Friday, November 23, 2012

Luke 10:27, Study 25, Salvation and Relationship

Luke 10:27, Study 25, Salvation and Relationship

Relational and salvational

Now I want to explore the relationship side of things and the salvational

And in this time of looking at Psalm 107 we have briefly glimpsed and looked at certain aspects
and picked at certain points as we have continued onto "what is now study 25"

Even though it may seem like a lot of studies just for one Psalm, we have only skipped
over the surface of things and as we glimpse at the water we see small glimpses of what lurks under the surface

And so here as we look to Psalm 107 we take a look at Nehemiah and specifically Nehemiah 5 at this point because as we have seen Psalm 107 is about the exile and the return of Gods people

Now I want to ask a question at this point and the question is "when were these people......Gods  people ?"

In other words were they Gods children before the exile ? while in exile ? or after the exile ?

It seems that this relational conditional walk led them into all kinds of trouble 1 Peter 2:13 during the wilderness journey and also into blessings and all through this walk God was still in control as being "Supreme" in that the was a "beginning" and an "end" to the walk

Whatever happened inbetween was really up to Gods people but Gods ultimate final destiny for His Children was to lead them to the land that He had promised and we know that God keeps His promises

So many fell in the wilderness being bitten and seeming to die yet we also know that death is  only a passing thing like a passing from one place to another

A transitional stage or a Cross roads

We shall never know what happened to those people after the temporary dwelling called the "body" had passed away

But we do know that many fell and yet many continued on and yet we also know that those who came to the borders of the promised land never entered it they were unable to enter

We know that the next generation entered

So we see that it was a bit like a "transitional stage or a Cross roads"

Walking On the Water

So as we walk on the water we see that relationship does not always tie in directly with salvation

Now in a moment close your eyes and picture yourself walking on the sea

As your walking on the water look down and try to picture what you might see

It may only be a dim reflection as the water glistens in the deepeness of the sea

so now close your eyes and make the picture in your mind

What did you see ?

Did you see everything beneath the water ?

Or did you only see the things that swam up to the surface ?

This is exactly what the Holy Spirit does...He draws up things to the surface to show us

We don't see the whole picture , we simply see the things that come to the surface

Now read Nehemiah 5 again

What do you see ?

You see those things that are a result of or external working of that which lurks beneath the

Again when you read Gods Word you see everything ?

Or only the external and those things that the Holy Spirit draws up ?

So now we continue reading Gods Word with that in mind

As we take a small glimpse at the substance of faith and the evidence of those things that
had not been seen ...until now  Hebrews 11:1

Reading through Nehemiah 5 we see that  we are merely skipping  over the surface of things

The Holy Spirit is simply drawing out of that water what He wants us to focus on

No doubt we might hear 5-100 sermons and preaches based on Nehemiah 5 in our lifetimes

I imagine each sermon may draw out something different or focus from a different angle

With this we are merely walking over the surface of the water and seeing things at they float
to the surface



Now at this point lets jump over the the story of the progical son and later onto "Judas Iscariot"
and you might say

"What has the prodigal Son got to do with anything ? "

Well it has everyhting to do with this

Here we have the prodigal sons returning from exile and rebuilding

You might say "I knowwww  the story of the prodigal sonnnnn"

No you don't....nor do I

We are merely walking over the surface of things and learning an example and lesson that the
Holy Spirit wants to draw our attention too

Tell me you scoot over the surface of this story....

1. The name of the prodigals sons father? Matthew 6:9

2. What was the last meal the family had together and where was the mother ? Psalm 139:2

3. What was going through the sons mind as he walked away ? Psalm 94:11

4. Before the world was formed and the prodigal son ever came to be , what had God in mind ?
Jeremiah 1:5

5. Was the son predestined to walk this way ? and was he saved before - then or after he walked
away ?

6. what was happening in other parts of the world when this happened ?

You see we do not know much at all

There are times when we may only see that which God chooses to show us , as He draws up
certain things from the waters by revelation


I might say "well it actually happened to me and I knowwww what its like"

I have lived many scriptures mysellffff"

No you haven't,

What you experienced in living through a scripture is unique only to you

Someone else may have had a different experience and the final outcome may have
been different


And so the prodigal wanted his money NOW

Nehemiah kind of reflects whats happening in society now ...does'nt it !

Kind of glistens on the surface but kind of murky underneath

Lord You have my heart

All through the history of the jewish nation and indeed going onto the new testament and the
grafting in of all who come to Jesus, we see a fall away and a seeking , as hearts come and go
, in and out of relationship

Here in Nehemiah 5 as the nobles and officals seek to make their accounts and future secure

We see that their relationship with God  is made insecure

As I seek now today the securities of the temporal world instead of God or as well as God, I in
turn can begin to form a barrier in my relationship as other things creep into my world and
the thorns begin to grow in my life or the weeds begin to choke my heart and I know that
Weeds love good clean soil 

The one day I repent and draw nearer to God and give Him those things

I seem to be in a relationship  here,in the same way as the prodigal son was in relationship
with the Father

I wonder if the prodigal son was always in good relations with his father ?

You might say "umm  this is just a parable ?..its not a true story ?"

Yes it is, its been re enacted a million times in the lifes of people

As people go in and out of relationships with their parents or loved ones

And as they return back to God being that they came from God, whether they be lost coins
or lost sheep

I wonder when the prodigal left home or will in the future tense, if he is still a son ?

Can anyone say when a person is saved ? it after praying the sinners prayer ?

Or is it and was it before the world was formed ?

Did the relationship begin after salvation ? ...or did it begin many years before when God first
began speaking and calling to His Child ?

You could say that every living thing is in a "type" of relationship with God

Now I want to end this particular study in the same way as it began

With the words of the video displayed "Lord You have my heart and I will search for Yours"

Listen today ....."Lord You have my heart and I will search for Yours"