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GODS WILL AND GOD WILL,Psalm 94,Part three,

You may not understand today or tomorrow, but ...
You may not understand today or tomorrow, but eventually God will reveal why you went through everything you did. (Photo credit: deeplifequotes)

Psalm Ninety Four - Part Three

Some might say that we are to fear the Lord God and this is true, we fear in reverence as God
is a Holy God but God is also our Heavenly Father

We fear through the comfort of the Holy Spirit

This is not a fear that we might have from being threatened or fear as the world might know
fear, but a Godly fear compels us to act and a Godly fear frees us

On the other hand a worldly fear freezes us up and binds us

God does not want us to be bound up like cringing fearful slaves, God the Father did not give us a spirit
of fear but a spirit of Love

2 Timothy 1:7

Now some might say we are going to have to give an account to God and we read

Matthew 12:36

every careless word they have spoken.

Romans 14:12 So then, each of us will give an account of himself to God.

And everyone will stand before God

But as already shown there are different kinds of Judgement

(Its ok if you do not agree with this , you are welcome to disagree)

Do you really think God the Father takes a note of every word and action you speak of every sin and
deed as a Christian and then waits until you go to be with Him and then gets out this long list ?

Do you believe its a "Wait til your Father gets home ? " where the fearful cringing child waits
in the corner of the room until his dad gets home waiting for the punishment ?

What does scripture say ?>

Well it says Jesus came as a Saviour, that Jesus took the punishment that we deserved, that
Jesus blood cleanses sin, that ALL sin was taken at the Cross, that we are new creations, the old has
passed away, that we are adopted SONS of the King, we inherit all that is His, we sit at the right
hand , we are forgiven

This is a heavenly Loving Father, Romans 6:23 2 Corinthians 5:21 Hebrews 7:25

I John 1:9 Psalms 103:10 says : He does not deal with us as we deserve, according to our sin

Psalms 103:13 Hebrews 4:16

Who was Paul who murdered Acts 22 ?

Who was Moses who murdered Exodus 2:14 ?

Who was David who committed adultery ? 2 Samuel 11:15

1 John 4:8 God is LOVE


"Ooooo but Lord I've done this and that ? "

God replies "what have you done " ?

I have no record of that, ? Jeremiah 31:34

"You stand as a Man condemned my Child ?...when you are a free man !!! and when the word sets
you free , you are free indeed" Romans 8:1

"Listen walk in my freedom, be like the eagle, do not be afraid for I am with you, Know that you are free and because the Truth sets you free, walk in my Love and in My Comfort under tha shadow of my Wing, learn from me and take My Yoke, lift your burdons to me, do not come to me as one who is under condemnation, know that I am Love and walk in that Love"


I would suggest the word "give an account" in Hebrews 13:17 Romans 14:12 and in
1 Peter 4:5 means to give the audit back to the accountant

And so in other words a Christians accounts would be in credit - not debit

Jesus paid the price



And asking for Gods will in life and being willing to do it................

For He is the mighty Tower and the Refuge to all who run to Him

Even if what if what is being done seems futile, even if what is being done doing seems as if
it has no fruit "yet"

If what is being done comes under opposition, if what is being done comes under attack,
If what is being done comes under scrutiny, then, then and then is the time to rejoice

Then and then is the time to know that what is being done is what God wants and that is the
best thing anyone can ever do, to do what God wants, wherever God has placed His child,
whatever situation God has placed His Child in, whatever circumstance God has placed His Child

Being in and doing His will in life and being willing to do His will is THE place to be in

"BUT how do I know I am in Gods will ? you ask"

When seeking to do His will, when seeking answers, when seeking to know Him more

When seeking to draw nearer, when coming under attack, when being tested, when knowing and
having knowledge of conviction, when having a wanting to change, when having a wanting to draw
nearer to Jesus, when having a knowledge of Jesus that is not just a Word, but The Living

When knowing that inner working, when knowing that you can work towards Him doing things that you
could not possibly do

When having a desire to turn around and follow Him , every day, to want to walk with Him

Then and then , then you will know that His will is being done

As you seek Him , then indeed His will is being done, simply by seeking Him


As we run to that refuge and sanctuary, that place where we can be safe and secure

As we run to God who is the Consuming Holy Fire , He can put that fire in our hearts, giving us
Glory and freedom, freedom from fear as we live in His fear, the fear that sets us free

As we run to the sacred Refuge and Mighty Fortress , the Strong Tower of strength we can
know then that we are doing His will

It is His will that all should come to Him and He will show us where to go and what to say
when the time comes and give us the words to say

As we run to the hiding place, the hiding place , the hiding place of His heart, under the
shadow of the great Oak of ages, the Vine, The Strong towering fortress , then we can know
that we are His and He will deliver us from our enemies, deliver us from that enemy of fear

Colossians 1:13


Forgiven and Repent

And knowing that He has already For - Given, that is He, 'Jesus' has foreknowledge of what will
happen and He foreseeing thus saved us and knowing us foreknew certain things but having
seen those things they were already given over at the Cross Romans 8:29

And being given over at the Cross, they were "For - Given" before they ever came to be

1 John 2:12 NKJ

Knowing each day as it would be and how we would respond , walking in that free will to walk
in His will, He still being the All Knowing , All seeing God could not have made a mistake and
brought salvation to a lost person unless He already knew the outcome

Thus knowing the outcome and knowing what you would do in your free will while seeking His
will He saved you and taking you on as you were in all your sin and shame He gave you new life
and saved you from the death and the outcome of a life without Jesus

And being forgiven , you ask for for - giveness, but He has already given ?

"When you say ? "

"Before", He says

"before what" you say ?

"On the Cross," He replies,

"I have already forgiven you"

"So Lord" I ask...."How do I draw nearer to you ? I am convicted by your Holy Spirit ? "

"What do I do with this inner need to change ?...what do I do with this inner struggle that rages
inside me ?....what do I do with this wanting to do your will ? "

"Turn to me" You say, "Turn to me and do my Will, but you must be willing"

"But how do I turn to you Lord " I ask ...............

"REPENT" You say

"Why do you ask for forgiveness , every time ? turn around and turn from that thing"

"Seek me and follow me and trun around" You say,

"But Lord I don't have the strength to turn around and stop doing that thing that I enjoy......"

"No, I don't have the strength to turn around and stop doing that thing that I don't want to do,
But I do know that I want to change and follow your will in this thing, in this secret place in my

"I do know that I want your will in this area of my life......but how ? "

"My Child, My Child, My Child, you seek to do my will and do great and mighty things, but take
one step at a time, it is My Will to start from the inside out and to work within YOU first,
seek my will first in these things"

"But how Lord I say ? ....HOW, "

And You say to me "REPENT , Turn , ask me to give you the wanting to turn , for the desire to
turn, for the strength to turn, and in your inner desire to change and seek me, and to turn
around, and to do my will in those things in your life, then you will know me speaking to you
and giving you that inner strength and desire,

For who gave you these desires to change ? who gave you the conviction ? who gave you the
will do seek My Will ? , know in this that I am working in you and speaking to you and know in
this that I desire your heart, not that you would do great and mighty things but that I would do
great and mighty things THROUGH you,

In and through those very channels that you have opened to me"

"Know then that YOU ARE FORGIVEN, seek to repent , to turn to me in all things and in this
I will give you back far more than you ever gave up"



As the Christian believer seeks to Do Gods Will, He is being DISCIPLE......LINED

In the turning (repenting) in forgiveness comes the responsibility upon us to act

Jesus can give the ability , when and as we respond and as we respond , so too we are
His Disciples being disciplined and being Lined up with Gods will and in this we have the

Response - Ability to be Disciple ....lined

He has the ability but we need to respond, in this is the repentance

In this is the multiplication....

For there is the fear that in letting go we are going to loose

In the turning we are going to let go of something and loose out on everything we had before

But in the leting Go Jesus gives back far more

this in itself is "Judgement"

Beauty for ashes, the oil of Joy for mourning, Isaiah 61:3


Lord God In Jesus name

Thankyou that you gave yourself on that Cross for all sin once and for all

Lord let there be a seeking and desire to turn around

And in that seeking and desire , be The "Ability" the Anointing, Be the Oil Lord, Great Anointed One

Let there be a Turning and desire from fear to Faith

Hate to Love, unforgiveness to health, unbelief to Joy, apathy to abundance,

Unwillingness to willingness, attitudes to beatitudes, sorrow to blessing,

Longing to plenty,

As things are left behind Lord replace these things gone with far more

As the fruits are reversed in a life, bring abundance

In Jesus name amen