Saturday, November 24, 2012

Psalm 114,Study 2, Rams And Lambs

Psalm 114,Study 2, Rams And Lambs

We continue with the poetic imagery used in  the Psalms and look to the hebrew metaphors used

These metaphors can be seen as having several or more meanings

And we have seen on the previous page that  the word "sea" can have many meanings

Although used in a literal sense "As God parted the red sea" in Exodus 14:16

We also know that this can be used as a metaphor in hebrew language

Indeed Mount sinia shook at the prescence of the Lord God as did the rocks split and the ground
shake at the resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Matthew 27:51

We have the next imagery in Psalm 114:4 of the Mountains skipping like rams and the hills like Lambs

Meaning that the earth (Mountains) Mount Sinai shook or moved as an earthquake would shake and the hills rocked and were shaken by God


Now we move onto Psalm 114:5

Now the Lord God of Jacob rides the "Chariots of Salvation"

He thunders through the sea's of people and parting the waters His enemies flee

The nations watch and run and the great divide channels a way through the waters

Making a way where there was no way, bringing down the mountains and preparing a way ....

"Make a highway for our God !" Isaiah 40:3

Psalm 114:5 "what made the sea flee ? what made the jordan turn ?

It was and is and will be .. the Lord God riding on his chariots of salvation !

He and only He is mightier than the nations Psalm 93:4 

Yes He rode His horses and chariots against the waters ! Habakkuk 3:8

Why did the oceans roar ? and the mountains tremble ?

What causes this commotion ?  Luke 21:25 could it be the Lord God ?

As the  Egyptian Chariots  rode through the oceans, The Horses and chariots of salvation also ride through

The Chariots signifying the "angels" of God  Psalm 104:3

The sea the nations as the end times approach and people flee to the mountains
as the oceans roar



Psalm 114:6 here the skipping of the moutains and the hills see: Psalm 114:7

Gods prescence so awesome that not only the mountains shake but the peoples of the earth will flee and call for the moutnains to fall upon them to hide themselves

Psalm 114:8

The Rock being seen as a "type of Christ" or a name given to Jesus The Rock

The rock in the wilderness journey being struck and once struck giving an abundance of living water, this water reviving the thirsty soul and the weary traveller

Those who thirst after righteousness find this Rock in the dry place and as the deer pants for water, so the person who is thirsty can find refreshment Isaiah 55:1

The rock being struck giving the living waters of the Holy Spirit to all who ask for Him John 18:22