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Psalm 111,Study 1,Ransomed

Psalm 111,Study 1,Ransomed

 This Psalm brings those who were delivered out of egypt and lines it alongside those who were and are and will be ransomed by  Jesus

1. Moses drawing Israel out of Egypt

2. Alongside Jesus ransom  drawing people into His salvation

It draws a parallel between the two




 Psalm 111:1 With upright persons I will assemble to worship God with my whole heart

Whether it be in the tabernacle Of David or the temple, whether it be in the synagogue or
in the Church, as I meet with other upright people (that is people of God) I will praise Him
with ALL my heart

In the assembly of the "upright" in public sharing of the "secret" things of God

And we do this because the works of the Lord are great in Psalm 111:2 "shared" by all who see them
,or delight, enjoy and study them

We share in "secret" among the congregation (friends or fellow believers) while in public
 (Church or while meeting)  the wonderful works of God

Not just for now but forever His righteousness endures in Psalm 111:3 as everyhting He does reveals to
us His glory and we gain revelation of Him by these works


And as we glance back we remember what the Lord has done Psalm 111:4 whether it be in
our remembrance of past acts of God in our lifes, where God used people or brough about things
to happen that changed our lifes or led them in another direction.

We are aware of a divine "right" hand at work and Gods action in our lifes

Whether the memory comes from our own searching of the past or is brought about
the Holy Spirit drawing up these memories from deep within

We remember the wonders of God and the character of God , that He is gracious  and
compassionate and His mercies to me in my life and that of the corporate family are known of

We remember His acts not to bring glory to the acts of God but to know that God is in control and
to bring glory to Him alone

And this is where we run to our testimony which is a testimony not just of when we became
Christians and were delivered but it is an ongoing testimony in our lifes where God continues
to do marvellous things and continues to deliver us, continues to save, continues to make Holy

And we run now to the deliverance of Gods people from their bondage in Egypt and also this
can be seen as the return from babylonian captivity to freedom

Here in past history the people remembered that which God had done by His powerful Right
Hand and where God had "put into action" His plans for His people


Therefore I shall not worry about what I shall eat or drink Psalm 111:5 as He cares for me and
provides all that I need

And He has shown us the power of His works in Psalm 111:6 in that He has already shown His
delivering power and the power of His Right hand in action by releasing the people from their
bondage and oppression out of Egypt and has already shown that He is more than able to provide
in this and has demonstrated His divine hand through Moses

And in Jesus He has demonstrated His right hand in power by performing miracles and in His resurrection
from the dead

And in the power of that resurrection , that all might come to Him and see the same and give testimony
of the Marvelous things He has done

In this is the reconciliation of Psalm 111 and Jesus in the new testament and this is the testimony
of God that He sent His one and only Son ,who was and is and is to come

That He has reconciiled us to Himself and we know that He is trustworthy and faithful and will do as He says



All His works are done with truth and justice and His judgements are right Psalm 111:7

In driving out the canaanites from their land God fulfilled that which was prophesied
Joshua 21:43  Genesis 15:18 

God gave His people a land that was already build , a soil already toiled upon and
homes they did not build Joshua 24:13

Gods Justice and judgement are right and true and all His ways are just in giving the lands
to His people He did this as an act of His right hand and power His right arm has done this

Fulfilling that which He had proclaimed Exodus 6:8  Deuteronomy 6:10

Homes with Goods with vineyards and olive groves  Deuteronomy 6:11

All this was fulfilled and is a testimony of Gods faithfulness and trustworthyness Psalm 111:8

And in this we remember that God speaks ....and God does



Now relating this to the Christian life now we see that God has made us "Not Guilty"through the
shedding of Jesus  blood and given us a free gift of eternal life

Something we did not work for nor toil for, a city we did not build and a life we did not prepare

2 Timothy 1:9 says it is not because of anything we have done but by the Grace of God before time
began and those He foreknew He also predestined Romans 8:29

And this gift He gives cannot be taken away Romans 11:29



 Here in Psalm Psalm 111:9 is the redemption, the redeeming of Gods people

Not be seen just as the deliverance from egypt, not to be seen, solely as the deliverance
from babylon,

But the Ransom paid to redeem His people and a covenant forever , by His blood the
ranson was paid once for all on the Cross

How can a ransom be paid unless someone has paid the price ? and how can a covenant
be forever, unless it surpasses all others ?

This is the key verse here in Psalm 111:9 and in this is our ransom  Luke 1:68 

The blood shed that we might "inherit " eternal life


We end at Psalm 111:10 with "The fear of the Lord"

Now that God has control and His goverment is in place in our lifes we fear the Lord in
reverence and in the comfort of His Holy Spirit

This fear leads us to do what is right Proverbs 9:10 and this fear leads us

Not a worldly fear because fear has to do with punishment, but a Godly fear

A reverence of God , an understanding of God, insights into His Character,

Now the ransom has been paid we belong in a new Kingdom and in that Kngdom the King has bought us with a price, therefore we come before the all knowing God in that fear Philippians 2:12 and trembling as servants of the most high God and in this we work out our salvation and in this the fear of God gives us the right direction to walk in

And in this  Kingdom where we are ransomed we walk with Him in that fear of direction working out our salvation