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Psalm 109,Study 1, The X Factor

Psalm 109,Study 1, The X Factor



That incites images of fame and fortune does'nt it ?

But what stirs up people to go the Xtra Mile ?

Sure, people go the extra mile in the "world"

Sure....  you don't have to be a "Christian" to go the extra mile , just think of all the
people that have done extraordinary things in this day and age !

So what might Jesus have meant by "going the exta mile ?" in Matthew 5:41

Well it might have been associated with the roman occupation at that tme where a roman soldier
could demend you to carry his equipment for a mile

And in this you might put into practice the "servant heart" and carry it further, although it would
not be demanded of you

You might know of various people in your life that God brought into action to help you as you
struggled along, they might have made your path a lot easier, carrying all that luggage for you
while you sorted your life out !

I remember and always will....the people who took me on when I was homeless and how they
put themsleves and their families into very difficult situations, almost being "selfless" instead of

We probably all know or have expereinced times in our lifes when more was demanded of us

Where we have had to almost be "selfless" as there was no other way forward

and this is the "X Factor" that God might sometimes ask of a "Follower"



Now we turn to Psalm 109 as we look at David and a time when "In order to continue his
walk he may well have had to be "selfless"

Here a walks a man of God a man who Praised God in verse 1

A man who "Loved people" in verse 4

A man "who prayed" in verse in verse 4

And in return ? we have a type of boomerang

David was being slandered and lied about and as he loved the people they returned his love
with "accusations"...repaying evil for good and hating instead of loving

How David must have had to be selfless in order to get through this time ?

Its almost like David was in the "sufferings of Jesus? " Philippians 3:10  Romans 8:17

People talk about "becoming more like Christ" but here we see almost a picture of Jesus as
He went to the Cross ?

Its almost like a reflection is'nt it ?



And so we begin this short message on Psalm 109 and in a way it looks back over some of
the things we have glimpsed at ...."Judgement" and "Judas Iscariot" amongst many

And this is where we begin

Psalm 109 is written by David

This is a very deep Psalm inspired by the Holy Spirit and is about "Judas Iscariot" and Jesus's betrayal

Here the Holy Spirit of God speaks about Judas Iscariot who is yet to be born

his judgement and his judging,

This Psalm 109 speaks of a man before birth and his you still think Judgement is
only after death ?  here its before birth


Now ,I'm not going to go systematically through each verse of Psalm 109 but I will just draw out
 certain portions

Here and now we turn from David to Jesus as if to look through a mirror at a persons life

But more than this the Holy Spirit is speaking through David of a future time
Lets begin

Psalm 109:1 Begins as if to say that "God was not there , as if He had forsaken , the One He
loved and as if God the Father had forsaken Jesus

We know that God cannot die and here we have the picture of Jesus on the Cross as He speaks
"My God, My God, why hast Thou forsaken Me?"

Here having taken on humanity and the forgiveness of sins, Jesus turns the tables over

And He turns the jeering and scorn , fighting and mocking, the punches and whipping, the
scolding and shouting, the slander and wickedness, the lieing and hate, the accusations and
evil, ............into freedom and liberty, mercy and victory, salvation and new life, hope and
a future for the very ones who sent Him to The Cross

Jesus emptied Himself and was fully human yet the same person of the Trinity came to earth
that we who sent Him to the Cross might have life and the fulness of life

1 Peter 2:24   yet we too who hung Him their are crucified with Him
Galatians 2:20 yet it is not we who live but He who lives within

And in the same way as our sin sent Gods only Son that whoever believes in Him might have
eternal life....

Jesus once more turns the tables over as He gives us beauty for ashes , the oil of Joy for mourning.
the Spirit of praise for the spirit of heaviness.

And by His stripes we are healed

And in Psalms 109:2 we see the lieing spirit and false accusations coming at Jesus
and here we look to  Matthew 26:59 where false witnesses came and presented their case

What a cup of bitterness and of sorrow as the time had come for the man of sorrows to enter
back into His eternal abode, for He did not belong here nor did He have anywhere to lay His head

Psalms 109:4 Now going back into the ministry of Jesus we see that He prayed to His Father
alone in  Luke 6:12, now look at this 1 Peter 2:23 even Jesus committed Himself to Him ( The Father) who
judges righteously

Even on the Cross Jesus prays as He speaks to His Father

Yes even here Jesus is praying



Psalms 109:5  Yet while Jesus displayed love and came to seek and save the lost, they did not
recognise Him or even know Him and threw back hatred at Him and did not want a King to
rule over them Luke 19:10

Its strange to think that all through Israels history the people wanted a king to be like other
nations...yet when the King of Kings came they failed to recognise who He really was

John 14:9 "Don't you know me, Philip, even after I have been among you such a long time?

Yet now in this day and age we know who He is, yet millions fail to want Him as the King of
their lifes or to enter His courts or if they do.....without  thanksgiving in their hearts


Psalms 109:6  the sons of perdition Acts 13:10 children of the night

And here we come to Judas Iscariot and the judgement of those who are divided yet to be
divided Matthew 13:38

Before time began God the Father knew who were His and they were "separated" and set apart

1. They grew within the boundaries of the place that God had set and grew together in one place,
yet separate from as they can be identified as "different"

God looking into the future from the dawning and before the dawning of time

2. God seeing now who are His yet who are to be His , who have not yet entered into what He
has prepared, judging the thoughts and motives of the heart NOW Hebrews 4:12

3. God looking back from the future at the end of time and seeing all that has been done and
judging at the "final judgement"  after all is done and the works He put into place and prepared have been
finished by His followers


Three judgements being past, present and future...but the bride cannot in my finite mind and
understanding be judged in the same way as the "weeds"

If this was so then all the promises made to the "Bride" would become "ineffective"

The Bride cannot be judged as to ..."whether she goes to hell or heaven" or "whether she is
to be with God not"

This is a very simplistic approach and understanding of the Judgement Of God being just a
"future event" that will take place in the minds of people

Judgement  is not "wait til dad gets home" or "the slipper"

Its difficult to associate Gods Judgement with anything we know of in our so called "reality"
of life and the usual way for us is to associate it with "parent figures" in our lifes

But the Judging of God can be "The Word" thats the very bible the believer reads which divides
and separates and not just the "Word of God" as in a book but the living God and the active word
alive in us Judging the very motives of our hearts