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Psalm 113,Study 2,Beauty For Ashes

Psalm 113,Study 2,Beauty For Ashes

Second section - part three - Psalm 113:4-6


Reading from Psalm 113:6

He who stoops down to look upon the heavens and earth

And there is not a planet or star, comet or asteroid, moon or satellite that God does
not care for as He sustains all things by His powerful Right Hand

Refer to : Psalm 111,Study 1,Ransomed

He stoops down to look and care for the heavens and every bird and creature that flies in
the sky and cares for everyone of these Matthew 10:29

Even the heavens where God is cannot contain Him 1 Kings 8:27 and He who cares for the heavens
is higher than the heavens

God stoops down or "humbles Himself" to care and to nurture (sustain)

God serves all and is the servant of all, serving to keep all things

Yet not all serve Him , that is not those who do not yield to Him and His Kingship in their lifes

Yet Some praise Him and those are the servants of the Lord who stand in the house of The Lord
and lift up their hands to the King of Kings Philippians 2:8

Gods servanthood  is demonstrated by sending His Son, born as humble dying as a Lamb to the
slaughter Isaiah 53 washing the feet of the disciples and being the exact representation of the
Father Hebrews 1:3, yet being the Father - Spirit - Son , The Godhead , three in one

Galatians 4:4 being born under law as jewish
yet this law being abolished at the Cross


This ends the three parts of the Second section

1. The Lord being high above the heavens

2. Who can compare with God

3. God the Humble One



Psalm 113:7

Third Section - Part one - Psalm 113:7

{Quote}7He raises the poor from the dust and lifts the needy from the ash heap;{Unquote}

Also seen as : Dunghill - ash heap , which can be seen to link to Nehemiah 2:13

As Jesus came as a humble servant and as an example for us to follow, so to from the Cross
He rose to sit at the Right Hand

The poor and needy (those who are poor in spirit are blessed Matthew 5:3) as God raises them up
to be seated at the right hand and as they raise up Jesus He raises them up

Yea lift Jesus higher and in so doing lift me higher for the world to see

Refer to : 1 Samuel 2:8 for the same

God who raises up the poor also brings down the haughty Daniel 3:29 and levels the way
Hebrews 12:13  Proverbs 4:26   Matthew 3:3  Psalm 27:11 

God who raises up the poor from the dust is more than able to provide and much more to raise
up those who put their trust in Him and in putting their trust in Jesus who is at the right hand
, they also are seated at the right hand....being the active hand of God to be used by Him in
 His Kingdom while on earth (Dust)

And then to be raised up with Him on the final day (last breathe)


Third Section - Part Two - Psalm 113:8


He sets us among the Princes

Three thngs here in Psalm 113:8


We have the  spirit of adoption being raised up into His family by the Holy Spirit
and this  Holy Spirit is known as "The Spirit of Adoption" , Romans 8:14-17


We are "heirs of salvation"  Hebrews 1:14, we are those who will inherit salvation and the
angels are serving the "Princes" as the "Princes" serve God


By this birth we are sons of God , Psalm 139:16 having our days numbered and accounted for,
before one of them ever came to be yet angels and creation awaits eagerly for those who are
Gods to be revealed Romans 8:19 being made more and more like Him 1 John 3:2


Third Section - Part Three - Psalm 113:9


Here the desolate woman has a family and she becomes a happy mother and head of the family

Here the prodigal returns from her "babylon captivity"

And from this desolation a barren women Isaiah 54:1-3 Galatians 4:27 see's a multitude as  numerous as the stars in the sky and the sand on the shore

The birth of the Church arises and stretches out from  her to the left and to the right and many sons and daughters are born from the house and the Church for The Bride  rejoices and her house is full

In the pains of childbirth she shall rejoice

3 sections - each with three parts - remember 3x3

This is the Dust to Richers and the beauty for ashes, as from the dust came Adam and Eve

As from Gods chosen came forth a multitude

As from the ash comes forth a beautiful Bride