Thursday, November 22, 2012

The Psalms testimony

Psalm 51: 2,3 on 25 August 2010 - day 237
Psalm 51: 2,3 on 25 August 2010 - day 237 (Photo credit: Leonard John Matthews)

The Psalms testimony,Give God My All,

The Psalms testimony

I would have liked it if God had given a word of knowledge or vision or some kind of confirmation concerning the next series of bible messages and the next series will be quite a long series ( as you can imagine...being 150 psalms and looking at one psalm a month )

The confirmation did not come, but I felt God was saying " The Psalms "

This came when watching a video and I had an open vision or picture ( or revelation I suppose you could say ) of a stone being rolled away from the entrance of the tomb where Jesus had layed and I saw this stone being the stone that was used to defeat the philistine giant Goliath.

At this point David entered my mind and became the catalyst that focused my thoughts on King David and the Psalms...and so we started the series on the psalms..

You know God does'nt always work in the same way all the time, be prepared for God to do things unexpected, be prepared for God to work in different ways, be prepared to be as a child and just walk in simplicity of faith. ( bind faith ) I went to the yearly bible week I go to in detling, Kent and it seemed the title for this week was ....

" A man after Gods own heart " the theme was " King David "

"mmmm King David wrote the psalms I pondered "

That week I decided not to go to the usual 4 meetings per day which spanned over 5 hours but to rest off slightly and go to the RT Kendall studies in the mornings " entitled " King David a man after Gods own heart " and the John Paul Jackson meetings in the afternoons and then onto the evening meet ups with Eric Delve and R T Kendall etc.

Well the whole week was about this man called " King David " and of course the first night started off with lots of celebrations and rejoysing and the first preach began with " David slaying the philistine giant Goliath "

In fact every night God spoke to me about one issue after another..

Anyway I was thinking what I should give to God and thinking about His provision

One night in particular God spoke to me about "Giving Double" wow I thought " where did that come from ? "

So as I begun to find a place to sit in this large meeting tent, this voice kept coming to me, "Give double"

And again "Twenty per cent, give double"

It was a word of Knowledge....

"Thats not in my bible " mmmm " maybe its my own thoughts "

And so I sat down ready to hear the message

So then R T Kendall began speaking about how he had a friend that used to double tip waiters even though his friend was not a Christian....

"He always tipped double"

"So how much more so should we give > who are the Lords ?"

Mmmm well I thought all my 30 years of the Christian walk I've never thought or even considered about " double giving "

Mmmm I wonder if I can outgive God ?

mmmm..ok Lord...I hear you"

You see I was considering what to give to God from faithwalk and even though I had no money this was God speaking about His Provision, not in my timing but in His, He wanted my heart to say "Yes " to giving double back because He was going to (at some point in the future ) give more than double in return

This does not mean God will always speak in this way, neither does it mean God will always give double back if we give Him double, nor does it mean we should give double, but in this instance ..this is how God was speaking to me

Now God spoke about many things and I won't go into all of them , but its amazing is'nt it that the theme for that week should be about David ? so I took this as confirmation !!

So in this even though I do not understand how I can give when I have nothing and how I can give out of nothing,

As the song goes"In the bleak midwinter.....what can I give Him......give Him my heart"

A double portion