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Psalm One Hundred And Two,Part Two

Stra├čenschild Anger
Stra├čenschild Anger (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Often when saying that "God gets angry" people will straight away refer to new testament scripture
Romans 5:1 Eph. 2:14 1 John 1:7 Hebrews 10:22

I have known some to live within the new Testament and often ignore the Old Testament

These references that we have looked at regarding "Exodus" are actually Cross References In Psalm 102

And we can relate to the "Christian" and identify this with "The Exodus" where we are drawn out of a kingdom and into another Kingdom, where we follow Jesus and where we go to the Elim Springs and the Waters Of Marah where we are purged and purified, and to the desert places where the Manna that sustains us and gives us life is supplied and where we have all we need for each day and the all Sufficient one supplies our needs

Now we can relate to this ...until we come accross Mount Sinia and Gods righteous anger at the people as the worship gods of possessions and heart or "The Golden Calf"

Then it kind of falls down here

And even when we go to the New Testament we see Acts 5:1-11 with the Story of "Ananias and Saphira"

"Satan has so filled your heart that you have lied to the Holy Spirit"

And we see that it kind of falls down here

You see there is an anger of God, does that mean God did not love them ?

Consider this...............

Its almost as if "The world stopped in the new testament" and wars and famines and arguments and disputes vanished

Its almost as if the rest of the world suddenly came to a halt and all is focused on one area and one place

And this is what the Holy Spirit is doing, He is focusing on Jesus and the disciples and wants us to focus on certain things

But wars still raged at this time, disputes and famines still happened, the world still continued on

But we are leaping here in the New testament Into Another Kingdom whereas the former was like a shadow


Matthew 13:52 Song of Solomon 7:13


Romans 1:18 Nahum 1:2-9

And we know that the wrath and anger of God was poured on Jesus and if we follow Jesus and believe
in Jesus and walk with Jesus and talk to Jesus and and seek Him above all else and we give
our lifes to Him and we allow Him to take control and make Him Lord of our lifes...

Then we know that the wrath of God passes over us as we have the blood of the Lamb is
smeared over the doorstep of our lifes and over the lintels of our hearts

Exodus 34:6-7 Rom. 5:12-21 1 Corinthians 5:21 Romans 3:19-26

And so what do we make of the fact about Ananias and Sapphira ?

I can only say one thing.............Nothing is impossible for God Luke 1:37

And we look to Gods anger here for a reasonas we study Psalm 102 and we see and view a
man in distress and pain

And as we go on to Look at Job 30:30



And we come to Psalm 102:3-5

Lamentations 4:8 Job 30:30

When it states that Job was a good man it means he was Godly, it means he seeks after God, it means He is right in God,

It does not mean he is "sinless"

He might be in Gods eyes yes, because God looks at us and see's Jesus , but it does not mean that we are sinless

In the same way we are seated in heavenly places in Christ, but I am here now typing sitting at a computer screen, depending on who's eyes I see through

Psalm 37:23 KJV The steps of a good man are ordered by the LORD: and he delighteth in his way.

This is why God can look at us and say "You are my child with you I am well pleased "

Matthew 3:17 KJV And lo a voice from heaven, saying, This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased.

Now in biblical times much like now (depending on who's eyes we see through)

People with wealth and fame and honour are looked at as being favoured by God, as if they have earnt their wealth and as if they favoured above others

You see the story of Job is reversing this concept, we have a Kingdom reversal

Here Job a Godly man who sought after God and was Godly had wealth and power and was favoured and in his society at that time was seen as a man of influence

What he did affected those who worked with him, what happened to him affected his family and all that depended on him

In fact it affected the entire community around him including his friends

This story of Job can be seen as a very short story with a "happy ever after" ending

In fact who knows how long this tragedy went on for in jobs life, it may well have been many years and the consequences of what happened would have resounded for the rest of Jobs life

No one can loose their workmates, friends, family, daughters, sons, money, health, work, and then say "o well things are back to normal now many years later so its ok"

So what is this story about ?

Well when we equate it to the life of Jesus we might see a parallel here and we see that although Jesus lost much , in fact in the end He brought many sons to glory

Or we may see it as it reads and wonder how on earth Job ever managed to carry on

But here we see all the material properties of Jobs life being stripped away, all the securities and dependencies

Here is where Job says"I came into the world with nothing " Job 1:21

You see although the marks of what had happened would have stayed with Job for the rest of his life, there was something much deeper going on here

Whereas religions may touch the surface of things, whereas rituals and services may scrape accross the areas of our lifes, God here is working from the inside out, He is pruning, He is cutting back, He is going far deeper than any of us would want to go

By allowing satan to attack, God is using satan for His greater purposes

After all was said and done, Job may have had more than before, but the moral of the story is that Job had far more than wealth and fame afterwards. He had an inner value added, an inner working, an inner strength, an inner knowing, and inner knowledge of Gods providence not in material things so much but in Gods ability to have complete control when things are out of control

This is why Job had more than before

In the worlds eyes it may well seem that this man Job and men like him now today had lost favour with God and was being punished for soemthing that he had done

And this is the time when going through such things when it is so easy to point the finger back at God in anger and shout "WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY"

We can almost blame God for what has happened

And we looked at Gods anger and now we look at ours towards God

Job 30:30 My skin grows black and peels; my body burns with fever.

the Geneva Study Bible says:
They who were before most in God's favour are now in greatest abomination to him.

This is how it may well seem , but God has greater plans and His thoughts are higher than ours

Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary says:

What a change is here! Sin tarnishes the beauty of the most exalted powers and the most excellent gifts; but that gold, tried in the fire, which Christ bestows, never will be taken from us; its outward appearance may be dimmed, but its real value can never be changed.

that which Job took with him was far more valuable than any coin or property



Psalm 102:6-7

Here we learn about being alone

You can be lonely in a room full of people or as a married individual

In a time when all seems bleak ...when things are dark and the days seems short

THEN we see just how lonely it can be, we can feel very much alone, as if no one really can help us and no one really knows what we are going through

Job must have felt this as indeed this anomynous author of Psalm 102

At this time we cry out to God and even the words of our comforters do not help

We are looking at this time for more than words, we may be looking at this time for more than a human being can give and do

We are looking for that divine intervention, that word, that voice, that God given time, when He takes control over the situation, when it seems all out of control , only then can God take control

(As if He did'nt have control before )

We look for anwsers but find none, we seek help but may get none,

Who was going to help job ?

Who was going to help this Anomynous Author ?

He was never anomynous to God and neither was his situation

There is nothing new under the sun and anything that can happen has happened before

The only time new things happened in History was when God moved, the only time new things cam e about and come about is when Jesus died on the Cross

This was a new thing God was doing........Revelation21-22

The only time when a new thing happened in our lifes was when we were born again

Because every new creation is an individual unique creation

The only thing that can pull us up out of a situation that is humanly impossible is Jesus


You see here in Psalm 102:6-7 we have the image of the "Owl"

This is the Image of solitude, of loneliness, of being deserted

Only Jesus can raise us up


Remember knowing loneliness has nothing to do with who you are with or how many peolpe you know

It cannot always be filled by external influence

Loneliness can only be filled when like the owl in the desert wilderness, you learn to be alone with God and in that you find the greatest treasure of all

Being fully complete and able to fly

Not through external influence

But by knowing and having the knowledge that God is with you always

Only He can fill that gap ................

Having typed this out , I went to my inbox and had a newsletter from SAT-7

It goes like this

The Old Testament story of Job is familiar to many of us. Job had lost everything - family, livelihood, health. His so-called friends told him that he was being punished for his sins - after all, aren't the wicked always punished and the righteous always blessed? But Job knew that this is not always the case - the wicked often live in prosperity and die in peace, and the righteous often suffer for no apparent reason.

It's a fact that is all too true today. We'd like to think that judgement for the wicked is swift and visible, but God often reserves judgement for the Day of Judgement itself.

Job was convinced that what he was going through was a refining process, rather than punishment for some unknown rebellion against God. Just as gold is refined in the furnace to remove the impurities contained within, Job was feeling the heat of affliction, and his response was to say, "When He has tested me, I shall come forth as gold." What amazing faith! .....................


Psalm 102:8-11

And so we see that although we were once sinners , we are sinners saved The Only Man that was ever "Sinless" was Jesus

Hence He could take upon Himself the sins of the world

Note: Sins of the World"

In other words "Everyone is given a gift...but not everyone chooses to take it or
use it what it says"

We are sinners covered by the Blood of the Lamb , if we were not sinners then why would
we need to be covered ?

We are being pefected, being saved, being transformed,

Although in Gods eyes or should I say "In Spiritual places" we already are perfected, saved
and transformed .....and dare I say it "Evolving"

The evolutionary process of a "New Creation" being born again and being renewed from
day to day ...from glory to glory

And so we see we are in a "Process" of being transformed, renewed, learning... etc


Jesus was The Suffering Servant That does not mean that because Jesus took the punishment that we deserved that..we
will not have "suffering or know suffering"

In the same way as Jesus was sinless and took upon Himself Our Sin

It does not make us "Sinless"

And we can draw a parallel here between Jesus's suffering and Jobs and with the Author of
Psalm 102

Actually this was the message this morning at Church It was about Isaiah 53 which we know is about the "Suffering Servant"

and Hebrews 5:8-9

And the emphasis here in these scriptures was put on ...............

"Becoming". "Being" . "Learning". re:

8 Son though he was, he learned obedience from what he suffered 9 and, once made perfect, he became the source of eternal salvation for all who obey him .................................................

You see Jesus learnt obedience !

Note: from what He suffered..........

AND was being made .....................perfect

AND in this He BECAME the source of Eternal Salvation


You see we are told "REJOICE IN SUFFERING" Romans 5:3

Job suffered as we know and maybe we can relate to Job in some ways or maybe not !

But we may have suffered and in this suffering we learn ....................... !

Indeed not

Count how many miracles and workings and seeds were planted by Jesus outside of the synagogue

So too His sufferings ..................


Now lets look at Psalm 102:12-22

And through all the troubles ,tribulations and circumstances that we find ourselves in we realise
that God is bigger than all of these

The God whom built the foundations of the earth and laid the pathways that we should walk in,
before any of them came to be

Jesus is the foundation that a life should be built upon and as the wise man built his house
upon the Rock so when the storms came he was able to stand strong

Sometimes when all comes crashing down God gives us the strength to stand up and begin
to rebuild

Nehemiah 4:6 And the people worked together to rebuild the walls

Sometimes when all comes crashing down it can be out of our own control as in the story of
Job, but we must remember that it is under Gods control and He is the one at this time who
can rebuild Revelation 21:1-27

He is the builder and the one who will restore the walls

1 Samuel 2:8 He raises the poor from the dust and lifts the needy from the ash heap; he seats
them with princes and has them inherit a throne of honor. "For the foundations of the earth
are the LORD's; upon them he has set the world.

Proverbs 8:29 Amos 4:13 Job 15:7

He the God of many names can rebuild from a heap of ashes and replace the years,

Isaiah 61:3 - He gives us beauty for ashes and rebuilds

This unknown Author in Psalm 102 , took with him a beauty and value noty found in bricks
or mortar, not found in materialistic gain or monetary things

For God is far more interested in a deeper value than this, a value and treasure that is found
when we identify and live the life to develop the characteristics of the Maker

For this life is just a passing momentary thing and once it passes, only then might we see the
true value of the seeds of our former life


Lord God in Jesus name, thankyou for your forgivesness and we come to You with an attitude of
repentance and as we come before You Lord Jesus let my life and our lifes be built and rebuilt
on values of the Kingdom In Jesus name Amen