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Luke 6:37,Study 17, Jack And Jill,

Luke 6:37,Study 17, Jack And Jill,


And the boomerang judgement returns upon those who profess Jesus yet worship another

Proverbs 26:11 OOOooooo the same thing returns again and again ,

And this reflects the plank judgement we looked at earlier where I see something in someone
and I do not like what I see because that something may well be in me as well

How dare they display the same things as I see in me !

And going back to the exiled now returning back to God in this "next generation"

We see that some once more bgan to intermarry and became unequally yoked with those
who worshipped other gods and they began to take on the practices of those they had partnered

Now once more the warning of the past and the applications of the present and the implications
of the future were upon those who had disunited themselves to their "First Love"

And yet another boomerang judgement comes to us from the times when we may not see
soemthing in ourselves yet we impose this judgement on others

And I might seek to tie knots around someone or a group of people and bind them

You know satan may not be the only personage I bind !

And I see something and I aim it at myself and I say "I AM USELESSSSSS"

When I do this I am also aiming at my saviour as He is in me

When I do this I am also aiming at others who have Jesus in them

I do not simply go against that which Jesus tells me and His Word but I speak also about
those who also have Jesus in them

We see that when the congregation spoke against Moses on the first wilderness journey that they
also spoke against God Himself

And so when I speak against myself I am speaking against the One who made me


And so there are all kinds and types of judgement that we use in everyday life

In Luke 6:44 we judge a person by their fruit and we are to test everything in 1 Thessalonians 5:21

Judging is the weighing up of the scales and making the right moves forward and in this wisdom
makes a pathway ahead 1 Corinthians 14:29

In this discerment which in itself is a gift we evaluate and "weigh up" moving on towards the
goal which is set before us 1 John 4:1

Whether we call it "testing" or "discernment" or "judging" or "correction" or "rebuking"

All these things and many more revolve around the word "Judgement"

All these things are done with a mixture and mixing together of Gods love,fruit, patience and
understanding. Luke 12:57

We must use judgement in whatever form to see beyond the surface of things 2 Corinthians 10:7

In fact the Word says that we are to judge in John 7:24 but to judge in the correct way

And we may ask why are we getting conflicting scriptures here ? 1 Corinthians 4:5

Well its simple really

Remember that the very Word is suitable for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training
and we find this in 2 Timothy 3:16 and this very word that is Gods Word has within it
the resounding echoes of the sword that divides flesh from bone and heart motives and judges
mens motives

Paul while in prison or under house arrest submitting himself to the authorities but placing all things
under God and submitting his situations to God rebuked the Churches and corrected false teachings

So that others may not be misled, but he did it in a way that was mixed with wisdom, faith, understanding
and patience and most of all the greatest commandment "Love"

And so in this we look at Matthew 7 "Do not judge unless you are judged"

This judgement is the "plank" where I am seeing once blind but are yet to be able to see more
due to my shortsightedness caused by my own faults getting in the way and tripping me up

I can be like a clanging cymbal without the Holy Spirit

"Do not judge lest you be judged " is the stone being thrown as Jesus writes in the sand

In other words "it is not the judging but the way it is done and the spirit or Spirit behind it"


Now here I'm focusing on Matthew 7 and relating it too the judgement of God upon those who
walk away from God and in this are exiled to the very pagan nations they yoked themsleves to

Now after this 70 year exile the chosen ones of God being the next generation are taken in this
third wave of revival back to Jerusalem and here I'm relating a picture of Nehemiah as he looks
upon the devastation caused by the boomerang judgement, this being a judgement of God but
really a result of the peoples refusal to listen and to obey and in this rebellion 1 Samuel 15:23
being cast out of Gods prescence Genesis 3:23

In other words they being cast out of fellowship and communion with Him

In the same way the chosen ones of Israel (relating it to me now) are exiled

In other words God gives me over to my own desires and these desires cause a wall to form
between me and God, being a wall of sin

And so now Nehemiah walks among the ruins and surveys the devastation caused by my
own desire


And now before we go further on in Matthew 7 and to the fruit which we looked at in relation
to "judgement" In Matthew 7:16 and how I should use judgement with a mixture of fruit

And before we go on to look after that at Matthew 7:24 which is the wise and foolish builders,
which again relates to this study , I want to backtrack to Matthew 6 and to treasures stored in

Now in my own self righteous judgement where I try to look better than someone else and pull
others down in the process I can be very much like those in Matthew 6

Where the plank I see in others has not been dealt with in my own life and rather than dealing
with my speck in the eye so that I can see more clearly, I have this plank actually causing me
more problems, in fact it can harm me very much and cause more hurt to me and not just to
other people

Here in Matthew 6 we see the hypocrite self (which is the plank or sin)

Now notice the Lords prayer here in Matthew 6:13

And it goes on to mention Matthew 6:22 serving two masters

This is for me as a Christian ! Jesus is speaking to me here

Thenwe go onto Matthew 6:25 and this is where we shall sit for a while and think about


And so we continue seeing the picture of Nehemaih as he surveys the ruins of that daily wall

Matthew 7:24

And time and time again we might find our hopes and dreams shattered and our plans coming
to nothing and time and time again it can seem as if the wall has once more come down and
we are weak and feel defenseless

And this is exactly the time when God steps in, when we feel weak 2 Corinthians 12:9
and unable for in my "feeling" of weakness Gods can begin His rebuilding of the walls of my
day or month or year or life

When my defenses are down then God can be my fortress in times of trouble

When the storm of life hits me and all I can think about is "how to survive" then my defences are
down and at the greastest time of Gods working the enemy will be at the door

Rabbi Eleasar said, "The man whose knowledge exceeds his works, to whom is he like? He is
like a tree which had many branches, and only a few roots; and, when the stormy winds came,
it was plucked up and eradicated. But he whose good works are greater than his knowledge,
to what is he like? He is like a tree which had few branches, and many roots; so that all the
winds of heaven could not move it from its place." Pirke Aboth.

And so my labour can be to build a wall around me to keep God out

My labour can be to seek great knowledge yet find it torn down because the "seen" is greater
than the "unseen" in other words the surface of things might be to impress other, whereas the
foundation of my works have few roots to stand strong

You see Gods judgement cannot be performed by people, man has no means to judge as God
judges, they might take away the body but they cannot touch a man of God

Because the man of Gods heart is rooted in the unseen under , deep under being the anchor
and the strength of that persons life Song of Solomon 8:6

And now we begin to listen and have a passion burning inside of us for the Living God and we do
not just listen but we do and as we do and seek to obey so the wall is built the living wall of
our lifes

But again those things which are not built on this comes tumbling down and so the rebuilding
of our lifes goes on

You see once this is grounded deep down the person of God cannot be touched because his
treasure is unseen , and this brings us back to Matthew 6:20

This is a simple picture or a "metaphor" and comes just after "The Lords prayer" and not doing things
to look good in front of people, you see these things are the branches here in this picture that I'm
portraying ,

The leaves look good and there are plenty for people to see and to admire and to say "Well
how good you are" but when they storm comes that tree is blown down because the weight of
the branches far exceeds the roots of that tree

But when a person "Jesus" for example or any man that is in God roots and anchors into the unseen
then people may even see him or her but walk on by , for their leaves are few but their roots are many
and when the storm comes they stand strong as the Oak tree

You see this is what Matthew 6 is about and begins with

1“Be careful not to do your ‘acts of righteousness’ before men, to be seen by them. If you do,
you will have no reward from your Father in heaven.

And but when you pray verse 5 , do not do it unto men

This is not meaning do not pray in public, if that were the case all prayer would cease in Church

This is about the motives of the heart and whether I grow leaves for show or forJesus

The person who grows his or her life for display to others must beware that they too are not
led into temptation being that their desire is to "look good" and the leaves of that tree will fall

For they will be led into temptation and fall to that temptation

Matthew 6:13

And when I go without for the sake of the strength of those roots I do not grow many leaves
to show others and to impress Matthew 6:16   

Matthew 6:25

We come to "worry" at the end of Matthew 6 just before chapter seven begins with "do not judge"

And we saw that "do not judge" is a certain "type" of judgement that can affect us and hurt us
often caused by hurt in the first place

Its a kind of "putting onto someone else" which we know is the original sin of putting the blame

In this "judgement" why I called the "boomerang judgement" for the sake of indentifying it...

I might try to bounce the "thing I see in me" onto someone else

" It was Adam" " Nooo it was Eve"


And we saw that we all judge and in fact we are told to judge (consider previous post)

And that we have revolving circles of "discernment" - "evaluation" - "assessment"

All and more relving around the word "judgement" and that thye very Word of God is a
judging Word assessing the thoughts and motives of the heart

But that there are also Judgements of God that cannot and will never be performed by mankind

Eg: the final Judgement and many other examples in scripture

And we see that inbetween these things we have the "hypocrite" verses and then onto "Worry"

In matthew 6:25 which again which is where we look back from chapter 7 to chapter 6 and
assess and judge what this scripture means !


And once again we ALL worry and we all have these encircling things that revolve around
the word "worry"

Like "fear" apprehension" doubt" anxiety"

And we see that once again as these two scriptures are saying "DO NOT" ......."WE DO"

So again we ask the question "what is God saying here , to us "?   


Matthew 6:25

And so concentrating for a moment on "worry"

Well fear can cripple a person, a persons life can center around fear, avoiding certain things and
trying to walk around them can in fact alter the way we go about each day

Its certain that we are all wired up to avoid certain things, that is our "danger signal"

We know that we do not walk out in front of a car through fear of being knocked down

Society tells us to "walk this way" and to "do that" and not to do "such and such"

But we also know that our values and our morals are based on someone higher and greater than
all these

We submit to our countries authority over us by obeying the laws but we do it "as unto God"

And if following and doing what Jesus wnats leads us up against the authority of the land then be it



Every time an angel appears in the bible the people are terrified, petrified and afraid

I'm sure I and all of us walk be terrified at the sight of God if we were to be face to face

And to see an angel appear , well I wonder how afraid we might be ?

And time and time again in the bible it states the Angel as saying "Do not fear"

This is a comfort because He cares for us and does'nt want us to fear

For there is no fear in heaven and will be no worry on the new earth

God does not worry nor fear and why should He as He knows what tomorrow will bring

And so Matthew 6:25 says "do not worry" do not worry about food or clothers or the
temporal things

Martha was upset about many things in Luke 10:41 and Jesus calmed her

And when we have to speak and we worry about what to say we remember Matthew 10:19

You see God knows us and what we are like, and ealier we saw how God says "DO NOT JUDGE"

Now we see that God says "DO NOT WORRY"

Philippians 4:6 Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition,
with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.

1 Peter 5:7 Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you

He cares and that is why God says "do not worry" He is the comforter