Friday, November 23, 2012

Ezra Chapters 7-10,Study 15,Beautifying The Temple

Ezra Chapters 7-10,Study 15,Beautifying The Temple


I forgot to mention that Ezra and other utterances were preached last week at my Church

And the wilderness journey this week, not that I use these sermons as a source, how can I
when they are preached after typing ?

Funny how these coincidences keep on happening

They are coincidences to the person who does not believe in the Rhema word of God

And God instances to those who do believe in the Rhema word of God

Rhema being the Word spoken now Today to the heart by God

For example God may speak to me through a scriptire and give me a revelation of that scripture
for the first time, however, God may well speak to me personally and lets say "give me a picture"
"A Vision" or likewise and say "Go and share it with such and such a person"

God does live today and speak TODAY

To not acknowledge the Rhema word is to put limitations on the limitess God who can and DOES
speak today the same as He spoke to His people in the wilderness on the first wilderness journey
and again on the second type of wilderness journey to exile and back

And so we Begin this bible study message remembering this

Hebrews 3:15 Psalm 95:7 Today if I hear His voice I must not harden my heart in this
wilderness where the voice of the forerunner leading to my salvation speaks

Today if the John the baptist speaks into my wilderness heart I must reply and act upon it
and in this is my salvation as an ongoing walk in everyday life and an ongoing salvation from
circumstance and trial in this temporal world, wheer my response might well mean salvation
to the one I am told by God to go too, as He speaks His Rhema word, Today

Today not just being 24 hours, but in this life or this generation or now this minute


We saw how Zerubbabel - This Christ our great Zerubbabel has laid the foundation of his church

In the first wave and movement and breathe

And how Ezra cam in the second wave to restore the nation spiritually and to put the people
right with God and to beautify the temple and restore the treasures thereof Matthew 6:20


For what use was there and is there to make use of the temporal and to store here when I
come into the world with nothing and leave with nothing but myself , my temple

And what use is there if I leave this life without the thought of eternity in mind ?

If I store up treasures of eternal value in my heart and life and in others then these things will
go with me and by these things I will be rewarded or have taken away Job 1:21

And why store up things in this tent and temporary dwelling that will only be eaten by moths
and destroyed ?

Yet The tent Maker Acts 18:3 who made me and dwells and tabernacles in me, wants to direct
me to things that have eternal value

You see as I travel as a wanderer on this earth I go from place to place and there may be
"No room at the inn" and so a "Tent Maker" may be a very useful trader to trade with

For where I had nowhere to lay my head as I wander from town to town then a temporary
dwelling place such as a tent or woven fabric may be all I need until such a time as I find
a more permanent home

And so as I travel from place to place I use this temporary dwelling or "Tent" 2 Corinthians 5:1

What good is it if I build myself a permanent home here ? Job 4:19 Isaiah 38:12

And so Ezra this "high priest" was the one who directed the people in the right direction

And brought to this place that was before deserted the treasures to beautify the "Temple"

This temple not made by human hands Acts 7:48 Mark 14:58

Now we come to the third "Trinity" wave as Nehemiah comes to rebuild the broken walls

To restore the broken lifes and hearts   


And so some 13 years had past and Nehemiah begins to write his journal and what we read here
are the very words of this cup bearer to the king

Nehemiah here was the trusted and entrusted cup bearer Genesis 40:20

This man who would be prepared to die John 15:13 for the King and to lay his life down that
the King might be exalted and reign in the Kingdom

This man who was to taste the food and wine before it came to the Kings mouth so that the
King would live to rule

No man was trusted more than the cupbearer to the King as many would seek to kill or poison
the king and take His throne but Nehemiah stood in the way and between the gap like a type
of Intercessor Hebrews 12:24 taking messages back and forth and having a deeper relationship
than anyone

The food and wine taster to the King Mark 14:22 laying down his life so that another will live

Knowing that the people of God had been scattered by 3 waves into exile Nehemiah 1:8-9

Nehemiah seeing the exiled return but the walls in ruins Isaiah 59:16

This Nehemiah who heard the plight of Jerusalem and the of the walls thereof and was cast into a deep
mourning and prayer Mark 6:34 , who being in such a relationship with the King Nehemiah 2:2
was known to be in a cast down way John 14:10 and was sent by the King to rebuild the walls
Nehemiah 2:8 John 3:16

Todays bible gateway 1 Timothy 2:5-6   


And we come to Nehemiah 2:10 - Nehemiah 2:16

Straight away we have the "opposition" the frustrating of the plans of God

Straight away those ouside ridicule and mock and seek to pull down the walls before
they are even built

Straight away there was unbelief Mark 6:5

Nehemiah arrives in Jerusalem and surveys the walls and he rests for "three days" John 2:19

Having rode into Jerusalem maybe on a mule to survey the devastation


Now Nehemiah 2:16

And so the foundations were already layed but Nehemiah had not yet spoken to anyone

1 Corinthians 3:10-16 Matthew 7:24


Lets divert for one second

I want to make a parallel here with Jesus and in a practical way with my life and ask the
question "what do I build on and how do I plan today"

How does my day build up as I go about my bussiness

And each day as I go about my plans

And I hear people say "its not your day" and its not your decisions"

well it is mine to give to God after all and how many lifes go without God even though God
made each day

You might as well say " God rebuilt the walls of Jerusalem"

No He did not , Im afraid ,

God used craftsman whom He had gifted and ordinary folk like you and me to rebuild the
walls, the walls did not miraculously appear from nowhere , it required the people to work
together in the rebuilding and in this was the sculpturing and refining of the people as they
worked together

And so although God made "today" as in eg: this day...this week ...this month,, this generation,

How do I build on that which God has given me "today"

Do I use "today" to build others up or to pull down ?   


Now lets go from the "logos Word" to the "Rhema Word" as of now we've been looking at the
logos which is the written word of God , but now lets flick over to the rhema and let God speak
through words that are not in His word by walk alongside His Word and speak out from His

So I'm just going over to chatting to you now in, the "rhema"

so "JUDGING" by my own experience, I give this"


Now the restorer comes to rebuild my life and my day working from the inside out to make
my day and days anew

What has changed in me ? could it be that the Son of God is in me ?

This foundation Stone that begins to rebuild my day as each day comes along

Wow so much has chnaged since I became a Christian ?

But nothing has changed has it ? evrryhting has chnaged yet its the same world I live in !

Except that I have changed from the inside out and as I change so too people around me begin
to change !

Ooo but theres still that problem and this problem and and and maybe I should pray about these#
things yet at times it seems the only time I pray and seek help is when I have a problem and
about a problem

Could this be the reason why God allows these problems ?

And these same resounding things that annoy me keeep coming back into my heart over and over again

You know its normally worse in my own family and among those who are closest to me and its
like these silly things really get me down ?

For example someone in my family really really weally annoys me because I see in them something
that I have in myself , its almost like a plank that I keep seeing in them and oooo I don't like it

And the bible says "DON'T JUDGE" yet we all judge all the time , innit Matthew 7:1


A site monitor judges on people behaviour

If your a mother or a teacher your making judgements all the time based on things as they

As a teacher your marking based on "judgement" of good or bad work

As a mother or father your "judging based on your childrens behavior

As a policeman your making judgements based on actions of the public

As a judge your making judgements based on facts

and so we all "judge" all the time

Every time I make an analysis, every time I access a situation or evaluate or promote someone what am I doing ? all these things work within "Judgement"


But going back to this "rebounding judgement where I walk the plank"

And this being slightly different to the above where I have to use maybe a "gift" or my own character tro evaluate someone elses !!!

And so this judgement of mine rebounds on me time and time again

Because every time I speak against that person I'm speaking to myself
and its like a plank that gets in the way and causes me to stumble Matthew 7:3

And then I wonder why this thing keeps on rebounding back over and over and over


Whether I'm a Christian or not this same thing has always been there and now as a Christian
I have this same thing....and every time its like God breaks down the walls and bricks that
Ive built just keep tumbling down until one day ...yes one day until one day I learn how to
plucj out that plank from my eye so that I can see clearly and stop being a hypocrite Matthew 7:5

Now at last I can see clearly, whoooppp or should I say "clearer" cause of cause I can see but
not as clearly as I should always as "A Christian" you see,

So here I am littl;e old me getting annoyed because these same things keep reocurring in my
life and its makes me so angry and annoyed that this person in my family is doing this thing or thinking this thing
and like I can see myself in them ? you know ?

So I tell them and I lay down the law and one day I hear this person in my own family who annoys
me soooo much say exactly the same thing to someone else and she is seeing like the same
plank in someone elses hahahaa

And its like a never ending circle where people who can't see very well see the same shortsightedness
in other people and thos every "other people" see it in others and its like a "merry go round"

Then one day God shows me how to get rid of that plank and its like "woooo"

I'm out of the circle in that area and its like "wooo" I have a new life

Do you see it ?



Read Nehemiah 2:15


1. When I look at others do I examine the good or the bad in people ?

2. What does it mean by "searching myself" ?

3. In what ways can I judge others "examine the ruins"

4. How can I put an end to this rebounding judgement ?

5. Why do the same things keep happening to me ?