Tuesday, November 12, 2013



And so we begin a new series on the " Psalms " This message is based on Psalm 1 Psalm 1 (New International Version) 1 Blessed is the man who does not walk in the counsel of the wicked or stand in the way of sinners or sit in the seat of mockers.

 2 But his delight is in the law of the LORD, and on his law he meditates day and night

. 3 He is like a tree planted by streams of water, which yields its fruit in season and whose leaf does not wither. Whatever he does prospers.

 4 Not so the wicked! They are like chaff that the wind blows away.

 5 Therefore the wicked will not stand in the judgment, nor sinners in the assembly of the righteous

. 6 For the LORD watches over the way of the righteous, but the way of the wicked will perish.


Lord God in Jesus name we commit this time to you and help us Lord to be doers of your word in Jesus name amen



 Speak out these words to yourself and fill in the gaps with your name,

 Put your name where the ___________ - is.... I love _______ with an never ending love, I see ________ when ______ sits and stands, when _____ is alseep and when ______ is awake, I know all about ______, I know evrything, I know what ____ will do tomorrow, I know all ________ has done in the past. I love ______ as my very own Son and their is nothing that will ever separate _______ from myself, I live in ________ and I speak to _______ all the time. _______ is my child and _____ needs to know that I am God the Father who will never let _______ down.


 God calls out to all of us even when we never knew of Him , He knew of us and called us out from the world and into a new life. Some Christians say , " God does'nt speak to me " Well in fact that is a complete fallacy....

God has spoken to every Christian believer and follower and continues to do so. He calls out to everyone...all the time... Matthew 11:28 " Come to ME ..all you who are heavey laden and I will give you rest "

Who do you think this is speaking too ? Maybe we can remember a time in our lifes when God began speaking to us ? Can you remember ? Did you know it was Gods voice ? Please share how you believe God spoke to you now .



   God speaks to us all the time, but we may not always recognise His voice at first, we might recognise His voice but not listen !! We might hear Him but fail to apply what He says to us to our lifes !! I like all these different tranlations ....don't you ? So many translations these days !!

The word of God is being translated into our lifes !! God translates and makes what He is saying understandable to us. Have you ever tried to show a 2 year old how to drive ? Have you ever tried to tell a 1 year old not to eat with his or her fingers ?

But somehow God gets the message accross to us because God is the great translator, He is the great sender, the great barrier filler, He breaks down any wall, He breaks through any roof...Jesus can break through that ceiling of unbelief and heal you and me ...

 Mark 2:1-12 ) Did you know Jesus walks through walls ? He breaks through walls !!! ( Luke 24:36 ) wow..Jesus can break through that wall that you put up... Straight into your life !! woooooo If you are a Christian you will know that God spoke to you before you were saved...you may not have recognised His voice at the time..the same as the sheep in the field need time to get used to the masters voice..

 The shepherd actually forms a relationship with the sheep...don't forget the Shepherd has to be watching over the flock all the time !! even at night He protects against wolves and predators . The Shepherd knows every sheep in his flock and counts them constantly to make sure none have gone astray.

The Shepherd speaks to the sheep and directs them, tends to them and feeds them. The sheep learn to recognise the shepherds voice over time and will always stay together for protection and comfort. And so there you were many years ago !! and God began talking to you !!

 He began to draw you out from the world....to separate you...to make you His Child !!! adopted into His family ... A Child of the Living God.. Father God may have been speaking to you over many years, He may have shouted into your ears and jumped in front of your very eyes, He may have knocked so loudly at the door of your heart that all heaven would have heard.

 But at this time you were hardened, you were not ready ...you had closed eyes and closed ears, closed hearts and closed understanding. And after some time God still did'nt give up...did HE ? In fact He is still knocking at the hearts of some now who profess to be His ...

 God NEVER GIVES UP....He never rests..


Then at some point we felt the tugging of God ..the Holy Spirit gently stirring inside, speaking ever so softly..."come to me"... We talked to God ..we asked Jesus into our lifes and hearts !! We responded to God, we acted, we responded, we reacted, we spoke back...

We became a Psalmists... WOW..do you realise why heaven rejoices and erupts into praise at this time ? When someone gives their lifes to Jesus ? "WOOOOOO FINALLY THIS CHILD HAD HEARD YAYAYAYAYAYAYY THE CHILD HAS RESPONDED..AT LASTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" oooo parents its frustrating is'nt it ? when you keep on calling to a child ? and the child doesn't repond ? grrrrrr...why does'nt my child listen ?

Why does'nt my child understand ? why does'nt my child hear me ? Why does my child not listen to me ? why does my child do these things ? " COME HEAR NOWWWWW...ARE YOU LISTENINGGGG TO ME " How many times have I heard a parent say that ? How will I ever break through this wall ?

How will I ever break through this roof ? WILL MY CHILD EVER LISTEN ? " Is it any wonder heaven rejoices ? when finally a heart hears and reponds ? When we begin a relationship ? when we begin to speak back..? OOO is'nt it good when a child learns to speak ? When the child utters his or her first words ? Can you imagine God the Father reaching down and listening tenderly ? Can you imagine the smile on His face when finally after so long His child begins to respond back ?

O He must be so full of joy and love for you... MY CHILD IS SPEAKING BACK TO ME !!! MY CHILD CAN HEAR MY VOICE AND MY CHILD IS LISTENING TO ME !! Now will my child follow me ? " Come to me ...walk to me..come...." Can you imagine Father God watching as you learn to walk ? As you take your first steps ? "ooooo don't stumble...I will pick you up again ...there ..there ...don't cry, let me pick you up and show you my love and lets try again "

Don't forget as a new Christian you are born again !! You are born again !! a new life has begun !! Its like starting all over again, re learning, unlearning... We pick up a lot of information over the years that might conflict with Gods Kingdom and ways ...so we might have to unlearn, we slowly over time have our minds transformed, our attitudes....become beatitudes..

Our ways become Gods ways...O its like being in a whole new family. You have to learn how to listen again ! How to talk again ! How to walk again ! This is one thing we can focus on in cell groups this month... How do we learn to talk to Father God ? How do we learn to listen to God the Father ? How do we learn to follow God the Father ( His will ) ? Lets discuss this now and continue to meditate upon this during the coming month. Discuss ?


 Remember..take this with you and chew on this ( as the message tranlation says "The Message says " Psalm 1:2-3 Instead you thrill to God's Word, you chew on Scripture day and night. "

Take these thoughts with you and meditate on them ...write down these three things and use them as this months chewing . 1. How do we learn to talk to Father God ? 2. How do we learn to listen to God the Father ? 3. How do we learn to follow God the Father ( His will ) ?



Now we come to the psalms, now we come to the response of our hearts to God As God speaks to us , so we respond back to Him..as God moves us inside and stirs us...we respond back.

This is a psalm basically...we are all psalmists...we all have a new song in our hearts !! we all hear Gods voice.even though we might not recognise Gods voice !! How many times have I spoken to my daughter and she has'nt heard ? How many times might you have to repeat the same thing over and over again ?

As time goes on ...sometimes after many years finally she hears .... Finally she realises what I was saying and she begins to listen....

We can be like this as new born Christians...we can be like this even if we have been Christians for many years becasue we can switch off...we can begin to think that we have " made it " ...we become " TEENAGERs "

We can at any point in our Christian walk simply " switch off " We can begin to " stop listening " But back to relationship and communication. Do you think God loves Jesus more than He does you ? Jesus is Gods Son and we are adopted into His family ...

Do you think God speaks more to me than He does to you ? Do you think God pays more attention to me than He does to you ? Do you think He gives me more attention ? Do you think He thinks more of me than He does you ? OF COURSE NOT !! Would you pay more attention to one of your children than to the others ?

All children are different ...are'nt they ? Some may have special needs ? Some may listen more ? some may be abnoxious !! some may want more attention ! Some may not seem to need any attention ! some may be completely in a world of their own ! But when you talk to them ..some listen ...some don't...some respond...some don't...? Now lets respond

And ask that as God speaks into our lifes and hearts ( as He always does ) that we will listen and respond and as we respond so we learn to take a step forward and learn to walk and follow Him and as we learn to follow Him so too we learn His will for our lifes. Lets pray...lets pray altogether at once and ask that we would know how to talk and walk and follow and know His will.... Pray now...type your prayers



During the coming week listen to God and write down what He says to " YOU " next week when we meet you can bring this as a testimony !! Over the coming month listen to what God is saying to you and share what God has been saying !! as we meet each week...

He may speak to you in very simple ways, through simple things you see around you, He may speak to you through other people, He may speak to you directly, you might have a vision, a dream, a picture, you may just hear His quiet voice inside, He might speak through circumstances and situations,

Whatever way God speaks to you write it down , always write it down, don't forget that when God speaks this is " God Himself..creator of heaven and earth speaking to you " In the future you can look at the things you have written down and see how God has spoken to you. You might even have a message for someone else...



  One day I might have a job for my children to do, I might prepare what I want them to do, even though I could do it myself quite easily...I decide that I want my children to learn and grow and have relationship and to share in what I am doing..

So I prepare some watering cans and take them out into the garden and I fill their small watering cans with water and I show them how to water the plants. Some children simply stand their and are not really sure what they are doing.. Some throw the water around having great fun and splish splash all over.. Some take their time and very carefully and thoughtfully water the plants with great care and attention. We have a great time together watering the plants....

 I could have done it myself ..but I chose to share with my children.... Ephesians 2:10 (New International Version) 10For we are God's workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.



We are all psalmists as David was, responding back to God by talking to Him, by responding to Him, He gives us a new song in our hearts and we sing this new song back to Him, we pray, talk, sing, praise , worship.

By writing down those things that God speaks to you about you are doing as David did, when you talk to God you are doing as David did, when you praise God you are doing as David did, when you dance before God you are doing as David did.

Lets put this message into practical application and over the coming weeks amd month listen to God , if you cannot hear God speak ...becasue you are just re born and everything seems strange and you have all these new things around you and strange sounds and images then " don't worry " this is quite normal "

But simply except that God is speaking to you...as He speaks to all of us, and ask God to help you to recognise Him when He speaks, to hear that still small voice, to be ready to hear.

And for those who have been Christians for many years. let that not be a wall ...let not the "teenager" barrier...stop us from hearing God, let the selective hearing become a knowledge of a real and living God who speaks to us all the time.

Take these things with you and put them into practical aplication during the coming weeks. 1. How do we learn to talk to Father God ? 2. How do we learn to listen to God the Father ? 3. How do we learn to follow God the Father ( His will ) ? 4. Listen to God...write down what God says to " YOU "..share what God says to you. during the coming week and month.


Lord God in Jesus name thankyou that we are adopted into your family and help us Lord to know that we are accepted and loved in Jesus name amen