Thursday, November 22, 2012

Gods Will,Psalm 61-63,


Lord we give to you this time as it is your Will that we might
follow you and learn from you in Jesus name amen

And so we come to Psalms 61,62 and 63


Yes Jesus can walk through walls, but can He walk through wills ?


In life you may be found in the wilderness at times, a place of solitude.

A place where you are found seeking God, where it is you and God alone.

A place in the wilderness where silence is heard and where the wind can be almost seen.

At times in life this place of solitude can be a time of rest and refuge, a time of healing
and restoration, a time of of hiding under the shadow of His wings.

When all else might seem against us, we can know the relief that God will see us through,
not just the temporary trials and problems of life because these will always come back again and again

But a relief by looking up and going through the trials and problems so that even though we have all
against us, even though we seem to have everything crashing down around us....

We can also know that peace inside, that calmness, that relationship, that Holy Spirit comfort,
that knowledge of knowing that He is with us in that place we are at

And so we come to Psalm 63 here and we see David in this situation as he pursues His God and seeks
Him out, even though He is right by him

Now we relate this to our own lifes as we listen for that still small voice


Do you hear that still small voice that is meant for you alone ?

As it echoes like thunder for all to hear ? loud is'nt it ?

When we think of wills we tend to think of will power or how strong the person is to get through a situation or how strong they are to give up a habit or about determination and not giving up


When we think of wills we tend to think of someone leaving something in a will and we think of writing a will so that when we leave this earth we can decide for ourselves who might receive our
estate and proceeds

A will left behind by a person is something that a person wants to happen when they are no longer
able to administer that want ...themselves

When we think of Gods will we tend to think of a higher power wanting and willing things to happen
that are beyond our own control

In fact Gods will was left behind for us when Jesus died on the Cross, it was His will that we be left with
the Holy Spirit and that we mght go out into all the world and preach the good news
It was His will and want that we should know Him and be His disciples

It was and is His will that all should come to Him and that none should persih and that ALL should
have eternal life and salvation

It was and is His will that we should prosper on the earth and prosperity in todays society tends to be thought of as money , but provision of money is not really such a concern with God

He owns the cattle on a thousand hills yes, He owns the thousand hills and He owns us who are
His as we were bought with a higher price than mere money

What if ? WHAT IF ? What if you had the choice ? what if you had the choice in a persons will
to have the person back or the estate and money ? what would your choice be ?

God is far more concerned about your character than He is about how you will pay your electicity bill

He would want more for you to rely on Him and so build up your trust and depend on Him than He would
simply for you to not be in want !!

Ooooo now you will have the scripture " I shall not want " come to mind

Of course you want...everyone wants....if you did'nt want for something you would'nt be human

But Its about wanting Him above all else


What if ? what if ....what if you had to choose ? what if you had to choose between a job...a career..
that had good prospects and good salary and magnificent oportunities but you were'nt sure whether
it was right ? something just did'nt seem right

You know its an age long battle between our will and Gods will !!

Sometimes we may have to go into the wilderness with God to seek Him and to find out what He might
want for us, knowing that He knows best and He just might know more than we do !

Its about trust and relying on someone who just might know us better than we know ourselves

What if the job that was on offer was a really good job but God wanted you to wait !

What if a few weeks down the line another job or career came up that was'nt so good on appearance ? what if it did'nt have such good prospects and such good oportunities or wages ?

But what if that was the career for you ?

And say you took the first job on offer and two years down the road things began to go wrong and
you realised that the job you had was too much, it was beyond your capabilities, it was really making you ill, it was not the job you thought it might be...

Just because something happens it does'nt mean its of God

Just because I crack my fist against a brick wall does'nt mean God wanted that to happen

Neither does He want me to have the the consequences that follow my hitting my fist against a brick wall

Many years ago as a young believer I struggled with this question of Gods will and what He wanted me
to do

This thing boggled my mind and I wrestled over this question for a long time, little did I know at the time that God was getting me ready for something new

I was working at a Christian publishing company at the time and I really was'nt getting on with the new boss, the job was'nt well payed and I simply was'nt happy

Every week the firm would have a prayer time when all the workers would get together and have a time of prayer and a word and a reading

One morning on a certain week when I was struggling with and thinking "O Lord look at all these Godly
leaders and yet none of them speak your words"
Suddenly out of the blue the person leading spoke a word ...that went like this..." You shall no longer
work inside but from this time onwards you will work outside and people will no longer look down to you but
they shall look up to you " oops

Well as always I did'nt flutter an eye lid, but I knew that word was for me and so I acted on that word and
a few weeks later I handed in my notice at my work

Now at this point I was'nt married but I rented a flat which I shared with other friends,
and I still had responsibilities, How would I pay the rent ? how would I eat ? how would I pay the bills?

oooo what a silly thing to do...

Several weeks passed by and I was seeking as to what on earth I should do next, I began to ask
myself " what can you do ? ...what am I good at ? "

You see I had no clue what I might be doing !

It came to me that I had decorated and painted more places than some people had eaten hot dinners

And bingo... yes thats what I can do...

Weeks passed by and people I knew started coming out with the usual sort of average responsible adult
things like " why did you leave your job ? why not stay in your job and wait for another job to come along ?
...that would have been far more sensible ? would'nt it ? tut tut "

Even the folk who were my age had a go at the responsible adult approach ..."well your not going to get
very far sitting around waiting for something to happen ......ARE YOUUUUUUUUUU? "

Fingers wagged and heads turned and so time went by but after a month suddenly there was a knock
at the door one morning and it was a chappy from London with my old pastor by his side

You see the flat where I lived was above a Church and God was going to use the
Pastor of that Church, little did the pastor know.....!!

Sooo "Knock knock " "who's there ?
"Hey .....we need to decorate and reroof this building and we need a young man to help ? "

And so that was the start and the beginning of what took me into self employment and after that job
had finished and the Church had a new roof and was nicely decorated many more phone calls proceeded

This was the start of a new career and it was'nt easy, it took years of hard work, it took years of
wondering when the next job would come in, but do you know I never went without !

You see if I had not acted on that word, if I had not waited, If I had done the sensible adult thing, ...

BUT i did'nt, ...and if I had'nt have been waiting then that pastor would never had knocked on that door

Those people that followed would never have phoned up, my old friend from that publishing company
would never have left that place and joined me and all the things and God instances that followed would
never have happened

You see my carreer was important to me, after all it was something that I may have been doing for
the rest of my life

But how would I know whatt God wanted me to do ?

Well I found out in the end... did'nt I ?

God does'nt always do things the same way, never copy or try to follow someone else
You say "Well thats what being a disciple is about surely ? we follow a person"

Yes you do but you follow Christ...

Remember its about relationship,
And so lets begin the bible study ( Smile ) you thought this was the end ?


Psalm 18:29 (New International Version)

29 With your help I can advance against a troop with my God I can scale a wall.

Some translations read " Scale a wall " ...A wall can be a barricade, a wave of problems...

When we see trouble on the horizon, we we see problems in daily life, when we see a particular
problem that continues over many years and it seems like the world is crashing down around us

We can leap over, Jesus does'nt always take us around the rpoblems so that we can avoid any problems
but instead He can lead us through the problems and with Him we can leap over that problem,
circumstance or situation and He saves us , He takes us by the hand and walks with us
With David in the Psalms the problems went on for a long time with enemies chasing him being
forced to run on many occasions and to seek His God

The salvation that David sought as he hung onto God was a salvation that would bring him to the place God had prepared for him, looking above the every day circumstances and situations and taking Gods word and meditating on Gods word

Even though at times his situations seemed impossible and his life was in danger, even though he
faced trials and tribulations in his life he sought after God
You could say the problems facing David at that time casued him to seek the salvation of God and He rested in His God in the sanctuary of his God

In the message we look at Psalms 61,62 and 63, and you will notice "the shadow of Your wings "
mentioned and rest, sanctuary ,rock,protection,refuge

Psalms 61,62 and 63 were written at a time when David sought sanctuary and protection in the times
when his own son was pursuing him and when saul sought to kill him and this relates to 2 Samuel chapters 15 to 18 where we read about Davids enemies at that time

We seem to associate enemies as being the great enemy satan and we forget at times that satan can
use people, don't forget satan imitates God and he uses people to try to defeat Gods plans in the same
way as God uses people to fulfil His plans

Of course God does'nt need us at all, He could do anything without us , but He wants to use us, He desires to use us

We see this when we read about Joseph and his brothers in Genesis chapter 37 , I don't believe it was Gods will that Joseph
be hurt and thrown down an empty dry well and left for dead, neither do I believe that God used Josephs
brothers to hurt Joseph

But God used this situation and circumstance to bring about His purposes

We read about similiar events with job and we begin to see a glimpse of the spiritual realm and what
goes on behind the scenes as we see satan talking to God about Job

And we see in this instance many tragedies happened over time as if all at once and through what we
might call in this day and age "natural disasters" or "Acts of God "

Again God used these things to bring about His plans and to display an example to us of how He can turn things around

We seem to see the book of Job as a very short simple story almost with a fairy tale end where everything
was alright in the end, in fact I wonder how long it took before all was restored to Job ?

Unless Jobs family and workmen were resurrected from the dead then I wonder how this family were
restored and I wonder how job ended up with more than he had before ?

You see this is the upside down Kingdom and we often read this story through our own eyes or through
the worlds eyes

Often riches can be found in the person who has lost much to gain much, riches can be found in a person
of character who has been through many trials rather than the person who has outside exterior
riches but is an empty tomb inside

And so we see the similar stories throughout Gods word where the enemy can attack but God brings about good, we read about this in the Psalms where David is running from his enemies

And often our enemies can be those closest to us at times as here we see Absalom chasing his father David to gain power

We see Saul consumed with jealousy and hatred

We see the followers of these poeple going along like mice following the flute

And we read about David running scared and seeking refuge in his God

And you ask yourself the question "was this Gods will " ?

Was it Gods will that David be pursued, well it certainly made David seek after God and it certainly made
David into a stronger character and God certainly used this situation for His glory

I wonder if the emotional and physiological damage was completely taken away !

I wonder whether these people were able to continue as the same people ?

Or whether they continued on their journeys better people and more equipped with stronger
characters ! we tend to think of stronger characters as people who are able to take on more and
who seem to be able to stand up for themselves and are not frightened of saying what they think.

Again we see through the worlds eyes instead of seeing the person through Gods eyes

God wants His riches to be in us, a strength of character that is more His character

This strength is not human force or motivation, depending on outside circumstance or situation

This strength is not human wealth or appearance , this strength is not about what we can do at all

This strength comes from God and God alone, when we cannot do anything and the situation is out
of our control , THEN at that time we have the strength to wait on God and rely on Him


Yes Jesus can walk through walls, but can He walk through wills ?

Jesus "Will" never leave us, BUT we can leave Him

I wonder at times whether God can in fact walk through wills, I know He can but would He ?

I wonder how many things are caused simply because a person wills it ?

Have you ever noticed how you can almost feed a person to answer in a particular way?

Have you ever seen that done ? I imagine you have !!

For example I might want I might go to a person I know will give me that sympathy,
and I say " oooooooo Im going through a terribleeee timeeee, what do you think I should do about
this situation ? do you think I should do such and such ? "

Now turn this the other way around and go to a person you know is not sympathetic and try not to show
your feelings and see what they say !!

You see with God we can't do that ...can we ? we might try though.

When we are seeking an answer or we are searching for a job or whatever life situation it might be, we are often found talking to that ear that feeds us with those words we want to hear
When we are seeking life answers, we and because we want ...we will....we answer.....

We might have many voices speaking to us, some of them may well be unwelcomed, but we sift through all these voices and we listen....don't we....

(Word given...."Listen"}

Who do we listen too ? do we listen to our want, our will, our desire, our.. our.. our..

Or do I always listen to God ? do I really want Gods will ? I wonder at times whether God has a say

I wonder whether saul or absalom where listening to the right voices ?

Going back to when I started up in self employment, I had many voices speaking to me and you
would'nt believe what people were telling me..

"O I knew somone who had no pension when he retired"...."OOooo I knew someone who came off
his ladder and..." I heard about this guy who went bankrupt"

I had so many voices telling me " DON'T DO ITTTTTTTTTT"

So I did it...

PAUL knew how to be content in any circumstance or situation

He had learnt about the wilderness of seeking and refuge,
We read about Paul and Paul had learnt the secret and writes in Philippians 4:11-13
That he had learnt to be content in whatever circumstance, knowing what it was to be in need, and to have plenty. He had learnt the secret of being content in any and every situation,
Whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want and he knew that he could do all
things through the Lord who gave him strength

You see you may have a problem that faces you at this moment in time, I may have a problem that
faces me at this moment in time, I may have a wall in front of me, you may have a wall in front of you

You may have a large wave in front of you where you can no longer see Jesus but only the wave

It is'nt what is facing you at this moment in time, because there will always be another problem coming your way

There will always be another wave as the waves of problems , trials and tribulations roll in upon your life

It is'nt a temporary fix here as we are saved from one problem and the next

2 Cor. 4:17,18

Romans 8:29

ICor. 1:4

True relief comes not from temporary problems being resolved .. because like the waves
problems will always roll in

True relief comes from walking on those waves

In other words rather than looking at the problems we keep our eyes on Jesus

Well what did all this have to do with Psalm 61,62 and 63 ?

Well this is a time when David is being persued by many, He runs to God, He is forced to seek God,
he ran to the cave of Adullam, now he runs to the wilderness of Judah in Psalm 63 ,
where he speaks of rest and security under the protection of Gods wing

In Psalms 61 and 62, he speaks of his enemies of whom there were many including saul and absalom his

And finally David goes to the wilderness of Judah in Psalm 63

This is where many find and seek God, this is where David sought after God, in this quiet, lonely,
secluded place in the wilderness, where he could hear God and listen for that voice that is the still small
voice that thunders over the desert

That loud voice that changes a life and yet that still small voice that speaks only to us and us alone

Here in Psalm 63 Daivd speaks of thirst in this parched and weary land

You don't have to be in a desert wilderness to be thirsty you know, many times a nation can be a desert wilderness,... a place where those who seek God see nothing but a desert place with nothing
to feed them , this is when they look to God

(Word Given..."Gods will fulfill those desires of your heart, He hears your heart"}

Now close your eyes in see yourself in a desert wilderness. alone, quiet, there is no other place on earth
sop quiet as the deseert, no other place on earth where you can see so far, no other place on earth where
you can see the stars in such brightness.
Close your eyes and picture yourself in the desert place with just you and God

And ask this question "WHAT DO I DO NOW LORD ?"

Lord God we seek you alone in Jesus name

We seek your still small voice that echoes like thunder for everyone to hear, your loud and clear voice
that speaks deep into us and reveals things to us that we could not possibly see with our own eyes.

You lead us to the wilderness of Judah at times to seek you, that we might become more like you

That we might turn to you in times of trouble, that we might be able to see above those problems
and trials , that you might lift us up

So that we can soar like the eagle on the Ruash winds and be seen by all to soar above

Lord its not easy, life is not easy at times, you never said it would be, but we trust in you as David trusted in you

That you would lead us out of the situations and place us with you over all things and we sit by you
in heavenly places as indeed David was seated on the Throne

In Jesus name amen

Word Given....("Gods has been touching a person..He is about to do something new")