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Psalm 109,Study 3,The Singer And The Song,

Psalm 109,Study 3,The Singer And The Song,

So where are we far ? we have gone from Psalm 109:1-5 With the X Factor Study here ,  and
the study entitled The Fear Factor message

Now we know that  through scripture going from genesis to the "Newer testifying books" of Jesus
that the name of Jesus is sown into the very fabric of the bible and interwoven into all scripture

Psalm One Hundered and Nine an verses one - five, are an example of this

These verses sing a prophetic song of Jesus and His life that was yet to be on this earth

This same song was sung BEFORE time itself John 1:1 and John 1:14 and Genesis 1:1

Now listen as the Song is echoed and the Great Psalmist sings and the morning song is heard
at the dawning of a new day Proverbs 8:23 {Quote}I was appointed from eternity, from the
 beginning, before the world began.{Unquote}

Yes before the "Field" (earth) and before even the  thorns and the wheat came to be The Great
Judge had divided but not only that had commissioned the sifting of the wheat !

You see the differing layers of Judgement ?  for why have wheat unless it is sifted ?

And so the song of Jesus is being sung and the song Of his beloved is being sung

The song of each  child is being sung and In the great divide the sifting and in the sifting the
motives and attitudes  and in the sifting the searching and in the searching  Psalm 26:2
even  to the divide of soul and spirit  Hebrews 4:12

Now the song is being sung in Psalm 109:1-5 as Jesus is led to the Cross, that we might follow
Him in song



Now going on with Psalm 109 and from verse 5 onwards we go from  the Psalm sung over Jesus
at the dawning of time and before time and now sung in this Psalm , being that God knew what
would happen and it was already done in His eyes

To the prophetic utterances about Judas Iscariot and what would happen

Being that He was separated already and God being all knowing and  Omniscient speaks through
His Holy Spirit to David about future things that would happen

Its hard to disassociate Davids life here at this time from this prophetic Psalm is'nt it ?

Which is why it can be seen as both a Psalm of Davids life at this time and of Jesus and His

But if you look for the "signposts" in this psalm you will see that it is also speaking of the future....
be it our past history as now we are looking back at this Psalm

So lets go onto The song sung over Judas Iscariot but before we do I,ll share another  coincidence 



Sunday preach: 9.30am

Speaker preached on re:Exodus 18:13-24 :

 So here Moses is the judge and sits from morning until evening judging
before the people and sorting out disputes between all the people

And so Moses's Fatherinlaw Jethro comes and lovingly directs Moses to designate others who can
help with the judging.....verses 24-27 and so these men of fine standing were set within a certain
number each or group to judge over that group to settle disputes arising

That is judges or rulers of thousands, hundreds, fifties and tens and in this the judges of the
people had order among the people


This was basically the sermon base but in my own words

SO endeth the coincidence
Now look at this and consider it in the light of Matthew 7:1 and remember that there are
differing "types" of judgement when it comes to people


So Now before we go any further

Matthew 7:23

Then I will tell them plainly, 'I never knew you. Away from me, you evildoers!'

So we go back to this dissociation where God might suddenly turn around and say "I never
knew you"

Don't tell me you have never had a single doubt come to your mind that somehow you might
"not make it" ?

Now we exploded and reounced the belief that God might disown us and we have all gone
through rejections in our lifes so don't pull that one on me and say "I don't have this problem"
So what does it mean when God says "'I never knew you"

You see in the end it is not about us choosing Jesus is God who chose us

Now read John 15:16

So when God says "I never knew you" this is in fact the answer to this verse

God is saying "I never knew you - That is, I never approved of your ways...
never regarded you as my friend.

In other words this is directed at those who are not His and are in the field but are not the same

 All my knowledge of Him depends on Him , knowing me. I know Him,
because He first knew me, and this continues in that God walks alongside me  and knowing me
He knows me as a friend, and His attention is always on me, even though it is also on everyone

Look at

Exodus 33:17  Jeremiah 33:5  John 10:14 



Matthew 7:22  Many will say to me on that day, 'Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name, and
 in your name drive out demons and perform many miracles?'

I'm staying on this verse for a while just to emphasis the point again of the difference between
Gods Judgement and our judgement

Now note in this imagery of the future the people say "Lord Lord"

The is significant in that they say "Lord"

"Did we not drive out demons and perform miracles ?"

Now "I did not know you " this again can be seen as relationship and we know that relationship does
not always walk hand in hand with salvation !

And maybe here God is saying that He did not know them but that they knew Him

But we know that God knows everything and everyone and nothing is hidden

We also know that God loves everyone and that God is Love

It is only when we come to Him that we then come to know Him in a personal way and begin to
experience that Love

So how does God not know them ?

Certainly they must have performed many miracles in His name thus we can only conclude that although
they confessed to know God, that  what they did was not "in God"

Now note that in this imagery of the future the poeple here place great emphasis on "what they have done
in the name of Christ"

Thus the gift becomes greater than the giver of the gift


I remember many years ago when I was a member of a particular Church , a person who often gave prophecies
or words of knowledge and when he gave these words they did'nt quite ring true with me

And after some time I often searched back and remembered these words and weighed them up

In other words I discerned them or put them on the scales or "judged" or what we call "discerned"

discernment being a gift from God

Over the years I weighed up these words and came to the conclusion that the "Proof was in the

In other words "If these words where true they would come to completion"

But I always had a question mark about this person and the gift

On the other hand I also remember another person in another Church that was spot on and even though
the words he spoke at the time did not always make sense I soon realised that this person was speaking
the very words of God and the thing he said "happened"



Now we come to Judas Iscariot and in Psalm 109 we see the song or psalm sung over his life and not
just his life but his future after death

We know that names play a significant role in ancient times and in jewish culture and that names carried
with them a prophetic meaning

Abram was not called abram for no reason and God changed it to Abraham which is "the father of a
numerous offspring" or "The Father of a multitude" or of "Many nations" in other words the father of
many as numerous as theb stars in the sky and the sand on the shore

It was no coincidence that sariah became Sarah which means "Princess"

And we know of "Simon" who became "Peter" the Rock

So what of Judas Iscariot ? well his name does not signify anything apart from "man of Kerioth"

We know that he was chosen as one of the twelve disciples so that he was chosen by God

You might say "he was a pawn or a puppet on a string" used by God to betray Jesus

But we are not puppets and neither does God use us as such

And we ask the question "Why did Judas betray Jesus for thirty pieces of silver ? just for the same
price as a slave ? now read Zechariah 11:12-13


No doubt Judas Iscariot was chosen as one of the twelve disciples and no doubt he was sent to preach the
good news to the poor

No doubt he performed miracles and cast out demons and no doubt with the other eleven he said "Lord"

Now read Matthew 10 these signify  the twelve tribes of israel, now read Revelation 21:14

The wall of the city had twelve foundations, and on them were the names of the twelve apostles of the

Now read Revelation 21:14 and the twelve foundations

Now read  John 14:22

notice the subtle difference

And we know that Judas was replaced by Matthias and AFTER the ascension of Jesus Acts 1:23-26

Acts 1:20 20 “For,” said Peter, “it is written in the Book of Psalms:

“‘May his place be deserted;
    let there be no one to dwell in it

So was Judas a witness of the resurrection  ? was he an Apostle or not ?

Matthias came later as we know

Or we could suggest that Judas did not hang himself until after the resurrection in which case he
was one of the apostles

This is one of the unswerable questions in which we have to conclude that the answer and the judgement
is with God and God alone

But I must add that if you have ever asked and doubted about your salvation then this is a sure isgn that
you are indeed a child of God


So was Judas one of the Apostles ?