Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Psalm 137, By the rivers of Babylon.

 Psalm 137, By the rivers of Babylon.

I get a picture of broken glass here, like there are many reflections. [as in a broken mirror] and these shards of mirrow can hurt.

I see the word "broken"

God is showing me a broken clay pot as well.

It is on many pieces and will not be brought back together until the age of the babylon release.



Here Israel says :

"Here I am in a strange land with many waters and it is as if my tears make the waters..

I mourn and grieve for my homeland and the waters of babylon rise up with my tears.

How can I sing the sacred songs in this strange land ? a land where enemies surround me and mock me ?

Sing us a song they say and make us merry !

We hang our harps on the willow tree's as we no longer sing a song - but let the weeping willow tree - sing a song of lament for us...

My heart no longer sings of Joy - but weeps ... let the weeping willow pick up the harp and play the song."

"The darkness has fallen and it is as night - let the watchmen keep watch for the morning when the light will once more adorn the temple - we shall stay silent and wait for the morning and let out harps sing a song in the willows that overshadow the many waters of this foreign nation....

This temple cannot sing a new song at this time - let the levites wait until a time - a certain time - here we wait upon the Lord Yahweh...

Remember me "O Zion" remember me O Lord -  do not forget me ......

See my tears as you did in the captivity of egypt and once again deliver me from this bondage...

Imprecatory Prayers

An  imprecatory prayer is found in , Psalm 137:9

Now do not forget that there were implicatons against Israel IF she was unfaithful - as with Deuteronomy 27:15-26

Now the remnants of Israel are in mourning and weep by the waters of babylon...... and now she prays against her bondage and prays against her binding.

Examples of imprecatory Prayers can be found in Psalms or should I say verses - of Psalms including   Psalm 5:6 - Psalm 10:2 -Psalm 17:13 -Psalm 35:1 - Psalm 58:6 - Psalm 59:5 - Psalm 69:22 - Psalm 70:2 - Psalm 79:6 - Psalm 83:13 - Psalm 109:7 - Psalm 129:5  - and Psalm 140:3 and so on....

With imprecatory verses the people prayed against evil /they provoked a curse....

Psalm 109 for example is an imprecatory psalm and with the remaining psalm we now have the retribution Psalm 137:7 ending with "Happy is the one who seizes your infants and dashes them against the rocks."

see an example of an   imprecatory Verse  with : Psalm 109:6 I said, Appoint the evil one to oppose him. Let Satan stand beside him, 7 When he stands trial, let him be found guilty, Let his prayer be considered sinful. 8 Let his days be few in numbe, Let someone else take his position. 9 Let his children become fatherless and his wife a widow. 10  Let his children wander around and beg. Let them seek help far from their ruined homes.

Babylon's walls were later to fall and babylon was destroyed as prophesied in Jeremiah 50:15

We are told to love our enemies, in Matthew 5:44 and to pray for those who hurt us..

Lets pray

Lord God in Jesus name help me, if I find myself in a place I do not want to be in life, to follow Your Will and not mine
 and to lead me back out and into known territory when You decide - In Jesus Name Amen

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