Thursday, January 18, 2018

Psalm 144, Write a new poem.

 Psalm 144, Write a new poem.

 David begins his ascent back to the Throne..

From a cave and darkness to kingship of a nation [who could believe]

But you must believe .......

I acknowledge  Lazarus was as one long dead... but lazarius even dead could still believe [as in life as in death]....

Now David writes a new  Psalm as he waits on God in the darkness..

David could never make himself king, neither coiuld he ascend back to the throne -  he was completely dependent on God to act... David here was  dependent on who he believed in... as with  Lazarus once dead, still believed in God.

The words of Jesus John 11:44  made Lazarus alive .

So going back to David in the caves [as one long dead] ....

So now we begin the ascension in this life [Or an ascension a second time][ and begin to step up upon the steps of the hill..

As the new levels of your life were never about after death - but about your life now.

This is where these Psalms is coming from can ascend a hill of the Lord in this life ...

Yes people actually ascend a hill in this life [believe it or not]

Remind yourself of the song of ascents as the shadow.......

Yes your life can become a shadow of in Psalm 120, The fifteen steps of ascension,

Here at the lowest point in David's life - he is being raised up to another level in his kingship.

" who shall ascend the hill of the lord ?"
So now David was King and being brought up even higher .... wow [way beyond his shepherd beliefs]

Here was David alone [yet with many people] here was David empty and waiting, here was David broken waiting to be healed.


People were yet to see what God had done and had already done..

Now David begins his ascent back the throne

Here you are alone along with many people, here you are empty and waiting, here you are broken waiting to be healed.

Please remember those who gave their lives... [even though you will only read about them][ even though your life was never written about, please remember those who were forgotten [including David]

Please remember his siblings as they decide their future in this life ...

And let us not forget  them as we play the game of consequence,. and let us have a minutes silence - for them...

Now in reality we remember those lost in war - but many  forget those lost in   an ongoing spiritual war.

Now David comes back to the throne. let us not forget what God did and let us commemorate this event and let many in the future remember what these people did [to give their lives for many]

Let us have a minutes silence for those forgotten and those who gave their lives - today.....

Let us not forget them... let us not forget David ..... and let us not forget those  since - who have lost siblings...we  forget.

Even though our war is never remembered... or even known about..

Let them scorn us and ridicule us - as we are ones long dead- yet raised to life.

Let us not forget the invisible wars and those who lost their lives - even though  they were never seen or remembered.

Although we do forget them as we never knew about them... and never heard about them...

And so Davds sons manipulated and pre planned their attacks and became Davids enemies " - -the enemy used them.

David is brought down low - only to be revived again - David is brought back by God.

Lord God thankyou that in my death their is life,  in my lowest point You can lead me to my highest point.

I see a person wrting poems - but he is not happy with what he see's - he see's his family life being divided and coming against him - I see a person with no parental guidance here - and it seems as if he is in a cave and in darkness - I see a new beginning and a new hope, that will be and will happen and I hear a voice [wthin the turmoil saying "I will do it"

Thankyou lord that when others deceive and plot against us and when we have family members who are hell bent on causing trouble and when we have our own siblings coming u.p against us and manipulating things ... we can know that You are a Sovereign Lord - over those who are Yours and over those who are not.

Thankyou Lord - that we can trust in You to raise us once again and that You will not remember my transgressions or hold them against me.

I am a new creaton being raised once more to Kingship.

Thankyou in Jesus Name for your grace upon my life...

And may my life once again be a testimony unto Your Name [as at the moment it does not seem to be so]

I am trodden down  [like one who is long dead]  and hiding from those who seek what You have given me - I am like one "where many things come upon me - from many places at once"

Lord deliver me and change my day - in Jesus Name Amen.

Why is it Lord that those closest to me - pre plan and manipulate my future, do they not know that You are the Lord

And so those oppossed to David die by their own swords/words/ways/plans/...

Not without the great loss to David himself - and it would seem very confusing amd chaotic to the person this happens to..

And so these are the days of David building a temple of praise.

Whether you can rebuild the bridge to someone who seeks to destroy you depends on whether you can build the bridge back to God...

This is David "A man after God's own heart"

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