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TRANSFORMERS, Psalm 105 Study 4,

TRANSFORMERS, Psalm 105 Study 4,

Here was a super power using the weak defenceles hebrew slaves

Is that any different to the super powers of today taking advantage of the weaker countries with weaker currencies for cheaper labour ?

But do we not enjoy the the advantage ourselves as we say "well at least we are giving them work "

Here was the super power of the world at that time using Gods people but "O how the tables can be turned over"

O the hardness of a heart that seeks to use a weaker one for the benefit of himself and in doing so it would be better if he had a noose around his neck

Matthew 18:6

But if anyone causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him to have a large millstone hung around his neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea.

Do you really think the thoughts and heart motives of the people of God were really as they should have been at this time ?

"Oooo get real"

As you are beaten and flogged and made to produce a certain amount of production per day !

Does that remiind you of a modern day Scenario ? or should I say "Sin Ario" !

No I imagine their thoughts were anything but Godly

You see God knows us as we really are , with the warts and all

mmmmm , I need a quick way of transferring what is in my head /heart to paper or (cyber paper)

If anyone has a plugin or jack lead that I can plugin to my head for transferring info/revelation quickly "let me know"

Meanwhile I,ll try and type out quickly asap with two fingers and a head thats spinning with a bad cold


The secret Kingdom in itself is a paradox in that The Kingdom of God is secret yet it is a Light
on a hill

Its a paradox in that two differing things come at us from different angles

At times Ive wanted to share what God has done and have been unable to hold in what God has
done and simply have to share with others

A few times at Church Ive shared with individuals about what God has done

And it matters not whether its through me or someone else,......that fact is soomtimes its
difficult to hold it in

And when sharing with some ( a few) at Church I either get a blank expression or I got rebuked

"Ssshhh its a secret Kingdom" and I get reminded of "let not your left hand know what your
right hand is doing" and thats in Matthew 6:3

Now that has nothing to do with sharing the things of the Kingdom , that has to do with when we
give to the needy or when we do a good deed "AS God works through us" to do it

I'm going to share a few things about the "Stronger and weaker" but before I do lets take a look at
the secret Kingdom

You see its a secret Kingdom because a lot of what God does is done in secret, its worked out in
the lifes of His people, in hearts and in families

A lot of what God does may go unnoticed by many

But when God begins to really move sometimes we just have to share the Transformation

Not for our own benefit but simply because we are so excited and we want to give Glory to God


You know God does'nt have to use us at all, He does'nt have to use me, the same as He does'nt have to
use anyone

He did'nt have to use Moses as an instrument or Aaron or Miriam

But as stated before "We are all leaders" in that God chooses to use people

Just ordinary people like you and me

As the people were led out of Egypt on their "Faithwalk"

People followed people, men followed leaders, women followed men , sisters followed brothers,
Some followed women , some followed men , some followed whoever might have been their "role model"

But all followed the one who walked ahead ...who was God

Each having a purpose and a reason and a meaning for being there, each having a role and a job
to do in this great exodus

Whether the job be too gather food or to cook food, whether it be too lead in worship or to
offer to God, whether it be to tend to the needs of the family or whther it be to mend the clothing

Each in his own house had a job and each followed someone

As with us as we walk our Christian walk now we each have our role models and people that we
listen too, each of us have a calling to lead others to Jesus and in so doing the people who we
lead to God follow us

In this is discipleship and training, in this is the way of the Rabbi who has (in Jewish culture)
his own followers who follow in the dust of their Rabbi

In this is the way of Christian disipleship in that each leads another and so we have the chord
or links, the chain which binds the family of God together



Lets jump quickly to the ten lepers in

Luke 17:11-19

ten men who had leprosy[a]

[a] is various diseases affecting the skin.

Now you know the story

11 Now on his way to Jerusalem, Jesus traveled along the border between Samaria and Galilee. 12 As he was going into a village, ten men who had leprosy[a] met him. They stood at a distance 13 and called out in a loud voice, “Jesus, Master, have pity on us!”

14 When he saw them, he said, “Go, show yourselves to the priests.” And as they went, they were cleansed.

This was probably leprosy but in any case a skin disease of any kind would have meant being
segregated and separated from the rest of the community

You would be an "Outcast" in your community and separated from anything and anyone

Now Often and more often than not in this "secret Kingdom" Jesus would say ....

"Go don't tell anyone" Matthew 8:4 is one example and people say "well Jesus did'nt want to be mobbed"

Thats why He did this so that the crowds would not get too large"

You know often people would be so excited they would go and tell everyone, the once blind and lame
would not be able to hide from the local community "and remember that in those days everyone knew
everyone else"

How on earth could you hide anything from your own family and relatives seeing that once you were lame and
begging in the dust and now you are leaping around like a "Deer" ?

How on earth can you hide the Light on the Hill which can be seen by all ?

Yet in this is the paradox where we have a secret Kingdom that becomes visible and viewable by

And so we go back to the ten lepers who were cleansed and often this is related too by the preacher as being

"Only one gave thanks" and that we are always to thank God and remember to thank Him

But actually theres more to this story than meets the eye

You see this cleansing that took place with the ten leperswas not just about "leprosy"

Luke 17:14 When he saw them, he said, “Go, show yourselves to the priests.” And as they went,
they were cleansed.

Now look at
Luke 17:16 He threw himself at Jesus’ feet and thanked him—and he was a

Firstly lepers as far as the Priest were concerned were "Unclean"

So why tell the lepers to go "show themselves to the Priests? "

Priests were the very people who declared a leper "Unclean" in that society

So the very act of actually doing what Jesus had told them and by obeying Jesus "Cured them"

You see the Priests did'nt heal them but they declared them "Clean" for society

Now why did Jesus say "go show yourselves to the Priests?" ? you see one was a samaritan ? he was seen as "Unclean" anyway in that society,

He was already separated from the others so why would he be told to go to the "Priests ?"

He was a samaritan ? he was unclean ?

Yet they are all cleansed ! and THE Samaritan returns to give thanks to Jesus you see !

For even though the samaritan was still separated from the other nine being "Jews"

The samaritan would also have been rejected by the Priests as unclean

But He is made clean and whole by Jesus,......and this is why the samaritan returned to Jesus
and the other nine did not

Because the samaritan was not welcome in that community anyway, but he was welcome with Jesus

NOW the other nine just could'nt hold their secrets in and what would you do ? but run back
to your long unseen and lost family !

Woooo for years you have been abandoned and now you are once more clean !

NOW you can go and see your loved ones, your family, your relatives, your sons, your daughters,




I often read the book of Job and see that as an insight into the spirtual realm and its often referred to as such

But going through the bible and reading behind the writings you can see God working and making preparations anywhere from Genesis to revelations

As in the exodus story and as we look at Psalm 105 we can see Gods hand at work

If we only go back to Joseph in Egypt we can see how Josephs life was completely and utterly dependent on God and we realise how utterly miraculous it was that Joseph is found in a "dry well" by traders who just happened to be passing by

What a coincidence !



As we read on and see the tables of time turned over and the Israelites made into slaves

And now after so many hundreds of years finally God turns the tables back over once more

Matthew 21:12

But some four hundred years or so had passed by and another 80 years or so as Moses is prepared along with Aaron and Miriam and as the hearts of the people are prepared

What utter dependence on God, how their future lifes depended on God

What could they do ? it was out of their control, only a higher power and a stronger force could possibly save them !



You know the spiritual is far stronger and mightier than the physical natural world ?

The world with all its empires and nations is "puny" compared to the Spiritual !

In fact its hard to even compare them

The Spiritual realm is stronger than many people believe and is in command of a lot more than people think

But lets consider one realm, which is the realm of Gods Kingdom

Consider how strong an angel is ! compared to a person

But consider how much stronger God is !

Although He created the entire universe and all that breathes He is also able to hear every thought and word and to know where it originated

He can speak to one individual at the same time as speaking to millions all at once

Not only that but becuase its "personal" God can be in personal relationships and tuned into each heart making it as if I am the only person alive and the only person that He is concerned about

I have never been so aware of how God is working in the background in the "invisible" secret Kingdom than the last fews years

As we look at the exodus from egypt we can see how God is working towards His purposes for His people and how completely reliant they are on Him

As humans beings we are limited and as Christians we have "limitations"


I want to go now to one brief example in my own life to convey just how God intervenes and works and just how much stronger He is compared to the physical world

Im just going to add brief examples



It never ceases to amaze me when I look back over 30 years ago to my time of conversion,
how while wondering the streets at 6 am in the morning I came face to face with my brother.

The last time I'd seen him was three years earlier in Lewes and before that he had been in
brighton after living in Oxford

Being a rolling stone he never stayed anywhere long

Having said our "hello's" he walked me to his place of work where I got a job that morning in the hotel
where he was working and food

What better place to be in at that time than a "Hotel" ?

He introduced me to a family who were Church leaders and they took me on as part of their
extended family

But there were three other extended family members in that small semi detached house

And one of them was my brother

Of course he did'nt stay very long and off he went again

But its amazing how everything came together at the precise right time and how God had worked
behind the scenes in the "Invisible" and used people at exactly the right times in the
"Secret Kingdom"




Another time was when I was sitting in the morning prayer meeting held at my work place in
a Christian publishing company

I was fedup at the time, I was'nt getting on with the new boss, and I sat there thinking

"heres all you directors and high flying executives here praying and giving the word and out
of all you Godly men not one of you can give a word for me, O how I need a word from
God and yet out of all of you not one knows what I am thinking"

Sure enough the meeting finished and one director of the company gave a word that was to
change the course of my life

I knew the Word was for me and acted immediately leaving my place of work and waiting
on God

Sure enough having done some seeking and waiting and responding after 2 months had past
and at the time when I was running out of money to pay the rent there was a knock at the

And who was it but my old boss from the same company he said "can you help us reroof and
decorate this place ? "

At the time I lived above a Church in a flat and they wanted it revamped

But this was the confirmation I was looking for and the complete redirection of my life
and also my "calling"

As I said before your calling does'nt have to be within the Church, it can be whereever God
wants you to be

And so it was'nt long before an old workmate who worked at the same printing company joined
me and we began the long haul of self employment and developing a service to the public
from nothing ,

Who knows how many lifes were changed and affected over the years as three of us
(who incidently still continue as separate firms - although one of us is now retired) employed
and trained others

But still better to be a service to the community and to reach out

Still even more amazing are the times when God has used customers to speak back to us and

Although I work on my own now, God still continues to work and do amazing things in the
"Secret Kingdom"




Recently about Six years ago I sat in Church and an elder who I respected gave a word

It was addressed to someone within that congegation

And again I knew it was for me, it was a Word that I was'nt really happy to receive, it went as

"You are about to go through a very bad time, you must stay close to Gods Word and to Him,
otherwise you may not make it through this time you are about to go through"

Well this was at the time when I began "Online bible studies"

Well sure enough things suddenly began happening and it was'nt long before all I could do was
to focus on Gods Word and on God

Things happened over the proceeding years that I could not explain

It felt like my entire life was collapsing around me and everything conceivable thing that could possibly go wrong
was going wrong

If I had the chance to make a list of "Things that could go wrong"

I would never have been even close to what was about to happen

And after 5 years of what I can only describe as "hell"

I began to pray that God would stop it, because I simply could'nt deal with it any longer

It had reached the point of no return and I could not cope

And sure enough as it had begun so too it began to reverse and change over the
proceeding months and things in life began to go back to normality and problems which I
thought would never end and situations I thought were impossible to fix quickly righted


So just three brief examples of Gods hand at work within the "Kingdom"   

And so as we look at the bible we see all through Gods Word that although people have free will and daily activity continue also too...Gods hand is at work

Working behind the scenes in the "Invisible" and within the "Secret Kingdom"

Never more so than in the story we are looking at now where Moses is being prepared for his calling and while the Israelites are groaning under the weight of slavery is is bringing about plans to rescue and save them

Not only that but we see the relationship between God and pharoah and then the invisible plans and works becoming visible and seen as God sends the plagues


But the point I want to put across is this..............

The bible is not an old book, its not an old manuscript !

Its not about things that happened a long time ago !

Its not an old dusty book on the bookshelf !

God is very much alive and active and very capable of changing the course of a life

The Bible is a Living and very powerful

What you read in Gods Word could one day become reality in your life

IF it has'nt already