Thursday, November 22, 2012

Psalm Ninety Nine

Bota de vino Taken by myself
Bota de vino Taken by myself (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Psalm 99 - Praising Gods fairness and Holiness, a God Who is Just and Fair.

A God that we can Trust

I just want to share with you something that came to me as I woke up yesterday morning

The first thing that entered my mind as I woke , was that Gods Spirit is everywhere

We cannot run from Him , although we do..........

I pondered on this and saw that Gods Holy Spirit is in all , He is omnipresent...Psalms 139:7-10

Matthew 28:18 1 Corinthians 3:16 Job 12:10

In other words ...there is no where , that He is not, for He created all things and by Him are
all things held (Knitted together)

Colossians 1:16 John 1:3

He is in all things



Yet many run from Him !!!

Even Christian fellows, those who have been appointed and are Priests of the living God !

You know there are many ways to run and many motives and various things to run from

These on many occassions ...may not be visible to others

I can run without you ever knowing about did Jonah

Now God is in all things and there is no where ...where He is not ....correct ?

Now look at 1 Samuel 16:14

You see although there are thousands who run away from God and go in a different direction,
yet God knows about them and every motive and intention and the Spirit of God searches
hearts and scourers the earth 2 Chronicles 16:9 ESV

You have to ask the question "Can God be in satan " ?

We know that satan is the prince of the air and dwells and is allowed to reside on the creation
that God made

This would imply that although God searches, His Holy Spirit cannot reside in and dwell in
those who run in the opposite direction



Now I want to share on more thing with you

And again this came to me yesterday morning while waking

Psalm 139:13

For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother's womb.


Something struck me here that I had never seen the Holy Spirit began speaking
to me

I've always seen this scripture as saying "God made us"

But then I began to see that there is far more to this

We and I were not just knitted together in our mothers womb, but in fact the very eggs
that fertilised and began to form......came about and were to be in our mothers.. mothers womb

And the eggs where there at creation, when mother was born

In other words,"You are as old as your mother"

Further than that God saw us before the creation of the earth and before the foundations
were ever laid

Further than that He knew and knows of every day before one of them ever came to be

And going on from that..............

He did'nt just knit together our form and our our bodies , but in fact knited together...who we
would be, our personalities, our character, our very genetic makeup

And going on from that....our life

Every day being knitted together..

Every incident..

Every person that we meet and when and how and what ....

Knowing what fellowship we would be woven into...

Knowing what family we would be a part of...

Knowing all things and being in all things...


With this in mind can we say "God is a fair and just God ?"

How do we view our lifes

You know this is all about "Trust"

In the end would we have done it better ...if we could shape and mould our own lifes ?

As many do ...who run away ?

Is is not I who sometimes hides behind a cloud , rather than God ?


(Quote)This would imply that although God searches, His Holy Spirit cannot reside in and dwell in
those who run in the opposite direction(Unquote)

I must add that the Holy Spirit can and does dwell in those who run in the opposite direction and I correct myself

We can do the opposite of what the Holy Spirit directs

But it depends to what we run too

In Sauls case he ran to other things that might quensh his thirst

he ran "In his heart" to other gods and in this God gave Saul over Romans 1:24

Saul was full of rage and anger, resentment and bitterness, jealousy and rivalry

In this was Sauls end and what he desired become his god



Yes good train of thought Rachael

This may be what fuels the concept or theory of "Once saved always saved"

Im not saying that God changes His mind or that God lies, no indeed God cannot be anything
but who He is and He does what He is and says what He is

But in the coming to salvation exactly what it states

"WE come to salvation"

God initiates and begins His work in us , long before salvation

God initiates the relationship to His Bride

THEN we some point in time and we say "Yes, I will"

We will ...and our will lines into or towards "Gods Will"

THEN we begin the ongoing salvation, the ongoing relationship as we do not want to get
"Luke Warm" and forsake our first love (Referring to the letters to the Churches in revelations)



I find it difficult when talking to people who seem to always be right, they know the greek and hebrew and the context of every bible verse back to front and inside out

But seem unwilling to learn anything new or see things in a different Light

It remind sme of the wineskin Luke 5:33-39

The skin expands to allow more in much like the bigger barn except with the bigger barn it means
we act and participate and work with, whereas the wineskin will naturally take on more but even that
requires that we take in more and that in itself requires action

But if the skin is already full then how can it take in more ?

Will it ? or will it not ?



While on holiday I went to an Ishmael concert and one of the songs was "Build a bigger barn"

Thats a great action childrens song and That in affect is our "faith"

"Childrens ....Action...Song" = CAS

To have the faith of a child to have a barn that is able to store up all that God may want to
offer in at any one time in our lifes

Good ...bad fruit

This sunday the message was about "the foolish man" Luke 12:16-21

And in that time and region of the world , the harvest was collected and stored but a tenth
was put aside ...some of the harvest was left for the poorer of the community to take

But this man being greedy wanted to build bigger barns to store his food to give himself
plenty for the years to come , even though the stored harvest would deteriorate over time and
be no good to anyone

And in the same way this parable can be applied to nations and countries

Materialistic and monetary corruption where things are stored for future use, not sparing anything
for the poor or the needy

Countries where money is poured in only to be eaten up and where the politics of the country
stop the poor getting what should be theirs (the bigger barn store)

THE BIGGER BARN can be a heart that stores up pride, arrogance, greed, selfishness, hate,
and shall we go on...

Then we can turn it around too "Believers"

We sometimes need that "Childrens...Action...Song"

In other words believe like a child child like faith

To have a bigger barn to store up all that God has to offer

"What does my barn contain? "


Nothing is impossible for God, but

That does not mean God works against His creation

God can turn a stone into bread , a cold heart into a soft heart

One example is of a man walking around in London during the busy rush hour with his friend

And He said to his friend "Can you hear the cricket ?"

The friend replied " No? what cricket ?"

The man took his friend to a hanging flower basket on the other side of the road and showed his friend
the cricket chirping away in the hanging basket

"Wow " his friend replied..."How did you hear that , amongst all the traffic noise and confusion ? "

"I used to live in the country side" the man replied, "And Im used to hearing the sound of

At that monent someone dropped a bag full of coins onto the pavement and the crowd of
shoopers looked around

And the question is 'what are we tuned into ? "


God could create an island with homes for all the homeless people in the world with al, that they
would ever need and it would hit the world headlines

"Island and buildings appear from this a miracle ? "

But I wonder if anyone would use the island or the buildings or would it be taken over by a
monopoly empire to create more wealth and bigger barns for those already wealthy ?

Nothing is impossible for God except that .....God can only move as fast as people are willing


'where is God when i need him' isnt about where is God, as already said, God is
everywhere, always present, maybe it is about where are YOU,

Yes people turn to God when needing Him

And are faced with the vacuum that has occurred during the time when they did'nt need Him

Suddenly they see the barrier that was there , but only seen once they need Him


Nothing is impossible for God , now read Mark 6:4-5

Build a bigger barn and fill it with "Child..Action...Song"