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Psalm 114, Study 1, Egyptian Hallel

Psalm 114, Study 1, Egyptian Hallel

Quick Glance

Known as "the Egyptian Hallel" Psalm 113 to Psalm 118 are the Psalms of Praise, sung while the passover lambs were slain in the temple

These Psalms / Hymns may well have been sung at the last supper before the Lamb of God was slain on the Cross

A quick glance at Psalm 114 reveals

Verse 1 The escape from Egypt - (from a foreign land)

Verse 2. The Leading to the promised land

Verse 3 God led them through the waters (red sea or sea of reeds)

Verse 4. The mountains trembled (could be likened to  mount sinai shuddering)

Verse 5. " Chariots of Salvation " see Habakkuk 3:8

Verse 6. The hills and the mountains shudder (like rams)

Verse 7.  Gods presence (God is with us)

Verse 8. Water for the thirsty, from the Rock, The water of life.


Further Study

Reading from Psalm 114:1

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In Genesis 46:26 Jacob goes with some sixty six persons , all his offspring to Egypt

This Israel of God, Genesis 32:28 travels to a land of foreign tongue

Jacobs son Joseph has been favored and is put in charge of the whole land of Egypt Genesis 41:41

That generation died and Israel was enslaved and oppressed by their Egyptian masters

There are slight differences as to "how long" the people called "Israel" served Egypt
refer to Genesis 15:13 and compare with Exodus 12:40


With this we begin Psalm 114:1 with "When Israel came out of Egypt"

Here we remember and praise God for their deliverance from bondage having been ordered to
leave by pharaoh after the plagues that had swept that land

The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob had spoken and His will and His Right hand had delivered His
people and His sovereignty had prevailed

(Christians can relate this to their own deliverance from bondage and oppression and to their new
found freedom In Christ and can relate this to the blood of Jesus  "the passover lamb"
covering the lintels and the doorsteps of their hearts)

"Here the house of Jacob came out from a people of foreign tongue" in verse one of psalm 114

This Israel nation within Egypt and enslaved to it, kept its own language and was "separate"
within it, being transformed yet not conformed and once released from this "people" of a foreign tongue
(that they could not understand)

They rejoiced in their new found freedom


Psalm 114:2 "Judah became God's sanctuary"

The tribe of Judah represented all the people, this tribe who led by example while others who
may have been fearful Exodus 14:10

This is the "Church of Old" with whom God dwelled and walked and talked  Exodus 29:45
Leviticus 26:12 and did miraculous acts (Christians can refer this to the New Testament as
per example 1 Corinthians 3:16 or 1 Corinthians 3:9)


Psalm 114:2 "Israel his dominion"

This nation "Israel" was governed by God (at this time) or God was recognised as being King

Here God ruled and His Right hand of power performed the miraculous as with the parting of
the sea, here God parted the sea as Moses obeyed God by lifting his hand towards the sea



Psalm 114:3

The sea saw this nation of God at its edge and fled, this sea of reeds , so called "the red sea"
And the Jordan turned around (Back)

Psalm 114:3 can be seen as the beginning and the ending of the Exodus journey

The beginning of the journey Exodus 14:21 being that the sea parted to allow Gods people

The sea's often refering to "a divide" which can divide nation from nation
and in Revelation 21:1 we see there is no more  divide

Sea's are often referred to in scripture as "the peoples" as in , the sea of people
or nations

And at the beginning of this exodus journey the sea retreats and divides and this can be seen
as the nations pulling apart or looking or fleeing away as Gods people enter and a disturbance
is caused as ripples surge  through  the nations and Gods people march through

At the end of the exodus journey we see that the river Jordan "turns back or is driven back"

And this can be seen as another imagery or symbolic of "Death being defeated and the final
sting of death gone, thus the saints walk into the promised land"

Psalm 114:4


Many people imagine that heaven will be a peaceful floating around in some kind of tranquil
place where they will rest in eternity

First of all after living in the "New Covenant" on the old earth we will be on a "New Earth"
and old things will pass away

Secondly this new heaven like "life" (not existence, as existence suggest that we just exist)
will be full of vibrant sounds and music and noise that has never been heard by human ear

It will be commotion and activity (something like heaven is now)

Here in this first four verses of Psalm 114 we see some of the imagery that prepares us for
the journey that will lead us into and onto the promised place God has prepared in advance

The commotion as multitudes of Gods people leave a "foreign land" and head out towards a
once quiet or even dead (world) Sea that is red with reeds

Suddenly this quiet place on the banks of the red sea becomes a hive of activity as the armies
of the Lord prepare to make their escape through the waters

Suddenly the Right hand Of God parts the waters (literally) but symbolically having another meaning, in that the nations are divided about this commotion and flee and run apart

The sword in the hand of Jesus divides peoples and nations

Suddenly a quiet and dead world gets turned upside down

Now we read from Psalm 114:4

Again we see imagery as the moutains skip like rams and the hills skip / jump /  like lambs
or like sheep

Again we see the agitation and commotion when Gods prescence comes to a dead world

The Church is established and the nations are moved and flee

Again we can see this in a literal sense , meaning that Gods prescence on mount sinia made
the mountain tremble and the hills nearby dance for joy

To literally shake as an earthquake would shake the earth : also read Matthew 27:51

Again we can also see this as imagery relating to "the nations trembling and the peoples fleeing"

Again we see the commotion caused when God enters a world

Quite a different image projected here compared to the picture some have of heaven and God