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Matthew 7,Study 18, Walk the Plank,

Matthew 7,Study 18, Walk the Plank,


Matthew 7:24 yes the wise and foolish builders which ends the chapter seven of matthew and you
might also see a reflection of this in Matthew 8:18 for the building and Matthew 8:23 for the cost

But lets skip to Luke 14:28 and consider this

A young boy went on a journey one day with his Dad and the journey was a lot longer and a
lot harder than he thought it would be and on the way they were attacked and beaten by many
who laid in ambush and the boy cried "I want to go homeeeeeeeee" the Dad reminded the boy
of Gods Word and how the people wanted to go back to egypt and told him the story of the
exodus as they continued to wander on their way

But still the boy grew tired and cried and moaned and grumbled and his dad picked him up
and carried him the remainder of the way and the boy slep in His arms until the journey was

Now firstly lets look at Luke 14:28 before we begin to build the "daily wall"

Well I never knew anything about Jesus or God or the Church when I was saved but then I had
nothing to loose and so having already lost everything I had all to gain

Neither could I count the cost not knowing what the cost would be unless it was to lay down my
life and the cost was my life for His Life

And so I'm remnded that this is a daily rebuilding and that I have to count the cost daily

This building in Luke 14:28 is a tower, its a "type of" watch tower or a "observatory"

Its the building of a high place in the vineyard where you can look for your enemies

And in my vineyard that I have worked so hard on alongside my fellow companions I
can build this "tower" and use my defensive armoury and my sword to keep attackers
away who might try to take my vineyard and steal my crop

And we can also see this as Jesus being the "high Tower" which is another metaphor

And so before I build this "Tower" I must count the cost, knowing that I could risk all
and loose all to keep that which is "being" Freely given to me

But how do I know how much this "tower" will cost ? before I begin to build ?

Well I "access" it, I discern, I weigh up how much I think it might cost before starting
to build on the foundations in that Vineyard, after all that tower is going to be the very thing that
will guard me against attack and stop the enemy from taking that which is mine and why should
I loose my inheritance to the enemy ?

So I weigh up (Judge) how much it will cost to build (you see now where we are going with

Now I have no need to worry about the cost because I have the Father who will provide all I

Sorry earlier it read :

Matthew 7:24 yes the wise and foolish builders which ends the chapter seven of matthew and you
might also see a reflection of this in Matthew 8:18 for the building and Matthew 8:23 for the cost

the corresponding verses should have been

Matthew 8:18-22 The Cost of Following Jesus

Matthew 8:26 Jesus Calms the Storm

I count the cost of following the One whom laid down His life at a great cost that I might also
share in His suffering and in His glory by following Him

1 Peter 4:12 Do not be surprised

Now this takes us back to the authorities we submit too in previous studies and the laws we obey

Ecclesiastes 5:8 If you see the poor oppressed in a district, and justice and rights denied, do
not be surprised at such things; for one official is eyed by a higher one, and over them both
are others higher still.

But He is exalted to the highest place Philippians 2:9 Matthew 28:18

And I am seated with Him AS I set my heart on Him Colossians 3:1

And AS (when) I set my heart on Him Ephesians 2:6 I am seated with Him far above all

In this I do all things as unto Him and this seats the authority of what I do in His lap

In this I lay my burdons on Him and I take His Yoke Matthew 11:29   

Now lets skip to Matthew 7:24 and we evaluate this alongside the story of the prodigal
child returning home or should I say "Gods chosen returning from exile"

In exile because they did not listen nor put into practice the words heard nor the
past lessons learnt

Returning after the 70 years because God in His mercy remembered ( as if He ever forgets)
his covenant and in Gods unfailing promise and undieing love to the unfaithful bride
(His chosen) He brings them back once more to rebuild the walls that had fallen

Now every Christian is a builder and we build upon the Rock or not as the case may be

Be if we do not build then it will fall and once again we begin to rebuild our daily wall

I say daily because I want to more than relate this to daily life and not just to some
distant thing from some dusty old book on the shelf

Every one of us is building and together the house is built

Now in this rebuilding everyomne of us has a purpose and a meaning and a reason

Whatever our job might be , whatever our qualifications, whatever our status in
this life

We work together to rebuild the wall even though we may well get opposition from the
outside and from within

and this is what we turn to next as we go to Nehemiah 3   


Now all the families were assigned parts of the wall and to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem

Now we begin with the High Priest (God restores)

Now firstly they dedicate what they are about to do, this is dedicated unto the Lord

Colossians 3:23 and we remember to dedicate things we do or work we do to the Lord
Jesus firstly and then we proceed with the job at hand

So The High Priest and his fellow priests begin to build the first section of the wall

Then we have the men of Jericho of all trades and the families of built next and then
Zaccur son of Imri built next to them.

Then the sons of Hassenaah were at the fish gate

And here we can see a picture of the towers , the tower that you might or could see as
the tower mentioned previously, that tower that you and I built in the Vineyard to watch out
for the enemy and to guard our fruit or (His Fruit)

In fact two towers between the fishgate with the gates and bars being laid between

And this being the picture or can also be seen as a picture of the gateway to our hearts

Or as Jesus being the gate , theres lots of imagery that we can draw from this and we can
relate the pictures that come to our minds to our own lifes

Being that this gate "The Fish Gate" was the or can be the or is the thoroughfare or pathway
through which the fish are brought from the sea

This is the "Intake" or can be seen as the "intake" into our lifes or from it

This can also be seen as the fishermen and the search of souls

Whichever way you want to see this picture let God speak to you through it



And so we go on with a long list of workers all working together under the supervision
of others who in turn are under the supervision of the people God has placed who in turn
are under the authority of God

We see all the various gateways with the Jeshanahb Gate , the Valley Gate, The Dung Gate ,
The Fountain Gate, altogether I believe there were eight gates. although I may be wrong

Now lets focus here on the gates for a brief time and look at the first gate which was the
"Sheep Gate" in Nehemiah 3:1 and through this sheep gate that we know was deicated
by the "High Priest" ...the sheep were brough to the Temple

And we see straight away the significance of the "First Gate" being that Jesus is the "Gate"
in John 10:9

And we see that the road is narrow and the gateway is small Matthew 7:14

And we see that these things can be seen as symbolic but that there is nothing that
can replace the real and living God


Being baptised as we know is really the outward working of an inward change

Becoming a member of a Church is an outward sign of an inward commitment

All these things are a symbol of our lifes but the real workings go on within us

And so the "Sheep Gate" can be seen as the representation or symbol of the Gate who
is Jesus



1. How could God use me ? in what ways ?

2. How can I begin to build - today ?

3. How do I defend the Tower?