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Psalm 50:3
Psalm 50:3 (Photo credit: Sapphire Dream Photography)

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Let the the sunrise on your heart and let the new Creation begin, LET THERE BE LIGHT
Lord create in us clean hearts , hearts that are seeking you and you alone, not bungled up with filth and unclean but hearts that are pure and cleaned by you, cleanse us O Lord.

Renew us and we will not let that sin come between us , because you can cleanse us , as we repent and come to you , you wash us clean by your blood and make us right with you

Do not cast us out of your prescense as you cast away sin, as you cast out Adam and Eve from that communion with you

As you cast out all those who have that sin that makes you vomit and is a an abomination to your nostrils.
As you turn away from us as you did your own Son on the Cross because the smell of sin was too much
Do not turn away from our sin but wash it away and cleanse us from that sin as we repent and are able to turn to you as you run to us, becasue the sin is no longer there

We run to you as prodigal children to the Father, we run to you becasue the sin has been washed away by your Son Jesus and by His blood and He has made us clean and we are able to enter into Your prescence not by anything we can or could do but by the precious blood of the Lamb

Take not your Holy Spirit from us as the sin makes you turn away and takes your prescence from us
But let us turn to you and repent and the blood of Jesus wash over us, so that you see Jesus and not our sin, so that you go over us as the doorways of our hearts have the blood of Jesus on the lintels and posts

So that you go over us and spare us as the blood of the sacrifice of Jesus is seen and we are able to offer up ourselves as living sacrifices Holy and Acceptable to you

As bread broken and eaten by many , multiply Lord that many would be saved around us
Let not the yeast of unbelief and self righteousness cause us to stumble Lord

Let not the yeast of religion and going through the motions to please others come between us Lord
Let this be the genesis week of our lifes, let your new creations be creations full of fruit and life and your prescence and not creations cast down by sin and corruption

Let your new created children be children who obey you and not take of the fruit
But produce fruit from your works of obedience

Let your new creations be creations that are changed from the inside out
Restore to us Lord the Joy of our salvation our first love, that we will not be in a religious trap but in Christian relationship, restore O lord to me and to us that relationship that is fresh and willing

Lord as you sustain all things and have done through eternity and from the beginning of time , sustain me Lord and revive my heart and life

we come not with ther blood of animals or of goats as sacrifice but we come to you as living sacrifices, we come to you through the precious blood of Jesus who is the only sacrifice acceptable, the one and only living sacrifice that washes away sin and makes us right with you O Father

Let us be the Isaac on the alter, let us take the Isaac on the alter and see that Jesus is the only sacrifice acceptable, let us take those things precious to us and lay them on that hill

Let us lay down our possessions on a thousand hills,those things which we might see as valuable to us and lay them down that you might become your treasure and our only need and want

For we shall wnat for anything as you are everything as our Shepherd is our one and only thing in our lifes
And we know that You O Lord are the Father shepherd who laid down your life for the sheep
We know Lord that as we lay down our lifes as living sacrifices then we shall want for nothing because you are everything,

And the blood of the Lamb can cleanse us and make us right
We come and ask you to cleanse us and renew and restore and revive
As we read psalm 50 and we read the psalm of Asaph one ofn the chief musicians, Lord we realise that you

are speaking to " YOUR PEOPLE and O ISRAEL "
And we realise that you are the God who owns all
What can we offer you that does not already belong to you ?

What can we give you that you do not already own ?
What house or building can we build for you that you could inhabit ?
Where would you lay your head ?

What animal sacrifice could we ever give you that would wash away our sin ?
What animal does not belong to you ?

What hill does not belong to you ?
For you are the great Shepherd of a thousand hills and we are yours
We have been bought with a great price and indeed you own the cattle on a thousand hills

When we read this Lord we are aware that the earth is your and everything in it ansd yet the heart of man is not always following you, indeed the heart of people can be in dark places, and although you own everything and you are in all things and everywhere at the same time, man can hide his heart from you or try too
Man can deny your existence and even speak against you who made their mouths and ears

There is one thing that you own that does not always see you as having ownership and that is the heart of a person

You speak to your people in psalm 50 and we see that you desire obedience and you desire a heart that seeks after you, not doing things out of religiousness or out of habit but doing things out of thanksgiving and genuine worship

You see past the superficial external things and you see deep into the heart and examine the motivations and desires

You see past the offerings of the heart to the deep things that even we are not aware of
You speak to your people and we see that judgement begins with your people against those who confess to be yours and yet are giving superficial worship

We know that verse 10 is often used to speak about your provision but in actual fact you are speaking here about offerings of the heart which are superficial and of animal offering which means nothing to you

You do own the cattle on a thousand hills indeed and you do not desire the blood of those animals, you do not need or have any want of your people giving out of a heart that is giving becasue it "looks good "

For you do not need the blood of animals or the burnt offerings of man , you desire not the external superficial offerings of a heart that gives out of habit and worships you out of a religious activity

But you desire real worship that is from the heart of a person who's life is laid down
And you do and will test the heart and bring to light those things which are displeasing to you

We know Lord that this Psalm is about repentance and we know that you desire more than anything else the hearts of your people

For although some worship you their hearts are far from you and the words are seen by their actions
Their fruits are seen by all and those who do not seek after you but confess to know you will have the same judgenemt that they give to others

Yes Lord you desire the heart and we who belong to you are also known by you and you know who your people are and many will say "Lord Lord " but you know who your people are
Let the sun rise from the hill and let your deeds be seen Lord and let those who have eyes see your works and praise you

O lord we come to you now and we repent and we ask that our sin and our past and our actions and our thoughts that have not been of you or for you ...will be washed away by the blood of Jesus

Not the blood of animals nor the blood of goats or tjhe blood of our works or our religious offerings , but that our sin be washed away by the blood of Jesus, because we know that it is not about what we can do , but it is about what you can do

We know that it is not about works or about who we are, but it is about your works and who you are
We know that we do not boast in what we can do but in what you can do
And as David repented in psalm 51 we repent

We ask that the new day would dawn and that the sun would rise and shed light upon our hearts, that your light would iluminate our transgressions

That your light would bring out into the open anything that might offend you
That your light might rise in our hearts and shine out for all to see
That your light would shine fromn the hill and even the highest mountian as a beacon of refuge and safety
That you light would attract others to salvation

That your light would rise in our hearts and bring a new day
That this would be the beginning as in the beginning when a new life has begun
That this would be the start of the seven days of creation in our hearts

Let the new creation begin Lord , do your work in our hearts and begin your new creation and continue to transform and renew

Continue to let the sun rise in our hearts and continue to make your new creation and to sustain your new creations

We come to you as children and we walk into your prescence and instead of taking from the forbidden fruit we take of the tree where Jesus hung and we are cleansed by the blood and instead of seeing our past and our sins you see Jesus on that tree

Instead of the fruit you see Jesus, instead of our sin you see Jesus
And we walk with you in relationship in that new creation walking and talking with you
You speak into our lifes and you say " Let there be light " and you open our eyes to see things that men have never seen

You open our ears that we hear things that men have never heard You open our mouths to speak words that cannot be comprehended You give us words that cannot be spoken and you talk to us as your very own

Lord you blot out the stain of our sins as in Psalm 51 where David speaks to you about His sin and bathsheba, where he comes to you in repentance because He realises that you have withdrawn from him and he repents and mourns and pleads for forgiveness

He wants you to wash Him clean and to start again And we come to you Lord and ask that you would wash us clean by the blood of Jesus That very precious blood that releases us and restores us and makes us right in your eyes For we are born sinners as you remind us in Psalm 51 verse 5 Do not banish us from your presence Lord as you did to Adam and Eve

But let us walk to you as Children of the Light clothed in garments of white and washed as a bride ready for her groom

As David repented of his adultery Lord and murder we also may come to you and repent of our adultery with false gods and our disobedience that is worse than the sin of withcraft

We realise Lord that we can never keep the ten commendments let alone all the commandments
And so Lord we come to Psalm 51 which is again a repentance Psalm and we repent

We turn to you
That the blood of Jesus would cleanse us and that Jesus would lead us on Let the selfish heart be selfless, You do not desire a sacrifice of a heart that is cold towards you You do not desire a heart that boasts about itself

The sacrifice you desire is a broken spirit and a contrite heart Verse 18 psalm 51 says " Rebuild the walls of Jerusalem " Lord Father God Architect and builder rebuild the walls of Jerusalem Rebuilt the heart and create a new heart, rebuild the broken, rebuild that which is fallen

Rebuild that which is torn down, rebuild that which is torn and in pain Let the new day begin as we who are your children repent of anything that may hinder our relationship with you

Let the building of the walls commence and let us be confident that you who have begun a good work in us will carry it through to completion Lord creator and builder create in us clean hearts Rid us of anything that is self righteous, that we would be right with you and you alone

 As your people who are called by your name repent and seek your face you shall hear them Lord

Many will fall away when the testing times come, many will turn away and seek other things and other gods Many will say "Lord Lord" But those who belong to you will know your voice and will follow you no matter what

They will recognise your voice and they will hear your words and they will know your voice Then even after the testing and the times of great troubles will come times of of your Holy Spirit and wave upon wave of your grace and mercy And wave upon wave of your annointing for with anointing comes testing

And those who are called by your name will cry out to you and you will hear them and deliver them Even the rocks would cry out to you for you alone are worthy to be praised Let this be the beginning of the Genesis heart

In Jesus name amen