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Exile to Restoration

Now notice Psalm 123 goes from singular to plural  - as "I lift my eyes [/color]-  goes to verse 2 = - "as the eyes of

 As Nehemiah needed others to rebuild  the walls of Jerusalem [a person to many persons]

Now remember that King David is speaking here in the singular about Jerusalem [plural] . [but prophecies into the future]

As the people of Jerusalem would walk into exile and later in the future walk back .

The Eye is the Lamp to the Body = singular  and becomes pural.

Here I find direction using the Lamp as my guide [step by our  step]


Vision - the Lamp

I see a person running away scared and I see many people running away scared,  I hear you frantically running and you are  breathing heavily as you attempt to run away, I hear the steps taking a backward motion and I hear "stop" and "listen" begin to walk forward and lets try again".  I am your Lamp and Light .

I see you walking back and forth trying to find the path and you are trying to retrack and go back .... you are looking at your shadow and not the Lamp in front....


Waiting On The Lord

In  Psalm 123:2 we are using a metaphor - of slaves obeying the master - both male and female .

Female being under the Mistress of the house.

Slaves were not considered to think their own thoughts - but to obey ther masters.

They would wait for the master to give a sign /shadow/ motion to them and they would have an action/service/to provide.

Another metaphor here might be that of the soldier under the control and authority of the centurion in biblical times - Matthew 8:9 -  here work together as a group/body and do not think - but obey - the signs given to them by the centurion.

This would be a matter of live and death and the master would give protection and meanng, hope and purpose/provision. Here we wait on God........

Here the slaves much like in  Job 7:2 Like a slave longing for the evening shadows, or a hired laborer waiting to be paid,

Waited on the master and so here in verse two  the eyes of servants look to the hand of their masters for a gesture or command, a motion or sign/shadow.


Now let us turn it upside down and see the Lord God scanning  the earth   2 Chronicles 16:9 for someone to make a gesture/motion/response/ as He/God/Jesus/ serves us everyday as a servant.

Here this is life or death to Him - as He waits on us ........


From the One comes - our response.


Take Another Step

For this short psalm of ascension - I would like to end with considering  Psalm 79:4 We have become a reproach to our neighbors, A scoffing and derision to those around us


Now this is David talking about his enemies - those opposed, scorning.

But you only have to look at the body casting the shadow to see Jesus ...

Taking the fourth step of ascension in the pilgrims journey

I keep getting the word "opposition"  here and people/things/  will oppose you as you seek to step up.

And "you will find  opposition  from places you never thought you would"

Step up from that and take your place as God seats you


Lord God in Jesus name "let me lift my eyes to the helper and hill/defender and strength.

Thankyou that we can always "begin again"

You wipe the slate clean as You did with King David ..

In Jesus Name Amen


Do not keep walking/running  to and fro in panic - just let Go and let God.

Breathe in - and breathe again.

Take step one and begin stepping up and so we end step four.


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