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Psalm 141, from many places at once


Psalm 141, from many places at once


Within these eight prophetic psalms of praise we also enter three psalms of prayer, within these are the impregatory prayers we have been looking at and ending with Psalm 145 which is where we extol and praise God back as we reflect on Psalm 139 where God replies about His knowledge of us.

It is as if "God is coming from many places at once, like an orchestra of praise,prayer and impregatory words.

It is as if God also knows all about the enemy and a "man" person and his will.

You might refine/confine it all down to God allowing things to happen - but actually God's allowing -  does not mean that God agree's with it.

As with the David situaton in the last it is only the opposition upon a life that causes the reacton of prayer and praise.

As the enemy is destroyed so that David can move on [an example of spiritual warfare- symbolic of and a metaphor for us today as we destroy anything in our lives [as God prunes] that are working against Him [in us]

As if this were not true in our lives then, we could never move on with God as we defeat all forces that seem to be against us. [note the forces may not be bad] but allowing us to make a choice.

Here our lives might say "we are defeated" but God says "we are conquerors" through Him.

David is reaching to the heavenlies against opposition....

Here we have a combination of diiferent factors and influences upon David from himself and inner urges - to family will  [wanting what does not beloing to them] and wanting that which God had never given them - to spiritual forces against David and God taking control in times when David was at his weakest.

We have an orchestration here of music from many places at once.

And so we begin another three steps of prayer - within this story and song/psalm.

As in Psalm 141:1 , I call to you, Lord, come quickly to me -hear me when I call to you.

Psalm 142:1  cry aloud to the Lord, I lift up my voice to the Lord for mercy.

Psalm 143:1 Lord, hear my prayer, listen to my cry for mercy.

Here David responds and God calls back and others respond to David and the enemy inflitrates Davids life at the same time,

I would suggest that the more influence a person has in spiritual places, the more the enemy will work to cause confusion and chaos , which is why David begins another song and so we see Psalm 141.

I might also suggest that the person who has no influence [or less] in spiritual pl,aces has a more satisfied life and no impact [less] in spiritual places and therefore is seen as one dead .

And so we begin Psalm 141 in the place where David lived at that time, a sleepy place where many had died while still alive - howver we will focus on that which the Holy Spirit focused on "which was David's life at that time and the activity that was upon his life" being that he was very much alive and had many  forces agianst him at that time.

Notice all the influences upon Davids life at this time trying to change his direction - from family influence - to enemies such as Saul and Doeg - and even the giant Goliath, to his own urges where he is tempted by the enemy - to his exile and seemingly God forsaken situation.

This is where God takes David's life into scripture and the Holy Spirit makes us look at David [as we are confronted with the same situatons in our lives now...]

It is a prophetic word - that does not end - in history - but continues in our lives as we make advances into spiritaul places and cause chaos and disorder as we move on with God - so the circle continues, as we make an impact - so we hear a response and this is how heaven works - it is a hive if activity and very much alive - only when we make the impact upon it.

We sing and heaven responds - this is the Psalms.

I cannot help but consider the book of Job now and thank this person for his contribution that made all hell and man come agiainst him from all places at once.

Thankyou Lord that he made such an impact in heaven that it caused such a response that we now read about [as an example] to us now today.

Thankyou that he caused this affect - the same as David did and caused a focus on a man [a single person]

Of course the message at Church on sunday was about Psalm 139 and as we go on from this we reach Psalm 141.

God knowing all we will say and do, before we do... being all knowing"

In Psalm 141:3 David gives an evening prayer "as if his tongue is the pen of the ready writer" [God knowing what he will pen and David being the pen of God here]

Here David asks that God might "Guard his tongue"  as if his lips are doors, which once opened cannot be shut or once shut cannot be opened.

Now where we might be the doorkeepers of God's house - God becomes the door keeper of our's.

We remember here - how the words we speak are like the rudders of a ship, steering such a large vessel.

Here the words that we speak have the power of life and death [yet in times of utter desolation - when it seems that everything comes against us at once and from many places at once - I can be tempted to say things about the situation "that I should not"

After all - why would David have the power of life and death "when his enenmies were already dead or dying and their words were coming back on them "as death".

Why would anyone seek to destroy or mislead / misdirect/steer / that which is already condemning/misdirecting/ and steering itself into death ?

The only thing I am doing is to cause myself to be as "they are" and conforming to their ways.

It is an easy circle to fall into and David avoids steering himself into the rocks.

David avoids his enemies and runs "for his life" , yet knowing and asking that they may fall into their own snares. [unlike Christ]

So how do we unite these two distinct differences as "Jesus asks us to pray for those who come up against us - yet David prays the so called "impregatory prayer" a curse which they pronounce upon themselves....

Well do not forget that the people did not and do not know what they are doing "when they put Jesus on the Cross"

It seems to be  a "sing a song of judgement" as I am sure you have heard that we can sing the Psalms and pray them - so as to learn how to pray and make our prayer life exciting .....

I must add that prayers - that pray against our will [try tongues] - or to "stop an evil thing" or to "stop oppression or  persecution in our lives" is something we should do all the time.

And so I would argue the definiton of "an impregatory prayer" as there are many grey areas here - and David would never pronounce a curse on anyone.

He is merely accepting God's "now" judgement - as they continue to commit their tongues to lead their ship to the rocks.

And so when things seem to come from many places at once - and it seems as in Psalms 139 - Psalm 141 - that the enemy can infiltrate through many sources [including family -friends - those in authority above us and neighbours - and including even from inside us [as in temptation] - God knows us and waits for our response.

David now prays a very clever word "as if he has the pen of the ready writer"  Psalm 141:3 Set a guard over my mouth, LORD; keep watch over the door of my lips.

 Note David prayed/sang/penned/ the same words in Psalm 84:10 Better is one day in your courts than a thousand elsewhere; I would rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God than dwell in the tents of the wicked.

God becomes the doorkeeper and then we become the doorkeepers.

I suppose it is not so much what happens to us - but how we respond !

With this in mind "what if God takes us far beyond what we can endure"  as in 2 Corinthians 1:8 - now God may become to doorkeeper or defender of the individual tongue. [not allowing it to hit the rocks] - for if it had, Saul would never have seen God's mercy and even once Saul was in God's house - as in Acts 15:39 the now Paul could never have seen God as the Doorkeeper and  redirect and steer him away from the rocks - unless the two things - in Psalm 141:3 were active.

It is an interwoven singular that is knitted together -  knit:

With that I repeat the words that were spoken on sunday "when things go wrong, It's Character building   and all add's to the rich tapestry of life"

When all things invade all at once and from all places at once "remember He who knitted us together" is the Doorkeeper...

To end I want to take you back in your time to when God touched my lips.

Here He was now the doorkeepoer of my lips/ words/active/now today/  ATM - I am finding it hard and difficult to control
 my steering and I ask for God to be the Doorkeeper - as He has the power of life and death....and I do not.

I have a vision of a person holding a Lamp except that the Lamp is so bright it blots out the person holding it- it does not seem to be natural light - I still see a person running and exhausted - afraid and this Lamp protects the person holding it.

This Light seems to be the light that we all want to walk in - and now I see an older person who has trouble walking and remembering, yet he still holds the Lamp that is brighter than he is.

Continuing with the Doorkeeper and the "from many places at once "

For some reason I am drawn to the story of Nabal and Abigail and 1 Samuel 25 and this man was not a silly man - in fact he had much wealth [as did the rich young ruler in Mark 10:17-27]  ...

I'm getting about "God opening  and closing doors.........."

In the days of Noah we see that God closed th door of the Ark yet there was a window to view - as there will always be a view through the darkness Genesis 6:16 - this was a view of God's judgement and a light even in the darkness.

Here God opens doors we cannot close and closes doors we cannot open. [did you kinow "God shut the door of the Ark "]

As I have said "Nabal was not a silly guy or a fool" and he knew the ways of the world - now he meets one who is anointed by God "called David" and he insults him and his forces/armies- now notice that David meant no harm and  gave message of his good intentions . 1 Samuel 25:5  .

 now consider 2 Samuel 12:2 The rich man had a very large number of sheep and cattle, 3but the poor man had nothing except one little ewe lamb he had bought. He raised it, and it grew up with him and his children. It shared his food, drank from his cup and even slept in his arms. It was like a daughter to him. [expanding the mindset]

Here David is the rich man and Uriah is the poor man...... [note God knew David's heart and judged him in the now [in his life]

Here David opens a doorway ...  and so he loses his child of bathsheba...

So lets go back to the story - when David meets Nabal and abigail in 1 Samuel 25 where Nabal insults David and his troops plan to attack ...

Here Nabals words have brought death upon himself [as with the rich young ruler] although Nabal was a very shrewd man and clever and had created great wealth .. for himself and his family...

Abigail takes the intiative here and sets off and begins to speak- in 1 Samuel 25:23-25  .

Nonetheless God ended the life of Nabal  in 1 Samuel 25:38 and God struck him down . [present judgement - now tense]

Abigail now becomes the wife of David, the Lord's anointed ..

Here the words of Nabal seem to be his end - as his words had the power of life and death - yet God ends Nabals life and Abigal become Davids wife -

And so we continue to walk into the darkness as God illuminiates our room and we take a step at a time.

I wnat you to focus on the story these two stories now - as in 2 Samuel 12:1-5 and 1 Samuel 25:2-4

Here was the rich man, Nabal  and the rich King David ..

Notice who see's God's presnet testing/judgement and who's life is ended /who is blessed  and who's life is ended at this time.

So , God ends Nabal's life and continues with David's life [even though he here is the rich man - who ended a poor man's life]

Do you really know the impact your life is getting from spiritual places ?

No would not unless "you have really made an impact"

I am reminded at this point that God caused the heavens to open and the rain to fall.

In a spiritual sense this seems good, in a literal sense it means the death of many [or many things] and the same in the spiritual

Remember now at this point about "Imprecatory prayers"

You know God shut the door of the Ark and noah only opened it at God's command !

Lord God thankyou that You shut doors that no one can open and am reminded of Revelation 3:8 and Revelation 3:7

Here God makes the rain and shuts doors and opens doors and as we view throught the  wndow of the ark

Let it rain Lord - whatever the cost to myself and others and let the water rise and  fall,  from all places at once, let
the net be thrown into the waters -  In Jesus Name - Amen


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