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Psalm 110,Study 3,The Father in the Son

Psalm 110,Study 3,The Father in the Son

At this point I'm briefly going to glance at the book of Hebrews as this is the book about
the High  Priest, the Son Of God, The Melchezidec of Time

So lets begin at Hebrews 1:5 and look at this in relation to Job 1:6

Now in Job 1:6 it reads "So one day the angels or as the King James Bible reads "sons of God"
came to stand before The Lord God and Father and the were appointed on this "day" to give
an account

And we seem to think that we shall give an account on the "last day" and it only retains to us, but we see here that the angels are giving an account to God


So firstly pertaining to us and our judgement

Now firstly Matthew 12:36 this is for every idle word spoken there will be a judgement

Now lets consider this as we are "Sons Of God" that is to say we are "children of the living God"

We cannot be judged and will not be judged on idle words if the are repented of and forgiven

Either you are forgiven or you are not forgiven ..,.so lets get that one straight before we begin

This is speaking of unprofitable speech or in other words the type or kind of speech that will
not go into eternity with us, as it is of no value and is worthless

So any judging here might be said to be simply that "if not repented of" it would count "as nothing"
or burnt away


Now back to the angels

But we also see here in Job 1:6 that the "sons of God" came before the Father, the One

To present themselves before the "One God" and to give an account of what they had done and
to take orders on what they were to do, Ephesians 2:10 applies to us
(In Their works that God was giving the angels to do)

In other words this is a type of judgement upon the angels and they were presenting themselves
before the Father creator to give an account  


satan accounting

And this being the same time when satan stood before God and referred to Job the "Righteous


sosn of God

One other reference to the "sons of God" might be seen in Genesis  6:1-8

This being the sons of Cain and the descendants of or family of Seth

The Sethites living in or on mount hermon being seen as nearer to God or nearer to the heavens
they inherited the name "sons of God"

But we no that we are transformed by the renewing of our minds and we do not conform to
the other words "although we mingle we others all the time we do not do
as they do"

So the sethites mingled with the cainites and God sent the flood as we know and we also know
that this biblical principle repeats itself on through Gods Word and we see other instances when
the "chosen ones" or "sons of God" mingled with other nations in the land flowing with milk
and honey and so in this they were exiled to babylon

And again and again throughout history, His story teaches us that history teaches us nothing


And so back to Hebrews 1:5 and here we see the difference between the angelic host and Jesus

God the Father would never refer an angel to be a "son"

There is only "One Son" of God and although we are sons of the living God ....Jesus is the first

And we see the Father in the Son, the exact representation of His being and the image of...or the mirror of, as Jesus walked the earth



Now we are skipping quickly through Hebrews and we come to the great High Priest
Hebrews 4:14

So the blood was shed and Jesus went through the veil and into the Holy of Holies and the veil
was torn

Now we may enter that place and "rest in Him

And that takes us to Hebrews 4 3

To some this rest means one day per week and to others it may refer to Jesus being the
"Sabbath Rest" as He is Lord of the Sabbath

2 Corinthians 5:21) We can now cease our work and rest in Him as He rests from His works

Not that any work is finished and God continues to work in the lifes of His people and new creations
are born everyday

But that Jesus work was "finished" on and at the Cross through the blood that was shed so that
we being heirs can sit at the right hand with Him and as He rests so too we can rest



Now skipping on quickly we come to Hebrews 6:20

This is the forerunner or the One who goes before us preparing the way

He that is Jesus has already run the race and won the race and He is the firstborn

We run the race as He did and we win because He has won

Now Jesus intercedes on our behalf to the Father though He is in the Father and the Father
is in Him such is the "Godhead"


And so lets do a  rerun on this message

TASK : Read the book of Hebrews

This is about Jesus our High Priest who sat down at the right hand of God and rested and who
intercedes for us, having run the race and going before us

In this interceding on our behalf we give an account (if you like)

This could be likened to me handing in my books to my accountant and He interacts between
me and the Inland revenue (a bit of a strange analogy but you get my drift)

I am accountable to both at that time and my books are judged at that point to see if my affairs
and the work I was given has been carried out, except that at the end of my accounts for that
year being billed I find that the debt has already been paid and I get no bill yayayyyyyy

Because He has already run the race ahead of me and the price was paid all I have to do is to
"do what He says" and in this is the "ongoing" relationship....and salvation


So you see my accounting continues throughout my life and those things which I do that are not
of Him or are not prepared for me to do in advance are not summoned up at the end of year
accounts therefore they do not have any significance and are not related to my "books"

Therefore they are trashed in the bin and are not entered as part and parcel of my "yearly"

Ok back to normality and the study we have so far examined and judged (discerned)
that Jesus having rested is now interceeding for us and that the angels give an account to God
and that even satan himself gives an account to God

Hebrews 4:14 let US hold on firmly.........

There seems to be an accounting on our part ?  Hebrews 2:1

With the High Preist it can be seen by holding fast to the Word in Matthew 4:3

Often while being or going through a testing or trial and when we are at (what seems) to be our
lowest point in life , the enemy will attack. He will attack the weak points in our armour

So at the time of testing and trial comes our temptation and this temptation must be replied too
with the "Word" James 1:2


reply = "No its not" its His

Again I'm going to drift to an analogy

Often we see that anyone can start a business but the "proof is in the pudding"

So many begin with high hopes and aspirations but fall after a time as they begin to see how
hard and difficult it really is and that  running a business means almost sacrificing..not just
your money and time but also maybe your family life and it becomes a 24 hour a day occupation

and in this analogy we see that it "sacrifice" doesn't just apply to "Christians"

And that the "doing " and works" are not so much 'what we do' but "who we do them for"

So a business has to prove itself 2 Corinthians 9:13


And so I,ll leave this message now as people may get daunted by the page length and give up before trying to read it

It seems this message was about "accounting" which ties in with the "Judgement" theme I suppose

I had no idea what it was going to be about but it seems to be a message about "accountablility" and an ongoing accounting

I wonder whats next ? Matthew 6:34 who knows ?

So lets go onto the next message called "The Son In The Father"