Friday, November 23, 2012



Isaiah 55:12

You will go out in joy and be led forth in peace; the mountains and hills will burst into song before you, and all the trees of the field will clap their hands.


Now this scripture came to me as I meditated on "The Joy Of The Lord"

And God/The Holy Spirit began speaking to me and in an instant two paragraphs of new insights were suddenly revealed and well they were new to me anyway

And thats the thing about revelation, revelation MAY only be revelation to the person it is given too

I might think "WOW I've never seen that before Lord" and I rush off in excitement to tell someone, only to have them glare at me like "what are you on about ? "

You see I might get it, but it may not be the time for the other person to see it or it may well be old hat to them


So I,ll begin to try and share some of what came in an instant, but before I do I,ll share one more

Church message = Holy Spirit

Date = 04-11-11


Now this was God confirming "that which He had spoken of the day before"

And so the message was about "The Holy Spirit and the measure of the "Holy Spirit" and the gifts thereof


God does'nt always work and speak in the same way you know

Many times God will confirm or speak many times in many ways and simply because God is confirming at this present time through a certain source does not mean that He will continue to do so

God does not change , BUT the way He does things will and do

Otherwise we tend to get a bit complacent and remember that this is all about "relationship"

The Christian life is about "relationship" and relationships change over time and develop (or
not) as the case may be

So many times God might begin moving in a certain way within groups of people and they might
setup a particular movement or denomination based upon that "God movement"

Only to find that God has moved on

and so in the next few hours /days/whatever we'll try to unravel some of what came to me alone but is also being shared on this page, so that it can be shared out and this is the mustard seed...this is the fish and the bread...the is the multiplication from the table of Grace


You know last week God spoke to me about someone and as usual I wanted to rush in and give this word to the person concerned and hastily cam back that evening ready to share this Word

Only to find God saying "NO"

Later I relaised that the Word was not "For the person" BUT "About the person" and it was not to be shared

And may times in my eagerness "Ive got it wrong"

Never be afraid to "Get it wrong"

This is how we learn...........

I hate getting it wrong, I look soooo silly at times

But then its not about me is it ?

You know in my haste to find an answer to a theological question and one that had confounded me for many years I "Got it wrong" fact that very theology cam "back on my own head"

Its one thing to have a theology , ...that is too "believe something" think we have an answer

But remember becasue this is about "relationship" I also sometimes find myselve living out that which I preach and find it coming back on my own head

Always when listening to theology discussions and "what people belief" I wonder and ask this question............

How do they live this out in real life ?

And quite often you will find that it cannot be lived out in real life and that indeed if it was they would trip themsalves up by their own words

So many times people say "don't do this and you should not do that" only to lay a trap for their own heads


And so I had this half answer to a question about "Blasphemy" of the Holy Spirit

And one day some years ago God gave me a Word and I rushed in (where angels fear to tread) and shared this Word with the person

The persons name cam to me over and over and over and the same Word came to me over and over and over

And it had to be a Word for that person..............!!

So once shared I was satisfied, only to find some time later , The Holy Spirit continuing to speak about this person

Could it be that I got it wrong ? was this word about the person and not for them ? nooooooooooo

No way was it about them, that person would never be like that ......would they ?

I could'nt believe that it was about them and NOT to be shared with them..............

Noooooo, I won't believe it , I don't believe it

I spoke out about the Word and said "GET BEHIND ME SATAN..I do not believe it, You are trying to create chaos"

But it continued over and over and over..............

Well time passed by and I begam to realise that maybe this waa actually "The Holy Spirit" speaking

And actually it was a Word which at the time I refused to believe about this person

Wow, how could I have got it sooo wronggggggggggggg

I repented and asked for forgiveness

I had done the very thing which I called IN 'MY THEOLOGY at that time ' blasphemy"

I had taekn a Word from God and called it a "word from satan himself"

Now that was a lesson



And so going back to the other day when I received this word for a person and realised that it was "About them" and not to be shared "with them"

At this time I was so enthusiastic about giving this Word and wooo come on God "hit em"

But "NOPE" it was'nt to be shared and again I got it wrong


And I wondered at this time why it was that God only spoke about that one person ? was it because they were new and were not saved ? was it God heart going out to them ? was it becasue all the other people were believers and with different mindsets and religions and traditions and of differing belief systems ? was it becasue it was harder for God to break through certain barriers ? was it because they simply would laught or not belief ? was it their very own theologies that would stop them from listening to you Lord ?

O well Lord what a shame that you choose only this one "none believer" amongst all these people

And then You say "DON'T SHARE THE WORD " ?


But actually after and some time later I began to realise that this being a Word for a non believer was actually a word also that encompassed all of the people


And when given a picture I think "should I really share this ?" won't I be laughed at ? won't I be scoffed at ? ooo blow, share it and take the consequences, after all is it not what the "Holy Spirit has inparted ?

Who ever said this was about me and my name ?


So anayway this Word/picture was simple

It was basically a symbolic picture of "where this person was at"

Not a direct word of knowledge, not a vision so much but a picture that symbolised the heart of the person and indeed may well have encompassed all who were there

And as the person began to share, so it was confirmed

But why can't I share it Lord ?

answer = "becasue it is for you to know"

Woo like this is a personal relationship ?

You want me to know this ? but not share it ?

and so this picture was a simple picture


eg: a work jacked with many pockets and in each pocket was a different tool, a torch, a set of keys, a watch, and coins

I remember hastily stopping my car by the wayside and writing it down onto a notepad what I had seen and who it was for

I wondered what people might think of me as this car stopped by the side of the road and a person got out a notepad to write down a picture that he had got from God

and what I might say if asked !!

answer = "Well Ive got a picture of a work jacket "

enquiring person = "ah oh aha, ok the men are on their way"

But you see, thats simply it, "O the simplicity of God" and the mighty intellect of men

"so who ever said it was about "US" and what we think


Carrying on

and back to the word given


And so this person was searching and had the different tools of the heart to find the answer

God was waiting and watching for the person to decide which tool

You see God will not force him

"How frustrating" I thought

But I can't share this ? "how frustrating" I thought



we seem to have diverted so lets come back and look at creation , yes nature

You might ask how inanimate objects can sing for joy ?

Well some might see this as symbolic and the mountains as the Kings of the earth and the trees
of the fields as the people "Gods People"

Well not sure about that, you see as I look deeper I see that there is more to it than meets the

Does not the whole earth sing for Joy and will do so when the new has come ?

Listen :

The meadows and flocks will shout for joy ...yes veen the valleys will sing for Joy

read : Psalm 65:13

Even the fields will be jubilant AND EVERYTHING in them , so what might you find in fields ?

can you list how many things that can be found in a field ?

READ : Psalm 96:12


Not just the tree's clapping their hands BUT the rivers shall clap their hands ..wooooooooo

Read : Psalm 98:8

Nooo not only that but the deserts and dry lands and the wilderness Isaiah 35:1

wooo it gets better

the heavens and the earth will sing for joy in Isaiah 44:23

Now could this be the people of God ?


Well read Isaiah 49:13

Shout for joy, O heavens; rejoice, O earth; burst into song, O mountains! For the LORD comforts
his people and will have compassion on his afflicted ones.

Nope it can't be the people here can it ? its because the Lord comforts His people that the earth
bursts into song !!


We burst into song because the Lord has redeemed us and restored the ruins of the walls
Isaiah 52:9


1 Chronicles 16:33 Then the trees of the forest will sing, they will sing for joy before the LORD,
for he comes to judge the earth.

Mmmm'nt the judgement to do with punishment for the Lords people ? think again !!


Psalm 105:43 He brought out his people with rejoicing, his chosen ones with shouts of joy;
And we see the ransomed of the Lord return with singing

Isaiah 51:11 The ransomed of the LORD will return. They will enter Zion with singing; everlasting joy will crown their heads. Gladness and joy will overtake them, and sorrow and sighing will flee away.