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Ezra to Nehemiah,Study 16,The Restorer,

Ezra to Nehemiah,Study 16,The Restorer,

Continiung on with Psalm 107 and the walls of Jerusalem and Nehemiah

And we focus on the rebuilding of our daily walls



and so God says "do not judge" Matthew 7:1 and yet we all judge, all the time

And we see that this judging is a "type" of plank in the eye judgement

Luke 6:37 "Do not judge, and you will not be judged. Do not condemn,
and you will not be condemned. Forgive, and you will be forgiven

So really ? does that mean that I can put myself back in prison even though the blood ofJesus
set me free ? I can condemn myself ?

Does that mean that when I do not forgive someone even though I stand forgiven by Jesus
that I can once more be as one "unforgiven" ?

And I talked about the "walk the plank judgement" where I see something in someone else
which I can also see in me, like a kind of reflection of myself that I don't like and how pulling someone
else down (which is another judgement) only serves to pull me down as well

The other "type" of judgement is the pulling down or gossip to elevate oneself or "belittling"

And in so doing "depresses" others , to elevate and make oneself feel better or more important

Leaders might get a battle from these quarters as they seek to lead but get pulled down by
others who might seek to show themselves as "better than" or "more knowledgeable than"

This rebounding judgement always comes back on the person giving it in one way or another

And only serves to make our insecurities feel better but for a short time

And so "do not judge" can take many forms and shapes but is really a reminder not to throw at
or shoot the messenger

It serves as a "sticky note" not to try to put my own motives and insecurities ahead of someone else

otherwise these things will rebound on me and God wants the best for me and does'nt want me
to trip over myself



So Nehemiah gazes upon the ruins and looks upon the broken walls of that day

Nehemiah 2:15 and examines / looks upon them and decides how these walls should be rebuilt

O why is it that I begin to build upon a foundation yet it seems at times as though the wall is
brought down ?

oo my hopes are destroyed, ooo that attempt to initiate and rebuild a relationship in my family
did'nt work , oooo that job did'nt go as I thought it might, ooo I was doing soo well at keeping
off that habit untilllll, oooo I'm not praying as much as I ought, ooo I had sooo many plans for
that Church, oooo I swore today and I feel ,like Ive let God down,

As each new day comes draw near to God as He draws near to me and rebuild on that first

I come as one "broken" and say "Lord its Your day use me"

I come as one "broken" and say "Lord I am Yours use me"

I come as one "broken" and say "Lord Jesus I give You Your Day"

I come as one "broken down" and say "Lord You build it"

For what is repentance and acknowledging God and coming to Him as one who is ready to be used
except to come to Him as one "Broken"

And He can examine the broken walls of that day and take them and rebuild them

And He can plan the days thereof wherein which restoration can take place as I give each
proceeding day to Him

I come as one broken Lord so that You can rebuild each day



Its so easy to think or to be tempted to think in the "flesh"

I remember thinking "what would happen if I lost this and that word and what pillars of support
do I have in place in case things go wrong"

And we all do this in one way or another when we plan our retirements and we think about pensions
and selling our estate and using the proceeds as our life time savings or getting that insurance plan

Or making sure our pensions and benefits are going to be enough or putting some kind of insurance
in place for a rainy day in case we are ever ill

And people will say "ooo but thats common sense "

Well I did this myself in many ways and I had all these "security pillars" in place

Except when it came to the storm and the house falling down all those pillars that I had so
carefully put there fell down as well

And the Lord siad to me "I want you to trust in me"

It at the time it had repercussions of the "big bad wolf and the three pigs"

Or the "wise man built His house upon the sand/straw/Rock"

All my security walls had come tumbling down and I was as one "broken"

And so as Nehemiah inspects the broken walls of this day, how do I give Him a place to
begin and to start the rebuilding unless I come to Him as one broken so that He can rebuild   



And so the people worshipped other gods and the very nations gods that the people worshipped "captivated" them

And the people being Gods people were "captivated" by these gods and made captive by them , being that God handed them over Romans 1:23-32

You see there is no difference between "this sexual immorality" and "this spiritual adultery"

The verse above is often used against "gay" people but what do you think people were doing by worshipping "other gods ?"

And the rulers over Gods people became and always were the "captivators"

And now being led "By God" back to the land of Jerusalem, the people were as "broken down"

And Nehemiah observes the broken walls of this city being a reflection of the people

And begins to plan to rebuild these fallen walls

And so God "Gives people Over" to their own desires that they might come back to Him

Note: "Come back to Him"

And so the people came back to Him and these were the ones that God chose to rebuild with



Remmeber the old song "Jack and Jill? "

Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of waterrrrrr

Jack fell down and broke his crown And Jill came tumbling afterrrrrrrrr

Up got Jack, and home did trot assss fast as he could caper
He went to bed and bound his head with vinegar and brown paperrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Now where are we going here with this ? well we are loooking at judgement here as the first and
basic step


Because you see the people/children of God replaced God for the worthless and empty gods of
foreign nations Romans 1:23 and in this they Jeremiah 2:11 made an exchange


You see God was still the same as God has always been

Wehn I became a Christian many years ago I began to see and to have eyes to see things I had
never seen before and suddenly and over time but suddenly my eyes were opened

Amazing grace how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me, I once was lost but now Im found
...was blind but now I seeeeeeee

What was it I saw ? I saw that there was another dimension to life and I began to see things around
me in a different way...why ? because my eyes were being opened ,

Not that other people around me were changing but because my atitudes and motives and intentions
and views and the" landscape" in me was being changed

But that does not mean I have my eyes fully opened to all but that I am having my eyes opened



The people of God had exchanged God for nothing morethan an image or reflection and not even
that , simply a fake object

And in this had exchanged the truth for a lie

And in this was the exile and punishment being and coming and rebounding on them

Like a boomerang judgement coming back on those who had exchanged God for a lie



People say "I do not sin"

well I hope that you pray the Lords prayer often Matthew 4:1

There would be no temptation unless that sin of desire were already there within you

God knows about this and He looks at me and see's Jesus and in that I am sinless and washed
clean yet in me there are parts that might desire and sin that lies and lurks waiting

God knows about this and so does satan, now I know that this would spark a theology discussion
on satan not being omnipresent or not knowing our thoughts, but don't forget that satan listens
to your prayers

So you say "you cannot be tempted ?" how can you if you do not sin

Jesus never sinned hence He was tempted but did not fall to the temptation because there was no sin there

Temptation only has its force when it meets with the desire that we already have within

Lets say I have a desire in me to want to make lots of money

So I know about this desire and seek to avoid it until one day Im led into temptation to be tested

I fall to that temptation because the desire in me met the temptation

Israel always longed for a king like other nations and had this inner struggle to worship, but that
worship was exchanged and misdirected once tempted

That force within that was always there met with the temptation and that was the force that when
acted upon became the sin

In this was the punishment in that the boomerang came back on them and sent into exile they
that is the next generation in what you can call "the second exudos" came back from exile



And so although I might have my eyes opened they are "being " opened and God needs to deal
with those specks in my eye so that I can see more clearly to help others

Many times I can be like "Jack And Jill" walking up the hill only to fall back down again

Gods continues to work in me and that which He has begun He will carry through


Read Luke 6:37



1. How many things have come back on me in the past ?

2. How many boomerang judgements are there ?

3. How can I walk in the Spirit and not the flesh ?