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Jesus Stilling the Tempest
Jesus Stilling the Tempest (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Is a christian always able to fend off an attack, on their own, with the armour etc

No and Yes

How can you when it has the permission of God ?

How can you when it comes like a thieve in the night ?

No you are no match against the "enemy" (we use that word as a general term)

But then you will seek help after it is finished or while it is happening and not always get the
answers you desire or seek


gatekeeper Says :

I would suggest that fruit can come in and after attack

That fruit may be produced by and used while coming under attack

Or in a life that has known diversity of problems and troubles

And in these the fruit becomes or comes into use

Jesus is The Holy Spirit, one in 3 and 3 in one

Having the Holy Spirit in us produces naturally the fruit of the Spirit

Some might argue that the fruit is produced anyway and is natural and a by product of
Jesus and nothing to do with us

I would suggest that is correct, but being a two way relationship means that also we aim
towards a goal, as in we seek to grow nearer, closer,

In the attacks of life, whether by demonic activity orwhatever level of attack or even situations/attacks
that arise and stem from our own doing or those out of control attacks that stem from being
a "Righteous Person" or "Right With God"

Fruit can grow in us as we draw nearer to Him through and becasue of the problems/waves that
rise up

In this the works of a Christian grow and are seen and are recognised even though they are
invisible works of the Kingdom they become visible to those who see and even to those who do

I would suggest that the "Waves" imitations of Gods Holy Spirit wave or opposites

Or fruit opposites

can generate fruit and works to not just affect those around us whether bad fruit or good fruit

But can affect generations to come

As in a work of God being produced from a bad situation that affects generations to come

eg: A Man called Job, beaten and despised by "enemy" used by God to produce more fruit
multiplying inmto far more than before

eg: A tragedy in a life that produces a work to help others who have gone through the same tragedy


FRUIT OF THE SPIRIT, Heart Of Worship,


Hischild Says :

I don't believe non-christians come under attack because they are not saved by the blood of
Jesus he has nothing to draw them away from. He is only concerned about destroying the
kingdom of God and the faith of those who belong to it.

gatekeeper Says :

what do you make of the serpents sting ? I know death has no sting for Christians but do you think it affects non believers ?

gatekeeper Says :

also lets add one more point to this, what if a person is Gods but not yet saved for example
I was saved at 21 years of age, could I not be affected by the enemy before that time ?
would not the forces that be try to draw me away from entering the Kingdom ?

Lets also consider demonic activity and lets say a person is possessed but not a believer, does
not that person suffer ?

gatekeeper Says :

(Lord God in Jesus name hide and conceal these things by the blood of Jesus and protect and
haven in your power and under your shadow against any being opposed to you in Jesus name

I am aware of Gods word and biblical theology and the teaching on this kind of thing,

I also know that when God really uses someone and other peoples lifes are changed and affected by that work then the enemy does get worried and he will atack a Christian , and by
this I mean real attack as in severe

I also know that a Christian can be worn down slowly over many years

With this is mind a Christian can rejoice and God is bigger than all of this because he has overcome the world and we are more than overcomers amen ?

BUT this does not mean we walk over the attacks or troubles or tribulations, no indeed we
walk through them and even though we are beaten down we are overcomers through each
situation amen ?


Im aware that the bible indeeed Gods word does not always include certain things and is a basic
manuel for the Christian believer

with this in mind I want to draw from a certain perspective and angle to create discussion



So we may say "Non Christians are not affected by the enemy or not "attacked" why would the
enemy attack those who are his ?

Why indeed would satan attack Gods creation when being flung down to the earth God created
and with a people that God had created in His image ?


Before I was saved eg: "born again" I might have said" its just life" or "whatever life may throw
at me" or "Ive not had it easy"

then I get saved and I say "Im coming under attack from the enemy"

Both COULD be the same thing , the first being blinded .....the second having the understanding
of what was happening to me !!


Now I was saved but many years before that God began soeaking into my life and I was speaking back , it may have been very hit and miss, it may have been very basic , but nonetheless their was some kind of relationship going on

Indeed satan himself has a relationship with God

So the external evidence was not yet present but the inner working of the Holy Spirit was there ? in my life making me ready and preparing my heart ? you could say "this was the evidence of things not yet seen !! I was'nt saved but I was "being saved"

So lets say "God began His work in me years before I made the outward proclamation of the
inner working ? amen ?

So THEN I made a commitmentand I said the "sinners prayer" amen ?

So then in the eyes of others I was what we call "A CHRISTIAN"

So then I met a fellow believer and we got married, so you could say that relationship began
before the marriage ceremony or outward proclamation

So love had worked its work in me and my partner before that outward proclamation to others

so it was the substance of things not yet seen...............

So then I got baptised ten years later....why ? because people kept saying "you must be baptised"

I said "no"

It was not time for me and I was not ready, the inner working was not yet complete

when I did get baptised I was ready and this was my time and hundreds lined the shoreline by
the sea to watch as this bunch of people got baptised

So now people knew that I was baptised for they had seen the evidence................

Was I saved ? "YES"

Was I Holy " yes"

I may not have seemed very Holy to people, I may not have seemed to live a very "Holy life"

But my heart was seeking and seeking, my heart was in the right direction

So I was Holy because Jesus had made me Holy by His blood, and while people looked at the
external outward signs , God looked at the inner working...amen ?

So people could not understand why I would not be baptised after all it was a "commandment"
but that working in me were I could say "Yes Ive died to the old" was not yet complete

And so then I went to a Church for 2 years and someone said "why are'nt you a member" ?

I said "I AM "

they told me I was not a member of the Church and that I needed to be

I thought "Im as much a member as anyone here ? Im involved in the body, Im working with
them , Ive been a part of what they do ? "

So anyway I went through the traditional ceremony and got a ticket to tell me I was now a member

But my membership began before I got the ticket ?

So this was an outward proclamation of an inner the evidence of the inner
working was done

now what if I had come under attack before the outward sign of the inner working of the Holy Spirit ?

In other words what if In people eyes I was not yet a Christian other words I had not yet
made the outward sign ? and yet came under attack ?

does that mean the enemy attacked a Christian ? or a non Christian ?

Hebrews 11:1 Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.


gatekeeper Says :

Now keeping the above in mind ..

Job in the book of Job , was attacked severely because and simply becaseu "He was a Righteous

He was right with God and the enemy saw this and so I ask this question...........

Who came under attack ?


was it the children, the cattle , the workmen , ?


Or was it Job alone ?


Or was it about Job ? did this have a deeper meaning here and was this in fact an attack on the
working of God in this mans life ? in other words not just on the man but on the works, Gods works, Gods inner works, thus being the "more added" after

For how could Job have ever had his children replaced ? or the scars healed ?

was this not an attack with Gods permission on the very works that God - the Holy Spirit had
done in this mans life ?

gatekeeper Says :

Matthew 12:20 Ezekiel 29:6 Isaiah 42:3 Isaiah 53:5 KJV

bruised for our iniquities

In the bruising the fruit gives off an odour

gatekeeper Says :

Jesus came under attack continiously throughout His ministry on earth, and if satan had known that
taking Jesus to the Cross would lead to a multitude of sons of God as numerous as the sand
on the shore and the stars in the sky, he would never have launched this premeditated "job"
attack On the Son Of God

Nevertheless God was in complete control over the raging waters and tides of the people and
indeed the enemy

Complete victory and completely overcoming the world

1 Corinthians 15:54-56

Jesus could at any time have come down from the Cross but He stayed there so that He would
be the first born of the "born again"

The First fruit John 12:24 NIV 1 Corinthians 15:23 ERV

He being bruised produced a fruit as numerous as the sand on the shore

And we being the fruit having Jesus in us produce fruit

And satan will do all he can to attack and destroy you as a Christian
and He will do all He can to stop your ministry while on earth

If only satan knew that in the bruising of that fruit YOU would produce more fruit as numerous
as the stars in the sky and the sand on the shore

Psalm 93:4 NLT

But mightier than the violent raging of the seas, mightier than the breakers on the shore--the LORD above is mightier than these!


gatekeeper Says :

So last week at another Church the message was about "WORSHIP" and this was the focus of the last "FRUIT" study

This week (Today sunday" at another Church the message was "Obedience"Wink

Confirmation , amen

Lord God in Jesus name may our lifes generate your fruit as we stay in you and with life trials and problems multiplying, let that fruit within the using of gifts be gloritying to you Lord God

You who give and take away, give me that fruit more and more as I draw nearer to you so in turn you will draw nearer to me, whatever it takes Lord, whatever the cost, let your name be glorified today in my life

You who give good gifts to your children may take them away at any time so that in the taking away you may give back far more than we can ever imagine In Jesus name Amen

So be the fruit of Works and the fruit of Words, the fruit of labour and the bruised Fruit