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Psalm 109,Study 2, The Fear Factor

Psalm 109,Study 2, The Fear Factor

Now before we carry on I,ll share something that had me fooled for years

You know when I looked at the "final judgement" I always saw this as heaven or hell

And as a young Christian believer I always had this doubt and mistrust in my mind ! now maybe this came from my early years and my mistrust of authority but I always had this nagging doubt in my mind

And this nagging doubt was that when I came to the final judgement God would say "sorry its hell for you"

That might sound strange to some but I wonder how many people actually think this !

I thought "maybe I won't make it ?"

"OOOoo  how I wish ministers would teach more on judgement, why o why can't we have teaching on judgement of God ?" it would have saved me years of uncertainty

You see the bible said "Judgement - divide - heaven or hell"

Now if I think about it now I see that if God The Father were to say to me"sorry its hell for you" then it would nullify and make inneffective every promise of God to me (what a great way for the enemy to attack)

It would basically mean I was asking myself "Am Iiii   reallyy saved ?"

For goodness sake it took years for me to realise where the enemy had me

And even then I only learnt about this through teaching myself


Yes we will be judged and judged first but listen to this scripture and hear God speak 1 Corinthians 3:10-17

Please do not believe what I did,,,,have you been broguht from death to life ? or not ?



And so I realise that I am already separated as wheat and weeds in Matthew 13:30 and in this
God has prophesied over my life in a "Psalm" or song before the creation of the world

And this "Judgement" of The Father to His child had already taken place before time itself

And that I must not let the weeds choke out or raise themselves up above me Jesus Matthew 14:30

And I see that Judgement is not just a final "thing" that will happen in the future but that it has
already happened and is happening as I type in that God judges my motives and this salvation

I have found is an ongoing process that walks alongside "Judgement" that The Judgement of God
is not "just" a punishment  1 John 4:18 for if it was it would drive me to live out of fear and this fear
would not be of "God"


I see that there are multiple layers of judgement all working in my life from the past before I was
ever born to the present and the future

Funny to think that in my old evaluation of "Judgement" using the old fashoined view of just a
future judgement of "heaven or hell" I had succeeded in judging all scriptures as of being "of lesser
importance" therefore judging the Word based on my own knowledge

And how knowledge or the lack of can cause death....Hosea 4:6

I opened a doorway through which the enemy could enter and bring in doubt and uncertainty

I evaluated (Judged) God as a rerun of my own childhood scenario where in the end when it came
to the "crunch" God would say "Get out" I never knew you...

If you are one of those people pray "Lord God in Jesus name I renounce this belief in Jesus name
and run to you now In Jesus precious name Amen"

If your looking for information on Psalm 109 and simply want study material then scroll down to
the bottom of this page and go onto the next study  Psalm 109,Study 3,The Singer And The Song,

But if this message is speaking to you then read on


Now you might ask "what about those who fell in the wilderness ?"

"What of Judas Iscariot ?"

"What of those who seem to fall away ?"

"And what about this verse

Matthew 7:21-23 "I never knew you,depart from me ?"

Well we have already renounced the belief that God will somehow change the wheat to thistles

But it is a good question and one that is outside of our understanding, however we do know that
wheat cannot change by itself or that thistles cannot become wheat

And the answer to this question lies in the scripture of Matthew 7:21-23, which we will kook at in the next study "The Singer And The Song"


It amazes me at times especially on the web, where people think they know someone they
have never met ! even enough to judge them...

But we have a God who loves relationship and who does know us better tham we know ourselves

Now at this point I want to go back to the study message

Study 25, Salvation and Relationship

We see that everyone has a certain type of relationship with God, yes even satan has a "type" of
relationship with God

But we also saw that relationship and salvation do not always walk hand in hand, for if they did then , what of those who come to Jesus in their last final moments before death ?

And if relationship with God was based on salvation.....! In other words had to have a relationship to be saved then even satan himself would be saved, indeed even every living breathing thing on this earth

So relationship does not walk hand in hand with salvation as we know, but in the same instance the "knowing" is based on relationship

But remember we did not choose God ...

God chose us and this is the primary thing

It is not so much our relationship with God but Gods relationship with us

So what of those who fell in the wilderness ?

What of Those who who will hear the words "I never knew you, depart from me ?

Well here I'm going to cut the study short as the message here has been delivered

Remember ? you are already separated

Matthew 13:38  The field is the world, and the good seed stands for the sons of the kingdom. The weeds are the sons of the evil one,

In this the process of salvation is being carried until it is carried out read Philippians 1:6 and Galatians 5:10

In this the Judgement was made and is being made and will be

As God is the One who was and is and is to come Revelation 1:8 written to the seven churches


Now lets close this with

1 Peter 2:9  Jeremiah 1:5  1 Corinthians 8:3   Psalm 139:15