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Psalm 142, From the depths of despair.

 Psalm 142, From the depths of despair.

No one else was like Job on the earth  aas no one else  was like Adam or Abraham - don't fall for that one - the enemy can attack you from all places at once and he can tear you to pieces.

Do not let anyone fool you into believing that you are above attack.

he can if allowed  or not  - infiltrate yiur life- he is clever and very intellegent.
he will seem to come from all places at once - I know this because I have experineced this- myself.

Do not let people who have not - lead you into a "self confident and self reliant world.


David with his army of six hundred runs to the cave of Adullam and hides on his own [lonely yet with many people]

His family join him here in this massive cave - as do all his household [to give support] and in fear.

From this depth of persecution and abandonment - David cries out to God.

Here the God of David is his hiding place, when the flood invades.

It would have been very easy for David to begin to record al the wrongs against him at this point.

As it is very easy for a person to record all the wrongs against them and now, it is very easy to record all the wrongs that have gone on for many years and t keep trying to understand "WHY".  To try to make sense of it all - as your mind keeps going through everything to try to understand [as you think everything must have a meaning]

Your mind will record the events over and over again - trying to understand the meaning or the reason - like a tape recording that resounds over and over again, "except that - you may never understand it all"

You will begin to try to make logic of your life and never be able to make sense of it and it may not be til many years later - that you understand or begin too. [or you may never] - your mind will try to act like God to seek logic and seek to find a solution and so you may spend many years re recording all the events "to make semse of it all"

So while you are living you are reliving your past and current situation over and over again.

"Why did it happen ?,  - what did I do ?,  what caused it ? , etc.

As everything happens for a reason - right ?....

In this event we do not spiritualise life - we simply live in and are invaded by thoughts and  these events have physiological effects.

When all was against him / his own son -  members of his own household, his armies, his nearest, he escapes from his despair "by saying So that I may give thanks and praise Your name. after being rescued by You O God - as in Psalm 142:7

David was believing for God to rescue him - so that he could continue to  praise God.

But the one lesson here is that David was waiting on God - and waiting for an answer and even though he may have seen the vicous circle of recollection [as his mind tried to make sense of his situation] he called upon the Lord and this is the decisive decision that David made while he hid with his remaining armies and remaining  family.

When dark times come,  hide and yourself and wait on God and His timing...

Although it may take many years - there will be a time when you can once more Praise God - although you may never be able to understand what happened to you.

This is a person after God's own heart. /not the person who scorns and mocks and chases after fame or fortune - but the person who simply seeks God through things he cannot understand and seeks for God to help hm - so that he might once again praise God.

At this time you know you are in God's hands and understand that He is in control of your situation and you are powerless [as David was] at this time.

Stop all the fake - surface stuff - it does not work with God - be real .


The loneliness  that you feel is not about being on your own .

It is about going through things that you feel no one,   "has been through" / having no one to talk to and identify with.

I challenge you at this point to find somneone else like David, who say's  Psalm 142:4 "No one cares about my life"

At this time David could not find anyone in his situation [although you may well find this prophetic message to be "about your life now"

David pleads for God to save him Psalm 142:7 ?Bring my soul out of prison - [adversity].

David is waiting for God's intervention as he hides in the shadows.

It is not God's Will [although it may seem the situation  is] but it is about God intervening and drawing David out [as with Moses Exodus 2:5

Loneliness and despair were never  about being on your own  and David here could not identify with the loneliness/rejection/persecution of Jesus Christ - even though he prophesied of it. [As Jesus was not born yet] yet in a strange way he was [in his heart] - although David had never met Christ [he had] and you see Christ through Davids life and Psalms.

Davids despair was born from "his present situation amd waiting on God to change it" [his human perspective]

Have you ever despaired about God taking His time and feeling frustrated at His lack of concern ?

You are not alone, as God listems and answers - in His time.

If anyone should have been lonely it was and is Jesus Himself - who has been through a journey that no one else has ever been through.....

Through  this, you are now set free.

Who can Jesus find - to share about His life ?

Does anyone care about Him ?

Read : Isaiah 53 and specifically Isaiah 53:3.

You now find an identity - that David  had. [having never seen Him]

You may now [in this present time identify with David] BUT have you ever been through what David had been through ?

Were you ever created/born/anointed / to be a King of a nation  and had the culture and pressures that He had ?

No...  in this David was alone on his own journey in Christ - this is loneliness.

You only break this when you identify with Jesus -  and only then will you find the answer - as you find a friend in Jesus.

Only Jesus can go through what you are  going through - [as he knows all about you - see : Psalm 139:1-24 ....get it ?


So here is David alone and despairing of God -  by himself along with his remaining army and family [those who had not rebelled]

In this Maschil, David requires great wisdom and understanding [needing great wisdom to guard not only his tongue, but his actions] in this David had withdrawn into his cave. see ; Psalm 141:3 and Psalm 141, from many places at once

Now one of David's enemies appears .... in the dark cave 1 Samuel 24:3 but  David spared his life - cutting off a piece of Saul,s Robe  ...

 From the many caves David stayed in he continues to seek God [in His time] and finally David is brought back from exile, recalled  in  2 Samuel 19:11 , [do not forget David was also cursed by Shimei -  but the main battle here was with David's flesh and blood as Absalom [David's own Son] organises a coupe and drives the Father out and so in this the Father was exled by the son.

In all this turmoil David makes God the King of his life and needs  the wisdom of Solomon....

I see a coiling serpent who tries to twist and bend - the straight path and cause confusion.

I also see a greater force that works for good .

I see a sea and rolling waves that resound over and over again - through time, as the coiling serpent tries to distort the sight of those who belong to God.  [I am reminded of 2 Corinthians 4:4 and the god of this age - who will also try to deceive us and blind us]

But I see God on His Throne - who has already defeated the enemy .

David now only has to wait on God...

 David was made captive and sent into captivity [bound/made captive/imprisoned/exiled/bound/ made alone/excommunicated/.

God is in control in this Psalm - a Maschil of David, as He is the One who controls this tongue. [in this instamce]

This is Psalm 141 and Psalm 142.

When all other forsake us and leave us and when we feel weak and powerless - it can be easy to asume that our situation has been allowed by God, rather than seeing that God has already given us an escape [in His time]

We may begin to realise that there is actually a spiritual warfare going on - where the enemy can work through many people or come against many people at once and where God can also be coming at us from many places at once and it can seem to tear us apart when the closest to us - become the ones who affect us the most.

When all things come against us at once - we can feel so vunerable - forgetting that the same has happened to many, See : Job 19:13 - Psalm 88:8 .

It can feel as if we have been torn apart and put back together again, it can seem as if "things are completely out of our control" which is correct.

Lord God in Jesus Name, when we pray "take me, mold me, shape me, use me, let me realise what I am asking and that the
spiritual is very very real ... In Jesus Name Amen.

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