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Psalm 110,Study 5,Father And Son

Psalm 110,Study 5,Father And Son

And so we begin again and once more we run scriptures together with

Genesis 27:29  Psalm 110:5  Daniel 2:34

lets begin

(Please note to make sense of this study, scroll your mouse over the scripture and in the popup clcik on the corresponding verse and read it)


THE GENESIS WATERS - Genesis 27:29

Genesis 27:29  Psalm 110:5  Daniel 2:34

I was considering the other day how theres a spirit in the  "world" which has made its own
23rd Psalm

"The world is an oyster and we should want for better things - no need to rely on anyone else
Get what you can while you can and look after yourself"

This spirit lives on material things and says that "people do not need to rely on God for anything"

In fact we are gods and that we should walk beside this stream of dependency on the here
and now

And so I pondered upon this...."as you do"


So firstly lets go to Genesis 27:29 and this is where Isaac blesses  Jacob his son

And here Jacob was chosen above Esau Genesis 25:23 to receive the blessing and although it may seem
as though Jacob tricked his father this was not so much the plans and precepts of men but
the plans of God unfolding

We see the same blessing in Genesis 12:3 with Abram


God is in control of our lifes and Ive never realised that so much than in the past 7 years

When I have put things into place for security ...I find these come to nothing

When I think I have control of a situation...I find  its out of my control


When Balaam was chosen to curse Israel the Spirit of The Lord took control and instead
of a curse balaam blessed Israel in Numbers 24 and here we see the "tents of Jacob" spread
out along and beside the river But the hostile nations have their bones broken to pieces

Again we see that God takes over and controls the prophets tongue and spirit


THE PSALMIST - Psalm 110:5

Now we go to Psalm 110:5 and at  the right hand you could say "we are seated in heavenly places"

We remember that this Psalm should be read as the Father speaking to His Son Psalm 16:8 but we also remember
that we are also seated Ephesians 2:6 at the right hand (which signifies strength) this strength being the strength of God

Yes the Arm of the Lord is revealed in Isaiah 53:1

The arm of the Lord brings  salvation Isaiah 63:5

This is the strength of The Lord that softens hearts yet shatters rock

The word "strike" or "crush" in psalm 110:5 is to shatter to pieces and we know that in the last days
the heavens will be shaken and the peoples will call for the mountains and the rocks to fall on them

This is the "strength" of the Lord "In which direction His strength is aimed" in other words the
"Active" Right hand of God

In this terrible day is "the judgement of the Lord" on His enemies

And at this point we move to Psalm 110:6 and notice it reads "He shall judge among the heathen" and
some translations read "the nations

THE  STATUE - Daniel 2:34

Now remember we spoke in the previous study about the four kings in Daniel 7 ?

So now we pop over to Daniel 2 where king Nebuchadnezzar had dreams and daniel interpreted them


Now the four kings were in Genesis 14:1 when Abram (in the last study - click on next at the bottom of this page)  went to rescue lot ? and I mentioned that this related to Daniel ?

ok so lets look at the four kingdoms in Daniel 2 !

TASK : Read Daniel 2:31-45

Now here we have the dream of King Nebuchadnezzar and the statue and this symbolised the four empires
of the world,

1. firstly the babylonian (Chaldean) kingdom with the head of gold

2. Secondly the Medes and  Persian kingdom which was the chest and arms of silver

3. Thirdly the Macedonian (Grecian) kingdom being the belly and thighs of bronze.

4. And fourthly the roman Goverment which in this image is was symbolised by the feet of Iron and clay, these later  divided into
ten kingdoms and this is the ten toes of the feet

(note after this that Nebuchadnezzar in Daniel 3 had a golden stature made that all must bow down too)


Now that gives a brief insight into the meaning of Daniel 2:34 and builds the bridge between the Genesis scripture because Jacob was the seed you see

Thats why I mentioned balaam in this study and made a note  of Numbers 24:17

 You see God used balaam to prophesy about Jacob

And this builds the bridge to Psalm 110:5



Now we look finally at Daniel 2:34

 This is the Rock the builders rejected being not made by human hands and the Rock which was the Headstone  "Shattered" the statue ....smashed into powder like chaff on the threshing floor, broken into tiny fragments or into powder

And the Rock became a huge mountain that filled the whole earth in Daniel 2:25

And this is the everlasting Kingdom of the Messiah and the growing Kingdom on earth that is the Kingdom of our Christ "The Messiah" of Jesus  which begins but small and becomes large and subdues the whole earth



Now we glimpse at the final imagery here with Psalm 110:7

And I end this study message : as it began with Psalm 23

And in this image Jesus walks beside the waters and refreshes Himself as He walks on by

Now in this we think about a peaceful time and blessings of abundance don't we ?

Well this image here in Psalm 110:7 is Jesus finalising  the battle, He is stopping at the waters
edge , in the same way as the armies and horsesmen did in times of old
when they needed refreshment after battle

This is the walking by the quiet waters  in Psalm 23:2  and its not about taking a leisurely stroll
on a sunday afternoon !

And this is why I also mentioned and related to the "Right Hand" of strength...this is the active
hand of God participating in the salvation of His people

Now read Psalm 69 Jesus here partakes in the salvation of His people and this is the walking
 by the waters and the lapping of refreshment , its the active Right Hand of God at work

This is Jesus going to the Cross of Calvary

Now see the Cross reference here ...its..Judges 7:5 this is the divide of the people
(which again takes us back to a previous study)

Study 20, Rebuilding Life,

this is the separation between those who lap at the waters edge and those who kneel down to

This is the essence of the 23rd Psalm, we go to the waters edge at battle and we follow Jesus
and in His footsteps...why then should we not be led in the same way?