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Psalm 116,Study 1,Dying to be Saved

Psalm 116,Study 1,Dying to be Saved


Continuing with the "Egyptian Hallel"  Psalm 113 to Psalm 118  are the Psalms of Praise

The author of Psalm 116  is unkonwn but it can be read as the author literally being saved from death

It can also be said to be a prophetic Psalm of Jesus Christ and the shedding of His blood

It can also be seen as "Israel's deliverance from Egypt and the journey to the promised Land which is the land of fruitfulness

Rather than going verse by verse with this Psalm we shall observe the main points

Psalms 113 to psalms 114 were to be sung before the final meal by the Jews

Psalms 115 to 118 would be sung after the blessing

Thus you are to note the verses in the new testament eg:

Matthew 26:26-30

Verse 30 When they had sung a hymn, they went out to the Mount of Olives.




 Psalm 116 Is God’s redemption the saving of  his people from death.

Not a literal death here, but an escape from bondage into freedom "as in "

"The people were being saved "!

The entire journey was a journey through a wilderness in which a testing and salvation was taking place

In the ending of this journey the people 'could' enter a land of fruitfulness

Not a literal death "as in the dying of a body of people"

But a bringing out from death to life , ' as a continuation of'

Whereby one day we all meet death of the 'body' after which we meet with eternal life

In this we say "I am seated at Gods right hand" we could also say "I am being seated"

In this ' we have eternal life as "Christ Ins" but we will have



The unknown Psalmist here in Psalm 116 remembers God and sings a Psalm / song and this Psalm he sings is of Gods deliverance from actual physical death

The Psalmist must have come close to death and rejoices that God heard his prayers and delivered him from death so that he might continue ' in this life'

And so this Psalm becomes part of the "Hallel" sung to remember the passover  and deliverance of Gods people and at the last supper this could well have been used as the final blessing  hymn mentioned above

In this "one mans rejoicing of deliverance from actual death becomes a song to commemorate Israel's redemption

 This barren woman called Israel now goes onto the journey to the land of plenty and abundance



Psalm 116:13 is the significant verse here as after the deliverance from death

1. literal salvation from death (as is the author of the Psalm)

2. The  deliverance of Gods chosen from egypt  and the redemption thereof

3. The death of the Lamb Of God

a. This man lifts up the cup of salvation and rejoiced in God’s gift of life.

b. Israel lifts the cup of salvation and rejoiced in God’s gift of life.

c. Christians  now remember the passover Lamb who shed His blood that they might be free and in this they take the bread and the wine in remembrance of the body that was broken for them and the blood that was shed

 In this Christians  have communion with God and with each other


Lets go to the passover in egypt and their deliverance

In Exodus 12:21-24  Moses called for all the elders of Israel, and said " kill the passover lamb"

 The people were too sprinkle the blood of the lamb over the lintels and frames of the doors  of the homes and  the sprinkling of the blood offered protection from the destroyer

Notice it states in Exodus 12:23 The Lord will pass through egypt to strike down the egyptians but then it says "will not allow the destroyer to strike or smite 1 Corinthians 10:10 Revelation 7:3

In this we see the all seeing God passing over a land and Jesus as if already crucified taking the punishment to free a land by His blood

Hebrews 11:28  Exodus 12:3 Numbers 9:4



 Now to the Lords supper in  Luke 22:7-23  

Verse 7 was the day of Unleavened Bread on which the Passover lamb had to be sacrificed.

At this time and at this hour Jesus takes the cup and after taking the cup, he giving thanks

So Jesus and the disciples took bread and drank the cup

Exodus 12:24 And ye shall observe this thing for an ordinance to thee and to thy sons for ever.

Luke 22:19 "do this in remembrance of me.”  Luke 23:44-46



The author of this Psalm was thankful for life

The chosen of God were to be thankful for the past deliverance

We now can be thankful that by Gods grace and mercy we are saved from death

Matthew 26:30 When they had sung a hymn, they went out to the Mount of Olives

Psalm 115,Study 1,Where Is Your God ?

Psalm 115,Study 1,Where Is Your God ?


Psalm 115

1. Although the Author is unknown again this is one of the Psalms called "Hallel"

2. Sung at the passover meal to remember Israel's release from slavery in egypt

3. This Psalm / song, begins by giving God the glory for the great things He did or has done

4. Although the nations say "Where is your God"

5. God does as He pleases and is above all gods

6. No idol made of gold or silver or stone has made man in its image

7. Only the one true God is our helper and shield

8. He blesses us and we sing His Praises

Psalm 115:1


Who delivered from a people with foreign tongue ?

Who sent the plagues and to harden the heart of pharoah ?

Who commanded the sea to part and dry land to appear ? Genesis 1:9

Who gathered His people like a mother covers her chicks ? Matthew 23:37
Exodus 19:4 Deuteronomy 32:11

Who brought them from this nation to a "promised land" and made the jordan dry up ?

Who saved you and brought you to Himself , who baptised you in Him ?

Who gave you the testimony you have ?

To whom gets the glory ?

What god ?



Psalm 115:4-8

Adam and Eve being made in the image of God and being formed out of the earth

We being the ongoing of the original creation Psalm 104:30

God renewing the face of the earth so that we are as "past generations" being formed as from the original

Being sustained and renewed by the breath of God

This applying to all people and all living creatures upon the face of the earth

And those who walk into God glorious light and became "children of God" having their
old corrupted souls renewed by and filled afresh by the living God

Being once more as if in the garden of Eden in communion with God

We see the God who "talks and walks, hears and see's us"  as with Adam and Eve

Who smells sin and is repulsed by it and feels for those who walk in this way

These gods mentioned that are formed from the earth by man being his idol of

Not made in the image of God but being made in mans image

Yet even God being in the minds of some "made in mans image"

In this mankind tries to reverse the way things were made and intended to be

These gods being made without hands and feet  with no mouths to speak or eyes to see

An abomination to God that rises to His nostrils



Psalm 115:8-11

Those who make gods are like the  gods that they make

And they who trust in these gods become like them in verse 8

Verse 9  Trust in the Lord you covenant people, Israel trust in the Lord your shield

this is directed at the house of Israel to trust in their Lord God

10. tells the house of Araan to trust in the Lord God and shield

The house of Araan, that is the levites

11. And all that fear God , trust in the Lord God who is the shield

All who fear God are to trust in the One God and He would be their shield

Trust in God and He would be their shield, their protector, their defender.

In verses 9-11 we hear three times to trust in God,

directed at

1. Israel  2. The Levites 3, All those who fear God

Also three times that God is their Shield

No other gods made from the earth that God created can protect or defend

No other god can be trusted, no other god is like our God

And those who put their trust in another god will become like them

Being dead , going back to the earth, being without life


Psalm 115:12-18

God will bless the house of Aaron

God will bless those who fear Him

God will bless in abundance

The heavens belong to Him and the earth is for man

Praise the Lord

Psalm 114,Study 2, Rams And Lambs

Psalm 114,Study 2, Rams And Lambs

We continue with the poetic imagery used in  the Psalms and look to the hebrew metaphors used

These metaphors can be seen as having several or more meanings

And we have seen on the previous page that  the word "sea" can have many meanings

Although used in a literal sense "As God parted the red sea" in Exodus 14:16

We also know that this can be used as a metaphor in hebrew language

Indeed Mount sinia shook at the prescence of the Lord God as did the rocks split and the ground
shake at the resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Matthew 27:51

We have the next imagery in Psalm 114:4 of the Mountains skipping like rams and the hills like Lambs

Meaning that the earth (Mountains) Mount Sinai shook or moved as an earthquake would shake and the hills rocked and were shaken by God


Now we move onto Psalm 114:5

Now the Lord God of Jacob rides the "Chariots of Salvation"

He thunders through the sea's of people and parting the waters His enemies flee

The nations watch and run and the great divide channels a way through the waters

Making a way where there was no way, bringing down the mountains and preparing a way ....

"Make a highway for our God !" Isaiah 40:3

Psalm 114:5 "what made the sea flee ? what made the jordan turn ?

It was and is and will be .. the Lord God riding on his chariots of salvation !

He and only He is mightier than the nations Psalm 93:4 

Yes He rode His horses and chariots against the waters ! Habakkuk 3:8

Why did the oceans roar ? and the mountains tremble ?

What causes this commotion ?  Luke 21:25 could it be the Lord God ?

As the  Egyptian Chariots  rode through the oceans, The Horses and chariots of salvation also ride through

The Chariots signifying the "angels" of God  Psalm 104:3

The sea the nations as the end times approach and people flee to the mountains
as the oceans roar



Psalm 114:6 here the skipping of the moutains and the hills see: Psalm 114:7

Gods prescence so awesome that not only the mountains shake but the peoples of the earth will flee and call for the moutnains to fall upon them to hide themselves

Psalm 114:8

The Rock being seen as a "type of Christ" or a name given to Jesus The Rock

The rock in the wilderness journey being struck and once struck giving an abundance of living water, this water reviving the thirsty soul and the weary traveller

Those who thirst after righteousness find this Rock in the dry place and as the deer pants for water, so the person who is thirsty can find refreshment Isaiah 55:1

The rock being struck giving the living waters of the Holy Spirit to all who ask for Him John 18:22


Psalm 114, Study 1, Egyptian Hallel

Psalm 114, Study 1, Egyptian Hallel

Quick Glance

Known as "the Egyptian Hallel" Psalm 113 to Psalm 118 are the Psalms of Praise, sung while the passover lambs were slain in the temple

These Psalms / Hymns may well have been sung at the last supper before the Lamb of God was slain on the Cross

A quick glance at Psalm 114 reveals

Verse 1 The escape from Egypt - (from a foreign land)

Verse 2. The Leading to the promised land

Verse 3 God led them through the waters (red sea or sea of reeds)

Verse 4. The mountains trembled (could be likened to  mount sinai shuddering)

Verse 5. " Chariots of Salvation " see Habakkuk 3:8

Verse 6. The hills and the mountains shudder (like rams)

Verse 7.  Gods presence (God is with us)

Verse 8. Water for the thirsty, from the Rock, The water of life.


Further Study

Reading from Psalm 114:1

 Scroll mouse over relevant scripture verses for  options


In Genesis 46:26 Jacob goes with some sixty six persons , all his offspring to Egypt

This Israel of God, Genesis 32:28 travels to a land of foreign tongue

Jacobs son Joseph has been favored and is put in charge of the whole land of Egypt Genesis 41:41

That generation died and Israel was enslaved and oppressed by their Egyptian masters

There are slight differences as to "how long" the people called "Israel" served Egypt
refer to Genesis 15:13 and compare with Exodus 12:40


With this we begin Psalm 114:1 with "When Israel came out of Egypt"

Here we remember and praise God for their deliverance from bondage having been ordered to
leave by pharaoh after the plagues that had swept that land

The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob had spoken and His will and His Right hand had delivered His
people and His sovereignty had prevailed

(Christians can relate this to their own deliverance from bondage and oppression and to their new
found freedom In Christ and can relate this to the blood of Jesus  "the passover lamb"
covering the lintels and the doorsteps of their hearts)

"Here the house of Jacob came out from a people of foreign tongue" in verse one of psalm 114

This Israel nation within Egypt and enslaved to it, kept its own language and was "separate"
within it, being transformed yet not conformed and once released from this "people" of a foreign tongue
(that they could not understand)

They rejoiced in their new found freedom


Psalm 114:2 "Judah became God's sanctuary"

The tribe of Judah represented all the people, this tribe who led by example while others who
may have been fearful Exodus 14:10

This is the "Church of Old" with whom God dwelled and walked and talked  Exodus 29:45
Leviticus 26:12 and did miraculous acts (Christians can refer this to the New Testament as
per example 1 Corinthians 3:16 or 1 Corinthians 3:9)


Psalm 114:2 "Israel his dominion"

This nation "Israel" was governed by God (at this time) or God was recognised as being King

Here God ruled and His Right hand of power performed the miraculous as with the parting of
the sea, here God parted the sea as Moses obeyed God by lifting his hand towards the sea



Psalm 114:3

The sea saw this nation of God at its edge and fled, this sea of reeds , so called "the red sea"
And the Jordan turned around (Back)

Psalm 114:3 can be seen as the beginning and the ending of the Exodus journey

The beginning of the journey Exodus 14:21 being that the sea parted to allow Gods people

The sea's often refering to "a divide" which can divide nation from nation
and in Revelation 21:1 we see there is no more  divide

Sea's are often referred to in scripture as "the peoples" as in , the sea of people
or nations

And at the beginning of this exodus journey the sea retreats and divides and this can be seen
as the nations pulling apart or looking or fleeing away as Gods people enter and a disturbance
is caused as ripples surge  through  the nations and Gods people march through

At the end of the exodus journey we see that the river Jordan "turns back or is driven back"

And this can be seen as another imagery or symbolic of "Death being defeated and the final
sting of death gone, thus the saints walk into the promised land"

Psalm 114:4


Many people imagine that heaven will be a peaceful floating around in some kind of tranquil
place where they will rest in eternity

First of all after living in the "New Covenant" on the old earth we will be on a "New Earth"
and old things will pass away

Secondly this new heaven like "life" (not existence, as existence suggest that we just exist)
will be full of vibrant sounds and music and noise that has never been heard by human ear

It will be commotion and activity (something like heaven is now)

Here in this first four verses of Psalm 114 we see some of the imagery that prepares us for
the journey that will lead us into and onto the promised place God has prepared in advance

The commotion as multitudes of Gods people leave a "foreign land" and head out towards a
once quiet or even dead (world) Sea that is red with reeds

Suddenly this quiet place on the banks of the red sea becomes a hive of activity as the armies
of the Lord prepare to make their escape through the waters

Suddenly the Right hand Of God parts the waters (literally) but symbolically having another meaning, in that the nations are divided about this commotion and flee and run apart

The sword in the hand of Jesus divides peoples and nations

Suddenly a quiet and dead world gets turned upside down

Now we read from Psalm 114:4

Again we see imagery as the moutains skip like rams and the hills skip / jump /  like lambs
or like sheep

Again we see the agitation and commotion when Gods prescence comes to a dead world

The Church is established and the nations are moved and flee

Again we can see this in a literal sense , meaning that Gods prescence on mount sinia made
the mountain tremble and the hills nearby dance for joy

To literally shake as an earthquake would shake the earth : also read Matthew 27:51

Again we can also see this as imagery relating to "the nations trembling and the peoples fleeing"

Again we see the commotion caused when God enters a world

Quite a different image projected here compared to the picture some have of heaven and God


Psalm113,Study 1,Dust to Riches

Psalm113,Study 1,Dust to Riches

Psalm 113 is easiest to memorise when divided it into three equal parts with each part in itself
being divided into three

So to remember this psalm, simply say "3x3"


Psalm 113:1  to verse 3 is the first section

"Praise the 'NAME' of The Lord"

These tell us to, Praise the Lord

We lift Him up


In the second section , Psalm 113:4 to verse 6 .....we have "Who God is"

Or "Understanding who God is" ....His character

God looks down


In the third section, from psalm 113:7 to verse 9 we have "Gods actions"

God lifts us up


And from this doorstep we enter Psalm 113

"Name of the Lord" in Psalm 113:1-3 is mentioned three times

This does not imply any particular name but refers to understanding Him or entering into a relationship with Him

"Name" refers to His love, grace,mercy,holiness,faithfulness,

Searching for all the "names of God " is a good way of finding some of the characteristics of God

"Name" in Psalm 113:1-3 is so mentioned to apply to Gods nature

1. Praise the Name of the Lord

2. Blessed be the Name of the Lord

3. Everyone, Praise the Name of the Lord

Everyone, is -  All those servants of the Lord, who serve Him,

This could be applied to all that serve God whether angels or angelic beings, whether mankind or the earth and all that dwells on the earth (as all serve Him a point)

But "servants of the Lord" implies here , those who are of right standing or those who serve in the courts of The Lord meaning : His chosen people

So be it part of spiritual warfare that we are to "Praise the Lord" at all times

From when the sun rises to when the sun sets, as His coming is and will be from the east to the west, so from the rising of the sun to the going down of , the Lords name is to be praised

"Praise His Holy name"


Second section of the Psalm in three parts

 OVERRULED - part one

 Psalm 113:4 High above the nations , the King of Kings sovereign over all

Praise the Lord all servants of the Lord and commit to Him in all things and in all your ways (walk)

The heavens declare the splendour and glory of the Lord God and speak of whom He is

They speak of His nature and His character and declare who He is

That He is and God is in all things , ruling over the nations and kingdoms of the earth having
all rule and authority

Whether God is allowed sovereign rule in lifes and affairs of nations is another thing

Kingdoms can rise and fall and be overruled by God

kings can be appointed without Gods consent and without Gods choosing, this however does not
mean that God is not sovereign but merely brings in mans free will

Read Hosea 8:4

Yet the sovereignty of God and His plans will not be thwarted and what He has purposed and the
overrule plans of God and of nations and peoples will be as they will be

This is where mans free will is overruled by Gods will when mans free will runs against the
purposes and plans of Gods

When man puts himself as God to choose whom he wishes then God overrules

Psalm 113:4     Praise the Lord because He is the King of Kings and puts kings in place
and brings down the mountains that lift themselves up above God and raises up the lowly and
poor fromm the dust of the valley and levels

As all are seen as on the same path and no one is greater than any other and all are level and
commit to God who is the King of Kings


The first, second and third heaven


1. His glory fills the heavens

The heavens being the heaven where "God is" and all who serve Him there

He is King of all heaven and heaven is the place where God is


2.  His glory is higher than the heavens

The heavens are also  referred to as "the stars"  space - the planets - universe

The heavens where God rules and reigns and sustains all things

Where the planets and spheres are named by Him and nothing exists that was not made by Him

This is the second heaven where all spheres that serve His purposes revolve and have their being to purpose and propose Gods existence and to glorify Him and to proclaim His majesty

He is the King of the second heaven (which means "heights")


His glory is higher than  the heavens

The heavens can also refer to the sky being the atmosphere and the creatures that dwell therein

The heavens declare the glory of God as we read of the eagle and the dove and the sparrow

All serve Him and declare  His handiwork

 Raised up to  exist , raised up to declare, raised up to proclaim, raised up to serve, raised up from the dust as if to say "created from nothing" that these things should serve Gods purposes


Second section - part two - Psalm 113:4-6


Psalm 113:5  who can compare ? who is enthroned on high ?

None can compare with the lofty God enthroned on high ( in the heights)

Yet as mankind lifts Him up and exalts Him, they who praise Him lift themselves up

They who lifted up the Son of God on the Cross and lift Him higher, so too lift themsleves up

When following Him, they too follow His path and walk in His ways

"Yea lift Jesus higher, lift Him up for the world to see but if I am lifted up from the earth I will
draw all men unto me"  John 12:32

In this drawing of people from the earth to heavenly places God takes beggars and traitors,
thiefs and the destitute and makes them into kings and priests

God eternal and everlasting from age to age the same, unchanging, omnipotent, omniscient,
and omnipresent,

Who is all powerful ?  who can sit above kings and rulers ?

Who has unlimited knowledge ? anyone ?

Who can compare ? who is "everywhere at the same time ?

Who can know all things past , present and future and stand outside of time ? anyone ?

Lift Him up who is Holy and be Holy

Lift Him up you who are poor and you will be rich

Lift Him up on the Cross and sit at His right hand

Lift Him up who is higher than the heavens and seated above the heights and be lifted up
with Him


Psalm 112,Study 1,Fearlessly fearful

Psalm 112,Study 1,Fearlessly fearful

In Psalm 111 we ended with the fear of the Lord and this is where we pick up again as we look at Psalm 112



With Psalm 111 (click on next at the bottom of page)

I ended  with fear being the "Right way to walk" refer to Psalm 1:1

Psalm 112:1 begins with "blessed is the (person) who fears the Lord"

Some translations say (Man - as in mankind) or (those)

This fear is here works alongside "wisdom" which brings success and

Success and prosperity in this day and age would straight away bring thoughts of
money and materialism, but this blessing of the Lord (to the Godly person)
is to be shared around and the success may not necessarily be financial and the
prosperity may not be materialism

To have success and prosperity can mean many things and are not just assigned to worldly

Now glance at Psalm 1:2 this is the transforming of the mind and NOT being conformed to the

this is the meditating on Gods word and the staying away from "those things that the world might do"

This is the type of fear in Godly fear in the "walking with God" not fear that paralysis and stunts
the growth of a person in God , but a fear the works to lead a person "in the right way"

"THE COMMANDMENTS" mentioned can have a whole variety of differing connotations and all through
scripture the "commandments" of the Lord can mean many things

Here in this context it means "instruction"  as in the written Word of God

And so as the Word of God is meditated upon we receive instruction in the "Right way" to
walk and to find the revelation of the "will of God" for our lifes (individual) and (corporate)

So in this we see that the law of God here as we meditate on it , day and night draws us
nearer to understanding the Character of God and His will for us as we endeavour to find
His ways

This meditating on the "commandments of God" is the thinking and pondering through scripture and
reciting it over and over slowly digesting its meaning and allowing God to speak to us through it

And so we / I greatly delight in finding and filling my mind and thus my heart with Gods Word
or you could say "with God" to find His pleasing and pefect will and in this I will "prosper"


Psalm 112:4

This Light that is shed is the uplifting or the light at the end of the tunnel

Refer to Romans 8:31-39 If God is for us who can be against us ?

Good question and we see that Gods elect are being killed "All day long"

I say again "ALL DAY LONG"

Being regarded as sheep to be slaughtered and as a Lamb led to the slaughter house

But we are more than conquerers through Him as He has defeated death and overcome
the world

Back to Psalm 112:4 and we as Gods chosen ones live in the same world as others

therefore we are bound to come under times of trouble and distress as others and we are
not somehow unaffected by the worlds problems and we all are bound to hit bad times and
problems as anyone else, in fact more so than the world with persecutiuon and hardships,
with trials and testings

BUT the upright in heart will come through and will know that Light uplifting them

See Psalm 97:11

The sun of righteousness with healing in His wings has risen for us to bring comfort

Therefore the darkness, this temporary darkness is but for a while, for Jesus will fill that
darkness with Light and we will look upon those times past and He will shed Light upon
that dark time and expose it for what it is

And we will not be fearful because Jesus has overcome the world and fearlessly continue in the Lord



When we hear of wars or rumours of wars we do not find these things alarming, when disaster
strikes or ruin, when all is taken away,  when anything happens that would seek to shake up our
lifes, we can be confident in Psalm 112:7 in that He who began a good work within me will
carry it through to completion and present me as a finished work, refined and tested.

To place these things into the hands of Jesus the Son of God who has overcome the world so
that whatever loss may occur in my life I can know that even though all securities are taken
away my house does not fall because my hope is built on One who is bigger and stronger and
the Overcomer is in me

To rest assured that His promises are true and that whatever comes up against me Romans 8:31
is nothing compared to the  immeasurable riches waiting Ephesians 2:7

And the peace that surpasses all understanding is waiting Isaiah 26:3 the Prince of Peace who
in times of calamity can calm the storm

And although I am to love my enemies I realise that my enemies are those neighbours who
would seek to destroy me and kill me in times of war and at this time of calamity I
look to God Psalm 112:8 and love my neighbour as myself

And as the oppressors who sought to bind me in fear are covered over by the sea and I look
on Hebrews 11:29 and I can be fearless in fearing God who has everything under His feet

And as the Right hand of the active God puts an end to all enemies that seek to destroy and
devour anything that is of Christ I can know that I am seated at the right hand of God and I
can be fearless Exodus 14:27

For we know that we are fearfully made to fear God in reverence Psalm 139:14 and being
knitted together as such we know that we are dependent on Jesus alone  that we can fearlessly
speak the Word of God Ephesians 6:19 and the mystery of the gospel

Psalm 111,Study 1,Ransomed

Psalm 111,Study 1,Ransomed

 This Psalm brings those who were delivered out of egypt and lines it alongside those who were and are and will be ransomed by  Jesus

1. Moses drawing Israel out of Egypt

2. Alongside Jesus ransom  drawing people into His salvation

It draws a parallel between the two




 Psalm 111:1 With upright persons I will assemble to worship God with my whole heart

Whether it be in the tabernacle Of David or the temple, whether it be in the synagogue or
in the Church, as I meet with other upright people (that is people of God) I will praise Him
with ALL my heart

In the assembly of the "upright" in public sharing of the "secret" things of God

And we do this because the works of the Lord are great in Psalm 111:2 "shared" by all who see them
,or delight, enjoy and study them

We share in "secret" among the congregation (friends or fellow believers) while in public
 (Church or while meeting)  the wonderful works of God

Not just for now but forever His righteousness endures in Psalm 111:3 as everyhting He does reveals to
us His glory and we gain revelation of Him by these works


And as we glance back we remember what the Lord has done Psalm 111:4 whether it be in
our remembrance of past acts of God in our lifes, where God used people or brough about things
to happen that changed our lifes or led them in another direction.

We are aware of a divine "right" hand at work and Gods action in our lifes

Whether the memory comes from our own searching of the past or is brought about
the Holy Spirit drawing up these memories from deep within

We remember the wonders of God and the character of God , that He is gracious  and
compassionate and His mercies to me in my life and that of the corporate family are known of

We remember His acts not to bring glory to the acts of God but to know that God is in control and
to bring glory to Him alone

And this is where we run to our testimony which is a testimony not just of when we became
Christians and were delivered but it is an ongoing testimony in our lifes where God continues
to do marvellous things and continues to deliver us, continues to save, continues to make Holy

And we run now to the deliverance of Gods people from their bondage in Egypt and also this
can be seen as the return from babylonian captivity to freedom

Here in past history the people remembered that which God had done by His powerful Right
Hand and where God had "put into action" His plans for His people


Therefore I shall not worry about what I shall eat or drink Psalm 111:5 as He cares for me and
provides all that I need

And He has shown us the power of His works in Psalm 111:6 in that He has already shown His
delivering power and the power of His Right hand in action by releasing the people from their
bondage and oppression out of Egypt and has already shown that He is more than able to provide
in this and has demonstrated His divine hand through Moses

And in Jesus He has demonstrated His right hand in power by performing miracles and in His resurrection
from the dead

And in the power of that resurrection , that all might come to Him and see the same and give testimony
of the Marvelous things He has done

In this is the reconciliation of Psalm 111 and Jesus in the new testament and this is the testimony
of God that He sent His one and only Son ,who was and is and is to come

That He has reconciiled us to Himself and we know that He is trustworthy and faithful and will do as He says



All His works are done with truth and justice and His judgements are right Psalm 111:7

In driving out the canaanites from their land God fulfilled that which was prophesied
Joshua 21:43  Genesis 15:18 

God gave His people a land that was already build , a soil already toiled upon and
homes they did not build Joshua 24:13

Gods Justice and judgement are right and true and all His ways are just in giving the lands
to His people He did this as an act of His right hand and power His right arm has done this

Fulfilling that which He had proclaimed Exodus 6:8  Deuteronomy 6:10

Homes with Goods with vineyards and olive groves  Deuteronomy 6:11

All this was fulfilled and is a testimony of Gods faithfulness and trustworthyness Psalm 111:8

And in this we remember that God speaks ....and God does



Now relating this to the Christian life now we see that God has made us "Not Guilty"through the
shedding of Jesus  blood and given us a free gift of eternal life

Something we did not work for nor toil for, a city we did not build and a life we did not prepare

2 Timothy 1:9 says it is not because of anything we have done but by the Grace of God before time
began and those He foreknew He also predestined Romans 8:29

And this gift He gives cannot be taken away Romans 11:29



 Here in Psalm Psalm 111:9 is the redemption, the redeeming of Gods people

Not be seen just as the deliverance from egypt, not to be seen, solely as the deliverance
from babylon,

But the Ransom paid to redeem His people and a covenant forever , by His blood the
ranson was paid once for all on the Cross

How can a ransom be paid unless someone has paid the price ? and how can a covenant
be forever, unless it surpasses all others ?

This is the key verse here in Psalm 111:9 and in this is our ransom  Luke 1:68 

The blood shed that we might "inherit " eternal life


We end at Psalm 111:10 with "The fear of the Lord"

Now that God has control and His goverment is in place in our lifes we fear the Lord in
reverence and in the comfort of His Holy Spirit

This fear leads us to do what is right Proverbs 9:10 and this fear leads us

Not a worldly fear because fear has to do with punishment, but a Godly fear

A reverence of God , an understanding of God, insights into His Character,

Now the ransom has been paid we belong in a new Kingdom and in that Kngdom the King has bought us with a price, therefore we come before the all knowing God in that fear Philippians 2:12 and trembling as servants of the most high God and in this we work out our salvation and in this the fear of God gives us the right direction to walk in

And in this  Kingdom where we are ransomed we walk with Him in that fear of direction working out our salvation


Psalm 110,Study 5,Father And Son

Psalm 110,Study 5,Father And Son

And so we begin again and once more we run scriptures together with

Genesis 27:29  Psalm 110:5  Daniel 2:34

lets begin

(Please note to make sense of this study, scroll your mouse over the scripture and in the popup clcik on the corresponding verse and read it)


THE GENESIS WATERS - Genesis 27:29

Genesis 27:29  Psalm 110:5  Daniel 2:34

I was considering the other day how theres a spirit in the  "world" which has made its own
23rd Psalm

"The world is an oyster and we should want for better things - no need to rely on anyone else
Get what you can while you can and look after yourself"

This spirit lives on material things and says that "people do not need to rely on God for anything"

In fact we are gods and that we should walk beside this stream of dependency on the here
and now

And so I pondered upon this...."as you do"


So firstly lets go to Genesis 27:29 and this is where Isaac blesses  Jacob his son

And here Jacob was chosen above Esau Genesis 25:23 to receive the blessing and although it may seem
as though Jacob tricked his father this was not so much the plans and precepts of men but
the plans of God unfolding

We see the same blessing in Genesis 12:3 with Abram


God is in control of our lifes and Ive never realised that so much than in the past 7 years

When I have put things into place for security ...I find these come to nothing

When I think I have control of a situation...I find  its out of my control


When Balaam was chosen to curse Israel the Spirit of The Lord took control and instead
of a curse balaam blessed Israel in Numbers 24 and here we see the "tents of Jacob" spread
out along and beside the river But the hostile nations have their bones broken to pieces

Again we see that God takes over and controls the prophets tongue and spirit


THE PSALMIST - Psalm 110:5

Now we go to Psalm 110:5 and at  the right hand you could say "we are seated in heavenly places"

We remember that this Psalm should be read as the Father speaking to His Son Psalm 16:8 but we also remember
that we are also seated Ephesians 2:6 at the right hand (which signifies strength) this strength being the strength of God

Yes the Arm of the Lord is revealed in Isaiah 53:1

The arm of the Lord brings  salvation Isaiah 63:5

This is the strength of The Lord that softens hearts yet shatters rock

The word "strike" or "crush" in psalm 110:5 is to shatter to pieces and we know that in the last days
the heavens will be shaken and the peoples will call for the mountains and the rocks to fall on them

This is the "strength" of the Lord "In which direction His strength is aimed" in other words the
"Active" Right hand of God

In this terrible day is "the judgement of the Lord" on His enemies

And at this point we move to Psalm 110:6 and notice it reads "He shall judge among the heathen" and
some translations read "the nations

THE  STATUE - Daniel 2:34

Now remember we spoke in the previous study about the four kings in Daniel 7 ?

So now we pop over to Daniel 2 where king Nebuchadnezzar had dreams and daniel interpreted them


Now the four kings were in Genesis 14:1 when Abram (in the last study - click on next at the bottom of this page)  went to rescue lot ? and I mentioned that this related to Daniel ?

ok so lets look at the four kingdoms in Daniel 2 !

TASK : Read Daniel 2:31-45

Now here we have the dream of King Nebuchadnezzar and the statue and this symbolised the four empires
of the world,

1. firstly the babylonian (Chaldean) kingdom with the head of gold

2. Secondly the Medes and  Persian kingdom which was the chest and arms of silver

3. Thirdly the Macedonian (Grecian) kingdom being the belly and thighs of bronze.

4. And fourthly the roman Goverment which in this image is was symbolised by the feet of Iron and clay, these later  divided into
ten kingdoms and this is the ten toes of the feet

(note after this that Nebuchadnezzar in Daniel 3 had a golden stature made that all must bow down too)


Now that gives a brief insight into the meaning of Daniel 2:34 and builds the bridge between the Genesis scripture because Jacob was the seed you see

Thats why I mentioned balaam in this study and made a note  of Numbers 24:17

 You see God used balaam to prophesy about Jacob

And this builds the bridge to Psalm 110:5



Now we look finally at Daniel 2:34

 This is the Rock the builders rejected being not made by human hands and the Rock which was the Headstone  "Shattered" the statue ....smashed into powder like chaff on the threshing floor, broken into tiny fragments or into powder

And the Rock became a huge mountain that filled the whole earth in Daniel 2:25

And this is the everlasting Kingdom of the Messiah and the growing Kingdom on earth that is the Kingdom of our Christ "The Messiah" of Jesus  which begins but small and becomes large and subdues the whole earth



Now we glimpse at the final imagery here with Psalm 110:7

And I end this study message : as it began with Psalm 23

And in this image Jesus walks beside the waters and refreshes Himself as He walks on by

Now in this we think about a peaceful time and blessings of abundance don't we ?

Well this image here in Psalm 110:7 is Jesus finalising  the battle, He is stopping at the waters
edge , in the same way as the armies and horsesmen did in times of old
when they needed refreshment after battle

This is the walking by the quiet waters  in Psalm 23:2  and its not about taking a leisurely stroll
on a sunday afternoon !

And this is why I also mentioned and related to the "Right Hand" of strength...this is the active
hand of God participating in the salvation of His people

Now read Psalm 69 Jesus here partakes in the salvation of His people and this is the walking
 by the waters and the lapping of refreshment , its the active Right Hand of God at work

This is Jesus going to the Cross of Calvary

Now see the Cross reference here ...its..Judges 7:5 this is the divide of the people
(which again takes us back to a previous study)

Study 20, Rebuilding Life,

this is the separation between those who lap at the waters edge and those who kneel down to

This is the essence of the 23rd Psalm, we go to the waters edge at battle and we follow Jesus
and in His footsteps...why then should we not be led in the same way?


Psalm 110,Study 4,The Son In The Father

Psalm 110,Study 4,The Son In The Father

 Now we are going to be running Genesis 14 and Psalm 110:4 alongside Hebrews 7:1-3

But lets begin with Genesis 14 and here we begin with the war of the Kings

TASK : read Genesis 14

Now this is before Abram  is named Abraham :(Note)

Now there was war in Sodom and Gomorrah  and the four kings seized all the food and goods and possessions including people

Now it was reported to Abram and  Abran was  concerned about his mephew "lot" and summoned up 318 trained men from his household and went in pursuit and Abram and his men intercepted these armies of the Kings

And you can read this in Genesis 14

Now Abram recovered lot his nephew and the possessions plus food  and goods and people including women

And this is where we begin the   scenario and where  Melchizedek AND the king of sodom meet Abram

So we have now the scene where Abram meets with Melchizedek AND the king of sodom on his way back



 So we have the four kings who went to war against  Sodom and Gomorrah and you can do
a further study on this referring to  Daniel 7:17 with the four kingdoms and the four beasts

As Genesis 14 is a kind of shadow of things to come and you begin to see how Gods word
is like a "web" which interlinks together ! and you also see that taking the new testament on its own
does not really make sense unless you also take from the Old Testament and testifying scripture

Now we come firstly to the scene where Abram meets Melchezidec king of salem and the king
of sodom

But firstly we must remember the promise made to Abram before all this in Genesis 12:1-2

And incidently this mornings message at my Church (oo coincidence again) was on Abraham and Genesis 12:1


Now usually this scene where Abram meets Melchezidek is seen as a simply example to do
with and related to "tithing"

But actually theres a lot more in this than meets the eye and this is more to do with
"Heart Judgement"


Firslty Melchizedek arrives on the scene and brings the wine and bread for  Abram's men to after
they had fought the battle and this was in  the valley of Shaveh (the King's Valley) and you find this
in Genesis 14:17

So the first significant thing here is that Melchezidek blesses Abram and gives food and drink

Now in return Abram gives back a tenth of the spoils of war, that is the goods and possessions

The tenth signified "completeness" or giving all to God

Now before we go on lets go to Genesis 13 and we see that Abram had already become wealthy with
livestock , silver and gold

But that this was not where his heart was and this is one important point :Abrams heart was not for temporal wealth ..... note Luke 19:8 as
compared to Mark 10:17-27


So lets skip back a chapter before we go on - to Genesis 13:10-18 and here we see a decision or a heart motive

Abram gave lot the choice and lot made his judgement !

Whereas Abram went in the opposite direction to lot and whichever way lot chose Abram
would go the other way

In this was a judgement , a weighing up and evaulation, a heart motive or decision

And so Abram went to canaan and lot to jordan

Now lets go forward again  to Genesis 14 again and continue , as Abram finishes his decision and
transaction with the "king of Salem - Melchezidek" and now confronts the "king of sodom"

Two choices here you see and this is the main point that I see in this, as not so much a
giving of a tenth of the spoils of war  but  a choice between two pathways

And so the king of Sodom  meets Abram in the valley of Shaveh and asks for his people to
be returned to him

But Abram gave all of the people AND all of their possessions back to the king of Sodom


Now go to Genesis 14:22-24  "QUOTE"23 that I will accept nothing belonging to you, not
even a thread or the strap of a sandal, so that you will never be able to say, ‘I made Abram

You see both  King of Sodom and Melchizedek offered Abram riches.

One was from the world and one from God

But Abram chose God and His promise over and above worldly riches.

Relate this to Matthew 4:9

In this is the "Judgement" of Abram between the two choices

The "world" or "God

In this we also see and notice another significant thing also in
 Genesis 14:13 in that Abram is called "Abram the Hebrew" here

Which can be said in hebrew to mean  "cross over a boundary"


So Abram believed God and the promise of God in Genesis 12:1-2

And the riches of the world were nothing compared to the riches of God

Philippians 3:8

And these riches were of Gods blessing upon him and we know that from this a multitude as numerous as the stars in the sky and the sand on the shore came forth

Two temporary the other eternal

Two Judgements of the heart a weighing up on the scales

Two decisions , one to become rich beyond measure and the other a promise of God

Two decisions ,,,, the way to life or the way to death

Decisions that we all have to make at some time and once the path is setout before us and our choices (judgements) are made ...then the "Abram" of life might rescue us from that darkness

But it is still even then a choice of which way but some chose to stay where they are

Do I choose to give the "complete number" My All? and rely on God to give me the riches beyond worldly riches ?
Or do I choose to take what is offered to me now ? and forfeit the promise of God ?
Mark 8:36

Whatever my decision or judgement in the end ..this judgement of God will rebound back on me  sooner or later

Will I be a Son in the Father ?

And we end the message / study, thankyou for reading


Psalm 110,Study 3,The Father in the Son

Psalm 110,Study 3,The Father in the Son

At this point I'm briefly going to glance at the book of Hebrews as this is the book about
the High  Priest, the Son Of God, The Melchezidec of Time

So lets begin at Hebrews 1:5 and look at this in relation to Job 1:6

Now in Job 1:6 it reads "So one day the angels or as the King James Bible reads "sons of God"
came to stand before The Lord God and Father and the were appointed on this "day" to give
an account

And we seem to think that we shall give an account on the "last day" and it only retains to us, but we see here that the angels are giving an account to God


So firstly pertaining to us and our judgement

Now firstly Matthew 12:36 this is for every idle word spoken there will be a judgement

Now lets consider this as we are "Sons Of God" that is to say we are "children of the living God"

We cannot be judged and will not be judged on idle words if the are repented of and forgiven

Either you are forgiven or you are not forgiven ..,.so lets get that one straight before we begin

This is speaking of unprofitable speech or in other words the type or kind of speech that will
not go into eternity with us, as it is of no value and is worthless

So any judging here might be said to be simply that "if not repented of" it would count "as nothing"
or burnt away


Now back to the angels

But we also see here in Job 1:6 that the "sons of God" came before the Father, the One

To present themselves before the "One God" and to give an account of what they had done and
to take orders on what they were to do, Ephesians 2:10 applies to us
(In Their works that God was giving the angels to do)

In other words this is a type of judgement upon the angels and they were presenting themselves
before the Father creator to give an account  


satan accounting

And this being the same time when satan stood before God and referred to Job the "Righteous


sosn of God

One other reference to the "sons of God" might be seen in Genesis  6:1-8

This being the sons of Cain and the descendants of or family of Seth

The Sethites living in or on mount hermon being seen as nearer to God or nearer to the heavens
they inherited the name "sons of God"

But we no that we are transformed by the renewing of our minds and we do not conform to
the other words "although we mingle we others all the time we do not do
as they do"

So the sethites mingled with the cainites and God sent the flood as we know and we also know
that this biblical principle repeats itself on through Gods Word and we see other instances when
the "chosen ones" or "sons of God" mingled with other nations in the land flowing with milk
and honey and so in this they were exiled to babylon

And again and again throughout history, His story teaches us that history teaches us nothing


And so back to Hebrews 1:5 and here we see the difference between the angelic host and Jesus

God the Father would never refer an angel to be a "son"

There is only "One Son" of God and although we are sons of the living God ....Jesus is the first

And we see the Father in the Son, the exact representation of His being and the image of...or the mirror of, as Jesus walked the earth



Now we are skipping quickly through Hebrews and we come to the great High Priest
Hebrews 4:14

So the blood was shed and Jesus went through the veil and into the Holy of Holies and the veil
was torn

Now we may enter that place and "rest in Him

And that takes us to Hebrews 4 3

To some this rest means one day per week and to others it may refer to Jesus being the
"Sabbath Rest" as He is Lord of the Sabbath

2 Corinthians 5:21) We can now cease our work and rest in Him as He rests from His works

Not that any work is finished and God continues to work in the lifes of His people and new creations
are born everyday

But that Jesus work was "finished" on and at the Cross through the blood that was shed so that
we being heirs can sit at the right hand with Him and as He rests so too we can rest



Now skipping on quickly we come to Hebrews 6:20

This is the forerunner or the One who goes before us preparing the way

He that is Jesus has already run the race and won the race and He is the firstborn

We run the race as He did and we win because He has won

Now Jesus intercedes on our behalf to the Father though He is in the Father and the Father
is in Him such is the "Godhead"


And so lets do a  rerun on this message

TASK : Read the book of Hebrews

This is about Jesus our High Priest who sat down at the right hand of God and rested and who
intercedes for us, having run the race and going before us

In this interceding on our behalf we give an account (if you like)

This could be likened to me handing in my books to my accountant and He interacts between
me and the Inland revenue (a bit of a strange analogy but you get my drift)

I am accountable to both at that time and my books are judged at that point to see if my affairs
and the work I was given has been carried out, except that at the end of my accounts for that
year being billed I find that the debt has already been paid and I get no bill yayayyyyyy

Because He has already run the race ahead of me and the price was paid all I have to do is to
"do what He says" and in this is the "ongoing" relationship....and salvation


So you see my accounting continues throughout my life and those things which I do that are not
of Him or are not prepared for me to do in advance are not summoned up at the end of year
accounts therefore they do not have any significance and are not related to my "books"

Therefore they are trashed in the bin and are not entered as part and parcel of my "yearly"

Ok back to normality and the study we have so far examined and judged (discerned)
that Jesus having rested is now interceeding for us and that the angels give an account to God
and that even satan himself gives an account to God

Hebrews 4:14 let US hold on firmly.........

There seems to be an accounting on our part ?  Hebrews 2:1

With the High Preist it can be seen by holding fast to the Word in Matthew 4:3

Often while being or going through a testing or trial and when we are at (what seems) to be our
lowest point in life , the enemy will attack. He will attack the weak points in our armour

So at the time of testing and trial comes our temptation and this temptation must be replied too
with the "Word" James 1:2


reply = "No its not" its His

Again I'm going to drift to an analogy

Often we see that anyone can start a business but the "proof is in the pudding"

So many begin with high hopes and aspirations but fall after a time as they begin to see how
hard and difficult it really is and that  running a business means almost sacrificing..not just
your money and time but also maybe your family life and it becomes a 24 hour a day occupation

and in this analogy we see that it "sacrifice" doesn't just apply to "Christians"

And that the "doing " and works" are not so much 'what we do' but "who we do them for"

So a business has to prove itself 2 Corinthians 9:13


And so I,ll leave this message now as people may get daunted by the page length and give up before trying to read it

It seems this message was about "accounting" which ties in with the "Judgement" theme I suppose

I had no idea what it was going to be about but it seems to be a message about "accountablility" and an ongoing accounting

I wonder whats next ? Matthew 6:34 who knows ?

So lets go onto the next message called "The Son In The Father"