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Psalm 108,Study 1,Cave Dwellers

Psalm 108,Study 1,Cave Dwellers


Psalm 108 is taken from Psalm 57:7-11 and Psalm 60:5-11

Psalm 108 being the reflection and replication of these two mentioned Psalms

PREPARATION READ : Psalm 108 with and alongside Psalm 57:7-11 and Psalm 60:5-11



And so in the last message we asked about Judad Iscariot

And really it was to say "we may be surprised who is saved and who is not"

Well I used this example as an illustration to put a message accross but we can see by this
scripture in John 17:12 that he is called "the son of perdition" which can translate
Apollyon the destroyer

 Perdition is defined as

{Quote}A state of eternal punishment and damnation into which
a sinful and unpenitent person passes after death.{Unquote}

Now this term "son of perdition" can also be seen to speak of  "satan"

So this gives a guidance and sinpost ....oops sorry mistype  "Signpost" as to the destination of
Judas Iscariot, but then we cannot be certain and we cannot judge

Another thing we can do is to look at scriptures relating to how Judas reacted and spoke and
by his "Fruit"  Matthew 7:16 and by their fruits we shall recognise them

So in this way we are discerning, assessing, judging, weighing up

A good clarification between discernment and boomerang judging is to assess a person and discern
their fruit and then say "YOUR NOT  A CHRISTIANNNNNNNNNNN"

The first being a judging and assessment and the latter being our response but obviously being
not in our hands but Gods to decide who is and who is'nt one of His Children


OOoo  is'nt it annoying when God does things and you just cannot work out what He's doing ?

Even more annoying  when a person of His is following Him and doing things as unto God


You just cannot tell what God will do next

His thoughts being higher than ours and His ways spanning through eternity

Whereas our thoughts being based on the here and now and the past

We cannot see further than the here and now and although I might plan for tomorrow
I never know whether tomorrow will come

And today is my full view and in my shortsightedness I cannot even really tell what the end
of the day might bring, let alone tomorrow James 4:14

Whereas The Lord God knows the beginning and the end and His thoughts and ways span eternity


But how hard it is to judge a Godly person !

You never know what they might do next ?

They say one thing yet seem to do another !

They might not even know what they are doing !

They follow the God who is unfollowable yet they follow the Son who is God

They follow the Holy Spirit when no one knows where the Spirit will blow and where the Spirit
will go and on whom it may rest and how 1 Corinthians 2:11 John 3:8

Who can comprehend the mind of God ? yet we follow Him In Jesus

How hard it is to follow a person who is following God

It just does not make sense !


It does not make sense to watch them and to try to ascertain their motives and desires is
"foolishly chasing the wind"

For what can they profit from what they are doing ?

Why do they spend all this time .....seemingly doing nothing ?

Why waste all this money ? why put so much into something that seems pointless ?

Have you ever wondered to yourself why God does things ?

Life does not always make sense in our logic....does it ?

That is because we can only see as far as the now and now

Yet God can not only see beyond the "Now" but He can see the invisible things that we cannot see




My mind was cast upon some thoughts and I wondered why people "Bless"

As if to blow a kiss or to wish someone happiness

And I was reminded that blessing comes with trial and that many times true blessing is when a testing has
come upon me and my life might seem to be a trial

With this scriptures from James came to me

James 1:2 and I saw that I must consider these things a blessing

James 1:12 Blessed am I when I come under trial and to stand the test, to be judged to receive the
crown of life .

And I thought of Job 5:17 


And then I wondered what it meant to be "Doers of The Word ?" mentioned in James 1:22 

Matthew 7:24 Just how do I put these things into practical application ?

Well when Ive read these scriptures in the past Ive always thought of replacing "It" with "Him"

Or "Do as He says"

I imagine some may see this scripture in James 1:22 as regarding the "10 Commandments"

But then I can't see how I can ever keep these or even try to and I realise that in the "trying"
I am putting my own efforts before God and in this they become gods

How can I ever love the Lord God with all my heart and soul and mind and strength ?

All the time ? I'm sure I don't and many times other things have invaded my life and taken over
from God

So in this I have broken and committed spiritual adultery in my heart

Maybe "Be doers of the Word" means to do as Jesus did....but then I can never be as Jesus

How can I ever do as He did and walk on the water or raise people from the dead ?

Maybe it means to be "Doers of the bible ?"

Well I can't see how that could be put into practical application in my life ?

When I consider scriptures where God tells His people to destroy the enemy ?

This implies killing people in the Old testament and I'm not really sure if I could ever even consider
putting the entire bible into application in my life ?

I wondered if people had really considered what James 1:22 meant ?

To me its always implied that I listen to the Lord speak through scripture and through other people

And I listen for His voice and when I hear Him tell me "Go here or go there or do this or do that or
say this or say that " then I weigh it up {Judge) and apply it , that is to say "Do it"

This is how I have always interpreted that scripture

And so I found myself talking to the Lord

Luke 6:46  Luke 6:47



Lord how can you be followed ? when no one knows where Your Spirit will blow ?

Who can fathom your thoughts ? and who can scale the depths of your of your Love ?

Who can imagine what you have in store for those who love You ?

I follow a God who's thoughts are way above mine, Yet I can never follow You !

Or even begin to see beyond a day that You give

Yet this individual relationship draws me to You and somehow I am following the unfollowable God

The God who cannot be followed


And so, we look and begin to unravel Psalm 108...not with text book answers and good
sounding sentences,

And we see at times when things seem difficult, when all gather around us to bring us down,
we have someone we can look too.

We know that in the dark times when things seem to be against us that we can look to The Lord

As our enemies are gathered I can wake up and praise God and rejoice in this

Because we "Rejoice in the Lord always"

Luke 6:46 “So why do you keep calling me ‘Lord, Lord!’ when you don’t do what I say?