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Liberated Aliens - Psalm 105 - Study 6

Liberated Aliens - Psalm 105 - Study 6


When I worked beside other "Likeminded individuals" many years ago, there was one young guy who I got on with quite well, not because of his beliefs but because he had a good heart

Now this guy was slightly misled in certain areas and I would tease him

Conversation replay

Man in black: "Cough , splutter, Attttcchhoooooo"

I say : "You have a cold there"

Man in black: "No I haven,t"

I say : "Yeah you def have a cold mate"

Man in black: "Nope I have not got a cold ...I rebuke it in Jesus name... I have not got a cold"

I say : "It must be one of those new strains errr what they call it ? the "Atchhoo virus"

"You know sometimes God allows these things for a reason , it might well be to flush something out of your system ?"

Man in black: "I HAVE'NT GOT A COLD....................attchhhooo....cough"

Office workers : "Has he got a cold ? "

I say : "No he has'nt, he told me so , and well he would'nt lie would he ? "

And so the next day the "man in black" took the day off and when he arrived back at work I queried him about his day off

Man in black: "Yes I had a day off to get nearer to God"

I say : "Oooo right, ok, So hows your cold ?"

Man in black: "What cold ? ...cough"

I say : "I know a joke about the egyptians want to hear it ?"

"Question : Where did the Egyptians end up ? ...Answer: In Denial"

And so it went on

Well there came a time when this young "man in black" had to move to another country and we said goodbye as we were good friends and after I got married I had a parcel in with all the wedding gifts from "The Man In Black" and my wife and I opened this strange parcel


And it was the "Man In Blacks" final "GOTCHA"

It turned out to be a couple of ceramic Egyptian gods that were to guard our house

Well I laughed and laughed, "oooo you wait till I get him"

These egyptian temple gods spent their remaining years outside the house in the back garden guarding the vegetables until finally they disintegrated

One being mauled by a dog and the other being hit by a stray stone


And so no sooner have I stepped out of that oppression of the Nile that I step into De Nial

Deceitful is'nt it ? I wonder where this deception comes from ?

Could I have brought it with me ?

You see no sooner have I walked into the "Light" being Guided by "The Light" and having things
brought to the surface in my life being exposed by "The Light"

Then I might pick up this DeNial

"OOoooo how clever"

Yes I believe in the gifts, yes I walk in the gifts, yes I believe in the raising of the dead,

Yes I rebuke certain things, and in my language its "Be Gone In Jesus Name"

But many times while telling something to " be gone" I realise that there may be a lesson in it"

I realise that maybe no matter how hard I pray that cold , stomach bug, Flu or illness may
simply be God telling me to slow down or may actually have another lesson within it

You know Ive never heard a Christian yet say "I rebuke you death in Jesus name "

Ooo don't be so silly... why would you rebuke death ?

But all these things came with the fall and yes God wants us to be healthy and yes sickness
was never intended but then neither was death yet we are all going to die

We were never meant to die, this was not the original created purpose of God

Which is why we find it hard ourselves to come to terms with death because we were never meant
to face such a thing

But once I realise that this life now is only a tiny part of a great scheme, once I realise that this
life now is only a training and testing ground

Once I realise that what I do now has eternal meaning and eternal significance !



And so I walk from the Nile to DeNial

No sooner have I walked into the glorious Light then I not only say "I rebuke you ............"

But I deny to myself that it even exists in the vain hope that mind over matter might prevail ...

Wow it sounds really good , but thats just it, its done for appearance

Now what happens when I take that DeNial and apply it to other things ?

"Woo what ? I have a habit that the Holy Spirit wants me to put right ? "

"Ummm O Im tempted here....shall I do the same thing ?

Yes one will know about it ...will they ?

okayyyy "I have not got that habit ...I deny you"

Ooops, you see how it worked ?

thats what happens when you walk out of scripture



You see its all about "Appearances" (NOT)

I remember quite clearly when my new dad (of the new Christian Family) who took me on

Mentioned to me many years ago about............"Smoking"

OOoooo I was good.......I knew my scripture...........I came straight out with

"For there is no condemnation for those who belong to the Lord Jesus Christ"


But when the time came I did put down that habit, not because of what people said or thought

But one day I just said "I don't want you anymore, your not a friend"

I did the same DeNial thing routine with many things throughout the 30 odd years

Well it was the only way I could still continue doing them you see

But you know these things kept reappearing, nag nag nag...

And thank goodness they did

Now do you want to know the scriptures I put up against my "becoming a member of the
Church? "

No I won't bore you

And Ooooo baptism that was ummm ten years was it ?

Funny thing was as soon as I became a member of the Church after some five years of dispute
(mainly with myself I hasten to add)

The Church dispanded all its members, well you know I was a member for one week !

For goodness sake all that arguing and debating and disputing and wrestling and .........ONE WEEK !

Serves me right

Soon after that I was led to another Church where I met my wife to be



This is so right that no one person is an island and that we are all part of a family and a wider
family which is the Church

We all know that when we meet with more than two or three then God is there, yes thats right

But actually no , God is there with me when I am not with two or three, because its when two or
three are in agreement and if this agreement lines up with the Holy Spirit then it is done

Some may not be able to attend Church for whatever reason, some may use other means, some
may meet in house groups, in homes, some being disabled, some living in places in the world where
a Church is not found, some being in remote places, some being in a village where only one
Church is found and that Church does not except them

Some being in families who are not believers, some being single people who have relational
difficulties and so it goes on

And we except that although it is good to meet with other Christians and I myself recommend it..
within a congregational setting eg: Building....this building can take many shapes and forms

It is not always black and white



Well the early Church Community met in each others homes and this was the early Church

They all knew each other and became of one heart and mind

Would'nt it be so good if we had that kind of community now ?

Where no person would be an island because the entire Christian community would look after the
widows and the orphans and those without homes would be given homes and each saw his possessions
as belonging to God ?

This is where the "Deacons" came in to assist in the daily distribution of food as well



I kept getting the word "beautiful" yesterday long before I began looking into this

Do you know what the names Ananias And Sapphira mean ?

Yes Sapphira is "Beautiful"

Ananias is “Jehovah is gracious,”

Do you remember in scripture someone else who was beautiful ? before the fall ?

But well what happens when you are living in the flesh and you are striving to copy others ?

You know the disciples at this time were giving all they had, they sold their belongings to give to the needy

In this community everyone knew everyone and poverty was poverty

Barnabas even sold his field
Acts 4:36

So different to the society in which we live today where there is so much mistrust and where people
are deceiving others for gain !

But don't forget that these are the last days as the last days began at Pentecost

And so I am to make those things that God shows me that are hindering my relationship into the
last days so that they dissappear and do not go with me

And so Ananias And Sapphira copied the others

Its what you call a "counterfeit"

It looks the same in the appearance

OOooo we must keep up appearances....must'nt we ? what will the neighbours think ?

So this Island couple gave .....But to give all ? crept in

Acts 5:1, 2
After all who was to know ? right ?

And so the appearance of Godliness was more to them

2 Timothy 3:5

having a form of godliness but denying its power. Have nothing to do with them.

Now this may have overflowed within the marriage where an outward appearance was concidered
of more importance

You know when someone calls you a hypocrite, watch that person, because the mere fact that
they are pointing the finger at others takes the finger off them

I wonder at times "Would I behave at Church the same as I behave at work ?

Would I take my behaviour and words that I have at work to Church with me ?

If my answer is "No" then I need to look at what Church is !

Because I am part of the Church whether I am in the building or not

Practical Application in my life


I am to rebuke anything that might seek to bring me down, but to remember that nethertheless it does not mean I am above being a mortal man and in seeking to know Gods healing in life I must not deny myself that healing........ but also I must realise that at times my health may fail me and that I must not deny this fact....For how can God heal me if I deny that I need healing ?


I must be honest with God as He knows me inside out and knows nmore about me than I will ever know also that He knows the words on my lips before I ever utter be honest as speaking from the heart , as He knows my heart and not to speak to Him as if to avoid certain things and to be honest with myself


I must realise that I am the Church, part of the Body Of Christ whether I am with others or not and that all is seen by the all seeing God


Let anything that is not of You Lord fall to the ground In Jesus Name amen