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I keep getting "the oil of gladness above thy fellow men repeating over and over"

I get the words "unexpected"  where God takes control/intervenes/ speaks over/.

And so we continue this Pilgrim  journey - day by day and one step at a time - walking with the Light in front of us [with no idea of what will happen next]

Here we are coming out of babylon and are being restored/renewed/ and begin to work together to build .

We come together as a parculiar people/ odd group/ gathering/set apart/  to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem. [past/present tense]

I have no idea where this study will go [as usual] but lets begin to walk in darkness and see where it leads.


So the Jewish nation spent 70 years in exile/captivity and it was not the same generation that returned to rebuild the walls [now notice they had to rebuild the walls / action] and this is where we will turn to the book of Ezra and not Nehemiah.

But before we begin delving into the darkness to find light - lets go back to the first exile - when Adam and Eve weere expelled from the garden due to sin.... they/ were given  skins in which it is believed "blood was shed" for them, these skins were the skins of animals.

It seems that the skins of animals never takes away sin, here you could suggest that Adam and Eve were simply saved from this event - but this does not answer the question of why God would simply save them from this sin but not save them from eternal death.

In this event all humankind is bound for eternal condemnation because of Adam and Eve and now it is only up to individuals to change this.

You may suggest there were many exiles [both individual and national] but the next exile I want to consider is the exile of the nation of God to Egyptian captivity and here the hebrew nation groaned under this captivity/slavery and God heard the groaning.

I might suggest another captivity/exile into the desert wilderness as God's people are led by the Light through a barren life - yet none of them made it to a promised land on this earth.

Indeed another generation walked into the promised land - a new generation - as with the exile to babylon and their release from exile/captivity to babylon.

In all these real life events we see people saved from disasters or be given longevity of life or material things. [on this earth]

And so all through the bible we see people or persons being made captive and released, exiled and made free again.

[these being images/metaphors/pictures/ that we can realte to our own lives [but are we only saved temporal or eternal ?]

Indeed why would a person be saved temporal and not eternal.... [now you may suggest that all humanity is God's] but it is quite clear that "many even those seeming to be God's are not]

There is a physical / reality /real life event/ slave to free person/ dead made alive/ [in this no one knows who is and who is not]

It is up to us now to relate this to our lives, to begin to rebuild the walls and be reconciled to God and to other people or family.

Meanwhile God is in the business of reconciling us to Himself/saving/redeeming/building/


Lets go to Joseph and being sold into slavery/exile/captivity/

The beginning of this egyptian captivity/ which gave Joseph / his liberty/release,

Here he was in a well being sold [not under his own will] to the captivity /bondage to potiphar/.

Here he spent a long time in the darkness of a prison/dungeon/ with a baker and a cupbearer.

Why ? because of his dreams.....  verse one - psalm 126 -  When the Lord restored the fortunes of Zion, we were like those who dreamed

Sorrow to gladness here...

What sorrow for the Baker ?  and Jesus died for all of them !

Yet Jospeph was forgotten  [in the darkness] 23 The chief cupbearer, however, did not remember Joseph; he forgot him.

Here the cupbearer was saved in this life ! /from losing his life ?

You see this is the unanswerable question as to the question /doubt/ both the cupbearer and the baker were friends of  and knew "Joseph" they had a relationship with "Joseph" [a type of Christ"] but one was reborn yet another died.

Were both "forgiven" yes we are all forgiven - once we turn to Him....

This is the "paradox" that none of us can answer.

So are we left in doubt ? 

The baker had faith in sharing his dream after hearing the dream of the cupbearer....

He was waiting for the same answer....

Jospeph however was forgotten about  /continued to live ni this darkness / as usual.

Yet he was made great [in this life] to be in charge of Egypt - now you see the picture /metaphor/melting as egypt becomes
the picture /metaphor/ of slavery/bondage/exile/  in itself.

So now Joseph is no longer the primary person who leads the hebrew people into bondage / he has now died/gone/deceased/ [as the baker]


You see it was never through our obedience - but through the obedience of Jesus to the Cross.

Now once we have begun to build to walls - Jesus builds - and now we turn to the book of Ezra.

I have not answered the eternal question - however we continue - because the eternal question cannot be answered

What was the difference between Cain and Abel  and the cupbearer and the baker ? and Joseph ?

They all had dreams and faith to believe ... as the baker had faith to share his dream - hoping that he would receive the same answer.......

You see all rhese instances in the old testament are /visions/pictures/metaphors/ that only exist within their own context and that we can relate to in this day - in our lives.


Adam and Eve were sorrowed at their loss - but joyed at their salvation.

Cain was filled with sorrow..

Abel was filled with joy...

The nation of the hebrew people - were filled with sorrow and yet to be filled with joy.

As too - Joseph could not belive what happened to hm [and he knew the oil of gladness above his fellow men]

Yet Joseph  led to the captivity of the hebrew nation under the egyptian reign ...[exile/captivity]

What will you do today ? and what will God do in your life ?

I cannot answer this eternal question - but you can .... and only you can.

As only the baker could..

God hated Esau - why ?

it is an Unanswerable question ... to  ask "who are God's"

I mean beng that cain had faith offering unto God  - Israel had faith - the baker had faith hoping he would receive  the same as the cupbearer..


These biblical events /metaphors/pictures /images/ only go so far

I repeat again "Joseph's dream led to tears of joy above his fellow men - however in anotherr image/picture / Jospeph's redemption led to "the hebrew peoples bondage".

The death of one generation led to the redemption of the next as they walked into the promised land under "Joshua"

So we are looking at snapshots here.


But in Psalm 126 it is unbelievable - something we can not believe in,

As if God should do this ?

Not something in trust or faith  but something not believed in [as it could could never happen to me] unexpected and unimaginable.

Not done by our will - but done by God's Will.


Again lets look at another Exile - as Joseph's redemption led to the hebrew people under egyptian bondage/slavery/exile/.

Again God takes control and are led out of captivity into the captivity Of God.....

Their journey through the wilderness is now ended as another generation now enter the promised land.

And so the story continues through generations - liberty  to exile - and exile to liberty.

The overall scope here is about God's sovereign Will above human will.

As God can create out of nothing and use a person who has nothing to make them something.

God takes the people that the world would look down on and makes people look up  to them.

So God does great unexpeted things for His people [not reliant on faith]

As they look upwards so others look up to them


To finish and believe me I had no idea what this Psalm was about - we shall end with 

"I keep getting "the oil of gladness above thy fellow men repeating over and over"

I get the words "unexpected"  where God takes control/intervenes/ speaks over/.

Do not believe that you are not abel -but know that God is abel [spelling intentional]


Lord God in Jesus name /Joshua's name/ Moses name/ Joseph's name / Isaac's name / Abrahams name.

What ever Your name is at this point in time - to me - I ask that You would act in Your Will to do what I cannot do and overall my life.

Change things Lord that I could never imagine or comprehend - so that when You act - I might be amazed and it might be as if a dream...

Let me live in this dream - where You just take me - In Your name [whatever that is in my life now] or whatever Name I allow over my life now Today as I walk. [one is my will and the other is Yours] amaze me Lord as You Act over my life.

By whatever Name You use over my life to release me and bring me out of exile - yet again.

Overall my life today.

AMEN and so be it.



OK IN ENDING - not dependent on your will .

Expectancy or faith

You know you can never save youself - or have hope unless - unless God is in your life....

He can do what you cannot...

Expect the unexpected ... this is where hope comes from... this is not hope in the expected - but a hope in the unexpected and this is faith in God -  hope for intervention in yourlife - TODAY.

As spoken to the hebrews - Hebrews 3:15  Today, if you hear his voice, do not harden your hearts  as you did in the rebellion.
TODAY - let God take action over and above "your steps"

Or see God take steps over and above your will.

As it is written and as we read .

Goid is above your steps and this is the seventh step [the perfect step]

Let Him speak into your life - TODAY and give you hope . above your expectatons/hope/faith/.

As so the one who was without child should hope for a child because of  - here God enlarges expectations - Isaiah 54:2  "Enlarge the place of your tent, stretch your tent curtains wide, do not hold back; lengthen your cords, strengthen your stakes.

Tabernacling with God is not just about our will - but we are in an relatonship within this tent.

Learn to expect the unexpected - this will give you the "HOPE" future, faith, meaniing, purpose, reason.... for living.

Do not envelope faith in your own gift wrapping - but open up that wrapping and see God do a new thing.

Take hold of this - TODAY and unwrap a new hope in a God that does what we do not expect.

Unwrap TODAY - and find that God is above our steps - expect the unexpected.

NOW WORD - begin to walk in new ways as you tabernacle and see that tent grow bigger.

Now this is the new name over your  life..

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