Friday, November 23, 2012

Gods intimacy within the boundaries of His Nature, Psalm 104,Part 9


Now in Genesis we see that the floods levelled the earth in as much as the waters covered the
mountains and filled the valleys and all was covered over and level

Then the earth was shaped and had its form and the waters receeded Psalm 104:6-18

Now this is interesting : (Note) v 9 You set a boundary they cannot cross;
never again will they cover the earth.

We note that nature (creation) was as it was intended to be "In the Beginning"

God was pleased with all He had created and He set boundaries for Adam and Eve to walk in !

And The Psalmist says : "never again will the waters cover the earth."

But we know that Adam and Eve walked across a boundary setup by God !

And because that boundary was crossed Adam and Eve opened a door that was never to be opened



Luke 3:5

And we also know that soon and very soon there was to be a great flood that once again covered the
earth and filled the valleys and covered the mountains and made a level path



Isaiah 40:4

And going on from that we meet with John the Baptist who preached the Kingdom of God and repentance
of THAT sin and a turning around to walk within the boundaries of the Kingdom of God

John the Baptist coming to the earth to announce the arrival of "Emmanuel" God with us



Isaiah 42:16

And again we know that in this day and age the Holy Spirit of God calls out in the streets to anyone
who will listen, He calls out in the streets to those who have walked and are walking outside of the boundaries

The Holy Spirit calls out into the wilderness of the world and proclaims liberty and freedom to
proclaim "The year of the Lords favour"

The Holy Spirit calls out into the wilderness of the heart and says "repent for the Kingdom is near"

In otherwords the "Kingdom is near YOU"

The John the Baptist of this "so called" modern age is calling out into the streets of the suburban
sprawl and into the hearts of the people who have wandered far from the boundaries to "Repent"
to turn around and not to walk within limitations, but to walk within the unlimited boundaries
within the "Kingdom"

The Holy Spirit seeks once more to level the valleys to raise up the downhearted and the poor of
heart and to make their hearts "Rich" in the Kingdom

Not just that God is great at making those who are destitute and forlorn into people who are
valued and enabled in society

So He raises up those people and puts them alongside those who see themselves or are seen as
higher up the society scale

Then He takes those mighty and proud in heart and lowers them and makes a level path

He covers them with those waters to make all things level so that they may all walk within the boundaries
of the waters setup from the beginning of time !

To make the crooked ways , straight, and to make a level path

Now going on from the scripture Isaiah 55:12 we get taken to

Ezekiel 17:24 All the trees of the field will know that I the LORD bring down the tall tree and
make the low tree grow tall.

I dry up the green tree and make the dry tree flourish. "'I the
LORD have spoken, and I will do it.'"

And we know the David counted his armies and looked upon the might of his own Kingdom and
the numbers of his forces and that this yeast rose up from the very heart of the nation to the
very King of the Land and becasue of this the people and the King had walked "Outside" of
the boundary and in this once more God levelled the way


And so we work and move and have our being within the Kingdom

In this we have no limitations to what God can do in us and through us within the Kingdom

But however the Kingdom has boundaries

The Kingdom has walls



Nothing is impossible for God BUT there are many things that are impossible for God !!

For God cannot move and do thijngs that outside of His own character

God will not go outside of the boundaries of who He is

This is why the Kingdom has walls

This is why the Kingdom has boundaries

Scripture declares Luke 1:37 "For nothing is impossible with God."

BUT God is love and God does not change, He cannot be outside of who He is

He cannot lie, He cannot sin, therefore He cannot and does not repent

He cannot go against the very character and nature that He is

Therefore God Himself has boundaries in which He moves and is and has His being

God cannot go against what He promises He will do

There are many many things that Godm cannot do and therefore NOTHING is impossible for God within the nature and person that He is and within the boundaries of who He is

This is why God created the earth and Adam and Eve like He did , setting boundaries within which people could walk and talk and move and wake and sleep and move

Within these boundaries "Nothing is impossible for God"

We dance around the walls of the City giving glory to our King because it is within the limitations of Gods unlimitless Kingdom that we find the fullness of life

Outside the City walls and outside of the bounaries God has put into place (because of who He is) there is darkness because the world is bound up in sin, limited within the boundaries that God has put into place, you could say that "satan and his demons are bound up" for if they were not then the end would be soon and very soon

And so because of who God is , He only moves within the person that He is

Even God Himself has boundaries in which He moves and this is why He created the world and all we know the way He did, becaseu it reflects the very nature of God



I might say "I can do all things in Christ who strengthens me"

No I cannot !!

I can only do those things that are within those very boundaries that God has put into place

For example "I should not put the Lord my God to a foolish test"

Soo I don't jump off a skyscraper and say "God will save me"

I cannot and will not commit murder ans say "I can do all things in Christ"

becasue that is outside of Gods purposes and nature

therefore to say "I can do all things is not correct"

we have to remember that it is only in Christ Jesus

In other words as we walk in Jesus and walk according to His purpose and will for our lifes...THEN He will give us the ability and strength to do 2All things in Him"


As long as we stay within the boundaries and walls of the Kingdom


Now I want to take this to a personal and intimate level to which I believe it should be

Not separated where we have God at a distance, who now and again pours liquid Holy Spirit into
us, not at a distance where God shouts from a far away place, not at a distance where God
looks down and shapes us like moulding clay

But I want to take this further at this point to the intimate place of The Father,Son and Holy Spirit



In the beginning God brooded over the waters like a mother or like a Dove watching and nestling
over her young, the Dove of peace Like the Holy Spirit that He is

Genesis 8:11

When the dove returned to him in the evening, there in its beak was a freshly plucked olive leaf!
Then Noah knew that the water had receded from the earth



Amidst the chaos of mass Father God spoke and there was Life

John 1:1

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

Colossians 1:17

And out of the chaotic mass that was nothing, God the Father created from His Mother heart
and He said "LET THEIR BE" and AS He spoke so too things were created from His breath


As He spoke "The Word" John 1:1 and spoke out His breath

Here The Ruah breath of Father God creator breathing The Spoken Word "JESUS"

The Ruah breath of God breathing out the Dove and sending forth the Dove into the World

Genesis 8:6-12 as too Noah sent forth the Dove when the waters had receeded

God here bends down and looks into the eyes of Adam as He so too today looks down and gazes
into our eyes and breaths new life into bones gone dry

In Genesis God stoops low and gazes into the very face of Adam and breathes into the very
nostrils of Adam the life giving Holy Spirit

Yes and from this "Trinity" all life exists

When I am filled with the Holy Spirit , I like to see it as God stooping down and breathing into
my very nostrils ....that life giving Spirit

This is the intimacy of Father God, the One and Ones whom speak and breath

Job 33:4

“The Spirit of God hath made me, and the breath of the Almighty hath given me life.”

Job 27:3

as long as I have life within me, the breath of God in my nostrils,


Her we have the birth of the earth but the earth was made for the occupants, we were not made
for the earth BUT rather the earth was formed and made for us


And so in Genesis the waters covered the earth

2 Peter 3:5

But they deliberately forget that long ago by God's word the heavens existed and the earth was
formed out of water and by water.



And In the beginning when God - The Trinity - had shaped and moulded and formed life on

They saw that it was good

And God formed Adam from the dust of the earth

And in this we once again go to the "Intimate"

I see it as God reaching down as He reaches down now and washes our feet to make us Holy,
as we stand before the King of Kings He is the burning bush in our hearts

Job 33:4

Job 27:3 as long as I have life within me, the breath of God in my nostrils,


We also see that this same breath of God renews the face of the earth,

It is God who makes us and we can and could never make ourselves

Psalm 100:3 God made us and we did not

Father God is the Only One who can create out of nothing, hence the origins of the universe, where
all came from nothing, because before there was , so too was God the Father - Son and Holy Spirit


Clarke's Commentary on the Bible

Indeed נשמתי nishmathi may be rendered my mind or understanding, and רוח אלוה ruach Eloah,
the breath of God, the principle of animal life, the same that he breathed into Adam; for it is
there said, Genesis 2:7, He breathed into his nostrils, נשמת חיים nismath chaiyim, the breath of
lives, or that principle from which animal and spiritual life proceeds;

for the life of the animal is only the individualizing of the breath of the Divine
Spirit already existing in matter

Psalm 104:30 When you send your Spirit, they are created, and you renew the face of the earth.

Gods Holy Spirit is in every atom and element, every animal and created thing

For if He (The Holy Spirit ) were not then God would not be omniscient and omnipresent



The Godhead three in one

Psalm 149:2 Let Israel rejoice in their Maker; let the people of Zion be glad in their King.


I will see Father God brood over my life today and allow Him to stoop down and breath into my
nostrils as He gazes into my eyes and serves me as the servant King and washes my feet so I
may stand in the presecence of the King of Kings

Ezekiel 37:5 This is what the Sovereign LORD says to these bones: I will make breath
enter you, and you will come to life.