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Psalm 115,Study 1,Where Is Your God ?

Psalm 115,Study 1,Where Is Your God ?


Psalm 115

1. Although the Author is unknown again this is one of the Psalms called "Hallel"

2. Sung at the passover meal to remember Israel's release from slavery in egypt

3. This Psalm / song, begins by giving God the glory for the great things He did or has done

4. Although the nations say "Where is your God"

5. God does as He pleases and is above all gods

6. No idol made of gold or silver or stone has made man in its image

7. Only the one true God is our helper and shield

8. He blesses us and we sing His Praises

Psalm 115:1


Who delivered from a people with foreign tongue ?

Who sent the plagues and to harden the heart of pharoah ?

Who commanded the sea to part and dry land to appear ? Genesis 1:9

Who gathered His people like a mother covers her chicks ? Matthew 23:37
Exodus 19:4 Deuteronomy 32:11

Who brought them from this nation to a "promised land" and made the jordan dry up ?

Who saved you and brought you to Himself , who baptised you in Him ?

Who gave you the testimony you have ?

To whom gets the glory ?

What god ?



Psalm 115:4-8

Adam and Eve being made in the image of God and being formed out of the earth

We being the ongoing of the original creation Psalm 104:30

God renewing the face of the earth so that we are as "past generations" being formed as from the original

Being sustained and renewed by the breath of God

This applying to all people and all living creatures upon the face of the earth

And those who walk into God glorious light and became "children of God" having their
old corrupted souls renewed by and filled afresh by the living God

Being once more as if in the garden of Eden in communion with God

We see the God who "talks and walks, hears and see's us"  as with Adam and Eve

Who smells sin and is repulsed by it and feels for those who walk in this way

These gods mentioned that are formed from the earth by man being his idol of

Not made in the image of God but being made in mans image

Yet even God being in the minds of some "made in mans image"

In this mankind tries to reverse the way things were made and intended to be

These gods being made without hands and feet  with no mouths to speak or eyes to see

An abomination to God that rises to His nostrils



Psalm 115:8-11

Those who make gods are like the  gods that they make

And they who trust in these gods become like them in verse 8

Verse 9  Trust in the Lord you covenant people, Israel trust in the Lord your shield

this is directed at the house of Israel to trust in their Lord God

10. tells the house of Araan to trust in the Lord God and shield

The house of Araan, that is the levites

11. And all that fear God , trust in the Lord God who is the shield

All who fear God are to trust in the One God and He would be their shield

Trust in God and He would be their shield, their protector, their defender.

In verses 9-11 we hear three times to trust in God,

directed at

1. Israel  2. The Levites 3, All those who fear God

Also three times that God is their Shield

No other gods made from the earth that God created can protect or defend

No other god can be trusted, no other god is like our God

And those who put their trust in another god will become like them

Being dead , going back to the earth, being without life


Psalm 115:12-18

God will bless the house of Aaron

God will bless those who fear Him

God will bless in abundance

The heavens belong to Him and the earth is for man

Praise the Lord