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Psalm 107:25-43,Study 14,Waves Of Restoration

Psalm 107:25-43,Study 14,Waves Of Restoration,


Ezra Chapters 7-10

We continue going on from the fourth person of a type in the storm to the three waves
from the babylonian exile to the jews returning to their homeland

And we noted many times that Psalm 107 is about the four types of people and about
the exile to babylon

Son now again we continue with the second wave and this second wave brought in Ezra

Actually Ezra came also with the first wave as described in Nehemiah 12:1 but returned
again in the second wave which can be said to be the "Wave of revival"

Ezra was a scribe and well versed in the laws of Moses

You could say that apart from "beautifying the temple" in the second wave of revival
that Ezra "Laid down the laws" in as much as he had a heart for God to seek Him and to teach the
children of God how not just to read and know the Word Of God but to practice it Romans 12:1

Now the Temple was built and dedicated now the way forward was to learn from past
generations and to walk forward in God and to not just have a building of brick to
worship in but to have a building with the capstone being Christ


As Zerubbabel was a type of Christ so too Jesus can be said to be a "type of God"

In this we can be said to be a "type of Jesus"

As I can be a "type of Christ" having Jesus living in me by the power of The Holy Spirit

Working through my character and personality and being a "type of"

In this is my spiritual worship in that the most important thing is notn so much what
denomination I belong too or which Church building I worship in, but rather "what is the
state of my being" and "what is the condition of my heart"

As I am the Church and my worship is the thing I take to the "Building"

As I do not go to Church to worship...

In this although I may have dedicated my life to Christ and although the work is "finished"
I am yet to be made perfect in this flesh and so in myself I strive to seek Gods face,
to know His word and to follow Him

Even though I rest in Him and He works through me yet I labour in Christ 1 Thessalonians 1:3
Romans 16:9 - Colossians 1:29

Even though His work has been finished since the dawning if time and it was finshed at the
Cross, even all flesh in His image they might yet to come to He who is to begin Gods transformation
or to know that revival of the heart that works from the inside out

Even though I may already be "A Christian" I am yet to be made perfect and to know yet His revival
and transformation depending on what stage "I am at" in my Christian life


So when I go to "Church" I bring my worship with me rather than go their to worship

My being dedicated to God is a step. my being transformed is a step, my seeing revival is
a step, my living "part of the word" is a step, and with each step I become more like Himas God
begins and continues His work in me

God now beautifies my temple and makes something beautiful out of something that once
was in ruins

Though the building and the temple was ruined I can be made into a new person Isaiah 61:3

God begins His restoration of revival and giving beauty for ashes

This treasure that He gives 2 Corinthians 4:7 Job 4:19

And Even though now God is restoring my mortal body and making me into that living temple
I am once more to be transformed and renewed and given a new body 2 Corinthians 5:1

For though I am in heavenly places Ephesians 2:6 now, I know that I am yet to be in
heavenly places with Him 1 Thessalonians 4:17

So although I am a new creation in Christ I also will be 2 Corinthians 5:1-10

As all things are continuing and as I am I will be and although I am saved I will be saved

Now although I live in this temple 1 Corinthians 3:16 I know that this temple that was
once in ruins and having it restored and beautified will once again be destroyed so
that I seeking Gods face, will see Gods face

SALVATION - the Three waves of the Ocean

Now you see God uses King Artaxerxes here to make a decree that any Israelite who wished to
go back to Jerusalem could do so

Not only that but we have once again "three waves" going with the people

1. The first wave of The Holy Spirit being the silver and gold which the king and his counsellors
had offered and had freely given

Now we see that God can use non believers in the course of His work as indeed we see this
throughout Gods Word, never think that God only uses Christians , this incidentally has nothing to do
with whether a person is "saved" or not ("saved" being the initial salvation from hell unto eternal life)

God can use a donkey as we know, but neither is a donkey "saved" by being used by God
as in Numbers 22:28

We know that Daniel and his companions were "saved" by God but this salvation is not eternal
salvation but a temporal salvation from situations and circumstances in life, so to we can assume
that Non believers can also find "temporal salvation" from trouble when they cry out to God

As Daniel was "saved" from the mouth of the lion and from the pit of fire we see that Gods
salvation is more than "This life" for the people in the 1st wilderness journey may have perished
on their way due to their unbelief, but you know the question really is "what happened after"

It is not the perishing of the body and the non existence of life on this planet and of our flesh
but rather what happens to us after we have left this place of temporal dwelling and abode

And that is in the hands of God alone


In stark contrast we can consider the two sides of the coin here with the "giving of the heart"

On one hand we have the "Christian" who might give begrudgingly or not at all Revelation 3:16
So in this life we may hold a title but in the next we may loose that title

Or we may have no title in "spiritual places" but be wealthy as the King and counsellors" on this earth
and enjoy temporal wealth and be used by God yet not be "saved" as in "eternal" but give generously
out of our own free will and willingly Psalm 62:12

And so a non believer who believes in God but is not saved (eternal) can give

Whereas a believer who is saved (eternal) may not want to give 1 Corinthians 3:8

In this one can be said to be judged as in the giving and taking away of rewards (eternal)

The other is judged as in the "fire" (eternal perishing ) which is a conflict of terms, as you cannot
have someone immortal yet perished Matthew 25:34 Matthew 25:41

And so God can use non believers for the benefit (or not) of His believers and for his work

And so in this first wave of giving and revival the King and His Nobles gave from the treasuries
of babylon "free will offerings " Acts 2:45

This walks accross the path of "tithing" and walks over it because rather than giving a percentage
of that which God has given me - I can give "all I have" or "what I have - willingly putting aside my
own needs for Gods and for His works

In this the King of babylon gave a small amount of the wealth but nonetheless gave it willingly
with a glad heart, whereas the person with little can give much out of the little they have Luke 21:1-4


In this first wave God gave the King of babylon a glad heart to give not just a part and portion of the
wealth of babylon but to give that which he did not own nor have a part of which was "the people"
Ezra 7:15

The second wave being : Ezra 7:16

The king gave that which belonged to "The King of Kings" which was the "people of God and those
that belonged to God Himself and were owned by Him" Mark 12:17

This was the free will offering of the people and the priests, the offering back to God that which
belonged to Him to carry the treasures of babylon as in the silver and gold to Jerusalem and to the
temple to be an offering as unto God Acts 3:6


The third wave being Ezra 7:16 the collection of wealth from the people of babylon freely given by them

In this small beginning which may not seem relevant we have the force behind the beginnings of "revival" beginning in the heart and spreading out into real life   


Ezra 7:27 In This beautifying of The Temple Ezra praises God for putting into the heart
of King Artaxerxes "favour" and in this favour that God had implanted into the kings heart
Ezra did praise God Daniel 11:1

Here we see that God can change a desire in a "non believer"

"Non believer" is not really an appropriate word, as most would believe in God or a god and maybe
"unsaved" is the correct word here but being that only God knows who are His maybe the word
"enemy" might be correct Colossians 1:21 Romans 5:10

And so God can use an "enemy" and change the heart of an "enemy"

And when we say "enemy" we do not hate them but rather show love to them that they might
change , as indeed Gods love in action and God being "Love" can change the hardest heart

Not just that but change the direction of the enemies heart and make it favourable towards us

And so although we call someone as God does "an enemy" that does not mean that God hates

As God can vomit out and spew an abomination "He hates it" because it makes Him sick

That is not liking to "hate" as God is Love with a capital L and that is part of His character
and who He is

God hates the sin but longs for the sinner to come to Him, but neither does that mean that
once the sinner comes to Him that the now sinless one in Jesus cannot sin and in this people
can be an abomination to Him even as believers by continuing to walk in a way that sickens Him
Revelation 3:16 but as we love God and seek Him I should have no need to worry about my
salvation as this is secure,

And so both non believers (or should I say enemies) and believers can both be changed in
heart and used by God and even then it can seem as if believers can be against the works of
God, but we will see that further on in "Nehemiah"

Now looking back in the first wilderness journey that is a lesson to us now today we know that the
people sought after other gods and that their desire was not towards God but rather they wanted to
go back and "It sickened God" as it was adultery and likened to an "illness" that caused a perishing
Psalm 106:15

And further on the next generation entered the promised land yet worshipped the gods of other
lands and again and once again it "sickened - was an abomination" to God


And three waves took the people into exile and the next generation after 70 years in 3 waves
were taken back to the homeland and in 3 waves God caused a revival of heart and there was great
giving and a changing of heart in the nation of babylon and within the kings heart and also
within the heart of this new generation that went back to rebuild the temple

But once again the people began intermarrying with others of other nations and once again the
same abominable thing happened and we read as we now go to scripture

Ezra 10:1 the people wept

Ezra 10:11

11Now therefore make confession unto the LORD God of your fathers, and do his pleasure:
and separate yourselves from the people of the land, and from the strange wives.

separate yourselves from the people of the land; the Canaanites, have no fellowship with
them, make no covenants, contracts, and alliances with them for the future:

10Then Ezra the priest stood up and said to them, “You have been unfaithful; you have married
foreign women, adding to Israel’s guilt. 11Now make confession to the Lord, the God of your
fathers, and do his will. Separate yourselves from the peoples around you and from your
foreign wives.” 2 Corinthians 6:17

Not being that the person from another nation is not loved by God nor being that peoples from other nations are somehow different, far from it, even our fair and pleasant land whereever that may be in this day and age comes or may well come from many different sources, being that there is no such things as "english" as in the root of the word "england" come sform german origins meaning "Angles" germans being the first group of people to settle and being that our Queen is of german decent (UK)

Rather God is saying "be transformed bu do not conform"

In other words you mix with people everyday, but avoid partnership and conforming to their ways

Eg: "You do not have to do what they do" for in doing so you are led away from Me"

In this the people of God intermarried with other nations and in so doing took on the practices of these nations

And this was the sin , not in transforming as in : "today if you hear His voice"

But in "conforming" to the ways of others and in this hardening heart , not hearing Gods voice

Remember next time you speak out against a people that we all descended from Adam

To pull down another is to pull down myself and how much better should I behave being of the second Adam ?


TASK : Read Ezra Chapters 7-10

Questions arising

1. Am I ready to be changed ?

2. How does God beautify my Temple and what can the treasures represent ?

3. Do I take my worship to Church ?

4. Do I believe in the Rhema Word of God ?