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The Heart
The Heart (Photo credit: petalouda62)


And so David rose up as King, from a place as simply the shepherd boy,1 Samuel 17:14

The youngest looked down upon , not someone you would have picked as the King of Gods
people !

Isaiah 53:2

No one would have chosen david...yet God chose David and anointed him King of Israel

And here in Psalm 101 David sets out as King of Israel and decides on the path he should take


As David begins his reign as King he decides on the standards he should follow

1. How should I react ? Psalm 101:1

2. How should I live ? Psalm 101:2

3. What shall I feed on ? Psalm 101:3

4. How shall I avoid ? Psalm 101:4

5. What will I tolerate ? Psalm 101:5

6. Who will I search for ? Psalm 101:6

7. Who will be my friends ? Psalm 101:7

8. What will be my aim ? Psalm 101:8

And so we see that David being in a relationship with the Father decides on his course ahead
and how he should carry on,

What his motives and attitudes should be, how he should react , how he should govern, how
he should respond.

How he should live out Gods course and plan for his life

How he should act and react, who he should follow, who would be his role models,what he
should put up with, who he would search out, who his friends should be, what his aim would
be, his individual aim as King of Israel

And don't forget what Davids aim was is not necessarily what your aim should be or my aim

We are each individuals knitted into the fabric of the Kingdom

We see that this is a two way relationship

There is a great danger in saying "No God does it"

"God decides, its Gods Holy Spirit that leads me"

You see in this can be our downfall in the end

For when times get hard and when we go through a testing we can also turn around and blame
God for all that has happened

There is also a danger in saying "Everything I do, I do because God tells me too"

Because when we aim at this path and things go wrong we can become disorientated and
confused as to what God is doing

Don't forget that this is a two way thing and in this unclear two way relationship we can change
course away from where God has led, we can not hear or refuse too hear certain things, we can
go our way half way through when things get tough

This relationship of ours is not clear cut and oooo how the Holy Spirit of Father must get

Then we wonder why we are frustrated ! do we not have the Holy Spirit in us ?

And so we set standards on how we should go about things only to find that we cannot always
keep these standards and fall quite a few times

But God knows the heart and our motives

And in seeking Him above all ...He picks us up

The we fall down the old plug hole of "Should THEY do this and should THEY do that"

This scripture comes to mind

John 21:22

Jesus answered, "If I want him to remain alive until I return, what is that to you? You must
follow me."



Then we ask thr question.........

Was this the Holy Spirit speaking to and through David here

Would the decisions be made by David seeking God in every instance about every circumstance
and situation ?

Or would this be God alone working through David ?

As we have already ascertained it can be either or both

You might ask "Was it God that led David to a place where he should not have been so that he
set eyes on bathsheba ?" and when David did set eyes on bathsheba was it God who made
David lust after her ?

And the answer is "Of course not"

It was David

Then we ask "Was everything that David did compelled by God ? was it all the Holy Spirit ?"

And we asnwer "No"

Then we ask "Was it a mixture of David and God in relationship ?

And we answer "Yes"

Then we ask "Here in Psalm 101 who compelled David to scroll on page ? to compose this
Psalm ? "

And we answer God with David responding

Then we ask "Was it David or the Holy Spirit of the Father compelling Daivids direction and to
folow these standards? "

And we answer "Both"

And so we conclude that this was David speaking here in Psalm 101 compelled by the Holy
Spirit of God

I wonder would David have written these words in Psalm 101 without God being his aim ?

Without the Holy Spirits working ?

Without the Holy Spirits compelling ?

And we see a waring inside Romans 7:14-25


Something that is not often talked about is free will after we leave the body

This body being a temporary dwelling place, a tent or tabernacle, made for us
2 Corinthians 5:6-10

Death being the final barrier between us and God,

Death being the barrier is the only time when we lose our control

Then we are completely in the hands of God, with no control over what will happen next

And this is what is so frightening to loose control

You know so many say "I want the Holy Spirit to take complete control"

Do they really know what that means ?

To loose control of everything, to put total and utter trust in God

Your future (after death)

Its like jumping out of a plane and trusting that someone else has packed the parachute properly and that the parachute will open

Then once in eternity on the new earth, with God as our Light

We would have free will ? like the angels

Revelation 21:4-27


We get a brief glimpse in the Psalms of an ongoing relationship between David and God
the Father

We see a man responding to Gods own heart and an ongoing communication or communion

Here in Psalm 101 which was probably written in the early stages of Davids reign as King

David sets out the way he should go, the path he should take, he establishes certain guidelines

Noit that he always kept to those guidelines, not that he was ever able to be inhuman

Not that he was ever reigning as a "robot"

He was a person, an ordinary person of flesh and blood like everyone else

Coming from a humble beginning, the difference was that God had annointed him and
appointed him

And so we catch a glimpse of Davids relationship with the Father as he goes about his life

We have the privilege in the bible of gazing into other peoples lifes and catching glimpses of
the relationships

A vague reflection of what might be seen as near to this is seen in modern day "reality

Here in Psalms and in fact in the entirety of Gods word we catch brief glimpses of the actions
and reactions, communications and relationships of God and people

People talking to God, verbally or by heart, by actions or reactions

To say "God does'nt speak today" or "God does'nt speak to me" is saying that God did not
and has never spoken to people and we can see when we look through Psalm 101, that
David was either talking to himself or in fact was in a very real living relationship with a Father
God who was and is very much alive