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Psalm 110,Study 1, Father to his Son,

Psalm 110,Study 1, Father to his Son

,   So lets recap and in the last study "The Judges House" we acknowledged that no other nation committed adultery as no other nation was in this "type" of relationship

And no other person except "A child of God" can loose their first Love

Now we come to the Father saying to the Son sit at my right hand

And the reference that comes with this just happens to be last weeks sermon "OOoooOOO  coincidence thats Isaiah 6:1

Now Jesus has risen back to the Father

And we see how the Psalms speak "outside of time"



This Is the "Adon" The Lord...that is to say "the Lord said to his Word'' this is the word   used in
Isaiah 6:1

As In the beginning was the Word (Jesus Christ) and the Word was with God and the Word
was God

Now at the Right Hand  read  1 Kings 2:19

1 Corinthians 15:25  Now the Lord Jesus sits down and rests from His labours Psalm 16:11

Now as God rested from His labours , Jesus rests from His having done the work that He was
entrusted to do and having fulfilled all Genesis 2:2 and Hebrews 4:10

Again people have another simplistic view on this one where we give one day per week to God
and on that day we relax and just do Gods work and this fits in with our work patterns and

And so Jesus The Son of God is seated at the Right Hand of God The Father

This is the "Adon" The One God

We are also raised up with Him as believers and so as much as God says it to His Son, He
also says the same thing to us

"Come site at my Right Hand until I make your enemies to be a footstool under your feet"

Acts 7:49 We know that the earth is Gods footstool and being raised up with Christ and seated
in heavenly places the earth is under us and like or related to that of "a footstool"

Colossians 3:1 This is a matter of fact for since we have been raised up with Christ

Now we fix our eyes on things above where Christ is seated Colossians 2:20
Do not handle! Do not taste! Do not touch!

But taste and see that the Lord is Good Psalm 34:8

NOW He is  seated and  sitting is reigning as King and so you are seated and reigning in
1 Corinthians 15:25

"Until I make 'your' enemies My footstool"

Past , present , future......there were enemies, there are, there will be,

You were raised up, you are raised up, you will be raised up.

Matthew 22:44 Acts 2:34  Hebrews 1:13



But this is as the Father speaking to His Son and these verses refer to Jesus and we read Psalm
110 as such, these verses being applied as Jesus ...thats His Holy Spirit and His working going
out unto all the earth

Mark 16:15 and Acts 1:8

This takes us back to Isaiah 6:1:8   “Here am I. Send me!”

Yet God does'nt have to use us, but chooses to and we say "here I am"

"Send me Lord" note : send me....He sends us and in His power and under His authority

And Jesus will rule over His enemies Revelation 20:1-7 and revelations 19:11-21



And so as we go out and He makes disciples they are like the dawn of a new day or likened to
"womb of the dawn " or like the dew of the morning

Psalm 110:3 this is the "Cymbal of the dawn" see study

It reads from the "womb of the morning" or in some translations "womb of the dawn "

These chosen ones who are arrayed in garments of splendour will come to You (Jesus)

Arrayed in white being Holy and covered by Your Blood

In other words we His people are Holy And Separated from the world, Holy as the Church,
The Bride Of Christ and when Jesus goes to war His people will serve Him

Remember that this war is not against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers of
the "unseen" world Ephesians 6:12

And so we come willingly not to fight as flesh and blood but to fight the good fight

Not in our power but in His power, not in our strength but in His strength, not in our might
but in His might,

Like the Womb of the dawn" they are reborn and become a vast army as numerous as the
"dew of the morning"

They fall down and rest "As the dew of the morning"

They are refreshing to Him as "the dew of the morning"

They / We are as numerous as the "Dew of the Morning"



Now we come to the centerpiece of Psalm 110 in Psalm 110:4

And I'm going to draw on three things here in this threefold ministry of "Prophet Deut. 18:15
Priest Heb. 6:20 and King Matthew 2:2

And the three things are

The Oath - Sonship - Priesthood

Now this is where Numbers 23:19 comes in and Numbers 23:19

And focusing mainly on Sonship and Priesthood

And we ask the question "when did The Sonship and Priesthood begin ?"

And with this we turn back to Psalm 2:7 foretelling the future Kings arrival like
a trunpet blast in the streets with a procession saying "hear theee hear thee"

And when we read Psalm 2:7 "You are my Son; today I have become your Father.

This might imply to some that Jesus became the Son

And this is where many forum topics come from and many discussions are made
by picking singular verses on their own as if they have another meaning or imply
something different and this is also how cults begin by the application of verses
such as this and then by adding layer upon layer of handpicked scriptures to back
up the way laid verse

And again I've chosen Psalm 2:7 to run alongside Psalm 110:4 for a good reason
and to illustrate and make a point

Now all through the bible we see examples such as "Today if you hear His voice do not harden
your hearts"

"Today you shall be with me in paradise" and we must remember that a day is not always spoken
of as a 24 hour clock

Again In Psalm 2:7 we see the Father speaking to the Son and proclaiming a "Decree"

"Today you have become my Son"

Refer to THE "EVE" OF A NEW DAY,

Now we know that Jesus has always been the Son of God,   Isaiah 43:13

Now read Acts 13:33

Now at the Baptism of Jesus God the Father speaks Matthew 3:17

 "This is my Son, whom I love; with him I am well pleased."

Now read Hebrews 5:5

So with this verse we will end this particular study with the question

"What does today mean ? and when did Jesus become the Son of God ?"