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Psalm113,Study 1,Dust to Riches

Psalm113,Study 1,Dust to Riches

Psalm 113 is easiest to memorise when divided it into three equal parts with each part in itself
being divided into three

So to remember this psalm, simply say "3x3"


Psalm 113:1  to verse 3 is the first section

"Praise the 'NAME' of The Lord"

These tell us to, Praise the Lord

We lift Him up


In the second section , Psalm 113:4 to verse 6 .....we have "Who God is"

Or "Understanding who God is" ....His character

God looks down


In the third section, from psalm 113:7 to verse 9 we have "Gods actions"

God lifts us up


And from this doorstep we enter Psalm 113

"Name of the Lord" in Psalm 113:1-3 is mentioned three times

This does not imply any particular name but refers to understanding Him or entering into a relationship with Him

"Name" refers to His love, grace,mercy,holiness,faithfulness,

Searching for all the "names of God " is a good way of finding some of the characteristics of God

"Name" in Psalm 113:1-3 is so mentioned to apply to Gods nature

1. Praise the Name of the Lord

2. Blessed be the Name of the Lord

3. Everyone, Praise the Name of the Lord

Everyone, is -  All those servants of the Lord, who serve Him,

This could be applied to all that serve God whether angels or angelic beings, whether mankind or the earth and all that dwells on the earth (as all serve Him a point)

But "servants of the Lord" implies here , those who are of right standing or those who serve in the courts of The Lord meaning : His chosen people

So be it part of spiritual warfare that we are to "Praise the Lord" at all times

From when the sun rises to when the sun sets, as His coming is and will be from the east to the west, so from the rising of the sun to the going down of , the Lords name is to be praised

"Praise His Holy name"


Second section of the Psalm in three parts

 OVERRULED - part one

 Psalm 113:4 High above the nations , the King of Kings sovereign over all

Praise the Lord all servants of the Lord and commit to Him in all things and in all your ways (walk)

The heavens declare the splendour and glory of the Lord God and speak of whom He is

They speak of His nature and His character and declare who He is

That He is and God is in all things , ruling over the nations and kingdoms of the earth having
all rule and authority

Whether God is allowed sovereign rule in lifes and affairs of nations is another thing

Kingdoms can rise and fall and be overruled by God

kings can be appointed without Gods consent and without Gods choosing, this however does not
mean that God is not sovereign but merely brings in mans free will

Read Hosea 8:4

Yet the sovereignty of God and His plans will not be thwarted and what He has purposed and the
overrule plans of God and of nations and peoples will be as they will be

This is where mans free will is overruled by Gods will when mans free will runs against the
purposes and plans of Gods

When man puts himself as God to choose whom he wishes then God overrules

Psalm 113:4     Praise the Lord because He is the King of Kings and puts kings in place
and brings down the mountains that lift themselves up above God and raises up the lowly and
poor fromm the dust of the valley and levels

As all are seen as on the same path and no one is greater than any other and all are level and
commit to God who is the King of Kings


The first, second and third heaven


1. His glory fills the heavens

The heavens being the heaven where "God is" and all who serve Him there

He is King of all heaven and heaven is the place where God is


2.  His glory is higher than the heavens

The heavens are also  referred to as "the stars"  space - the planets - universe

The heavens where God rules and reigns and sustains all things

Where the planets and spheres are named by Him and nothing exists that was not made by Him

This is the second heaven where all spheres that serve His purposes revolve and have their being to purpose and propose Gods existence and to glorify Him and to proclaim His majesty

He is the King of the second heaven (which means "heights")


His glory is higher than  the heavens

The heavens can also refer to the sky being the atmosphere and the creatures that dwell therein

The heavens declare the glory of God as we read of the eagle and the dove and the sparrow

All serve Him and declare  His handiwork

 Raised up to  exist , raised up to declare, raised up to proclaim, raised up to serve, raised up from the dust as if to say "created from nothing" that these things should serve Gods purposes


Second section - part two - Psalm 113:4-6


Psalm 113:5  who can compare ? who is enthroned on high ?

None can compare with the lofty God enthroned on high ( in the heights)

Yet as mankind lifts Him up and exalts Him, they who praise Him lift themselves up

They who lifted up the Son of God on the Cross and lift Him higher, so too lift themsleves up

When following Him, they too follow His path and walk in His ways

"Yea lift Jesus higher, lift Him up for the world to see but if I am lifted up from the earth I will
draw all men unto me"  John 12:32

In this drawing of people from the earth to heavenly places God takes beggars and traitors,
thiefs and the destitute and makes them into kings and priests

God eternal and everlasting from age to age the same, unchanging, omnipotent, omniscient,
and omnipresent,

Who is all powerful ?  who can sit above kings and rulers ?

Who has unlimited knowledge ? anyone ?

Who can compare ? who is "everywhere at the same time ?

Who can know all things past , present and future and stand outside of time ? anyone ?

Lift Him up who is Holy and be Holy

Lift Him up you who are poor and you will be rich

Lift Him up on the Cross and sit at His right hand

Lift Him up who is higher than the heavens and seated above the heights and be lifted up
with Him