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Psalm 110,Study 4,The Son In The Father

Psalm 110,Study 4,The Son In The Father

 Now we are going to be running Genesis 14 and Psalm 110:4 alongside Hebrews 7:1-3

But lets begin with Genesis 14 and here we begin with the war of the Kings

TASK : read Genesis 14

Now this is before Abram  is named Abraham :(Note)

Now there was war in Sodom and Gomorrah  and the four kings seized all the food and goods and possessions including people

Now it was reported to Abram and  Abran was  concerned about his mephew "lot" and summoned up 318 trained men from his household and went in pursuit and Abram and his men intercepted these armies of the Kings

And you can read this in Genesis 14

Now Abram recovered lot his nephew and the possessions plus food  and goods and people including women

And this is where we begin the   scenario and where  Melchizedek AND the king of sodom meet Abram

So we have now the scene where Abram meets with Melchizedek AND the king of sodom on his way back



 So we have the four kings who went to war against  Sodom and Gomorrah and you can do
a further study on this referring to  Daniel 7:17 with the four kingdoms and the four beasts

As Genesis 14 is a kind of shadow of things to come and you begin to see how Gods word
is like a "web" which interlinks together ! and you also see that taking the new testament on its own
does not really make sense unless you also take from the Old Testament and testifying scripture

Now we come firstly to the scene where Abram meets Melchezidec king of salem and the king
of sodom

But firstly we must remember the promise made to Abram before all this in Genesis 12:1-2

And incidently this mornings message at my Church (oo coincidence again) was on Abraham and Genesis 12:1


Now usually this scene where Abram meets Melchezidek is seen as a simply example to do
with and related to "tithing"

But actually theres a lot more in this than meets the eye and this is more to do with
"Heart Judgement"


Firslty Melchizedek arrives on the scene and brings the wine and bread for  Abram's men to after
they had fought the battle and this was in  the valley of Shaveh (the King's Valley) and you find this
in Genesis 14:17

So the first significant thing here is that Melchezidek blesses Abram and gives food and drink

Now in return Abram gives back a tenth of the spoils of war, that is the goods and possessions

The tenth signified "completeness" or giving all to God

Now before we go on lets go to Genesis 13 and we see that Abram had already become wealthy with
livestock , silver and gold

But that this was not where his heart was and this is one important point :Abrams heart was not for temporal wealth ..... note Luke 19:8 as
compared to Mark 10:17-27


So lets skip back a chapter before we go on - to Genesis 13:10-18 and here we see a decision or a heart motive

Abram gave lot the choice and lot made his judgement !

Whereas Abram went in the opposite direction to lot and whichever way lot chose Abram
would go the other way

In this was a judgement , a weighing up and evaulation, a heart motive or decision

And so Abram went to canaan and lot to jordan

Now lets go forward again  to Genesis 14 again and continue , as Abram finishes his decision and
transaction with the "king of Salem - Melchezidek" and now confronts the "king of sodom"

Two choices here you see and this is the main point that I see in this, as not so much a
giving of a tenth of the spoils of war  but  a choice between two pathways

And so the king of Sodom  meets Abram in the valley of Shaveh and asks for his people to
be returned to him

But Abram gave all of the people AND all of their possessions back to the king of Sodom


Now go to Genesis 14:22-24  "QUOTE"23 that I will accept nothing belonging to you, not
even a thread or the strap of a sandal, so that you will never be able to say, ‘I made Abram

You see both  King of Sodom and Melchizedek offered Abram riches.

One was from the world and one from God

But Abram chose God and His promise over and above worldly riches.

Relate this to Matthew 4:9

In this is the "Judgement" of Abram between the two choices

The "world" or "God

In this we also see and notice another significant thing also in
 Genesis 14:13 in that Abram is called "Abram the Hebrew" here

Which can be said in hebrew to mean  "cross over a boundary"


So Abram believed God and the promise of God in Genesis 12:1-2

And the riches of the world were nothing compared to the riches of God

Philippians 3:8

And these riches were of Gods blessing upon him and we know that from this a multitude as numerous as the stars in the sky and the sand on the shore came forth

Two temporary the other eternal

Two Judgements of the heart a weighing up on the scales

Two decisions , one to become rich beyond measure and the other a promise of God

Two decisions ,,,, the way to life or the way to death

Decisions that we all have to make at some time and once the path is setout before us and our choices (judgements) are made ...then the "Abram" of life might rescue us from that darkness

But it is still even then a choice of which way but some chose to stay where they are

Do I choose to give the "complete number" My All? and rely on God to give me the riches beyond worldly riches ?
Or do I choose to take what is offered to me now ? and forfeit the promise of God ?
Mark 8:36

Whatever my decision or judgement in the end ..this judgement of God will rebound back on me  sooner or later

Will I be a Son in the Father ?

And we end the message / study, thankyou for reading