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Impossible is Nothing
Impossible is Nothing (Photo credit: filipe.garcia)

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We are going to go through sections in this message, each section is from a different angle and



Factors, Impossibilities, Basics,

Or FIB, better known as the GREAT BIG FIB, the FIB Universe is so large it extends out affecting not
just the outer spheres of our solar system but has unlimited repurcussions and consequences on our
planet earth and on individuals who believe the "FIB"

FIB can also be seen as a disease which originates in the heart and in so doing affects the entire
universe in which we live

The believer is blinded by the FIB and blinded by science thus although the universe has never
changed in its origins and speaks of its beginnings and its ongoing being, the believers heart is
changed instead, once believing the "FIB" then all around is changed to accomodate the "FIB"

The "FIB" can be removed by "THE DOCTOR" and surgery begins on the heart of the person
affected by the "FIB"

The "FIB" also works very much like a virus on a persons computer, once the Virus gets to the main
drive (heart) it corrupts the database and affects all that the person see's, although the person may see
one thing, someone else might see another

Although it is the same computer what the person see's is no longer the same as the pc is corrupted

The "FIB" originating in the heart of a Computer, being affected by the "FIB" from that time onwards
only displays what it has been programmed to display by the "FIB"

The user of the computer cannot see things any differently, unless The "Anti Virus" is used

This is the most common virus or disease known to man on earth and leads too millions upon
millions dying every year ,

The "FIB" extends far out into the outer reaches of space and time even blotting out the "SON"

And all this originates from a single seed injected into the heart or pc thus affecting all around,
(to the one who believes anyway)

How to remove the "FIB" from your computer

= use THE "Anti Virus" once the corrupted thoughts are removed they will continue to be removed
over time and your PC will start to show the correct files

How to remove the "FIB" from the heart

= Surgery is needed, get the "DOCTOR" to have a look and you will be taken to surgery, the
"SURGEON" will remove the affected parts and over time your heart will return to see things as they
are, this surgery is also known as "LIGHT TREATMENT" or laser

The "FIB" can also affect the "BELIEVER" being a "Christian"

When a "CHRISTIAN" is affected the virus is slighty more subtle and advanced and tends to work
around the outside of the "FIREWALL" thus covering the computers firewall shield

This more advanced Virus is also called "Comp" or "compromise" and again the "Comp - uter" firewall
needs to be re installed and started again

"THE FIB" takes many forms and some are very subtle so make sure you always get the database
updated daily


Theories, Probabilities, Percentages,


Imagine for one moment a life and world without God...apart from the fact that we would'nt be
here and nothing would exist without God..

Imagine for one moment if things could exist without God and that everything was created out
of nothing, imagine if the big bang just happened and the mass of gasses and material that just
happened to be at the center of the universe and which is reported to be still even now expanding
outwards into the neverending space, just exploded by itself

Putting aside the fact that this material and debri, that was there before the big bang just happened to
be lurking around in space..coming from nothing which in itself is an impossibility

Imagine for one moment that this big bang theory happened WITHOUT God causing it

Imagine for one moment that the universe began to expand outwards from this time onwards into
the never ending far reaching universe of space and emptiness

And millions billions of years later a planet simply happened to be just the right distance away from
a sun to create life by itself

With no purpose, no meaning, no reason, ...

It just happened to be there and exist...

And life evolved other millions of years as the earth cooled down and the planet began its neverending
revolving around a sun that just happened to be the right size and the right distance and all the
never ending factors and equations just happened to be right to create life

All the millions of factors that must come together to create life, happened by accident

You know if the earth where slightly smaller then it would be unable to hold the gravitational pull to keep
its atmosphere ? any larger and we would be squashed.

Any further from the sun and we would freeze, any closer and we would burn

Rotating on its axis at an angle of roughly -30 degrees to +120 degrees means that the whole earth
is warmed and cooled and every part shares the suns rays

If the moon where any further away from earth the oceans tides would cease and the land masses
would be swallowed up in water, any closer and we would never be able to go near to violent sea's
and tides created

And lets say that life started by itself and was clever enough too evolve and continue by itself from a
single cell to a sea living creature and then onto land and then onto tree swinging individuals

And from this human life came into being and so over millions of years we evolved as humankind and
all the neverending factors came together by chance and wow how amazing that we still exist or
even existed !

So then as time goes on and life becomes more civalised and mature man and women live through the
ages like a brief micro second in the ever changing ever moving universe of which we happen to
be a part

One day we are born and we just happen to exist and as we grow up we read the scientitific
analysis of how we exist and why

Scientists equate the facts and present theories bsed on those facts of science and so we being now
all grown up and able to read listen to the voices of the scientist in the book or manuel
(instead of Emanuel)

And it just happens that the endless chances and factors all came together which led to our being
and still continues today by chance, without reason or meaning.

And we shall die as millions of others have died believing that life comes and goes and that is the
simple truth, that we just happen to be here (THE FIB)

Do you know the human brain processes more than a million messages a second ?

Did you know the eye...can distinguish among seven million colors ?

Did you know the DNA code in each of our cells is made up of four chemicals ? and scientists
abbreviate these as A, T, G, and C. ? and there are three billion of these letters in every human cell !

Amazing is'nt it ! how this came about over millions of years through evolution ! (THE FIB)

The chances and percentage of life emerging from a planet anywhere is so tiny that it could be
seen as an impossibility

Do you know one calculation presented concludes that intelligent life emerging on other
planets is less than 0.01 per cent over four billion years. ?

I wonder what the percentage and factors for life evolving on earth are ?


ImPossibilities beyond

Lets go even further now to extend these improbabilities to the limits


And so we looked at all these amazing things above and now we come to our own lifes

And here and now as we just happen to exist and having evolved from some kind of single cell
(or whatever the scientific theory is)

We see God at work! oo where did God come from ? that does'nt fit into the equation ...does it !

So lets continue in the theory that life happened by chance and natural selection, evolution, etc etc

Now at this point I will give a short testimony of my own experience

One day like any other day I was walking along the street, it was early morning and I had not
slept properly for weeks, I was cold and tired and wondering what on earth this silly world was all

Being homeless and jobless was no fun, staying warm was even harder

So early morning ! walking along ! suddenly I came face to face with my eldest brother !

Wooo "I haven't seen you in two years ? how are you ? "

Reply = "Okay whats wrong ?"

So it just happened that my brother had a job in a hotel and they just happened to have a vacancy at
that time for me and it just happenned that my brother at that time was going to a Christian fellowship
where I was introduced

It just happened that the family had a room for me and it just happened that I became part of their
family and through them I found employment

It just happened that further on in time when I needed a place to move too, one just happened
to be mentioned to me and became available

It just happened that when I needed transport and had just passed a driving test that a car was
presented to me (us)

Forgetting all the probabilities we have mentioned concerning my existence and being on this planet
I wonder what the probabilities of all these things coming together at just the right time would be in
my own life ?

Consider the probablities and percentages in that !

Taking all into account, taking all the probabilities that by rights I should'nt even exist on this planet
and that the planet should'nt even exist in the first place , the probabilities of all the things that have
happened in my life all coinciding all at the right times and "at no other times " ?

My brother could have been a few minutes late for work that day !

I may not have been walking along that road !

We could have missed each other by seconds !

He may not have been going to a Christian fellowship at that time !

He may not have known the family that became my future family !

I could go on with the impossible improbabilities of the here and now and take it
"BEYOND THE LIMITS" and into the future

But instead lets begin the message or bible study

Lord God in Jesus name thankyou that you give us eyes to see, you give us hearts to see, you give us
minds to see, you give us a light to walk in, you direct our paths, you are the light before our feet,
you direct our paths as we acknowledge you in all things,

You are the Light that shines in the darkness of the heart, you are the Light of the world if only the
world could see, you are the beacon on the Hill, you are the word enlightening the believer, you are
the revelation bringing freedom to the captive, you are more to be desired than the honey on the

You are the one who gives light to the believer when the believer cannot see

Honeycomb of my life be the sweetness in the bitter waters, open my eyes that I may see more of
you and less of me

In Jesus name amen




2 Corinthians 4:4 (New International Version)

4The god of this age has blinded the minds of unbelievers, so that they cannot see the light of the
gospel of the glory of Christ, who is the image of God.

6For God, who said, "Let light shine out of darkness," made his light shine in our hearts to
give us the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Christ.

"THE FIB" as we looked at earlier is one of the factors that blinds the unbeliever, indeed there are
unnumbered things that can blind the heart and the mind and the eyes from seeing the truth

These things can be anything from bondage, not wanting to let go of the past, fear, fear of fear,
science based on fact, and any number of factors

The enemy indeed blinds the minds of unbelievers, some who believe in a "god" some who may believe
in a "God" you might say that believing in "God" is enough !

In that case all who are still walking in darkness have seen the Light and indeed the enemy himself
believes in God and belives that there is a God, in fact he has a relationship with God, but there is one
thing that the enemy does not do ! can you think of what that might be ?

he does NOT follow God ! in fact he will do all he can to thwart Gods plans, to course chaos and to
destroy Gods people

And so you might say " A Christian is someone who walks with God, who follows God, who does what
God says, who does'nt simply believe in God but does what He says "

This is one thing that you might say "the enemy will not do" this you could say "Is that which defines

If someone is following God then it is only natural that the fruit of their following would be evident,
and what would the fruit be ?

Yes the fruit would be .... Christ like

And so we read in the above verse that "the enemy blinds the minds of unbelievers"

With what does the enemy blind the minds of unbelievers ? well it is not that simple, remember the
enemy who is satan and his many followers who are fallen angels will use any tactic they can as and
when they find a weakness in a persons life

But remember God is bigger far far bigger and is more than able, He is that shield that protects the
believer, why would He protect the believer ? because the believer needs protection


Acts 9:3-4 (New International Version)

3As he neared Damascus on his journey, suddenly a light from heaven flashed around him.
4He fell to the ground and heard a voice say to him, "Saul, Saul, why do you persecute me?"


Once we walked in darkness, in the darkness of our own hearts and in the valley of our own thoughts,
we did'nt know His voice or recognise Him, we had our eyes covered, we could not see, but then the
light shone down and we began to hear His voice for the first time

We were blinded by the light and we fell to the floor, in other words we had revealed to us that God
was indeed alive and suddenly like a revelation in our lifes we started to begin to see things

Some one may have prayed with us , the "Ananias" of our new life prayed with us to accept Jesus
into our hearts,

And from that time onwards we walked in the Light

As in the film "THE MATRIX" the chosen one spoke to the maker of the Matrix and it was revealed
to the chosen one that it was all about "Choice" !

And so we who were once blind have our eyes opened as the song goes "Amazing grace how sweet
the sound that saved a wretch like me, I once was lost, but now am found Was blind, but now I see.

Have you ever asked the question ..."What can I see " ?

What can we see ? with these new eyes ?

What is this revelation the has been revealed to us ?

Well the Light that is revealed to us is the Light of the world whom is Jesus, whom is the Son of

Now we follow the Son who is the Light day by day and as we follow the Rabbi, the Son and walk
in His footsteps so we become more and more like Him, this is the separation from the world, this
is the main factor that defines a Christian


Matthew 6:34 (Amplified Bible)

34So do not worry or be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will have worries
and anxieties of its own. Sufficient for each day is its own trouble.


Why would we worry about tomorrow ? why would we be anxious ? if we could see with full eyesight ?

Imagine if we could see into the future ?

Would'nt it be good if we knew all things ?

Would'nt it be good if we could see all things ?

We saw and see that the Light in which we walk is Jesus, this is the unblinding of our lifes

But in a sense we are still blind, in a sense we have things held back from us as Christians, in
a sense we are blinded by the Light, in a sense we have things that we still cannot see ....don't we ?

Now please don't say "You know everything ...see everything and you know what tomorrow will
bring" !

In fact our sight may only be that which God enables, He may only want us to walk a certain way
and do a certain thing, it is not and never was intended that we do everything, as we know the
body is made up of many parts and each part has a purpose

In our individual works and lifes it may be that God calls us to a certain thing, a certain path, a
certain walk with Him, in this way and path HE IS THE LIGHT, HE IS THE EYES, HE IS THE ONE

Do you get it ?.....not us....we are still blind in a sense, our eyes are only open to the person we follow,

That is what defines a Christian believer and from that comes the fruit which is only natural, this fruit
is'nt something you concentrate (excuse the pun) on making

You don't sit down and say "I WILL BE NICEEEE TO THAT PERSON " its not a determination of self

This fruit is a by product if you like ...of following Jesus...its natural fruit

And so with the Christian who has their eyes opened to the Light, it is for them to walk in the Light,
they are dependent on the ONE who is Jesus to give that Light ...does that make sense ?

He is the one who protects is is responsible for His children , why ? because as they walk and follow
Him day by day He is the one who gives them the eyes to see, you see its through Him

We only have blinkered eyesight, we can only see ahead of us and follow the one who directs us

He is our eye sight, He is our path, HE IS THE ONE WHO SEE'S, HE IS THE ONE WHO SEE'S
ALL THINGS......not us, our mission is to follow Him

So in a sense we are only partially sighted, we are do not see as God see's, this sight that we have
is not full sight, we tend to look at seeing as from our own perspective but when we see it from Gods
view we have very little eyesight, we are only called to see Him and He is the eyesight that we have

Tell me....Why do something , when it seems foolish, when all seems against you, when it does'nt even
seem like the thing you are doing is even fruitful at the time ! when in the end it may not even seem
to have produced anything ?

I tell you why...because if you really believe with all your heart that God has called you to do something
, then that is the best thing you will ever do in your life, following God and doing what you believe you are
called to do on that individual path with God that you are on is the most important thing ever

If its doing what God wants and that thing is the plan He has for you then do it, you may not understand
what on earth is happening, you may not fully comprehend all of it, you may only be relying on a word,

You may only be relying on something God said to you, you may be holding onto a vision, a prophetic word,
a voice or something someone said that spoke into your life and you know without a shadow of a doubt that
it was God and you know you are doing what God wants at this time, than that is the most important thing you
will ever do

You may not be able to see that well, you may only have blinkered eyes , but He Jesus is your eyesight and He
will do it


1 Corinthians 13:12

New Living Translation
Now we see things imperfectly, like puzzling reflections in a mirror, but then we will see everything with perfect clarity. All that I know now is partial and incomplete, but then I will know everything completely, just as God now knows me completely

You might have heard people praying that "the unbeliever may have their eyes open the Light, that
they might see" in fact what they are praying is simply that the person or unbeliever would see Jesus

But in fact the believer is who is not JUST a believer but someone who follows Jesus
and walks with Jesus each day has themselves limited eyesight and they are merely praying that
the one who see's all might be their eyes

Would'nt it be good if we could have extra eyesight ? and see more ?

Would'nt it be good if we knew the future, indeed the whole of Gods word the "bible" would have to be
re written if we could

Why would we worry about tomorrow and be anxious if we knew what tomorrow would bring ?

Maybe that might make us worry all the more, who knows, but we are to take one day at a time

Extra vision is given to some, extra eyesight to see further into the spiritual and to give glory to God
who gives that extra eyesight

The gift of the word of knowledge is simply having extra vision, it might be snippets shown of
anothers persons life, the person with the word of knowledge might be shown parts of a persons life by
God so that when shared that person might give glory to God or it might be that person repents or falls
down and gives his or her life to Christ

Whatever the word of knowledge is, it is merely small snippets of vision given by God to that person

The Gift of prophesy again is merely small amounts of information given by God about what might be or
is or has been and so with all the gifts like healing the person see's another as healed and they are healed
this vision is given by God as indeed faith in itself is a kind of vision seeing what is unseen

These things are extra sight given by God

But no human could know all things indeed we might see much in the spiritual but God does not allow
for any human being to see as He see's

Can you imagine seeing all things now ? all that was and is and is to come , all the thoughts and motives
and actons of every single person on the planet from the birth of creation to the end of times as if all at
once ?

The scripture comes to me where satan shows Jesus all the Kingdoms of the world as if all at once, in the
temptations of Jesus !

And so we are blinded by the light to an extent as we are not permitted at this time to see all things and God
who knows all things protects us from many things we will never see and we may not ever realise the battle
going on in spiritual places for each and every person

And so we see that our eyes are to be fixed on the one light who is Jesus and He is our eyesight

Why ? because God in His wisdom knows us more than we know ourselves

The moment we start to look at the great gifts instead of Jesus the gifting seems to be gone...I wonder why?

Becasue it is not the gift but it is about the one who gives the gift, who is our vision, the light of the world

Now Ive shared with you the scriptures that came as I read through Psalms 79, 80 and 81

And you might ask "What is all that to do with these Psalms ?

Well here we have the great and awesome God who see's all things and He is crying out to His beloved people

We see the relationship here as we read through these three psalms between Gods people and God

We hear Gods people talking and praising God and we hear and see God speaking and singing back to
His people, God sings back you know ?

God could see what was happening , He who knows all hearts and all things

But the people could not see and would not listen

They could not see their God and this is the recurring theme throughout the Old Testamnet with Gods people

As He cries out and the people turn away, some however have that extra vision , their eyes are opened
and they cry back to God , they sing back to God

This applies to all who are grafted into the vine all those chosen by God to be His children, those
who believe and follow Him who is the Light of The World

It applies to all who do not yet The Son Of God, Jesus cries out to everyone "Come to me"

He speaks to everyone all the time...those who are blind and yet still walk in the dark, yet do not know
they walk in the dark

He speaks to those who do walk in the Light and who cannot see where they are going, He wants
to be their eyes

Be thou My Vision

This morning at Church the memory verse was Proverbs 3:5 (New Living Translation)

Trust in the LORD with all your heart; do not depend on your own understanding.
in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight.

He WILL direct our paths, He WILL direct your path, He WILL direct my path, AS we acknowledge
Him, as we trust in Him , as we walk in Him, as we see through His eyes, as we draw near to Him,
As we believe that He can do it, He will direct us in the way He wants us to go

He wants us to look to Him, to see Him, to let Him be our eyesight, to be a lamp to our feet, to be
a light to our path, to be the vision, to be the extra eyesight, Lets come to God now and ask Him to give us sight that we might see further into the spiritual, that our eyes
might be opened wider, that He would give us greater vision to see things as He see's things, that as we draw
nearer to Him.... He would give us His eyes to see

David was one of these people who sang to God and you know...God sang back !!

We finish with a song that came to me while typing this message

Lord God in Jesus name

Open my eyes to all I can be,

Let this human frame reflect

Your glory in all things not yet perfect

Light shine down on me until I become

Less like me and more of the Son

Light reveal and open my heart

To deeper understanding and knowledge impart

Christian I am, but you blind me, let me see

More of you and less of me