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Psalm 112,Study 1,Fearlessly fearful

Psalm 112,Study 1,Fearlessly fearful

In Psalm 111 we ended with the fear of the Lord and this is where we pick up again as we look at Psalm 112



With Psalm 111 (click on next at the bottom of page)

I ended  with fear being the "Right way to walk" refer to Psalm 1:1

Psalm 112:1 begins with "blessed is the (person) who fears the Lord"

Some translations say (Man - as in mankind) or (those)

This fear is here works alongside "wisdom" which brings success and

Success and prosperity in this day and age would straight away bring thoughts of
money and materialism, but this blessing of the Lord (to the Godly person)
is to be shared around and the success may not necessarily be financial and the
prosperity may not be materialism

To have success and prosperity can mean many things and are not just assigned to worldly

Now glance at Psalm 1:2 this is the transforming of the mind and NOT being conformed to the

this is the meditating on Gods word and the staying away from "those things that the world might do"

This is the type of fear in Godly fear in the "walking with God" not fear that paralysis and stunts
the growth of a person in God , but a fear the works to lead a person "in the right way"

"THE COMMANDMENTS" mentioned can have a whole variety of differing connotations and all through
scripture the "commandments" of the Lord can mean many things

Here in this context it means "instruction"  as in the written Word of God

And so as the Word of God is meditated upon we receive instruction in the "Right way" to
walk and to find the revelation of the "will of God" for our lifes (individual) and (corporate)

So in this we see that the law of God here as we meditate on it , day and night draws us
nearer to understanding the Character of God and His will for us as we endeavour to find
His ways

This meditating on the "commandments of God" is the thinking and pondering through scripture and
reciting it over and over slowly digesting its meaning and allowing God to speak to us through it

And so we / I greatly delight in finding and filling my mind and thus my heart with Gods Word
or you could say "with God" to find His pleasing and pefect will and in this I will "prosper"


Psalm 112:4

This Light that is shed is the uplifting or the light at the end of the tunnel

Refer to Romans 8:31-39 If God is for us who can be against us ?

Good question and we see that Gods elect are being killed "All day long"

I say again "ALL DAY LONG"

Being regarded as sheep to be slaughtered and as a Lamb led to the slaughter house

But we are more than conquerers through Him as He has defeated death and overcome
the world

Back to Psalm 112:4 and we as Gods chosen ones live in the same world as others

therefore we are bound to come under times of trouble and distress as others and we are
not somehow unaffected by the worlds problems and we all are bound to hit bad times and
problems as anyone else, in fact more so than the world with persecutiuon and hardships,
with trials and testings

BUT the upright in heart will come through and will know that Light uplifting them

See Psalm 97:11

The sun of righteousness with healing in His wings has risen for us to bring comfort

Therefore the darkness, this temporary darkness is but for a while, for Jesus will fill that
darkness with Light and we will look upon those times past and He will shed Light upon
that dark time and expose it for what it is

And we will not be fearful because Jesus has overcome the world and fearlessly continue in the Lord



When we hear of wars or rumours of wars we do not find these things alarming, when disaster
strikes or ruin, when all is taken away,  when anything happens that would seek to shake up our
lifes, we can be confident in Psalm 112:7 in that He who began a good work within me will
carry it through to completion and present me as a finished work, refined and tested.

To place these things into the hands of Jesus the Son of God who has overcome the world so
that whatever loss may occur in my life I can know that even though all securities are taken
away my house does not fall because my hope is built on One who is bigger and stronger and
the Overcomer is in me

To rest assured that His promises are true and that whatever comes up against me Romans 8:31
is nothing compared to the  immeasurable riches waiting Ephesians 2:7

And the peace that surpasses all understanding is waiting Isaiah 26:3 the Prince of Peace who
in times of calamity can calm the storm

And although I am to love my enemies I realise that my enemies are those neighbours who
would seek to destroy me and kill me in times of war and at this time of calamity I
look to God Psalm 112:8 and love my neighbour as myself

And as the oppressors who sought to bind me in fear are covered over by the sea and I look
on Hebrews 11:29 and I can be fearless in fearing God who has everything under His feet

And as the Right hand of the active God puts an end to all enemies that seek to destroy and
devour anything that is of Christ I can know that I am seated at the right hand of God and I
can be fearless Exodus 14:27

For we know that we are fearfully made to fear God in reverence Psalm 139:14 and being
knitted together as such we know that we are dependent on Jesus alone  that we can fearlessly
speak the Word of God Ephesians 6:19 and the mystery of the gospel