Friday, November 23, 2012

John 3:15,Study 26,The Titanic

John 3:15,Study 26,The Titanic

(Based on Psalm 107)

The Titanic

(Focus on - John 3:15 - that everyone who believes in him may have eternal life.)

The Titanic as we know was made 'Not to sink' it could never sink and the proud owners and
designers boasted about this grand vessel

But as we know this fine vessel had flaws and weaknesses and  peoples lifes on that ship came
to a tragic end

The same can be said for the Christian believer who can walk on water  and never sink

And it is evident that many believers have shipwrecked their faith

But what does "shipwrecked mean ?" well it means to be smashed up on the rocks and to never
sail again, it means to be unusable, to be in a state of "misuse"

Lets look at a few scriptures pertaining to this

1 Timothy 1:19

Paul speaks of the  false doctrine that Hymenaeus began to teach in  2 Timothy 2:17

And how it spread like 'gangrene' or like a 'cancer' (in some translations)

These people, Paul mentions as being handed over by him to satan to be 'taught' in
1 Timothy 1:20

 We also see Alexander causing "much" injury to the Apostle Paul in 2 Timothy 4:14

And this is where the Judgement of God falls firstly to believers in Romans 2:6 being
accountable fpr words spoken that spread amongst the body and cause harm, like the water
invading the ship and the various compartments causing it to sink slowly into the water and becoming
useless to use and of no value to anyone

Now we are focusing on the scripture of John 3:15 here, where many believe that 'once saved..
always saved' and here many forget the ongoing walk and voyage

You see this is not something that people plan to happen, its something very deceptive

It creeps up on a person very slowly and can draw them into a "pushing away" of the Truth

That very "lighthouse" that saved them can be ignored and to their or my peril

funny enough  "Lighthouse" kept being mentioned this weekend ...on what some people call
"the day of rest" or sunday

An illustration of a "lighthouse was used" anyway (another coincidence maybe)

But being shipwrecked can happene to anyone ! it does happen and will happen...

So many want to hear what the want to hear and actually decieve themselves in the end

The pushing away of the Truth to facilitate my own "wants"

My wants being those things "I want to believe" Psalm 23:1

And so we end this voyage in Psalm 107 I do not speak the words that people want to hear,
rather I speak the words that people do not always want to hear

Yes the Holy Spirit encourages, but the Holy Spirit of God also instructs 2 Timothy 3:16

You see , Psalm 107 is about certain "types" of people on a "voyage" of life and we know that
this relates and pertains to the "wilderness journey" and into the prmised land and onto the exile and
return to rebuild the walls that had broken down and we know that many fell by the wayside in this

Being shipwrecked is not something we wake up one morning and say "O today I'm going to
begin to push to truth of God away and instead I'm going to preach and teach in error that will
also lead others away from the truth"

It does'nt happen like that ...its very subtle...its like an ivy growing up the side of a wall and it
looks lovely to begin with until it grows up into the eves and rafters and begins to blot out the light
and begins to envelope the entire house

Now lest whizz to  1 Corinthians 10:12 and here we are like the titanic , standing strong as if nothing
can touch us , Romans 8:31 forgetting that the entire world can be against us BUT Jesus has
overcome the world John 16:33

Note what it declares in 1 Corinthians 10:12 and Proverbs 16:18

So, if you think you are standing firm, be careful that you don't fall!

and so in this first part of study 26 of Psalm 107 we ask

"Of what use is a Shipwreck ?"