Friday, November 23, 2012

Matthew 6:19,Study 27,How deep the heart of God,

Matthew 6:19,Study 27,How deep the heart of God,

Mark 16:16

Whoever believes and is baptized will be saved, but whoever does not believe will be condemned.


This message continues the series of Psalms studies in the book of Psalm 107


Adult water baptism  has nothing to do with water ! did you know that ?

In the same way as my judgement where I judge all the time.....has nothing to do with Gods

I can never decide on a persons eternal life and the continuation of it after death !

I might however decide on "What I think about a person" and in this judgement I have not
judged as God judges and I find that I merely point to myself Matthew 7:1

It amazes me sometimes how people can point to other belief systems as "worshipping other
gods" and they even use 'Gods word' to point out the differences !

In this I can pojnt away from myself and hide myself behind a wall of scripture while inside
I might have all manner of gods , very pretty,car, house, wife, habits, I can zoom
from one to another to avoid detection

While no one can love the Lord their God with all their hearts and minds and bodies....

Mark 12:30  all the time, I can feel convicted about this and this very conviction can cause me to
"point the finger at others"

This judgement is NOT Gods Judgement as neither are my ways ...Gods ways



And so I can point to the visible the same as everyone else can

I can point to faults in other people or I can be very spiritual and point out faults and what I believe to
be misguided followers of other faiths and even use scripture to do this if I have been a Christian
long enough to know and read the word and understand it

But what if for one moment these things were turned around and suddenly the visible things that I see become
"invisible ? "

What if the things that are now "Invisible" suddenly become visible for everyone to see ?

"O how embarrassing ! "

All these things that were deep down in the oceans of time and all these things that were buried deep
in me suddenly become "seen"

Like the rising from the deep the storms of life stirring up all those things that 
I believed to be buried in the depths !

Is this not what happened to the people in the wilderness journey ?

Afterall its all very well for me to sing and clap and jump up and down when the sun is out and the breeze blows
my boat to pretty places but what happens when I hit hard times and I feel myself after years of storm
sinking down into the depths and suddenly all those things that have been long buried come to the surface !

You see God see's all those things , He saw them before when all was nice and cosy, but it took the storm
to rattle my baot and bring all that junk to the surface of my life

Now think if these things were now visible for all to see and the once visible we saw in others
became invisible ?

"OoooooooOOO  I never knew you were like thatttttt"

What a different story it would be



An so the people in their wilderness journey came accross many testings and trials James 1:1-12

And in these trials and tesings there was the temptation to go back,

This temptation came about because it was being drawn out of them...

How nice and blessed it would have been to walk straight out of Egypt and straight into
the promised land and have ready made homes and food !

But God saw that this nation sought in their hearts to have other gods in the same way as they
sought to be released from their slavery they also sought as a nation to have a king like other nations
and in their past history God had known of their adultery in many forms and ways

Whether it be the pagan worship or the allegiance with other nations

God knew what was going on deep down within the hearts of this nation and of its people

And in the testing times and the storms of the wilderness God brought out into the open..those
things which were hidden

The sin was not in the temptation for otherwise Jesus would have sinned...

The wanting and need for other gods was already there inside the people and once met with
the testing in the wilderness Matthew 4:1-11 those things which had been buried deep down
had to rise up and on the rising up then could be seen and visible



Continuing on ...I just want to share with you some thoughts that came to me a week or so ago !

And I was meditating on the verse of Mark 16:16

Whoever believes and is baptized will be saved, but whoever does not believe will be condemned.

And I began to consider how this related to past times in history and how society might view certain things
depending on the time in history and how the bible related to everyday life in times past

I was considering times when people lived in towns and villages accross englands green and pleasant

When the population was a lot smaller and community and family was much more close knit

When the places we call "Cities"n now were just small fishing villages or country towns

And how at these times in britains history most people would go to Church

Even renting and paying a levy for a Church pew or "pews" for your own family

I found a letter from a man  writing in 1882 although I can't find the place where this quote
appeared...anyway it goes

"A Monmouthshire man wrote in 1882, “but the people were all shut in, and the folk in the
boxes looked at me as if I had got in without paying: so after walking up and down several
 times, like a man in a station trying to get a seat when the train is full, I went home.”