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Psalm 108,Study 2,Cymbal Of The Dawn

Psalm 108,Study 2,Cymbal Of The Dawn


"Ooo  you say God speaks to you ? thats sounds a bit strange to me  "

Answer = " Why does it sound strange to you ? do you think that God is just in a book ?"

Well I,ll share a vison with you

Sunday - 10am - 19th August

I saw a dove taking off for flight and as it lifted into flight the flap of the wings grew louder and
louder until it become deafening and the flapping became like thunder claps and the flapping of the
wings of this dove changed to thunder claps and as the thunder roared in the sky above the rain poured
down and as the rain poured down the pulse of the clapping became a cymbal and the cymbal was the cymbal
of an orchestra of angels and as the orchestra of angels clapped their cymbals the new day had begun



Have you ever woken up and thought "O no...its morning ?"

Or you wake up with a dread, because you know that today is going to be the same as
yesterday ? and instead of "Good morning" its "good moaning" ! Philippians 4:4

I'm sure David had times like this in his lifetime when it seemed like God was far away

But lets look to Psalm 108:1-2

David says " My heart is confident" and in other translations "My heart is fixed"

or "steadfast" - "ready" or "prepared"

Not that David never had problems or uncertainties or doubts but that he was ready and prepared
and had his eyes fixed and was certain of God

Now scoot to Psalm 57 and here we see where David is coming from at this time

Fleeing from Saul and hiding in the caves : refer to THE DOVE ON DISTANT OAKS HERE (O thats strange is'nt it ? it ties in with the vision)

Here David is hiding in safety in the cave in the shadow of His Wings in Psalm 57:1-2

Here in the shadows of safety and in the caves of protection , David has his  heart  fixed and

steadfast and is ready and prepared and he knows that there is no shadow of turning with His God

Here in the Light of The Lord David hides in the shadow of Gods protection

And so David writes "I am confident in my God"

Even at this time when Saul is after David and seeks to take his life...

David is confident in His God

Now lets skip back to Psalm 108:2  where David speaks of "Waking up the dawn with my song"

Here even in persecution being pursued David can sing a song at the dawn of the day



 Its difficult to associate the word "enemy" in this day and'nt it ?

An enemy to us might be a person we don't like or a neighbour we do not get on with or a work
colleague who gets on our nerves

It might summon up images of the people in our lifes that hurt us or let us down

Or it might well signify the enemy as in "satan" but even then we may not associate or put anything
down to "enemy attack" and if we do it may well be a guess

Some however might well indeed know how satan can attack and be able to pinpoint the exact times and
areas in which the attacks happened

Even so our association with the word "enemy" might be limited


In the time of David enemies where known as neighbouring nations such as Moab and Edom or Philistia

Nations that would seek to invade and conquer, enemies who might seek to invade and take over other nations

Here an enemy was someone who attacked, who was out to kill, who invaded and conquered Matthew 22:36-40

And once invading then becoming  "Lord" of that nation, and Lording it over that nation

An enemy to David would have sought to invade and kill and destroy Matthew 5:44

To take the "title" as King and to command , to take away ownership and to employ new laws

To worship other gods and to change the very culture and nature of the people by intermarrying and
mingling within like a yeast permeating through dough Matthew 16:6



Our enemies may not even be those people we believe to be our enemies

As we have seen in previous studies our enemy can come from within our own community or family

The person who seems to be ok can become our enemy or our greatest enemy

Such as those nobles and officials who lord it over us and demand payment as in Nehemiah where certain people within the community actually became a nightmare and an enemy to certain families who were poor and we know that these people (families) even had to sell their children tp pay their debts

The neighbours we lived in peace with for so many years can suddenly become our greatest enemy

And here we see David running for his life as the one who was once chosen and annointed became
Davids enemy

But we also see that although some may be our enemies ...they may not be enemies of God


And so the enemies roar and prowl around the borders from the East , south and west 1 Peter 5:8

Like that of Edom , Moab and Philistia and seeks out whom he may devour, kill and destroy

And what do we do when we are under attack ? what do we do when the enemy  invades ?

What when the enemy is very subtle ? and comes at us from another angle ?

Like that of Saul and his followers ? or even seeks to invade our lifes from the inside such as
Davids son 2 Samuel 15:1-6

David says : Even in this time and at this hour.................

Psalm 108:3 I will praise you, O LORD, among the nations; I will sing of you among the peoples.

Wow what a great way of attack.....notice David says "Among the nations and people"



Have you realised that David here is embracing Spiritual wafare ? and imploying it !

Spiritual warfare (YES BEFORE it was invented in the new testament !!!)

Wooo must be the same Holy Spirit working here :D

Could this be "The cymbal of the dawn ?"

Now lets jump to Psalm 60:5-12 where the battle meets stiff resistance

Psalm 60:8 Moab is my washbasin, upon Edom I toss my sandal; over
 Philistia I shout in triumph."

Notice here the parallels in the New Testament

Matthew 22:44  1 Corinthians 15:25  Matthew 10:14  Luke 9:5 James 4:7 

Now finally lets look at what happened to the "Enemies"

Look at  Prophecy - Isaiah 11:14

To Philistia - 2 Samuel 8:1 

To Moab - 2 Samuel 8:2

To Edom - 2 Samuel 8:14

This is "The Cymbal Of The Dawn"

Be awake and alert