodness knows where that video came from - I've never even heard that song before.

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Psalm 146, The hidden face of God.

Psalm 146, The hidden face of God.

 The second of the "Hallelujah Psalms" which end the book of Psalms .

At this point I want to go back a few psalms and I want you to visualise King David hiding in caves of despair [along with his remaining armies and family  "who had not been a part of the rebellion and revolt"

It is quite clear that many of Davids armies and friends had left him , including members of his family  and trusted advisors, the only people left were those left of his army and family members who had remained loyal.

Now King David continues to hide not just from Kings [Kings such as Saul] but from Princes - King Davids sons were Princes and heirs to the throne.

In this dark place literally hiding in caves - "King David cries out - "PRAISE GOD" - which begins this Psalm and ends it.

King David knowing his limitatons shouts "I will praise God as long as I live"  wow.

In Psalm 146:3 "King David does not put his trust in his family or friends, as he see's their  destiny and future- [having seen  Absalom's Defeat and the the finality of those  opposed to him" [such as Doeg] 1 Samuel 22:9

King David is speaking from his heart and life and his experience and puts God above all this and the situaton he is in.

Noe Jacob appears in this Psalm [this is the Jacob who wrestled with God} and Jacob saw the face of God "yet lived" Genesis 32:30  .

Wow now King David is restored back to his Kingship and here we continue the final Psalms that are named "the
the "Hallelujah Psalms .

Not that King David Praised God once he was reinstated as King - but that he Praised God while in a cave and in exile and darkness.

This is the hardest thing to do - to Praise God while in a dark place - when all is against us, those working against us can be from family [princes] advisors [Doeg]  Armies [Protectors]

Even so - this is why David is known as a man after God's own heart....

So we begin the ending of the Psalms - with King David Praising God.

Here King David steps up and steps out ...

David having a personal relationship with his heavenly Father - could easily have abandoned God at this point - But He chose to Praise God and see a far greater hand at work.

This is the hidden face of God ... [as we cannot see what God is doing - at this moment in time]

People do this every day as they leave their old lives and begin a new life in Jesus - as they leave behind their families/friends/ parents/ as in 1 Kings 19:20 and Philippians 3:13 not forgetting Luke 9:60 and Matthew 8:22  .

It is a very hard thing to do - to lay down the past and to move on with God as He enables us, when all seems to be against us - we can rise up.

This event is being re enacted everyday in peoples lives - as they let go of the past - re : families/parents/daughters/sons/

The "Hallelujah Psalms" continue "TODAY" as we move on with God and put anything and everything aside - that does not give glorify God.

Amen to our latest members -  who just happened to appear at this time - to confirm this word

PRAISE GOD ... as He is a God of today and not just yesterday...

He continues to do the same yesterday /today and  in our/the/  future ....

Let people continue to continue to rise from the darkness of a  cave and rise up and step up to their purpose and meaning in life and let those remaining - who watch them also rise up alongside .

This is the living word of God - Amen

Let us confirm today that this is the day of their turning and encourage them to continue.

Lord God in Jesus name - let me be the one in the cave with King David and not the ones who departed from him.

Let me be "the person who kept watch in the early hours to bring an alert all in that cave" [at the fourth watch or at 3am]

Let me be the one member of the family who was faithful.

Let me  be the army who stayed with David to protect him.

Let me be the person who although was not known by him  remained faithful to him - so that I might be raised up with him and Kingship [at this time in history] and let me see that, this event relates to me now - as I leave behind my old life and begin a new life .

That may mean - leaving behind my family/friends/parents/ and all I know now - to begin my new life which is not easy.

Let me leave this cave of darkness and see a new light ... '[now is the day of King David]

In Jesus Name Amen

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