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Psalm 109,Study 4,The Judges Home,

Psalm 109,Study 4,The Judges Home,

1 Corinthians 8:3 John 10:14  2 Timothy 2:19   .................... Psalm 109:6 And we see that a person is sought that would be the one in which the Son of God would entrust his life, in other words Jesus allowed Himself to be put into this position Ephesians 6:12 now read Zechariah 3:1 Now the song of Judas is being sung out in Psalm 109...the same song that was sung before time Psalms 109:7     Matthew 26:14 - and now we have the answer to the question where Judas's apostolic ministry is handed over to another Act 1:25 Now Judas must stand at the judgement seat of Christ


This is echoed in Psalm 109:8 Acts 1:20  "For," said Peter, "it is written in the book of Psalms, "'May his place be deserted; let there be no one to dwell in it,' and, "'May another take his place of leadership.'


ASSOCIATION I was considering this afternoon while at work (As you do ) how people associate certain things And I began to play the game called "association" A habit is to consider the word "abomination" with things that we ourselves  find distasteful or unpleasant and straight away we believe that maybe God feels the same way as we do and so we search for a well known scripture in the Old Testament to back up our claim and feel good because God agrees with us (I'm thinking of leviticus) So we think abomnination and "ugh" and straight to leviticus Well interesting that people don't pick up on other Mosaic laws such as the death penalty for picking up sticks Numbers 15:32-35

And we / I can have selective hearing , forgetting the one and most important commandment of Love Now I'm not saying that God condones certain things but then again we or I can be in the habit if using scripture in the wrong way or should I say "the misuse of Gods Word" Now if I were too say the word "abomination" you might identify it with a sensory thing ! It triggers off something in you that you relate to and that God actually agreees with (or so you think)

But if I were to mention the word "Luke warm" you might again want to play the game of word association and come up with the first thing that enters your mind which might be "food or drink" And again this is a sensory item, but you would not even consider "Church" as this does not make you saliva glands start to work or make you repulsed at the thought of "certain things" But actually a "Laodicean Church" can be an abomination to God and He might want to spew it out of His mouth In fact and I know Ive said this many times, all through the bible we see things that make God sick


Anyway I was considering the word "adultery" and again maybe quite a lot of people see this as a simple "man or woman has relationship while married ...scenario" When in fact in Gods word ...most adultery is caused by the heart of a person or people or nation And this is an "abomination" to God..when an entire nation walks away and when the peoples worship other gods Most of the time God was calling out to His people "Israel" and as a lover in relationship was crying out for them to return to Him And this train of thought led me to something that I had never thought of before and it came as a bit of a revelation to me

You see no other nation committed adultery ! Why ? because no other nation belonged to God ...thats why ! I never see where God says "You moabites or philistines come back to me" And the same with individuals ..for how can someone walk out of relationship with God unless they are in a relationship ?" Yes sure every being on the planet has a type of relationship , but the relationship I'm speaking of here is the personal relationship of the "bride and the groom" or the "two way" relationship between the one who comes to Him and Himself How can you forsake your first love ...when you never had one ? Interesting I thought, that other nations could not commit adultery with God And so back to Judas Iscariot and his adulterous heart ...........................


Psalms 109:9 Obviously now the children of that line would be fatherless and the wife a widow such is said of the man Judus But this has a second connotation for Jerusalem  Desolate and deserted we turn now to Jerusalem with a cross reference to Matthew 23:38 Like a hen gathering chicks under the wing of protection so God began to gather those who sought after Him and to those who sought refuge in the name Of Jesus Now those who had forsaken their first love had a new Saviour and ones that had been grafted into the Vine Now it was anyone who believed in the name of Jesus and from there , continued on, being that He first called them and they responded, being that they called on His name and He responded and knowing they would began a good work which was already begun in them and even since the dawning of time and before


Now I just want to add one more thing to this and that is....people say "God does not hear the prayers of the unsaved" Well I would reply that if He does not hear their prayers then none of us have the slightest chance of ever being saved since...what we call the sinners prayer is prayed when "unsaved" We tend to see things in the Light of our present age and Church and forget that people were married before the Church wedding ceremony was ever compiled. Divorced before the divorce laws came into effect.....saved before the "sinners prayer" was ever founded and worshipped God before a brick building was ever constructed And so going back to Psalm 109:9, I want to move direction from Judas Iscariot to Jerusalem After all Psalm 109 began with Jesus and His trials, then onto Judas and now I believe this Psalm points to Gods chosen ones who had rejected His love and adulterated After all as God spoke over them in Matthew 23:37 "O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, you who kill the prophets and stone those sent to you" After all was it not our sin that took Jesus to the Cross ? and by His death He nailed our sin so that we might be covered by the Blood of Jesus ?


Now lets jump to Psalms 109:16 and Was it not Jerusalem that stoned the prophets and hounded the broken hearted to death ? John 19:34 and was it not Jerusalem who betrayed God with a Kiss ?

And in the same way I see now the prophets being stoned and the broken hearted being stoned by words and judgements ! Now skip to Psalms 109:20 And Judas is not the only one referred to hear you know ? DEVILS This passage speaks of all those who rose up against Jesus as it can be said "there were many devils" Poor and needy in Psalms 109:22 with no where to lay His head taking on the sins of the world His love is replaced by hatred Psalms 109:24 And as He sweats drops of blood, the Son of God is taken and the "devils" scorn Him Matthew 27:39-44

And we end this study message with Psalm 109:31 For Jesus stands besdie the needy ready to save them from those who condemn them Someone once said that "Jesus did not come to Judge but to save" I would reply that they are mistaken and that In this salvation is Judgement And this Judgement is a saving Judgement of being made innocent and being let off And even then in this salvation there is an ongoing relationship that we must be careful of so that we / I do not "Loose my / Our first Love" For unlike the world

....I can "Loose my first Love" Until we go to be "In The Judges Home"