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English: Psalm 93:4 This plaque is affixed to ...
English: Psalm 93:4 This plaque is affixed to the south side of the west pier lightouse. See 1394894 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
gatekeeper says:

Psalm 93:1-2

A Psalm again by an anonymous Author

Verse one shows us that God is Majestic, He is Robed In Majesty

He is armed with strength, the world stands firm and cannot be shaken

His Throne has always beeen and always will be, He is The King and has always been
the King from everlasting to everlasting

Umoved, unchanging, immortal and trustworthy.

Psalm 93:3-4

These verses remind us that no matter what may come up against us

"God is with us" (He has overcome the world) the Lord is above and mightier than these


Psalm 93:5

We come back to the unchanging God, who's Royal Laws cannot be changed

And we conclude with

Your Reign O Lord is Holy

He is above, He is Holy, He is above all things, He alone controls the waves and the storms


Cross References

Psalm 93:1 = Psalm 65:6 Psalm 96:10 Psalm 97:1 Psalm 99:1 Isaiah 51:9

Psalm 93:2 = Lamentations 5:19

Psalm 93:3 = Psalm 98:7-8

Psalm 93:4 = Psalm 65:7

Psalm 93:5 = Psalm 19:7 1 Corinthians 3:17


gatekeeper says:

The Lord is trustworthy, Trust comes in here

As we were once of the world and we were slaves to the world, we were forced into slavery
and we were chased, to where were we chased ? and what parted ?

Isaiah 51:9

Job 26:12

By his power he churned up the sea; by his wisdom he cut Rahab to pieces.

Isaiah 51:9

Now Cross reference this with Exodus 6:6

Here we see the Sea monster Psalm 74:13 Isaiah 27:1 Isaiah 30:7

to Egypt, whose help is utterly useless. Therefore I call her Rahab the Do-Nothing.

.Deuteronomy 4:34 Job 9:13 Psalm 74:13 Psalm 89:10 Psalm 93:1

What does the writer mean when He states: "The world stands firm and cannot be shaken" in
Psalm 1 ?

Haggai 2:6-7, 9 Luke 21:26 Isaiah 13:13 Matthew 24:29

When the Lord Says "The powers and the earth and indeed the hevaens will be shaken" .....................

gatekeeper says:


The sea as troubles , problems, attacks, in life usually instigated through "people" although the enemy does'nt have to use people (remember he imitates God)

God can use His people...but He does'nt have too

So "SEA AS PROBLEMS, TROUBLES, those things that get in the way of Gods work in your life

OR those things that get in the way of your own everyday life

Those things that originate from your activity

And those things that originate from inside of you eg: attitudes V beatitudes or "fruit"



gatekeeper says:


You are looking at The Lord but the wave (Sea wave = problem =can be people) can rise up
and seem to overshadow you...

All you can see is that wave, it rises up in front of you and you the "PETER" Walking throught
that wave (Sea exodus)

You the "PETER of faith" walking over the water, and on the water towards Jesus "NOTE....
While doing Gods work "

Get over shadowed by this problem that rises up in front of you

It in itself becomes a god to you, rising up above everything else in your liffe until all you can
see is that wave Exodus 20:3

And so the wave comes and rises up above all else and even it seems that Jesus is no longer there for we can no longer see Him , all we can see is that wave

Matthew 14:29-30

Don't expect walking in faith to be easy, this will instigate an attack at some time, either from
the sea of people or from "the world" but remember God has overcome the world, He is bigger
than all of this

And we cry out once again "Lord save me" as we begin to sink, not seeing the Lord as it seems
He is no longer their, our focus being on the problem wave

Once again God saves us , as He continues to save us

Psalm 93:4


Rachael Says : Well its interesting how this thread is going. I was going to post up a thread last night about
'one of those days'. You ever have 'one of those days'? i have them, sometimes more often than not, and recently seems the more often part.

So sitting last night, feeling fairly fed up with life as it is at the moment, fed up with the
constant barrage of one thing or another, piling up one on top of another until yeah, it
becomes that wall of sea, or wall of wave, and just cant see round it, my son says, did i show you the video our teacher showed us at school its well cute?! soo i was like no no ya not
shown me. So off he pops on the internet clicking on youtube and shows me a video, here it is:

Jesus Calms the Storm

Out of the mouth of babes...i watched it, and then just smiled (inwardly if you know what i mean) aint it great how God can give you a lil also reminded me about keeping things simple in the tough times, we can make the tough times tougher unnecessarily
sometimes, by overcomplicating things, thinking too much etc...


gatekeeper says: brilliant , thats what we want, Spirit speaks through people

gatekeeper says:

the divide, waters that divide, can be seen as the world

Enemy divides, satan divides, he loves to divide families

Jesus divides, "Do you think I came to bring peace on earth? No, I tell you, but division.
" Luke 12:51

There will be no more divide on the new earth

The World being the sea, at judgement there is a divide

No sea, no divide

the division has taken place between the "WORLD" and "Gods people" already

No more sea's causing a "Divide"

Revelation 21:1


Rachael Says :

Is the divide about the wheat and the chaff?

gatekeeper Says :

Jesus sought to do that which the Father told Him rather than doing things us unto people
John 12:49

Playing the flute Matthew 11:17

Divide - John 1: 11-12

division of families , division of belief, division by the flute players Luke 12:49-53 as in no agreement 2 Corinthians 6:13-14

Matthew 10:34 No middle ground, either for or against Matthew 12:30 Matthew 6:24 2 Corinthians 6:14-15

Judging the thoughts and attitudes of the heart , as in dividing Hebrews 4:12

Division . the kingdom of darkness and the Kingdom Of The Son Colossians 1:13 Ephesians 5:8 1 John 3:10 as in darkness cannot be Light and Light is not darkness Isaiah 5:20 John 3:19

The Greek word to "believe" is "pistis" James 1:22 in other words too get your hands dirty, to
trust, to obey, to do as God says in this is the division, as in "seen" division EVEN IN the
Kingdom Romans 1:5 Hebrews 5:9 Matthew 15:8
Matthew 7:21


1 Corinthians 1:11 Acts 20:29 Matthew 10:16 Acts 15:24 Matthew 24:24 1 John 4:1 2 Corinthians 11:13-15

The deceiving can be from those who sit next to you in Church, those who can deceive are those very people that speak the word, and that is why it is so deceiving, and again God saves us from it

But lets ask another question

Are there different levels of attack ?


gatekeeper Says :

But lets ask another question

Are there different levels of attack ?

gatekeeper Says :

Like Job for example having an attack from the arch angel lucifer and the scores of angelic forces

Compared too lets say demonic and activity associated with

Big difference between lets say "tv, radio, door bell going off while praying"

Compared too lets say "the attack on Job"

Hischild Says :

let's just get lucifer where he is - he is not an angel he is a FALLEN angel. He had all the
benefits of heaven and gave it all up for his own glory. Let's not put him in the same category
as those wonderful heavenly beings who help to protect us
. .....................

gatekeeper Says :

Amen too right

gatekeeper Says :


Non believers can come under attack in fact the "spiritual blindness" that permeates in the world can be seen as a type of attack

Going on further those side tracked into other spiritual activities can be seen as being further

The enemy can and will attack non believers in fact often those attacks are the very things that
will lead someone to God and become the persons "Christian testimomy" the attack in itself will
lead to the tesimony

Now I wnat to line this up with "Fruit" because I believe this is the very reson why God puts scriptures togehter and books and chapters together and nothing is there by chance

But firstly

You might ask "Can a person who is not a Christian" (Christ in) stop an attack ? and the answer
is no

Can a person who is a Christian stop an attack and the answer is Yes and NO

Could Job in the book of Job fend or stop an attack ? no he could'nt, It came suddenly, without warning, beyond His control, it was vicious, it was destroying, it was probably the things he
had always dreaded

Job 3:25

What I feared has come upon me; what I dreaded has happened to me.

This was the weak spot in the armour, this was the attack on the very things that only Job knew
about, these attacks were at the very core of Jobs worst fears and they happened suddenly, wave upon wave, (remember satan copies God)

Only Job would have known about these things and yet all that he had feared had come upon


There was absolutely nothing he could do to stop what was about to happen, even if he knew about it, which he did'nt, ONLY God knew about it before even satan and his demons had even begun to plot the attack

Think of the core things that make you tick deep down inside, and think about the mian core things that you fear, now consider that the enemy knows about these things, now consider that
God allows the enemy to attack, what and where do you think he will attack to course the most
devastation ?

Only you would know about these things ....would'nt you ? only you andddddddddddddddddd

This is part of the answer to "How do I know when I am under attack"