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Psalm 124 - from Earthquake to Flood

 Psalm 124 - from Earthquake to Flood




I see a Lion roaring and His mouth is open wide and I see a insignificant person wearing a helmet - the helmet is a covering of protection [as long as the person stays makes it so]

I see the person walking in and out of this protection and I see a weakness and a strength.

When the person is weak so God is the head covering - when the person is strong - God is not.

I see a lion that is dead and from His belly comes honey Judges 14:9.


Here the Phlistines used Delilah [a philistine -  as a weapon] to end the life of Samson [strength] and "Delilah means "she who weakened"

She would be the one to take away Samsons  head covering.


Now David lifted his eyes to the hills [the higher power] as he came against a flood of enemies [his son and people within his own household and neighbours /nations and all else came against King David. [asif like a flood/metaphor]

A war developed between "those closest to King David" causing a turmoil./a flood /within/ as the enemy comes in like a flood.... Isaiah 59:19

This was during a three year famine/drought/  where water was sparce and so King David uses this analogy [turns it around]

"like the proud waves of the sea, and spread themselves like a flood; and whose destruction was like the breach of many waters, 2 Samuel 5:18.


2 Samuel 21:15 Once again there was a battle between the Philistines and Israel. David went down with his men to fight against the Philistines, and he became exhausted.

The water here was not evident in this famine/hunger/drought...

Here King David went  down to fight against the Philistines and God deliverd him /saved/delivered/reconciled/ David for His glory.

During this three year drought - David was saved from his enemies, so that he could continue to reign as King of Israel [God  not only saved Israel but save King Davids Reign]

And so the enemy came in like a flood [the philistine enemy] and could have devoured King David - but God saved him and the nation of Israel  from certain flood [during this time of famine/drought]



Now as you know and as the story goes,

The Insignificant one with string and bow

Felled a Philistine  giant with a single stone

David took a step or two, or three and four .

As the giant roared with fearsome shout.

The ruddy David would never be in doubt.

Now as David  lifted his eyes to the mountain above

The Holy Spirt came down in power and Love

As david put on the armour of Saul - David could never take on this terrible toll.

The helmet and armour was far too big and David rose up to this terror so big

The insignificant one - so now the person never chosen by people - becomes the tower and steeple

So Israel us deliverd by a shepherd boy insignificant to all - becoming the King of Israel to stop the fall.

Many others could have taken his place - yet David was saved through Love and grace.

Many brothers could have been King - but David was the one who's heart  could sing.

Now as you know and as the story goes,

The Insignificant one with string and Vine

Felled a phlstne giant - and this the sign.



When you meet your Goliath - it is time to rise up and take the steps to defeat it.

Look to the hills/mountains/higher power/

Take the situation/circumstance/problem/fear/  whatever it is and use it to turn the situation around.

Do not let the Goliath in your life control you....instead start praying /talking to God [big time]

Pray for the situation/circumstance/fear/trouble/ even if you do not know where it is coming from or how to resolve [this Goliath]

Let The Holy Spirit begin to reveal things and as He does pray through these things/steps/.

pray, pray, pray,

You have begun the steps to begin to make your Goliath fall down.

Whatever you do - do not give up - but persevere and as God shows you the steps walk in them.

The enemy will begin to flee - because the last thing he wants is for his attacks and oppressions/affects on your life to be turned for good or to be used in a way that glorifies God.

Whatever your trouble take the steps to come up against the Goliath in your life.

Do not let the enemy come in like a flood - but turn it around and let the earthquake/earth/ground/  swallow the enemy /opposition/ up.

Once the prayers have been answered - turn to praise .

Hello - here are the Psalms - make your own Psalm today - by turning your philistine to God....

Do what David did and turn your situation around.

How ? take your dark times and areas of your life around - by turning to God and pray -[big time]

The enemy will begin to  leave you - because he cannot put up with your turning to prayer.

his advances are /now your advances


How do I do it ?

Now you know how to do it !

It is your relationship... [up to you]

Turn your bad times to good by facing your Goliath [head to head ] @ [you]

turn the negative to positive and this is your weapon.



Lord God in Jesus name I turn to you today and ask that I may have the ability to turn all bad things to good [for Your Glory]

Lord give me and nurture in me an ability/anointing/ to come against my philistine and communicate with You.

Only You can remove the Giant in my life and help me recognise the Psychological effects that the enemy places in my life.

That I might rise up in Your Time - once you have enabled it.

Help me to wait for You and Your timing.. [as David did]

Help me to wait for the right season

In Jesus Name Amen.

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