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Luke 14:28 ,Study 19, I walk The Line,

Luke 14:28 ,Study 19, I walk The Line,

I was gojng to begin with a video called "the name of the Lord is a strong tower" but yet watch this

And so we continue in the series in Psalm 107 by looking at Nehemiah 3 and we reflect on the journey
so far and remind oursleves that Psalm 107 is about the four types of people or the "four soils"
if you like Luke 8:4-21 and how we can build our lifes on different soils and how different soils
( hearts) react

And also Psalm 107 is about the "types" and what happened to them and how Psalm 107 is
about the exile to babylon and the return of the exiled ones to rebuild the walls

Now we continue by looking at Nehemiah 3




Now we come to the fishgate in Nehemiah 3:3 again and once more this can be seen as the "tower"
we build on and in our daily walk with Jesus

This tower which is mentioned in previous posts and is in Luke 14:28, and as mentioned before
this tower is for watching and looking and defending against attack but was also used for prayer
and meditation during times of silence

Now as we go through Nehemiah 3 and we come to Nehemiah 3:3 we enter through the "fishgate"

And you see how these images represent different things in our minds ?

You see you can take that metaphor (which is a picture with many meanings) and you can see
those towers between the gates as the pillars of strength and you can see Jesus as the High tower
but you can also see the Gate as Jesus and yet we can build that tower and be part of the

Yet at the same time we can also walk through the Gate and in so doing we are taking a picture
and changing scenes and looking at the same metaphor in different ways

Now the faishgate we we glimpsed at earlier , this gate that was used to transport fish from
the sea maybe from the sea of galilee or elsewhere

Now we see that this second gate construction is after the "sheepgate" and now we are "saved"
through the blood of Jesus and have entered through the narrow gate in Nehemiah 3:1

Matthew 7:13 Notice this is once again taking s to Matthew 7

So now we are saved yet we begin to fish for the souls of men and again we build our daily
wall, not that our works saved us, for we are already saved, but that we listen and watch from the tower and
do as the Commander says, Remember that our tower has already fallen a few times so don't

So we fish for the souls of men Matthew 4:19 2 Timothy 4:2 Matthew 28:16-20

This being not just fishing for the souls of those lost but also fishing for those who are misled
or are falling away, in other words Genesis 4:9   
The Old Gate Nehemiah 3:6

And so we come to the "Old Gate" next and we see that all these gates are under construction
and that so many things happen to us at salvation

You know its hard to find a word that best describes the time when we first believed

Being that God knew before we were born that we were His and set us apart for His purposes

To begin to rebuild our lifes once the walls had been broken down

Not that God broke the walls down but rather He waited patiently calling out to us even though
we did'nt know Him or His name

The relationship began before time itself as far as God was concerned yet with us it began at
this time we call "salvation" yet our salvation as the video above exclaims is not set to a date or
a time but is a continuing day by day walking in faith taking one day at a time

Therefore as previously mentioned we do not "worry" about tomorrow and we do not "judge"

Yet we do both things each day preparing for the next day or week or month or year yet
putting things into His hands as well and using our judgement as we rebuilt the wall

What name might we call the time when we were saved ? being that we are "being saved"

What title shall we give "conversion" being that we are "being converted"

The only word I can think of that comes anywhere near the correct title is = "born again"

Yet that very title is about a "new born" growing up in a new family

All these things have ongoing connotations

And this is the "Old Gate" or the old man if you like, being regenerated or rebuilt

The old man being regenerated by the Holy Spirit and being in Jesus setting the locks and bars

So this is where we venture through the "Old Gate" putting off the old Romans 6:6 and wearing
the new Galatians 2:20 Galatians 5:24

Some might see this as the time when they are "baptised" and die to the old and become alive
to the new, but this again has no time barrier and cannot be assigned to a "time" or a day
Luke 9:23 as we put off daily those things that hold us down and the sin that entangles
Hebrews 12:1

Hebrews 9:28 Does this mean that the old gate has done away with sin once and for all in our
lifes and that we can no longer sin ? no - 1 John 1:9   

The valley Gate is next which lines up with the four types of wanderers in Psalm 107

The valley gate here in Nehemiah 3:13 is about the valleys of searching or the wanderings

1. And we know that when we dig deep into Gods word we find the well Genesis 26:19

2. We know that when we go through the valley of the shadow that we learn the most and use
the knowledge found in the future

Not that the knowledge gained is just "head knowledge" or theology , no far from it because
when we go through the valley we experience and sometimes "put into practice" that head
knowledge and only then begin to live it out

3. Digging deep takes us to Gods will and not ours, here we find the foundations to build on

The valley Gate is an important part of the ongoing walk in the Christian life

And being doers of the word in the valley means that the Holy Spirit will lead us on

In this is the renewing of the mind by being in the valley of death having walked through the
"old Gate" we have died to ourselves , yet we continue to die to ourselves daily Romans 12:1

In this we walk through the valley Gate and beging to experience the doing of the Word   


Now the accuser of the brothers comes and tries to snatch away causing us to stumble
only to be picked up again by Jesus

All of us are being made perfect and none of us are yet perfected Philippians 3:12

Though we have walked through the sheepsgate and we now know Jesus the Son of God and
we are learning to hear His voice and to "judge" and to distinguish it amongst all the other

Though we have walked through the "fishgate" and we are used to be a Light to those around

Though we have walked through the Old Gate and died to self and become alive to the new

And though we have come through the valley gate to begin to walk in His ways

We are yet to be made complete and are looking onto the goal as the race is yet to be finished

And so we come to the "Dung Gate" in Nehemiah 3:14 and through this gate all the rubbish
and decaying matter, the "rubbish" was taken away and burnt outside the city walls in the
place called "Gehenna" or the valley of Hinnom and this is where the term comes from when
describing "hell"

This is the gate for the dumper trucks to dispose of the cities waste

In this we have a continual dumping of rubbish in our lifes in order to have our lifes and hearts
and minds cleansed and renewed and made clean.....washed and purified

As as the rubbish is collected so the new can replace Philippians 3:8   

The Fountain Gate Nehemiah 3:15

Now Gods Word directs us to the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit directs us the the Word both are
intertwined however I can neither know The Word or the "power" Matthew 22:29

I can no The Word but not know the power 2 Timothy 3:5 of it and in myself I can make the
Word suit my life and read into scripture that which suits me (as we see with the pharisees)

I can know scripture without knowing the "Word" who is God (an example is satan and we know
this by glancing at such scripture as "Genesis where satan uses the word to twist the mind Or
in the temptation where satan speaks the very word To The Word who is Christ)

Until I walk through the fountain gate of life I will never know the true power of the Christian
life and I can and have or may walk as the others as sheep and graze on those pastures but
only until I and I may have gone so far but no further and somehow stopped at a certain point

Mabe it was because of the last gate where the valley Gate seemed to deep and I could'nt see
over to the other side for a long time maybe even years and at that point I let go of my lifting
my eyes to the hills Psalm 121:1 or maybe all the garbage in my life has not been taken out of
Dung Gate and Ive just got bogged down with all my troubles and woes

Maybe I feel as though the wall has been broken down to many times and I just want to give up
and stop trying and at this point mabe God can do something as I let go of my own desires and
"what I think " and begin to look at the "Word" and what God says

Maybe I haven't let go of everything and maybe Im toing and froing in and out of the "Old Gate"
" ahhhh but you say "I have been baptised"

Well yes but as mentioned before "baptism is only an outword sign of an inward change"

The same as those gates are an outward example of an inward working, but even so I can
choose to work back out, for example I might have lots of dancing awards and medals,
(I haven't by the way) and those medals may be good to look at and they might be an outward
example to people of what I did many many years ago, but what if I do not dance anymore ?

What if they are just medals and no longer worked at in my life?

I might have a wedding ring as an outward sign of an inward committment and love but what
good is it on my finger unless it is an outworking thing in my life ?

I might have an old dusty bible on the shelf and might call myself a Christian but what good is
this outward sign unless I pick up the bible, read it, apply it and work it out ?

Im not demeaning "baptism" or making it as if it has no meaning , in fact it has great power
and worth as we walk through that "Old Gate" and into our new way of living

But what I am saying is that we can at times walk back out again and at any stage stop putting out
the garbage through the "dung gate"

And what of those who are "ravenous wolves ?" Matthew 7:15 do you think they are easily
spotted ? have they not gone through the same "baptism ?" (Old Gate)

And so we enter through the "Fountian Gate" and we find the "Power" of God

This fountain gate situated near the pool of siloam John 9:7 which gives sight to the blind here
in John chapter nine, those that walk like others but are yet to know the "Power" of the Word

Who once having their eyes washed can see and know that power and now they can not just
see the power of God but know it and Him

This "Fountain Gate" the Gate through which streams of power does or will or shall flow
streams of living water John 7:38   



1. Can I relate to any of these gates in my life ? which gates have I walked through ?

2. Did the Gates appear by themselves or did I have to be one of the builders ?

3. As Jesus is the Cornerstone of the gateway how might I listen to Him and begin to build ?

4. Have I stopped building and if so in which Gateway did I reverse ?